happy easter weekend!

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we hope you have a beautiful easter weekend! we are in florida right now spending the holiday with our family. it’s an extra special weekend for us this year because our church’s general conference (when we can watch the leaders of our church give inspirational talks online during several hours over the weekend) falls on easter weekend. so combining these two things, easter and general conference, plus being with family in warm weather for a little while makes it all the more wonderful.

this holiday over the years has come to mean more and more to me. beyond the fun egg hunts and delicious cadbury mini eggs (best candy ever!) i’m thankful for the chance to celebrate my savior rising from the tomb and the reminder of what is waiting in the next life after this one. knowing my family will live again, with my savior, that this is not the end, it’s a constant staple of comfort in my every day.

the other night, as i was nursing conrad on the bed, i could see eleanor in the doorway of the bathroom in her pajamas putting toothpaste on her toothbrush before she began brushing her teeth all on her own. my heart already felt a bit heavy from the day. we’d heard news that sweet friends of ours had lost their little one that morning, and i just couldn’t wrap my head around it. my heart felt so broken. i watched eleanor quietly as she brushed her teeth.  she leaned outside the doorway of the bathroom and looked over at me, giving me the biggest thumbs up, as she brushed. and it made me teary eyed. because this is a world where a lot of things don’t make any sense, and it’s often too chaotic and cruel for my liking, but i have these guys. my family. and simple gestures like a thumbs up from my little girl after a long day means something to me. it’s a great reminder of how family makes sense. and eternal families are real. and this time of year, celebrating easter and new beginnings and my savior are a blessing.

happy easter!

ps, a few easter posts in the archives HERE.

  1. Kristin

    Beautifully said Naomi!! There are days I look at my babies and thank God they are here and healthy. There are so many days I don’t like this this world we live in because it can be so harsh and cruel. We all wish we could live in a perfect world sometimes and for sure we do not. I hope you have a blessed vacation, and a very blessed Easter with your lovely family!!!

  2. Melissa

    Hope your family has a Happy Easter, enjoy the warm Florida weather! There is so much to be thankful for and I can’t wait to spend time with loved ones this weekend. This holiday also makes spring feel a little more official ;)

    Melissa @ http://www.melismcgrath.com

  3. ronlet

    happy easter to you n your family

  4. Nanette

    this hits so close to home for me. i feel the same and i find myself feeling so down and heavy about what’s going on in the world, but how awesome is it that we have our faith to keep our lives in perspective. great post! xo.

  5. Mollie

    I love the Easter holiday, and everything it represents spiritually. Happy Easter weekend to you and your family!


  6. Beautiful reminder during the Easter season of the truly important things. I love reading about your family because my family is at a similar stage. The best things in my life!

  7. emi

    you are the best. i love this story and the words you shared. you truly are an example of what is good and true and worthwhile in this life! happy easter weekend! Xx


  8. dusti

    What a beautiful post. So sweet. Thank you for sharing. Happy Easter!

  9. Zanna

    Happy Easter! Always a great time to spend with family, appreciating that which is really important in life!


  10. times flies by and for me the only way to make it worth is being with family!

    happy easter <3

  11. hanna

    I hope your easter is wonderful! –Hanna Lei

  12. ashley

    this was beautiful, taza. happy easter


  13. Jeni

    Sweet sweet post. Thanks for sharing. Amen to it all. Olivia made me teary yesterday (the day was hard) when she said, “You’re a GWEAT mom, Mom. Just gweat.” Family makes so much sense.

  14. Faith

    1 Thessalonians 4:13-15 comforts me most during times like that. And it is such a fitting verse for the holiday coming up. Your friend will be on my mind and in our prayers tomorrow. Hope yall have a lovely Easter!

  15. i’m sorry about your friend’s news :( that’s heartbreaking. hope you have a great weekend with your loving family naomi xo

  16. Adela

    Happy Easter to you and your family! Have a nice day! <3

  17. Eva Pigott

    Beautifully said! I am so very glad I read your post today. We are currently living in Okinawa and being away from family during the holidays can be difficult at times. Thanks for the words of inspiration. We are truly blessed to have our little ones who provide us with daily simple joys! God bless and Happy Easter!

  18. b.

    You’re soooo right Naomi, so so right!
    Simple things, family and real friends are the best things!
    Happy happy Easter!!!

  19. I am stricken by the news of your friend’s little one. Utterly heart-wrenching. Sometimes we get up close reminders of why the Plan of Salvation is such a blessing and healing comfort. I wish these things didn’t have to happen, though. Mourning with those who mourn is such a heavy but loving burden to bear.

    Through the sadness, I hope you and those affected find healing through General Conference, family time, and for you, the therapeutic sunshiny beach vibes of Florida.

    May God bless you all.

  20. Crystal

    Lovely post x There is definitely something about a little kid ‘thumbs up’ : )

  21. That was really cute. My son started brushing on his own recently too and i can totally understand your point.

    God bless Elenor and other two sweet little ones.


  22. marie

    I agree. We live in a world where there’s so much chaos, suffering and turmoil around us. And everyday I’m just so thankful that I’m living in a safe country where my family, especially my kids, are safe, healthy and happy.


  23. mam

    Happy weekend too. This week I also went on holiday with my family.
    the spirit again when we have to work tomorrow. family is everything. can not be replaced by anything else.

  24. Happy Easter to you!!! I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend (it certainly sounds like it!) and are enjoying the time with your family and friends :-) He is risen!
    ~ Samantha

  25. Katie

    I’m so terribly sorry for the heartbreak you’re feeling through the loss of a friend’s child. I don’t know if there is anything worse in the world. I’m so thankful for people like you, who are willing to stop and remind us all of a better life after this, and of a wonderful savior who gives us hope in being with an eternal family. Please never stop sharing your faith! Thank you and God bless!

  26. Naomi

    Wonderful photos! Hope you had/are having a wonderful Easter break :)

  27. Katie

    Easter is my favorite religious holiday as well. (The most important one, really). I’m always so ready for it after the mortification of Lent and a Holy Week (hopefully) spent in prayer. Easter brings such hope and joy to our troubled world!
    I hope your family enjoys a little vacation in the sunshine!

  28. laura

    after 40 days of no food for lent, I am certainly grateful for Easter, and all its beautiful meanings. Google points towards several individuals who said it first so I’m not sure who said it, but I always loved this quote, “We’re children of Easter and hallelujah is our song.”

    happy Easter to you and yours. xo

  29. Emilie

    sometimes i wonder why the world’s like that. why does a lovely child has to go away before some crual human being. life is made of injustice…but also of so many beautiful thing! like your children, your husband and your wonderful family. enjoy the time with your loved one, we never know what could happen!

    you should SOOOO team up with Colette Butler for a few blog post! 5 kids, a husband, a big family and a grate dane, you guys have lot’s in common :)

    i love your blog! it gave me the power to start my own. i am so thankful!

  30. katie Cheesman

    So beautifully said

  31. It really was the best to celebrate Easter the same weekend as General Conference!

  32. this is just wonderful thank you