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we’re excited to be teaming up with babyganics today, to give away a big bundle of their baby safe products to one lucky reader! (giveaway details at the bottom of the post!)

when babyganics reached out to see if we might be interested in working together, i said yes straight away, because we use and love several babyganic products in our home, and have been using them for a few years now.  i’ve gravitated towards their products more and more as i’ve tried to be more thorough in researching what is inside the things we bring into our home, and want to keep as many harmful ingredients away from my little ones as i can.

the baby laundry detergent, bubble bath and the foaming dish and bottle soap are a few of the products we use most often in our home. i love nursing little conrad, but i’ve been trying to pump breastmilk occasionally too so josh can feed him, which helps me have time to break away for any work i might need to get done or so i might have more time to focus entirely on eleanor and samson.  it’s different for every baby and family (eleanor didn’t take a bottle so it was new territory when samson came along!) but as i’ve been pumping and using bottles, it’s been nice to feel confident in not just the bottles and pump i am using, but in the soap i’m using to keep those things clean.

ps, thanks to a pinterest photo i came across a while back as inspiration, it helps all my dish soap feel extra fancy by putting it on a cake stand beside my kitchen sink. ;)

and giveaway details at the bottom of this post!


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the babyganics bundle we’re giving away includes their shampoo and body wash, our favorite bubble bath,  hand and face wipes, multi surface cleaner and the foaming dish and bottle soap!

to enter to win, please visit babyganics’ site and comment below with which product you’d love to try! the winner will be drawn at random next week and emailed directly. good luck!

  1. Jenny

    If love to try the teething pads!

  2. Anna

    The teething pads(& sunblock if I could) because in sunny singapore everyday is sunblock day. It’s harsh! & I’ve got a little biter now at 7 mths.

  3. Rachel

    I love babyganics! I’ve only ever tried their laundry soap but we use it regularly.

    I would love to try their eczema cream – my little one has a mild case on his legs.

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway guys!


  4. Amy Ellis

    I would love to try the hand and face wipes on my munchkins. :)

  5. dylcia

    I would love to try the bathtime essentials kit!!

  6. Heather Hicks

    I’d love to try the sunscreen and insect repellent.

  7. kirsten

    foaming dish and bottle soap, please!
    happy days,

  8. Zaklina

    My little boy loves bath time. I would love the bath time essentials kit!

  9. Laura D

    This blog has been a wonderful resource for me, but I’ve never actually entered any contests…since I’m 9 days away from my due date, why not! I would be interested in trying the foaming dish & bottle soap (especially for when I go back to work!).

  10. Christine T

    I would love to try to diaper rash cream! Love that its made with trustworthy ingredients!

  11. Molly

    All of the products sound great, but I especially would love to try the sunblock and laundry soap. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  12. Rosie

    We love the Babyganics foaming hand sanitizer – it never dries out our skin, but gives us the peace of mind that our hands are clean and baby safe!

  13. Stacey b

    I’d like to try the alcohol free hand sanitizing wipes!

  14. courtney

    the all purpose cleaner

  15. kyleb

    Love to try the bubble bath… BUBBLES FOR BABIES!

  16. kjb

    We would love to try the daily lotion.. it looks great!

  17. kykybrownie

    Can we try the lotion with the SPF 15? Great for spring weather!

  18. Lindsay

    I’d love to try the bubble bath and that outdoor essentials kit looks like a must for summer!

  19. Kate Blonski

    I love their products! We already use the baby wash at bath time and the wipes! I’d love to try the all purpose cleaner. Your littles are the sweetest! Makes me want more!

  20. Alison H

    I’d love to try the dish detergent! I already used the wipes, all-purpose cleaners and love them!

  21. Alycia

    We have an eclectic assortment of bathing supplies that we got as gifts. i’d love to try their shampoo and wash! We just got their sunscreen and we really like it :)

  22. Lori

    Would love to try the teething pods for my sister and her teething little boy! Thanks!

  23. Elena

    We already use their stain remover so I would love to try their laundry detergent. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  24. sue

    I would love to try the alcohol-free hand sanitizer! I don’t like when you use hand sanitizer and the alcohol stings your hands, so this would be perfect!!

  25. oodie

    With the warmer weather coming, I would love to try the sunscreen on my little babe. We love Babyganics in our family and would love the chance to try more of their products!

  26. SB

    The daily lotion would be nice to use – my little one’s skin always feels dry so this would probably do the trick!

  27. Whitney

    I’d love to try the teething pads and the shampoo!

  28. Deborah G

    I’d love to try the body wash, shampoo, and the multisurface cleaner!

  29. Catharine

    I’d definitely try the Natural Insect Repellent!

  30. Kathryn P

    I am expecting (due in August) with my first, and would love to try any and all products. I am especially interested in any of the bath time essentials for my little ones delicate skin :)

  31. Ronit

    New to this baby thing, as my newborn is two weeks old… it will be fair to say that I would like to try all of babyganics products..

  32. Maria Christine

    I would love to try their laundry detergent and fabric softer Ive been looking for something baby friendly for my little ones clothes.

  33. Jeneec

    Would love the dish and bottle soap!!

  34. Holly

    i would love to try the bathtime essentials. thanks!

  35. trenda t

    Would love to try the teething pads!

  36. Maridith Lane

    The insect repellent!

  37. Kelsey

    I’d love to try their sunscreen with summer coming up!!

  38. Kenzie

    would love to win!

  39. Martha

    I’d love to use the sunscreen on my summer baby

  40. Delphine

    I’d love to try the foaming hand soap, chamomile verbena. I heard so many good things about the brand, I will definitely go to them when baby arrives :)

  41. Lindsey

    I would love to try the baby wipes!

  42. Damla E

    Foaming dish soap!

  43. Holly Ott

    I would love to try the sunscreen. I love their eczema products!

  44. Claire

    I’d love to try the hiney helper and sunscreen!

  45. Erica Tanner

    I have actually never used any of their products and would love to try! So the one thing I would love to try is….the teething pods. My babe is almost to that stage.

  46. Isabel

    The foaming dish & bottle soap with citrus flavor needs to move in with us ;)

  47. Melanie

    I love Babyganics! I’ve been using a few of there items for a couple years but am yet to use the multi-surface cleaner, so I’d love to try that.


  48. Lauren

    I’d love to try the eczema care cream and the sunblock.

  49. Lindsay

    I’d love to try the outdoor essentials kit especially the bug spray!

  50. Carolyn Duggan

    Would love to try the bath time essentials kit as we have our first little one arriving in October! Thanks Taza! <3

  51. Jeramie Dean

    The Chamomile Verbena bubble bath sounds so nice!

  52. Amy Suarez

    I love your cake stand. Can you tell me where it’s from?