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so you may have noticed, i take a lot of pictures. ;) and while i’ve always taken a lot with my iPhone, i feel like i’m favoring it more and more these days over my bigger camera just because i usually only have one hand free and the iPhone is easier to grab and snap with. since many of you have asked, i thought i might share how i like to edit my photos and my favorite photo editing apps with you! i have tried so many, but the four shown above are the ones i tend to use the most.

1. vsco cam. i’m sure you’ve heard of this one, it’s so great, because you can really get into all the fine tuning, like straightening an image or working with the exposure. i like to lift up the brightness in most of my images, which i usually do with vsco cam, and then pick a filter that lifts the color a bit more.  a few examples below…


2. fotograf is also a photo editing app which a friend of ours created last fall.  he actually asked me to create a custom set of filters for the app which was a lot of fun to try my hand at! i especially like using this app because i can create my own preset in the app, so i can just apply the same thing with one step to each photo without having to do several steps over and over again.


3. whitagram is really helpful if you want to share a photo in instagram for example, but keep it in its original landscape or portrait size.

4. i use the party party app mainly to create gif’s and stop motion photos from my iPhone but it can do a lot of other fun photobooth type stuff, too!

also, if you’re an iPhone user like me, here is a great video about all the tips and tricks your iPhone camera can do. i swear these phone cameras are just getting better and better and i didn’t even know mine could do a few of those things! technology is crazy amazing.

  1. sabine

    Vsco Cam and Fotograf are briliant! thx for the hint :)

  2. Aaah so that’s how people post their original photos. Never new (or googled) how they did it. Mystery solved! ;) Thanks for the round up.
    I Use VSCO and love it!

  3. Zanna

    This is so helpful! I’m a photo-editing rookie myself so any advice is needed and appreciated!

    Vsco cam looks really great, I’m going to have to try it out :)


  4. Agne

    Thanks for this post. I have recently started using vsco cam and I want to master it better :) I was wondering what is the filter of the bedroom photo? I love the colors!

  5. Melissa

    I had not heard of most of these apps. Thank you for sharing. I am such a shutterbug, but I have been in a rut with editing our pictures for awhile now.

    I enjoy reading your blog :-)

  6. hanna

    Thanks for the helpful tips, always love how your photos turn out. –Hanna Lei

  7. KATE

    this is a great post! I’m always looking for new editing apps and I have to say VSCOCam is definitely a favourite for most people. I love it.

  8. thanks for sharing naomi :) always a fan of your photo editing skill!

  9. Sunny

    Love me some vsco cam! Do you recommend any apps for videos, that would allow you to keep the whole frame (if that makes any sense)? Thanks!

  10. Nanette

    i’m always curious about apps! thanks for sharing.

  11. emily

    i think vsco actually just came out with a way to apply what you did to one photo to multiple photos too!

  12. ok I’ve been looking at some camera apps for a long while now, but this just really convinced me that i need vsco cam!

  13. Brooke

    Love vscocam! The difference it can make to your photo is amazing!!!

  14. Kristy

    my first loved photo editing app was the original beautiful mess app, but party party is so good for the gifs! I also just found studio that is great for adding text to images, which I am now obsessed with.

  15. Lauren

    great post! very useful information without getting too technical. i already use vsco cam and love it so i definitely will check the other ones out! thanks :)

  16. Kelley

    Thanks for sharing, I can’t wait to try these! My current and longtime favorite is Afterlight, but I’m always looking for fun new apps! :-)

  17. Sophia

    This is wonderful, thank you for sharing!

    I have a question, since iPhones have a limited amount of space on them, do you have an app or a cloud like place where you transfer the photos to save them? Or do you just upload it to your computer and than delete the photos in the iPhone so that you can have more space for more photos?

    I find that photos take a lot of space in my phone and would love the information/tips. Thanks again!!!

    – Sophia

  18. I swear every time I find a new photo app its like Christmas! I am android lover sooooooo its especially fun hahahah

  19. Kristen

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve never tried fotograf… seems like a good one to add to the camera inventory! I am always looking for a way to add a bit of “pop” to my iphone pics. As a new mom like you, it’s just easier to whip out the mobile instead of lugging around the big camera!

  20. Erica

    Love this post! I’ve always loved your pictures, so thank you so much for sharing your favorite tools! I can’t wait to try out Fotograf!

  21. I love VSCO Cam. I use it all the time and discovered it from another blogger. I’ll have to check out Whitagram, as it would be nice not to have to resize those photos. Thanks for sharing.


  22. Emily

    Thank you SO much for sharing! Love hearing about fun apps to try out!

  23. Erin

    What a great post! And at the perfect time… I was just about to look into this in my Google Search bar :)

  24. Fiona

    Thank you so much for sharing! I love vsco and use it every day:)
    x Fiona

  25. Melissa

    Thanks for sharing! I always wonder if there are other filters out there, sometimes the selections from Instagram just don’t quite fit.

    Hope you’re having fun in Hawaii! Love following along to your Instagram pics :)

    Melis –

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  28. Ashley White

    This was so helpful! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

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  30. Hmm. Never heard of fotograf before. Love the idea! Your photos always rock :)

  31. Yelle

    vsco forever and always! i love love their app. i must check out these other ones. have you used afterlight before? it costs a few dollars, but i;m very happy with it! i love their light leaks effects and photo overlay. dreamy! xo

  32. Kelly

    I just downloaded whitegram, thanks for the suggestion!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  33. Laura

    This is awesome, thank-you! Would you consider doing a similar post on how you edit/ make such adorable short films?:)