1. awww this was super duper cute :) i can only imagine how it’s like to travel with three little kids!

  2. diana

    gosh, this was SO adorable! And you and E’s matching suits? Heart eyes. :) So glad you enjoyed your trip! We’re gearing up for a trip too and I’d love to read your experience with how you guys dealt with the time change and the sleeping arrangements for the littles. We have a newborn and toddlers and I’m just hoping our newborn doesn’t wake the others! Anyway, that might be a fun post to write but either way, thanks for sharing your fun getaway with us! ps. you look amazing, mama!

    • TAZA

      i’d love to write something about time changes and jet lag with kiddos. for sure. it’s tricky though cause it depends so much on the individual child. we’ve had a lot of different experiences with it depending on their ages. we are still adjusting this week since we’ve gotten back! your kids will do great though! just give yourself that extra day when you arrive to adjust and not feel pressure to jump right into it!

  3. Jess.

    So lovely! And it just makes me so happy to know your family has these heirloom videos of your time together when your kids are young. They are really treasures. You’re a great example to me! xox

  4. Britt

    You always put together such sweet, artsy little films! <3

  5. How fun for your family!

  6. This is so adorable and perfect. Love you guys!! xoxo

  7. Such a sweet video! Love it (and love Katrina’s music too). xox

  8. Nanette

    so lovely!

  9. Caitlyn

    Your videos are always amazing! How adorable! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Emily S

    Aww, this is so sweet! This has encouraged me to try to film a bit more! I tend to forget to do so and end up with maybe three shots while on trips, ha! Must try harder!

  11. Anita

    Awww, I grinned through the whole thing! You guys make me want to book a trip to Hawaii rightthismoment! :)

    Always, Anita

  12. This is so so sweet! Your kiddos are going to love having this as they grow up – I adore E’s style. And their games with the grocery store baskets – too cute xo

    Warm Regards,

  13. Karolina

    Watching these fun/love/laughter/sunshine/family filled videos always makes my day!
    Kisses from Cracow!

  14. Valentine

    This little film is so beautiful! Remember your children will love to have these amazing memories!
    Stunning family btw.

    Valentine from France.

  15. LOVE E’s little CTR ring!! Thanks for sharing bits of your sweet family’s experiences!

  16. Yaling

    What a beautiful family! I love watching your films. They always put a smile on my face :-)

  17. Great video! I love all the candid shots. My son was watching with me and said, “Hawaii looks like fun!” So I guess your video is a great promotion for Hawaii. :)

    thanks for sharing.


  18. Sandy

    Great video! Where did you get Sampson’s table top train set?

    • TAZA

      thanks! we actually got it at the dole plantation while we were there.

  19. D

    Cute! How do you make these films?

  20. Tracy

    Your posts and videos always make me smile. Thank you!

  21. Tess

    This is so wonderful. I was wondering what you use to film your clips? Sorry if you’ve answered that before! We’re about to have our baby and I want to be making home videos for our memories! Thanks in advance :*

    • TAZA

      congrats! we use our canon 6D to film everything.

  22. Melissa

    Love it!! Whenever you post videos it always inspires me to take more of my own. I only ever think to take pictures, but would love to have some more video footage to refer back to.

    What do you use for your video editing? Do you know of any free applications that are simple to use?

    Melissa @ http://www.melismcgrath.com

    • TAZA

      thank you! i have always used iMovie to edit and make my videos which is free and great! i tried final cut pro this time around though and it was great too.

  23. Samson’s expressions are so adorable! He really enjoys life. Happy Friday :)

  24. Annika

    Naomi, wonderful video! Where is your awesome swimsuit/wetsuit from??

    • TAZA

      thanks! it’s by mara hoffman. from shop bop!

  25. Lucy

    Wonderful!!!! <3

    I can't get enough of these cute videos!! It's so lovely seeing photos of you all but video's I just love how you all interact together, these precious family memories!!

    I'm another one asking how you make these awesome videos!! :D

    It's looks like you all had a fantastic time!! It looks so easy, with 3 kids, one a baby…I think I'd struggle hehe!, but I know there would be challenging times and you are always so real which I love so much, but it's just so lovely and I love that you got this chance to go out there!!

    X x x x

  26. Liz Wood

    Your videos are always so beautiful as is your family. May I ask how you make your videos? What kind of camera and do you do them all yourselves? I would love to document our adventures like this.

    • TAZA

      thank you! yes, we do it all ourselves with our canon 6D and then i edited in final cut pro. still have a lot to learn with the program but it’s easy to figure out as you go!

  27. Ashley

    So perfect! As always! Love Eleanor’s Mara Hoffman suit!! Do you mind chairing which video program you used to make this video? Thanks!

  28. Ashley

    So perfect! As always! Love Eleanor’s Mara Hoffman suit!! Do you mind sharing which video program you used to make this awesome video? Thanks!

    • TAZA

      thanks! i tried using final cut pro this time around.

  29. Kari

    This is super adorable! We are in the market for something to shoot film with so we can make fun travel videos like this in our own little family. :) More importantly, we plan to adopt another baby again soon and strongly regret not getting any good video at the hospital when we adopted our first baby! Recommendations? Also, what is this song? Thanks!

    • TAZA

      how exciting! congratulations! the song in the video is by katrina stone. we use our canon 6D to shoot all our video, but you can seriously shoot video with almost anything these days, even iPhones!

  30. Soo adorable and I always know that you have a great taste in music :)

  31. Mitzi

    Me encantan tus vídeos!!! Tú familia es adorable!!!
    Saludos desde México!!

  32. Bea

    :) :)

  33. Susannah

    great video Naomi! Please can you tell me what device you edit it on (MacBook Pro, Dell PC, laptop etc) and what programme you use? We would like to edit our home movies. Thanks!

    • TAZA

      thanks! i use a mac. up until recently i have always used iMovie, but tried final cut pro this time around.

  34. that place do look like magic. Thank you for sharing Naomi.

  35. nuria

    Ohhhh me ha encsntado el video

  36. Such an amazing video! Looks like you had a lovely time away and your kids are the cutest!

  37. Ashley

    Love this video and the matching suits! I just chopped my hair too and I’m really new to the whole short hair gig. Do you do much to style your hair? Use any product? I love the slightly tousled look.

    • TAZA

      thanks! i use a texture spray (by kevin murphy) that helps give it texture and body as it drys naturally.

  38. Kyriam

    Such a beautiful video! Wonderful memories for your family !

  39. Ali

    oh my gosh where is your swimsuit from! I need one!

    • TAZA

      thank you! it’s by mara hoffman. from shop bop!

  40. Roseann

    This is so cute! I am a photographer who is a bit intimidated by the thought of doing video (such large files!) but it looks like a good thing to learn how to do before I have kids of my own. You guys are going to treasure these little videos for decades!

    • TAZA

      i’m still learning as i go, and i’m sure you’d figure it out crazy fast if you’re already a photographer, but i’m loving video more than photos these days honestly because it just captures so much more than a photo can!

  41. Dianne

    I was just in Hawaii last year, in Oahu actually and it was so much fun! I’m glad you had a fabulous time with your family! Hawaii is a beautiful place!

  42. Arantxa

    what a beautiful childhood you are giving to your children.

  43. Mary

    I’m almost embarrassed to say this, but I had somehow gotten it in my head that a trip to Hawaii just wasn’t for me- after watching this, it seems so magical that I have no idea why I’d mentally ruled it out! I’m glad the five of you had a nice time- the rest and relaxation is well-deserved!

    xo Mary
    Mostly Salty Blog

  44. Your videos always make me happy! Those little feet in the sand … to cute! You and your husband are very brae and I admire you for travelling with kids. We live far away from our nieces and we hardly see them because my sister in law doesn’t want to travel with the kids. I always give your example… I hope one of your videos change her mind someday… Sigh!

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  46. Kelly

    Samson and E in the shopping baskets was the absolutely cutest and I love Conrad’s chubby little legs, so precious!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  47. Kari

    One more video question! What lens do you use? I only have fixed lenses, and I struggle with getting video with that. Maybe I need to bite the bullet and get a zoom lens.

  48. Rana Haddad

    Super cute! I wonder if you can share with us tips about breastfeeding-friendly clothes! I have always struggled with finding nice fashionable clothes to wear while breastfeeding! XXXO

    • TAZA

      hi rana! i wrote a post a few weeks ago about nursing and shared some nursing friendly clothing options in the post! just search “nursing” on my sidebar. :)

  49. Vickie

    gorgeous film :)

  50. Meryl

    Love, love, love your films! We are getting ready to go to Hawaii this summer for a wedding and your videos and pics have me so excited. Glad to see it was so fun for your littles!! :)

  51. Shelby

    This is seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen! You have the most adorable family on the planet. Looks like you guys had so much fun!

  52. phoebe

    so much fun! :-) …thanks so much for sharing :-) …i so love reading this fun blog of yours! :-) you guys are an inspiration!

  53. Samay

    I love it! Kisses from Spain :-)

  54. Drea

    Loved this!

  55. alexandra

    hi! who are your cozy grey leggings/pants by you’ve worn in several posts? thx!

    • TAZA

      they are from topshop!

  56. Lana

    Hello –

    Lovely video! I had some questions: what is the toy S is playing with at the 1:00m mark? What is the brand of the suit you and E wore with sleeves? Also what camera do you use? Thanks!

    • TAZA

      thanks! the toy he’s playing with is actually from the dole plantation we toured. the suits are by mara hoffman, by shop bop. there is a link in my swimsuit round up if you’d like! and we used our canon6D to film this.

  57. Lisa

    So cute! And hope its not inappropriate, but how HOT is your husband?! Swoon!

  58. Lauren

    what song is that? I really want to listen to it on a daily basis! It looksike such a fun vacation!

  59. Ingrid Bico

    Hi dear Naomi! I just loved the song you added to this lovely little video of yours :) Buuuut, I’m having some difficulties to find it online =( Where did you get it from? Thanks a lot! xoxo