early morning special.

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during a more cold and windy morning over the weekend, we took off together to go find some pancakes and apple juice (per the kids request) and since i’m not one to ever turn down anything that has to do with pancakes, i was willing to head out despite the fact that it felt like winter all over again outside.



i didn’t order any since i ate an entire plate of pancakes and then the kids left over pancakes, but why do diners always have the most gorgeous looking desserts on display?! and there’s another fancy carrot cake. i swear they are trying extra hard to get my attention these days.


favorite things about 3 year olds (well, almost 3, 3 in a month!) are how they “read” everything to you.


this is a CALM moment amidst the chaos that normally follows us everywhere.


josh davis and his turkey club with french fries business. by the time we got everybody out the door and to the diner, he was excited to order this instead of breakfast. i guess when you’re up all night long working and taking care of a baby, any hour is just as good as any for lunch!
diner11diner07 diner08

oh gosh this face is looking more and more like his brother’s and sister’s faces and not anything like a newborn anymore.   our neighbor brought home a newborn from the hospital over the weekend and it made me realize just how much conrad is not a newborn anymore. he suddenly looked and felt like a giant! the cuddliest and sweetest and most slobbery giant ever, but a giant nonetheless. the newborn stage goes so fast. it really really does.


diner09 diner10

i don’t think it’s very easy to mess up an order of pancakes, but still, these were some of the best ones ever.

diner15 diner12 diner13 diner17

fully ready for the kind of weather where we can put the coats away AND NOT HAVE TO PULL THEM OUT a week later. i’ve been in such a mood lately, and while i know i can’t blame the weather completely on it (or even at all?), i kind of do think it messes with me.

ps. my coat is from zara last summer. samson’s jacket is from polarn o. pyret and eleanor’s pink sweatshirt is by mini rodini a few years ago. conrad’s onesie is by bobo choses.

  1. Emily S

    Yum! Pancakes are good any time of day! It’s nearly noon in CA and now I’m craving breakfast foods, ha!

  2. Jenn @ The Pepper Express

    Wow Conrad is growing soo fast!

  3. Heather

    Have you ever considered moving to a bigger place / out of the city? It might help your mood to be able to stretch out a bit and not feel so confined when the weather is bad?

  4. jen

    oh I know, the newborn phase goes by much too fast! such a sweet family breakfast thought! this lingering winter weather always has me in a funk this time of year too, we just returned to seattle from LA and the sunny warm weather there was like heaven!

  5. Pancakes are one of my all time favorite foods, my dad used to make them for us every Saturday…it absolutely kills me that my husband doesn’t like them! I always make fun and tell him that no matter what he does, someday my kids WILL eat pancakes too! x.


  6. Mollie

    I forget that it’s still cold in New York! I see my friends pictures, and I feel awful for them. It’s the perfect spring weather in Kansas City lately, so I will try to send some up there for you! :)

    xoxo Mollie

  7. Melissa

    That plate of pancakes and bacon looks like the greatest thing ever right now. I might need to hit up a diner for dinner tonight.

    And it definitely IS the weather! I don’t think I can take another morning of listening to the news anchors say how it’s below-average temps for this time of year. You would think after such a terrible winter we could have an ABOVE-average spring to make up for it!

    Melissa http://www.melismcgrath.com

  8. Jess

    it got colder again in VA this past week too.
    and once again, cutest family award for sure.

  9. V

    Oh yes, the weather can definitely mess with a person! I’m loving autumn where I live at the moment, but I know when the winter comes I’ll be heading to someplace warmer/brighter for a break. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) studies have shown that the exposure to light throughout the varying seasons does have an affect on a persons mood. Even in places that effectively only have two seasons (wet & dry season).

  10. Lauren Marie

    OOH now I’m craving pancakes! I need to check out City Diner! Do you know of any more yummy places on the UWS for Pancakes???


    • TAZA

      sarabeth’s has some really good lemon ricotta ones!

  11. Hailey

    You guys are seriously the most fun parents. I’m so impressed by how much you try to make every day (and even breakfast) an adventure for your babies.. and someday they will have SO much fun looking back at all of your fun experiences. Do you ever print out your blogs?


  12. Emily F

    My 5 month old now weighs 21 pounds (or more, I haven’t been to the doctor in two weeks, so who knows?!). It makes me so sad! He’s my last and the newborn stage was over in less than a month for him, he doubled his birthweight in 6 weeks!

  13. Annie

    Aww! I hope the weather turns up for you soon! Sorry to hear it’s making you moody, I know I’d feel the same way :( If it makes it any better, you are my ultimate hero for going out in that weather with three babies! I’m always letting bad weather shut me in and I only have one baby!

    Thank you for sharing as always!

    The MAMA Gazette

  14. Jamie

    Hi Naomi! I’ve been reading your blog for years and just wanted to mention to you that it seems like you bring up your moods/the weather a lot. Maybe I just notice it a lot? Not sure! But I thought it was worth mentioning because sometimes we don’t realize that kind of stuff until someone points it out. You always look so much happier in the spring/summer!

  15. marie

    Agree that the newborn stage flies by so quickly! My babyboy is now 9 months and 10kg! He’s way ahead in terms of his physical development and I always tell my hubby that we’re raising a boy, not even A Baby. Haha. Anw hope the weather at NYC gets better. It has been raining heavily at my city for the past few days too…


  16. Melanie

    Mmmmm Pancakes! I’d eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if the rest of my family wouldn’t put up a stink. I hear you about the weather and moods, today was finally a warmer and sunny day and I found myself doing as close to a whistle as I know how to do.


  17. I think I say this on many blogposts of yours, but your pictures makes me want to RUN to NYC. The big city is where I belong…amidst all the beautiful pancakes!


  18. Tania

    Naomi, your family is so ridiculously beautiful & I’ve been following along since Eleanor was just a wee babe (when Instagram wasn’t even a REAL thing yet!) Such a pleasure to see your family grow :) Wanted to say that I’m LOVING (like, obsessed) with your bare, fresh face… you glow when you’re wearing no makeup. We need a skin care routine post so we can all look as good. We’re in the city this week exploring & having so much fun as per your wonderful city guides, thank you! Best to you 5 xo Tania

    • TAZA

      that’s so nice of you! thank you! i don’t have a skincare routine beside just washing it although i probably should cause the sleep deprivation is aging me quickly. have so much fun exploring the city this week! it’s a great time to be here.

  19. Mandy winter

    Your hair right now! Man! With that jacket oh man! And those kids! You are one hot mama of three! I’ve got three on much older then your oldest and I’m a mess everyday! I’m heading to my stylist with these pics of you :)

    • TAZA

      you’re really nice! i feel like a mess 24/7 right now and i’m just learning to embrace it. :)

  20. Valerie

    Great pictures. You guys look like more fun than a barrel of monkeys! (I don’t know why I had to be so corny…sorry). I love the reflection picture! How much fun is that and it came out so well.
    I keep putting away our winter clothes and then having to take it back out.

    Here’s to warmer spring days!


    • TAZA

      ha! i know, it reminds me of when i used to use an old film camera, but really it’s just that the window is dirty. haha!

  21. Honestly, you’re family is adorable. I have a 18 month old and a 2 and a half year old and we struggle when we eat out. I don’t know how you do it!
    Any way, great post. Good looks delish!



  22. Sinead

    You guys are so cute! Hope the weather improves for you soon :-)

  23. hanna

    Your kids are so cute. –Hanna Lei

  24. Eva

    really seems like a lovely morning. Well being in New York and going for panecakes is kinda haven anyways :))


  25. Ariel

    you look almost the exact same as from the start of your blog! I felt moody off and on until my babies started letting me sleep a bit more (we still have a rough night here and there! ;) ), plus the weather here in Ireland can be sucky… like now: it’s freezing cold and rainy and it’s May. boooo
    Sleep deprivation and lack of sunshine can get a girl down. ;P
    roll on, summertime, here and there! ^_^