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the last few days have been a little bit crazy. josh and i are working on a lot of different projects right now and while we’re grateful for the chance to work together and for the flexibility it brings to our family life, it can be hard to leave work (at work?! where is that!) when you work from home and not have it constantly looming somewhere close by.  i think we do a pretty great job of switching off with the kiddos so one of us is able to focus completely on them while the other works, but today as josh was getting eleanor and samson dressed to head out to play, i was like, but i want to come! and conrad wants to come, too!  and so we did just that. on our walk over to central park we talked about it.  this is why we’re doing this. this is why we’re working for ourselves right now. so we can take an afternoon and all go to the park together.  i want to take full advantage and squeeze every bit i can out of this season of our life where we’re able to have this flexibility. i’m so thankful for it.


we grabbed some green smoothies on our way to the park because a family that drinks kale together stays together. right!

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this man of mine, that wears a tie to a park playdate and remains ever so calm with a baby in his arms while also managing our other children. this is the kind of stuff my dreams are made of.



eleanor had to use the potty at one point so we left all the boys in the park and raced off to find one (and we made it in time! holla!) on the way back to the park i was admiring how pretty this building was and stopped to take this picture before i realized how sad it was that there are no budding blossoms on the tree which is also pictured. SPRING. WHERE ARE YOU.


and i did not try this carrot cake (i hate carrot cake) but it looked so pretty on the counter of the place where i was buying our green smoothies that i paused to take a picture of it. and then while i waited for my smoothies to be made, i started thinking that maybe i would like to start liking carrot cake, because it’s a healthier version of cake (or is it not and it’s just as bad as the double chocolate cake that is so bad for you but so delicious?)


if he thinks the playground is fun right now, just wait baby conrad! i can’t wait until he’s old enough to sit in a swing! that is the life!


and, just as we were heading home, LOOK! we spotted budding blossoms on a tree in central park! after the winter we’ve had in this city, spring has never looked so good. i just hope we see her SOON.

happy weekend, everyone!

  1. Leticia

    First to like and comment! Holla!

  2. Sarah

    Hey Naomi, just wondering about those clogs, because I’m thinking about getting a pair. Easy to walk in/comfy?

    • TAZA

      love them so much! have always felt the wooden clog is pretty comfortable once it’s broken in a bit. not an ideal shoe for walking miles and miles around the city but for shorter outings i don’t mind them!

  3. G

    Such a sweet post (reminded me a lot of your wayyy older posts, in a really good way!), and so nice to finally see signs of spring in the city!

  4. hanna

    Hope your projects go well! –Hanna Lei

  5. Anke

    This is such a sweet post! I have the same thing, sometimes I have to remember why I work for myself and just love to sneak of on a regular day and do something crazy with my girl – read: go to the playground or see her daddy at his coffeeplace. That’s the life!

  6. Carley

    So cute! But if you want to feel better about your ‘spring’ look all the way up the coast to Nova Scotia and the rest of eastern Canada… we still have feet of snow and are wearing winter coats in mid April! ugh!!! Spring, spring…where are you???

  7. Dina

    What a great approach to the work/parenting ‘balance’. It can be so hard to stay focused either way when there are little ones around. Having said that, I only have one so I really shouldn’t complain :) I can only dream of one day possessing your beautiful parenting skills, and of course, logistics management!

  8. I was just thinking the same thing about the buds over here in Chicago too, nothing yet! I am ready whenever she is ha. Beautiful pics, love that last one especially! So pretty. Also, just wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed reading your Blog, have been a reader for a few years now and it’s always so uplifting in a very honest way. I just appreciate how you always look for the silver lining:) so thanks!

  9. I love this kind of posts! Two thoughts- your husband was like way ahead of the trend with the beard! Mine is now trying to grow one hahah. And TRY THE CARROT CAKE! It is my favorite ever!

  10. ohh no carrot cake is my absolute FAVE! i hope one day you’ll grow to love it haha. : )

  11. Ava

    Your families must be SO proud

  12. aww.. baby conrad <3

  13. Melissa

    Love these posts of your outings together as a family! They have always been my favorite.

    By the way, your kale smoothies in place of the McDonalds posts give me hope that one day I can finally eat healthier too!! Although I dont know if I can ever give up the Big Mac, did you?! ;)

    Melis –

    • TAZA

      yeah, i don’t know if i can a big mac ever again after watching a documentary on mcdonalds a while back. but i do still love that smell of fries!!!!!!!!!! trying hard to be better. and truly, i live for our green juices and smoothies!

  14. Jessica

    Eep! My favorite parts of the changing seasons is when we FINALLY get to see some flowers blooming :) It means warmer days ahead! So exciting.

    Have a great weekend!

  15. Trish

    If you are eating healthy carrot cake you are doing carrot cake ALL wrong!!! (That one does look pretty though :)

  16. marie

    My husband and I also work for ourselves and it’s the best career decision we’ve made, Juggling parenthood and our own business is not easy, but it’s worth the effort! Initially, it was yough

  17. marie

    (cont) Initially it was tough but it became easier overtIme. Although we do not enjoy the perks of paid leave etc, the freedom to set our own deadlines and avoid office politics (ha!) is so worth it. :)

  18. Sarah

    This is such a great post!! It’s wonderful you and your husband have the opportunity to work from home together – that’s our dream!! For now, we are both self-employed too but separately. I’m a freelance writer and my husband works in construction. Our daughters are 2 1/2 and 1, so things are hectic quite often!! I’ve been having a hard time lately and I have to remind myself constantly that these little years are so short and I need to soak them in. Sometimes a break from work and a trip to the park in the middle of the afternoon is exactly what is needed!

    Thanks for the encouragement!!


  19. so sweet! and i love how you are showing your family how to grow a business together, pretty soon they may have some suggestions for you too!i love asking my kids what they think of an idea i may have :)
    c’mon nyc spring, we see you coming!!

  20. What a blessing it is to be able to do what you love and enjoy quality time with your loved ones! I hope more people will be able to do that in the years to come. The trees are quietly transitioning. And, I’ll be sure to eat as much carrot cake as I can to make up for the slices you are passing up :)

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos with us…Happy Monday to you :)

  21. Shannon

    Most importantly… who doesn’t like carrot cake. It is my favourite!
    -Love from Ontario, Canada.

  22. Amie

    Absolutely adorable!

  23. Jane

    Gorgeous post… though it looks so cold still! I’m more a fan of carrot cake’s typical cream cheese icing (or frosting) than the actual cake. Which, by the way, is heaving with calories! More than chocolate cake!

  24. Kristin

    Just adorable!!! Now you have made me want to try a green smoothie!!

  25. Pamela Gonzalez

    I love reading about your family and your oh so casual lifestyle. You all look so happy :) xx


  26. Baby Conrad is so adorable. No words. And he looks so much like his daddy!

  27. Reyes

    Lovely post, You are both so fortunate to work from home and be able to spend quality time with your children, I’m jelous! ;-)

    Carrot cake is my favorite cake ever, it’s just as bad as chocolate cake because the icing is made with butter and loads and loads of sugar, which is probably why it’s so good!