at the farm!

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we spent the afternoon at a friend’s farm in new jersey yesterday! we learned all about her horses and new baby chicks and how to drive a gator (name of a little tractor car thing). we got to feed the chickens and ride her tiny horse and pat a bunny and just run free in some of the most glorious weather we’ve seen so far this spring!  we also learned from experience to be careful around a goat that is standing close by or she just might head butt you in your tummy. (everyone’s okay! but if you ask samson what his favorite part of the farm was, he’ll talk your ear off about that “not nice goat.” it was not his favorite part, but we can’t seem to get past it! i get it though, it was a moment!)

the kids are at such fun ages to really take all of this in.  they loved it. and i loved it. i felt like a little kid again, holding a baby chick and petting a horse.  josh was in heaven too, with all the animals and because he fried up maybe a dozen eggs inside the house fresh from the coop and it was epic.  we don’t get to experience these sorts of things too often living in new york city, but grateful to kind friends for hosting us for the day! it was the perfect way to welcome this warm spring weather and made for a fun day of learning for all of us.

farm283465 farm500374

just look at that beautiful baby chick!


within 2 seconds of being handed a tiny chick to hold, samson leaned in to kiss him! it was very sweet. that boy is filled with so much love!


so i had to grab a picture of this chicken, because i’d never seen one like her before! she is a polish chicken, i guess? and pulling off the platinum bob ever so stylishly!


eleanor and this sweet horse together was one of my favorite parts of the day. she was so gentle and soft with her. i think she felt right at home with all of her new friends since she loves to play veterinarian on all her stuffed animals often at home with her doctor kit.

farm934057farm4976662 farm839855

baby conrad enjoyed meeting the animals too when he woke up! i know he has no idea what is going on, but it’s of course so much fun for us to introduce him to whatever it is that we are doing! sometimes i think he gets exactly what’s happening, but i’m also starting to think i’m honestly going crazy, so…


i spy with my little eye, eleanor on a horse!farm00873465and samson on a horse, too!!!!!


and gator races like you’ve never seen them! such a beautiful day. happy farming, all!

  1. tilly

    looks like such a nice farm! you all look like you had a fun time! spring is so so good, isn’t it?!

  2. Laura

    Aaah, so darn cute. Crazy how fast E’s growing up!

  3. amy

    By looking to those pictures, I can feel the joy of you and your family had.
    and baby conrad, he’s gettin’ chubbier! [look at his cheeks like omg]
    from Malaysia. :)

  4. Ola

    I love it! On Easter we went to see some chickens with our son (2,5years). He was so excited and it was a lot of fun for us.
    Today he went to the kindergarten for the first time and I’m so relieved since he enjoyed the stay!
    Love watching how your family get along :)

  5. Heide

    This makes me miss visiting my grandmother’s house. They also had lots of chicken but no horses. There were cows though. I was always afraid to go near them coz I thought they’d chase me with their tiny horns. Ha!

    Stay Wonderful Always,

  6. I love that animal/human interaction and how sweet the kids are with them! Its beautiful and inspiring to watch! So much love,


  7. This farm is gorgeous – I love all of the outfits too, so perfect! I died laughing at the goat bit, so funny!

    Warm Regards,

  8. Julie

    Love that you balance city living with rural retreats! When you don’t have a car to drive to the countryside, sometimes you put it off. But that’s what zipcars and friends with cars are for!

    • TAZA

      the trains around the city also makes it really easy these days!

  9. vicky

    so fun. such adventures!! lookin happy, Davis fam ;)

  10. Jenny

    I love these last two posts! A throwback to your previous style that originally made me such a fan of the blog.

  11. Melissa

    so fun! I grew up in a part of New jersey that has lots of farms around, contrary to popular belief NJ has some great, clean, beautiful rural areas! glad you guys got to visit one for the day! love the cute outfits :)

  12. so sweet! if we ever move out of the city, i want to live on a farm! what a perfect way to spend a beautiful spring day!

  13. brita

    I love this so much! I love my little house in the city right now but I have serious dreams of a cute farm with chickens and goats and a horse.

  14. Mollie

    I love this! I’m from a small town and a lot of my friends have farms, so this makes me want to spend a day out there again.


  15. Patricia

    Lol! Those darn goats! My daughter got knocked down by one when she was three. She is 7 and still hasn’t forgot about that goat knocking her on her but! Traumatic! Our baby chicks will be ready late this month! Our kids are over the moon! Fun pics! Those red boots!!!

  16. Aww, so much fun! I remember going to a farm (as a child of the suburbs) when I was in elementary school. Such special memories!

    Circus & Bloom

  17. Kinga

    Because of this post I back to times when I lived near to my family farm. Thank you Naomi for reminding me how joyful my childhood was :)

  18. Elizabeth

    E’s overalls? Must buy immediately for my niece! :)

    • TAZA

      they are from gap! got them in the fall but i’m sure they still have something similar.

  19. Kristin

    Loved all the pictures!!! Beautiful farm and family!!! So peaceful and happy!xo

  20. marie

    I live in a city (Singapore) but my neighbor keeps 2 chickens, so sometimes I feel as though I’m living in an urban farm. The chickens will make so much noise every morning, and although it’s cute, sometimes it can be annoying. Haha. Btw the little horses are cute!

  21. Bea

    So many wonderful and happy photos!!

  22. Elle

    Such gorgeous pictures!! :) Looks like y’all had a lovely day. Some of my best memories as a kid are from the farm my family used to visit for weekends. My friends and I would have so much fun!! :)

    Elle x

  23. Hailey

    oh my gosh you guys are perfect. I bet your kids are going to look back and be so grateful for all of these amazing experiences you had together. yours posts really inspire me with my own family-thanks for sharing these sweet experiences in your life!


  24. Love these pictures! It’s so important to get those little ones out of the city every once in a while! And get to see birds that aren’t pigeons! :) I’m writing a blog about finding balance in the midst of this crazy city! Check it out if you get a chance!

  25. Mia

    This looks like such a blast–makes me so excited to get out of the city myself this weekend!

  26. This post made me wonder, with all the really close alternatives have you ever thought about moving out of the city?

  27. That mini horse is the perfect caramel colour and the perfect size for Eleanor!!!! Like they were made to be friends haha. Seeing children with animals is always so lovely. I love their excitement!

    Megan ||

  28. HAnnah

    I adore these images! As someone that grew up on a farm, I personally think it’s so important for kids to have these experiences! The last blog post I did was about growing up on a farm! x

  29. This was the first blog I followed and now I’ve started my own! Taza, your posts never cease to make me smile! I’d love it if anyone could check out my little starter blog!

  30. Marta

    I just love the posts like that you put here :-) haha, I had no idea that this head-feathered rooster is ‘Polish’, so I learnt something too while googling them. I’m used to the regular looking roosters and hens ;-)

  31. Brooke

    and I’m sure you were just loving all that space, even for a day, to run free!

  32. i can’t get enough of your beautiful candid shots naomi. :) you inspire me!

  33. Claire

    these photos are so cute! looks like it was a fun getaway! :)

  34. Molly

    That must have been such a nice experience for your kids!

  35. E already has such great style! Adorable.

  36. Kelly

    This looks like the best day and your kids are adorable!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  37. hanna

    This is all so cute! –Hanna Lei

  38. Super cute family outing! I’m so jealous that E & S got to ride a horse before me! LOL Little Conrad is so adorable with the most adorable cheeks!