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“i want some open meal.”
“some what?”
“what is open meal?”
“you know, OPEN MEAL!!!! it sounds like an S.”
(we later realized he was saying “oatmeal” which of course, sounds exactly like the letter S. lol!)

“mama, do pigs fly in planes?”
before i can even answer he smacks his leg, “haha, no! people fly in planes! that’s so silly!”

“samson, where did you get those chocolate chips?”
“in the kitchen. in the cabinet.”
“how did you get up in the cabinet?”
“i just climbed up really high” (leans in closer) “with my super powers.”

after josh put a child safety lock on said cabinet above the counter a little while later to keep mister samson out of it, samson walks into the kitchen and sees it and exclaims very dramatically, “papa! why you do that? that’s not nice!”

“mama, you carry me? cause look! your tummy not that big anymore!” (calling me out now since my excuse to not carry him for the last several months was because my tummy was too big since i was pregnant with conrad!)

whenever he’s leaving, “see ya later, crocodile!” (he gets a little mixed up with the see ya later, aligator, in a while crocodile! but when i’ve tried to correct him he doesn’t get it. so we just go with it!)


“oh my gosh! i had no clue yogurt comes from cows! so…. where does it come out?”

“mama, you gotta let me know if i’m eating too much ketchup, ok? because ketchup has sugar in it. and make sure you let samson know too, ok?”

“did you know families can be together forever?….unless they get eaten by sharks.”

while we were out one day she says to me quietly, “hey mama, you see her hair?” pointing to a lady with a long side braid, she continues, “we should try that.”  (and suddenly all my dreams come true! i have a daughter who wants me to braid her hair!)

after josh left the apartment with the boys one afternoon, eleanor looks at me, “well, guess it’s just you and me.”

“when i grow up i want to have a car and drive myself to a gas station to get gas. i’ll also probably drive myself to soccer and dance.”

“this is my first time skiing since last time.”

“hey mama, you have to remind me when i get older that i want to be a ninja turtle when i grow up. don’t forget, ok?” (extra hilarious because she’s never even seen ninja turtles! but her friend everett has a ninja turtle costume and after a play date with him where she wore it around his house, she has not stopped talking about ninja turtles! infact, when we told her we were going to hawaii, she exclaimed, “oh my gosh! i wonder if they have ninja turtles there!”


more eleanorisms // samsonisms HERE, which i just browsed again for the first time in a few months and my heart practically burst from reliving all those darling moments. kids truly do say the funniest and most beautiful things sometimes and it sure does make all the super long and exhausting moments of parenting so worthwhile. :)

  1. Inge

    Aww, so terribly sweet! Enjoy your little darlings!

  2. I love these posts! They make me really look forward to become a mother myself some day.

    The one with “first time skiing since last time” reminds me so much of my grandpa – in a good way. He’s always the one to say “You haven’t had chocolate since the last time, right?”. Though not said in English, but in Danish with a very broad accent that my boyfriend after almost 10 years still has a hard time understanding ;)

    Laura // http://www.afterglobe.dk

  3. Amazing! Those little comments are just the sweetest. Ahh

  4. Nanette

    these are so funny! their ages are the best.

  5. Zanna

    Where does the yogurt come out of the cow….priceless!!!!

    You must be rolling on the floor laughing most days with two such darling and hilarious babes at home! Enjoy them, and thanks for sharing their best quotes, these are some of my favorite posts!


  6. Kathryn

    These never fail to be some of my favourite posts to read – your kids crack me up! I can’t wait until there are “Conradisms” added as well :)

    x Kathryn

  7. Melissa

    Love these posts, I get so excited when you post one! My mom and sister are kindergarten teachers and tell me all of the funny stories about working with kids this age. They are the cutest, I just don’t know how parents/teachers listen and respond without cracking up! I’m going to have to get better at keeping a straight face ;)

    Melissa — http://www.melismcgrath.com

  8. Lindsay

    These are so perfect! I have kids the same ages and I always think I need to record what they say better–it’s just too great!

  9. emily

    hahahahaha i love all of these

  10. Olga K

    Just made my day!!!

  11. joana

    i just love these posts :) they make me laugh every time! i can’t wait to have kids and write down every single silly/awesome/amazing thing they say :) thank you for a wonderful blog with such wonderful inspiration, always!

  12. Deanna H.

    Every time I would see the “Elenorisms” title, I would do a happy dance, because that post always brightens my day. Now, that we get to read Samson’s too, I love it even more! so hilarious :)

  13. They are such the little healthy kids. I love it. My heart just about melted reading these! They always make my day. Now I read them to all my friends for a good laugh!

  14. these make my day! thanks for sharing hahaha

  15. Chelsea

    Always love these- there is nothing quite as special as that childlike innocence and wonder! Hope your having a blast in Hawaii!

  16. Rachel

    I think it’s wonderful that you write these down to remember them. I’ve been doing the same with my three-year-old. Kids are so cute/funny!


  17. Brooke

    Ohhhh I just live for these!! They never fail to make my day!

  18. hanna

    Awe they are so cute –Hanna Lei

  19. So cute! I love this. I’ve got to start jotting down the funny things my kids say, it’s too easy to forget!

  20. OMG these made my day and laugh out loud alone at home.

    Who needs Jimmy Fallon when you have these cuties around. Sorry Jimmy…

  21. Jennifer

    Hi Naomi! Where did the children get their beautiful swim suits?

  22. Aline

    I love those comments! The shark one is my favourite :-)

  23. I have a question!
    I am a fellow blogger and take sooo many photos of my little ones and I was wondering if you have a system to store your digital photos? I am at the point where my iPhoto library is insane. My daughter is only 11 months and I have over 4k photos of her. Do you have any recommendations of websites to keep backups or do you use multiple hard drives? Or is the Blog your library and archive?
    Thank you for any recommendations you have

  24. Haley

    I love your blog and find no guilt in visiting it everyday because it’s so encouraging to me and makes me want my own family! I always read these *isms* out loud and crack up. Can’t wait to be a mama one day!

  25. Oh taza your kids are so inspiring their comments really made me laugh! I’m taking mental notes to have a notebook ready on my when in the future I get children. Love it!

  26. These are great! I need to do this with my 3 year old. He’s really into saying “Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!” and “Boo-yah!”

    I also love when he sings along to popular pop songs in the car (I also have teenagers so this kid has never heard a toddler song). you have not lived until you hear him sing Uptown Funk.

    Thanks for sharing.



  27. megan

    Sounds like you have two little sass monsters on your hands. Too cute for words those two. I especially loved Samson’s comment about the locked cabinet. Too Funny!

  28. kelly l

    these are just my favorite things, ever. your kids are the cutest!

  29. Ahhhhh so so sweet! I’ve been a long time reader, turned on to your blog by a friend who complimented me HIGHLY when she said I remind her of you! (Mostly because we too have a boy and a girl similar to Eleanor and Samson’s age…but I was very flattered at the comparison!) Love the sweet honest moments shared here. Continued health and happiness to you all as your family grows, as well as all your professional endeavors!

  30. Ashley

    Gosh, these are hilarious! “Where does it come out?”

  31. jme walks

    i love reading these! your kids crack me up!

  32. Anna

    they make me laugh out loud every single time!! thank you for sharing!

  33. Erika

    HA! I love these. Little kids are the darndest.

  34. Li-Sha W.

    I just read all of these to my husband and we were laughing out loud. Can’t wait til my little bebe starts talking so I can write down all the hilarious things she says!

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  36. Shannon

    hahaha, Samson!! He is an evil genius. And that’s actually the very first thing I do when I go home to my mom and dad’s house– scour the place for my mom’s chocolate chips. She’s come up with some pretty good hiding spots.

    And I’m totally going to start saying see you later crocodile!

  37. Sofia

    This is always my favorite thing to read!!!! <3 :D