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baby conrad started joining us at the table last week! it was an exciting day to have him off my lap and into the highchair. our family of five has six chairs around the table and at almost every meal, eleanor kindly suggests we need to have another baby (please note, a baby sister, and also please note, RIGHT NOW) for that lonely chair.

and conrad and i hung out at home most of sunday while josh took eleanor and samson to church. he hasn’t been sleeping as well at night, which means i’m up most of the night as well. the minute he crashed for his morning nap, i crashed too. and it was amazing.


little helper in the kitchen or raspberry thief?! you tell me. ;)


popbars for everyone after grabbing a pizza at joe’s with friends on saturday. cause we found out their fruit pops have NO ADDED SUGAR, which means josh got to enjoy as well!


and splitting a couple of rice balls at faicco’s cause it’s just plain mean to walk by without stopping in.

party on the nursery floor for three! and homemade lion house rolls by my super domestic better half who  knows his way around the kitchen better than i do.


just a couple things that are fun about having multiple children: 1. seeing them interact with their siblings. 2. seeing them in their siblings little baby clothes.  this lion hat, man.  i just refuse to let it go! also, can’t get enough of the gorgeous blossoms happening right now all over the city. I LOVE YOU SPRING.


street fair season has begun! and it’s rare these days to find these two napping, let alone at the same time, so when that happens it feels a little bit like christmas morning. and i say that from a very loving place. :)


we sautéed some kale with steaks sunday night for dinner. sautéed kale is my new best friend. but with a little oil and salt, i guess anything can taste extra awesome. and sweet baby girl, you are practically too big for that stroller now. i can’t believe we’re at this point in life with you where we are researching and looking at schools! i’m just so proud of the people my kids are becoming.  i love them so much.

so, let’s try this again, shall we? promise to not give too much attention, just enough water and light to do your own thing, but you do your own thing and stay ALIVE, okay succulents? and also, i’m sorry. but i don’t know if that’s conrad or samson in the photo to the right. sometimes i feel like they’re twins born 2 1/2 years apart.

happy monday, guys!

  1. Claire

    So sweet!

    Love all these spring pictures of NYC! And also love the one with Conrad at the table. :)

    Can you plan to make a post with your favorites nail polish like the one with lipsticks ? Would be perfect !

    Best regards.

  2. Gabriella

    Naomi, I loved this life lately post!! I remember not being on Instagram when you first used to do them and being so excited to read about your little things that make life precious. Crazy that you’re a family of five now!

    Hoping Baby C will get into a better sleeping pattern soon, so you’ll feel more rested and energised! x

  3. Melissa

    Loved the picture of you three on the floor when I saw it on Instagram, so cute and Conrad looked like such a little man. And I love that you’re reusing the lion hat, so cute seeing it on all of your kids!

    Always wondered if E was asking for another girl in the fam! ;)

    Melissa http://www.melismcgrath.com

  4. dylcia

    Your kiddos are the cutest!! Love this type of post.

  5. Cute pictures Taza, as always. your Conrad is getting cute with each passing week.


  6. I just love these updates. It makes me excited to start my city life very soon, plus your family is just too cute! Conrad is growing so quickly!!


  7. Kimberly

    Oh I feel your pain with succulents!

  8. I was just in the city and used your wonderful guides- your blog is so fabulous, love seeing this peak into your life xo

    Warm Regards,

  9. so sweet! hooray for conrad in his highchair and hooray for spring in the city!!

  10. Kristin

    Oh my goodness, just the sweetest,most adorable blog post yet!!!! I loved reading it and seeing your beautiful family!!! Thank you for sharing….PS ?.I think I am going to have to try the sautéed kale…I love broccoli rappi like that so I’m thinking it’s similar. Happy Monday!!! Love, Kristin

  11. Emily S

    Ha! I’m glad I’m not the only one who has a hard time with succulents! Aren’t they supposed to take care of themselves? Aren’t they supposed to be impossible to kill? Tell that to the two on my balcony that look like they were taken over by the plague.

    I love Popbar, too, and I’m so glad that will be one thing I’ll have in NYC that I won’t be leaving behind in CA!

    The kids are precious, by the way. I’m sure you hear that a billion times a day. I cannot wait for that time in my life.

  12. Ling Ling

    we have all been there with the sleep thing! Thank you for sharing your struggles. Makes me appreciate you star mama even more!

  13. Nadia

    Care to share your opinion on the Bloom Alma Mini crib? How long were your children able to sue to comfortably?

  14. I love your cute family!

    I rarely suggest/ask for specific types of blog posts from people like you because I think you’ve got it down…but I’d LOVE to know more about how you have a family in a small apartment like you do! We’re moving from Provo to Stanford at the end of the summer, and we’re downsizing to about 700 square feet. We have one little baby but I’m sure in the next 6 years we’ll have more, and I’m getting a little anxious about how to make it work in a little space!

  15. Jess

    every time I read one of your posts, my baby fever grows a whole lot!

  16. Diana

    Hello! I know you posted a while back, but I was wondering if you could tell me where you got your kids yellow raincoats from. I’ve been searching relentlessly and have yet to find one for my little one. Thank you so much and I hope you’re able to catch up on some more sleep!

  17. Eela Javid

    Could you please share where your short sleeve trench/jacket is from? It’s fantastic, thank you!

  18. What a nice little spring weekend – Faicco’s rice balls are the best! If Josh is looking to avoid added sugars – he should give the Ingredient1 app a whirl!

  19. Amie

    Such happiness! Love it!

  20. hanna

    Your family is so perfect. –Hanna Lei

  21. Barbara

    Hi Taza, love your blog! Could you tell us where you got that awesome tan fedora? Been looking for one and the perfect one is hard to find!


  22. Tara

    Just saw the documentary called Nursery University in one of my college courses and it made me think of your little family! Glad you’re looking into schools now! Yikes!

  23. Nina

    Hi Naomi, this is not really post related but I’m in the City for a week and I really appreciate all of your tipps. Waffels & Dingles at the Central Park was soooo good and I even passed by the Juillard School :-). Thanks for sharing all these great things about NY and as a lot of people have already written: I’ve also come to really adore your family and wish you all the best. Living in NY really offers everything to be happy and it cheers me up to read about your experiences in life and in the City and yes, it often reminds me to be happy about the loved ones in my life and the little things…please keep going, all the best!

  24. Mary

    Love these little peeks at your life! It’s so nice that Eleanor has such a favorable opinion of her younger siblings that she thinks you need to have another little one (..or maybe she just wants another girl on her team!) I’m just as excited for street fair season- I live in South Philadelphia, and there was just a neat craft and restaurant fair in my neighborhood this past weekend. I loved how relaxed it was compared to just about every other street fair I’ve been to- here’s hoping that’ll be the norm in this neighborhood, and wasn’t just because summer’s not quite in full swing yet :) Have a great week, Naomi!

    Mary / http://www.mostlysalty.blogspot.com

  25. Valerie

    my kids do that worth raspberries too! What a great picture. I love the look on his face! I’ve noticed that I can’t keep plants alive because I give them too much attention. I’m trying again now too. So fingers crossed for both of us!


  26. Gita

    I guess I am as excited as Eleanor about future baby girl!

  27. I love that you are able to capture all of these small milestones for your babies! It’s great that you’re able to look back and find all these memories! I especially love posts like this one. Your youngest is growing so fast already!

  28. Oh my goodness that lion hat is too cute!!! And I love the pic of the raspberry-finger-thief. Your kids and your family in general give me serious future goals :) Thanks for sharing, you awesome mum, you!
    ~ Samantha

  29. marie

    It’s true that your oldest 2 are growing up so quickly! My first boy is now 7 years old and sometimes I look back at his baby photos and can’t believe time has flown by so quickly. Well at least my second is still a few months old, I got to treasure those baby moments with him! :)


  30. Oliva

    Every post makes me want to visit the city more and more, beautiful photos and babies!

  31. Mallory

    Hehe, I love that about the plants….I usually love them to death too! When we moved to our new city this time last year, and I was pregnant with our son, I begged my husband to let me get another’s houseplant for our new life. For the most part I have ignored the plant and I’m happy to say that I had to transplant it into another pot because it has been doing so well! Thanks for the update, I love following along :)

  32. laura

    that’s definitely a little raspberry thief you got over there, and happens to be a very cute one ;-)

  33. Kristin

    Can I ask where your beautiful sling is from that you’re holding baby Conrad in?

  34. Lauren

    gosh, it feels like you only had conrad last week! and now he’s sitting up with you guys like a little person! time flies! he makes the cutest little addition to your family, especially in the lion hat haha

    best wishes :)


  35. Julie

    I used to put olives on each of my fingers just like Samson with his raspberries – haha love love love it


  36. Pamela

    I can’t express enough how cute your family is, I’m so jealous! You really have raised them right and I’m happy to be able to see them grow in every picture. Thanks for sharing! xx


  37. Lucy

    I know you get hundreds of comments but I just wanted to let you know, on the off chance you might glance over this comment, that I just love your blog, it makes me so happy seeing a little snippet of your life across the pond, and I genuinely find your whole approach to life so inspiring, so much so that I have decided to move to France and to start a small blog for myself :)

    Thank you for sharing small bits of your life with the internet & for having such a beautifully happy outlook on life!


  38. Jen hile

    Hi! I loved your short sleeve trench and wondered where you got it? Many thanks!

  39. Kelly

    I love New York in the Spring and this is such a cute update!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  40. Nancy

    Always love your blog!!!! We are visiting Tully, NY in a little over a month & I’m trying to figure out how to squeeze a day in the city in on our short trip (only 3 days & we are driving 14 hours!). Makes me want to visit in the spring so bad! Also, where are E’s yellow shoes from? I have a little that is about to start walking and we need some cute shoes for her. :)