a morning picnic!

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the other morning, josh and i took off on a bright and early breakfast date on our bikes. sometimes nights can be hard with the kids to break away, especially when your sitter has a social life too! so we try to get creative and change it up sometimes.

this amazing spring weather that is finally showing its face (THANK YOU SO MUCH SPRING!) it kind of felt too good to be true! i could not wipe the smile off my face all morning.


we started our bike ride with a stop on the upper west side’s barney greengrass to grab some breakfast to take to the park. we got some bagels and smoked salmon with eggs and caramelized onions and some cheese blintzes (they are supposedly the best in the city! they were good, but they don’t beat my own mama’s. ;)




we ended up sitting on a bench for a little while after eating breakfast on the bandshell just to talk.  i don’t know if it’s the dancer in me or what, but i always somehow gravitate towards the floor and end up sitting on the ground at some point. i don’t ever notice until people mention it. ha! josh took this photo of me mid sentence just gabbing away while sitting on the ground. i was like, “what?!” and he was all, “i just really really like you like this.” and it kind of made my entire day. :)


you know what else made my day? BLOSSOMS.


NICE TO HAVE YOU, SPRING! here’s to a billion more bike rides and sandal wearing days and good moments in central park for the next several months.

i’m wearing this sweater from jcrew  (who, by the way, is having a huge sale right now through the weekend up to 75% off using the code THEBEST). my sunglasses are from free people a few seasons back but similar ones here. shoes here and jeans here. we’re wearing bern helmets and josh is wearing this windbreaker.

  1. What A cute day! I love wandering around with my hubby some days!

  2. Picnic breakfast sounds like my kind of date! Your relationship always inspires me so much to work hard on mine too. Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts and adventures with us Taza!

    Lots of love,

  3. Nanette

    those blossoms are lovely! and barney greengrass is on my list to visit! i love having breakfast with my husband before the kids wake up. those moments are so special. xo.

  4. hanna

    Looks like a perfect morning. Those trees are so cool –Hanna Lei

  5. no one would believe you guys are parents of three! so young and sweet <3

  6. Melissa

    Love your breakfast and your sweater and Josh’s comment about you and the amazing spring weather (I couldn’t stop smiling yesterday either although I wasn’t able to get out to enjoy it too much) and of course the blossoms and just everything about this post. Have a good weekend!

    <3 Melissa http://www.melismcgrath.com

  7. Tracie

    Where is your cute bike from?!?

    • TAZA

      it’s from public bikes!

  8. Natali

    Beautiful photos! Seems like a perfect morning and lovely picnic time with some seriously delicious food and super romantic trees! :)


  9. Lulu

    Hi, I was wondering what brand and size is your bike? as I can see you have the Yepp maxi seat for the kids – I’m in the process of figuring out the best bike to buy and so worried the seat wont fit my bike.


    • TAZA

      it’s a dutchie style bike from public bikes. josh has a linus and yepp seats work for both our bikes!

  10. vicky

    perfect date!

  11. Krista

    Several things: 1) you two are the absolute cutest 2) your style is on point 3) love the idea of a breakfast date rather than a dinner date. great idea!! :)


  12. Annika

    Hi, Love your Blog. Would like to visit NY soon. What backpack is that? Looking for a nice one.

  13. kiely

    this is absolutely darling! with finals week, it’s hard to make time this weekend for a date, but i think i’m going to suggest my fiancé and i go on a morning date tomorrow morning! thanks for the inspiration!

    xo, k

  14. marie

    Beautiful flowers! I need to have a date with my hubby too, we’re always so busy working or looking after our sons. Our dates are usually supper at a nearby coffeeshop, haha…


  15. Lex G.

    I was in the city last weekend and used your NYC guide as a basis for some of the fun things that I planned. It was a surprise birthday trip for my husband, the big 3-0!! We had a great trip and enjoyed the beautiful weather on Saturday and Sunday!

    Will be writing a blog post about our trip and will link yours when I do!

  16. This is lovely – I adore your sweater and how sweet your husband is! I love sitting on the ground too :)

    Warm Regards,

  17. where is your cute backpack from!? thanks!

  18. Yes! Welcome back Spring with your clear blue skies, sunny afternoons, and tree/flower blossoms.

    Happy Friday :)

  19. Emily S

    So nice! I used to love Sunday afternoon picnics in the park. My girlfriends and I would pick up fresh fruit and breads from the Whole Foods in Columbus Circle and find a nice spot in the southern part of the park where we could spread out and picnic. Great memories.

  20. Colette

    what a beautiful spring date! I wish our weather was that gorgeous today! This made me so excited for spring!

  21. Marion

    Why did you leave your helmets on to eat?

  22. Brooke

    Aw, what a nice and fun morning! Breakfast is my favorite meal, especially when eaten in nice company :) I love to see the blossoms coming out at this time of the year, thank the Lord for spring xx

    Brooke | brookewrote

  23. Josie Sumii

    What lipstick are you wearing? Love it! Thanks

  24. Julia

    For me, the pure enjoyment of wearing sandals for the first time, seeing the blossoms, and eating outside again makes up for the long and cold winter that came before it. Without the cold, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the warmth as much!


  25. Kristin

    The prefect date, breakfast and scenery!!! Glad you had fun!!!


  26. Jenna

    Thank you so much for posting your outfit details in your posts now! It is so much easier than scrolling through the comments and I simply LOVE your style :) Happy Spring!

  27. NH

    Here are no blossoms (Kaiserslautern, the biggest American Public outside America). But I like to see them in Paris or New York ;-)

    How did you check your sitter?
    We have three kids and have some problems :-(

  28. Allison

    We were just talking about that at church, have date nights with your husband/wife. I love to see that other couples are doing that as well. You guys always look like you have fun!

    xo Allison

  29. Hey! Love this post. Do you have a list of restaurant recommendations in the Upper West Side? I use Foursquare to keep lists of restaurants in the city to hit up when I do go there and I have a few posts with my recommendations (based on when I do go there) :) Would like to know what you think or if you have any suggestions of new places to go!!! :)


  30. magali

    Always a pleasure to see your posts and new pictures!

    Have a good sunday!
    greetz from Switzerland :)

  31. Brigid

    Where are josh’s sunglasses from? I love scouting things for my husband through your posts! :)

    Looks like such a lovely date!

  32. What a date! Really amazing. A date with husband by bikes.

  33. Rachel Hagen

    Lovely post, looks like a nice time. I love the blossoms!! Somehow day dates always seem more indulgent for some reason!

  34. James

    Perfectly executed i want to convey about this blog….