maui, hawaii!

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after our time in oahu, we caught a quick plane (only 30 minutes! after an 11 hour flight, that felt like 3 minutes! uh-mazing!) to spend a few days on the beautiful island of maui before heading home.  we technically only had 2 full days to spend on the island because of travel, so we tried to slow down our pace a little and just relax and enjoy everything our resort had to offer and only head out to explore things that were close by just a bit.

there are families far more seasoned than us when it comes to traveling with little ones, but one of the biggest things i always tells people who ask me for a tip about traveling with kids and babies is to plan your trip, and then if any way possible, tag on an extra full empty day to your planned itinerary if you can. we’ve learned through experience it gives you a little bit of wiggle room, a way to still enjoy your travels together and not feel rushed or stressed since you’re often moving at a slower pace and trying to juggle jet lag as well.  i feel like one of the best ways to make sure you have a successful time is to allow your itinerary to be flexible and having some extra hours in there not specifically dedicated to anything specific.  then you really do get to almost everything on your sight-seeing list because you have that extra morning or afternoon you originally didn’t account for.

anyway, that said, on the flight back to new york city, josh and i talked about how we should have tacked one more day onto our time in maui, or even just 12 more hours.  i think it would have given us a lot more space to manage our schedule and really see more of that beautiful island. but, you live and you learn and now i get to say, “guess we left something for next time!” ;)

a few photos from our time in maui below…



we stayed at the sheraton maui resort and spa, which really went above and beyond in making us feel at home. i feel a little bit silly sharing this photo above, because that kind of welcome treatment is just too good for us, but it really was so sweet and made us feel right at home.  once again, thanks so much to starwood for inviting and hosting our wonderful stay!

there was a lot to do on the hotel property, so we spent an entire day at the hotel on their beach and pool grounds.  they have the coolest set up, with a lazy river around the entire pool side restaurant, the cliff dive grill, that connects to the pool. there is also this fun slide in the very middle of the lazy river that josh, eleanor and samson enjoyed! they have a couple fun activities for kids set up each day like hawaiian games, ukulele lessons and lei making.  my kids got really into the hawaiian games.  ha! anything that’s a “game” and they are crazy happy!





coconut and pineapple smoothies all day everyday! and edamame, too!


this baby girl of mine sat beside me in our gazebo one afternoon while i nursed conrad and asked me a million questions about life.  questions about dragons and astronauts and how a baby grows and why is the ocean so salty….  she’s so curious and interested in everything, and it’s the biggest treat to sit beside her and watch her little wheels turning.


on saturday we rented a tiny car and drove further than i’d like to admit trying to find a spot where a friend of mine says sea turtles by the masses congregate, but…we never found them. we did, however, find a delicious restaurant called star noodle on our way back, so it wasn’t entirely a loss! we ordered our food take-out style and enjoyed eating in the crammed car together. josh and i took turns holding conrad while the other ate and samson and eleanor enjoyed hanging out and eating in the back of the car with their back seat windows rolled down and shouting “hello!” and “aloha!” to everyone walking by the car. haha. it was one of those moments where we just tried to make the best of our situation and i think we did a good job.  also, that vietnamese crepe! so good.

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before we went searching for sea turtles, we had breakfast at the gazebo which came highly recommended by friends of ours (and many of you!).  we had to wait about 45 minutes for a table, but it was well worth the wait (i just played on the beach with the kiddos while josh held our spot in line with conrad). we shared a plate of fried rice and some pineapple macadamia nut pancakes (with coconut syrup) and it was probably our favorite meal of the trip! put this place on your list if you’re heading anywhere close to maui!


samson pouring syrup onto his pancake all by himself!!! i can’t deal.


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i have no clue what i’m doing with my left arm in that photo on the right (i think i was trying to brush my hair away from my face?), but i loved being twins with eleanor in our matching suits!  (they are by mara hoffman. mine is from here and e’s from here.) probably only a few more months i can get away with this sort of behavior before she’s like, no mom. let’s not match.


we took the littles to teppan-yaki dan at the hotel one evening, which was a big highlight for us because the kids had never been before and it’s always fun to witness their sweet faces when they see these sorts of things for the first time.  the whole “volcano of fire” thing (rings of onion with a little olive oil in the middle) was like magic to them!


thanks for following along on our oahu and maui adventures! thank you again to starwood for making our stay so great.

ps.  i listed where things are from that we’re wearing/ using at the bottom of my last post. if i missed anything, ask me in the comments and i’ll try to get you the info!

  1. Rachel

    It looks like you had such a fun trip! I haven’t been anywhere tropical with blue water before and I hope to amend that soon. Did you know the answer to why the ocean is so salty?! And are long-sleeve swimsuits recommended in Hawaii to protect against the sun?

  2. Melissa

    So beautiful!! :) Will be looking at these pictures to get me through those couple of inches of snow the Northeast is supposed to get tomorrow…

    Melissa –

  3. Lou

    I like that you’re open about it, but I have to say I’m a bit shocked at the price you paid for swimsuits… almost 400$? It’s a bit disconnected to the everyday life I know.

  4. Melissa

    Love the pictures!!! And your swimsuit!! : )

    I hope spring comes now, I bet it was a bummer to come back to the city and have to bundle up again. We’re going to California next month and I am so ready for some real sun!!

    Anyway, have a great day!! You’re awesome!!

  5. Iclal

    This looks like a great vacation and tons of fun! I am planning on going to Hawaii in April and this has gotten me very excited! Thank you for sharing your trip with us.

  6. Brooke

    The matching bathing suits!! Absolutely adorable idea, and they are sooo cute! Love looking at your photos, feels like I am right there with yall!

  7. That Mara Hoffman bathing suit is adorable!! and the little matching one for E!!!

  8. Erin

    Hi! Can you include where you got your polka dot top (that you were wearing with your overalls too?!) Thanks!

    • TAZA

      yes! sorry, it’s a suit from jcrew!

  9. Tina

    Love your matching swimsuits!

  10. Melissa

    I can’t even with the matching,,,so cute! I just found your blog recently, and I adore!

  11. Laura

    This is awesome–looks like a fabulous trip. We are headed to Maui with our 2 and 4 year old this summer and now we have some great things to add to our itinerary!

  12. Love that girl of yours – such a cute conversation! I cannot believe the welcome you had – so cool!!

    Warm Regards,

  13. Oh my it looks like you guys had a wonderful time there! I can’t wait to see the video! :) <3

  14. Kathy

    Love your vacation photos. BTW -Those Vietnamese crepes are called banh xeo. My favorite is the pork and shrimp combination. SOOOO good!

  15. Ashley

    One of my favorite things about littles is how much they want to be like you! SO sweet!

  16. emily

    oh those matching swimsuits are too good.

  17. Ashley

    What are the shoes you’re wearing in the picture of matching suits with E? So adorable all around!

    • TAZA

      thanks! they are from zara but i can’t find them on the website. bought them in the store about a month ago.

  18. Sarie

    Oh, this looks blissful. I am glad to go on this trip vicariously via posts and pics.

    Now where can I find a coconut and pineapple smoothie in the Midwest?

  19. You guys always look like you have so much fun!! Hawaii is definitely on my bucket list. Looks like it’s a great trip with kids too :)

  20. coconut and pineapple smoothies are the absolute best!! looks like a fabulous time! :)

  21. ruby

    are you wearing the Ariana Bohling Kaya Gladiators from anthro in that picture with E? if so, are they comfortable? they look so pretty, but they have zero reviews yet…

    • TAZA

      no, they are actually sandals from zara. i got them in the store last month and i can’t find them on the website, but they are really comfortable!

  22. Margot

    Gah! You would have been right near a lot of sea turtles when you were at the Gazebo restaurant – they love Honokeana Cove, which is just a walk around the corner! Anyway, it looks like you enjoyed your time regardless. We brought our littles to Star Noodle last year and they were great about getting the food out to us quickly so we could inhale it before our kids got too squirmy.

    Love your blog!

    • TAZA

      really?! dang it! still a little bummed we missed out on spotting any, but we did see a few whales since it was whale season so i feel like that helped me deal. ;) good to know about that cove though. thanks for sharing!

  23. Gorgeous family photos. It looks like such a wonderful trip to all share together!
    That food looks incredible too – I have a serious craving for those pineapple smoothies now!

    Jennie // Scarletscorchdroppers


  24. Libbie

    This trip looks amazing and so do you for just having had Conrad! You go girl! May I ask where your white button down beach cover-up is from in your first Hawaii post?? Cute!

    • TAZA

      thanks so much! it is from Topshop, sorry for forgetting to share that one!

  25. your long sleeved swimsuit is to die for!! so cute!! looks like y’all had a blast – i love family vacations.

  26. Julia


  27. One thing I enjoy the most is seeing young parents enjoying their time with their little angels.

    My warmest kisses and hugs to all of you xo xo xo

  28. caitlin

    Beautiful! And your swim suit is TOO CUTE! Especially since you match :)

  29. Love it! Looks like that resort is great. Glad you had a good time.

  30. Sharina dayrit

    where did you get your sweatpants from? :)

  31. My husband and I visited Maui for our honeymoon and it was absolutely perfect. I am so glad you and your family got to visit!

    We LOVED the Gazebo for breakfast as well. When you first called for any tips of where to visit on your trip I was so close to commenting that spot but thought it would get lost in the sea of comments…I’m glad you got to go regardless ;)


  32. kiely

    i’ve been to oahu with my family but i haven’t been to maui yet! i heard it’s gorgeous! did you get a chance to go by the temple in oahu? i love that place!

    xo, k

  33. I love these posts. I know it’s not always rainbows and puppies, but this blog exudes so much joy from you and your family. I can’t believe how big S and E are and C is a darling. I love the way the way you and your husband work to have a happy family and these Hawaii posts are life.

  34. idk what is perfect if this isnt…

  35. Veronica

    Hi naomi, I really enjoy looking at your family experiences, you are very fortunate to have been able to build such great modern lifestyle, I really admire your devotion! It’s lovely to see how much you guys enjoy your everyday life with your little ones.
    I’m honestly impressed with your style, it’s so cute and colorful … I only have one kid, and I find myself struggling to keep my wardrobe updated or fun.. It’s hard to go out and shop lately! That’s why I love seeing you, it is very inspirational…
    One thing I would like to see on your posts is how you manage your makeup routine. I love that fact that you’ve freckles, they are adorable and give you character. Your looks are so fresh and not even close to been overdone. Can you enlighten us with some tips….??! Thank you :)

  36. Veronica

    Hi naomi, I really enjoy seeing your family’s experiences and travels. You’ve done a really good job in creating a modern family lifestyle portrait look so perfect !
    I admire your style, as many others… Being a mom of a single child, I find myself struggling with keeping a little hip going! It’s tough to keep updated when your time is consumed by a demanding toddler. You do it so well with 3 little one, it’s really impressive and inspirational!
    One thing I would love to see on your post , is about your makeup routine. You always look so fresh and polished, but not overdone. I have freckles just like you, and I love they way you compliment them. Can you enlighten the rest of us with some tips!!?? Thank you :)

  37. Veronica

    Hi naomi, I really enjoy seeing your family’s experiences and travels. You’ve done a really good job in creating a modern family lifestyle portrait look so perfect !
    I admire your style, as many others… Being a mom of a single child, I find myself struggling with keeping a little hip going! It’s tough to keep updated when your time is consumed by a demanding toddler. You do it so well with 3 little ones, it’s really impressive and inspirational!
    One thing I would love to see on your post , is about your makeup routine. You always look so fresh and polished, but not overdone. I have freckles just like you, and I love they way you compliment them. Can you enlighten the rest of us with some tips!!?? Thank you :)

  38. Saba

    Lovely lovely photographs Taza! You’re such an inspiring person and I love the fact that with three toddlers you’re managing it all so perfectly and having fun! You’re an amazing woman Taza! xxx

  39. Simona

    OK now I have to go! It looks so fun, carefree. I know it is not easy to travel with the little ones, but once you are there…Great shots!

  40. Vickie

    looks amazing!

  41. Fernanda

    you ladies look fabulous on those bathing suits, fun colors

  42. Rebecca

    That swimsuit!!! :) I want one!

    I simply love your photos! It looks like it was a wonderful experience!

  43. Mary Katherine

    I would love to hear E’s questions! I’m sure they are hilarious, adorable and shockingly grown up – she is so precious. Looks like a great vacation, you guys are the awesome! What a great family :)

  44. Elle

    If you return, try and plan nothing for each day. Hawaii is at it’s most magical and best when you truly embrace Ohana. No plans, just lazing. It’s awesome to let your children really experience days that are tranquil and calm. That’s the real Hawaii. You guys obviously love chaos and that’s cool. The real Hawaiian pace is like an elixir. Just unlike anything else you have ever known. Your kids might love it if you guys can relax into it.

  45. In LOVE with those mara hoffman suits/rashguard! Taking our first trip, down to Mexico, with our 3 month old boy next week! Looking forward to relaxing poolside. Will definitely read your travel tips!

  46. Cathi

    I’ve been to The Gazebo many times and love it – well worth the wait! We usually stay a few resorts down from the Sheraton but it’s on the same beach and it’s an absolutely fabulous location!

  47. Kelly

    those swimsuits are adorable and the pancakes sound amazing!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  48. phoebe

    such great photos! :-) we LOVED maui and had an awesome time at that exact same beach! :-) one of our favorite parts of the island!! :-) …and i LOVE your matching swimsuits ~ so much fun! :-)

  49. Emily

    Those matching bathing suits though. SO CUTE! :)

  50. Anna

    What baby carrier are you using?

    • TAZA

      we still use our ergo baby carrier the most! love it.