an afternoon at pearl harbor.

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i meant to share this last week with our hawaii posts, but didn’t get around to it in time.  here are a few photos from an afternoon we spent at pearl harbor.  both josh and i had family (my grandpa, his granddad and his uncle) who served in the pacific during world war II so we really wanted to go visit.

these sorts of places that are filled with so much history, it’s always kind of a roller coaster for me when we visit.  i usually leave feeling overwhelmed, of course always leaving feeling incredibly thankful, but also just confused and sad with the world.  i don’t think i can adequately express what gratitude i have for those from many countries who have given their lives, or risk their lives every day, for our freedoms.  and also, the gratitude i feel for their families, because i don’t know how they do it.  i don’t know how i’d do it.  i don’t even know how to comprehend it. so thank you, a million times over, thank you.


we didn’t get tickets ahead of time because we weren’t sure when and if we’d make it there with the kids, so the day we did go, the USS arizona battleship tours were sold out.  we got tickets to explore the USS missouri instead (where the surrender of the empire of japan that ended world war II took place) and went at our own pace without a tour. we got extra lucky though, because no one was really around and we practically had the entire thing to ourselves.  they let you really get up and in there and explore almost every area of it, which our entire family appreciated. it was fascinating!



after our afternoon of exploring, our taxi ride back to the hotel was pretty quiet.  the kids were winding down for the day and ready to sleep and i think josh and i were still processing everything we had seen and read at pearl harbor.  we decided to take a detour over to waiola shave ice for a little pick me up. (delicious! and helped lift the mood!)

grateful for the chance to stand in a place full of so much incredible history. and again, so so thankful for those who have fought, and those who fight, and their brave families…. forever indebted.

ps. for those who’ve asked in past photos, my birkenstock sandals can be found here. my dress is by lauren moffatt, fedora hat from madewell and beach bag from here (30% off right now!) eleanor’s sweater is an oldie from mini rodini and samson’s fedora is from here. eleanor’s blue sunglasses are from the honest company.

  1. Bambi

    That looks like such an informative day! So nice to see how you teach your kids about your country’s history!

    Love from Germany


  2. So grateful to the individuals and families who make that greatest sacrifice! Truly amazing that your kids are so engaged in this visit. Love the outfits!

    Warm Regards,

  3. Eleanor and samson are like bffs hehe :)

  4. Nanette

    this is the same feeling i had when i visited the 9/11 museum. when i left my heart was so heavy! but i felt so thankful that i get to live in this wonderful country and for all those families that sacrifice so much for us! xo.

  5. Celia

    Nice blog :) Im friends with your sister Bekah!

    Im not an english speaker but maybe this: ” who served served in the pacific during ” is a mistake? “served served”
    Im not sure ^^U

    Hello from Spain!

  6. Olya

    that is very touching.
    in last year we, in Ukraine, got used to feel gratitude and complete sadness for those amazing people, who are risking their lives to protect us and bring back the peace.
    that’s a hard thing to feel, but hope is what keeps us stronger

  7. It’s awesome that you and Josh were fully present in the moment and were able to appreciate the sacrifices/service of so many persons throughout the world. It is sad to think of the countless, senseless wars. Thank goodness the God of peace will reign, and at some point in the future, there will be an end to all evil.

    Happy Tuesday :)

  8. Courtney

    Where did you get Samson’s cute denim shorts? Adorable.

    • TAZA

      they are actually old zara jeans from last summer that had such big holes in the knees, i made them cut off shorts for this spring!

  9. Pamela

    So cool! Look like you guys had a great time :)
    You’re family is beautiful <3


  10. McCall

    My husband serves in the Navy and just left for deployment 2 weeks ago. We have a 5 year old girl and 2 year old boy. So, your thanks is appreciated. It’s definitely hard on the little ones. We were going to take them to Disneyland when he gets home in 7 months but, I’m now thinking Hawaii might be a good idea! (Where are Samson’s cute jean shorts from?)

  11. kiely

    i loved going to pearl harbor when i visited oahu! it’s crazy how you can still see oil coming up to the surface from the sunken ships below. such a special place.

    xo, k

  12. bayley

    As the wife of an active duty service member, I found this post very offensive. Why the need to mention shave ice in the same breath as you talk about mourning the dead? Very immature. Also, are you trying to sell clothing at the end of the post? I’m shocked and I will not read your blog any more.

    • TAZA

      hi bayley, i am so sorry to have offended you. it was not my intention whatsoever. my spirits were quite low when we left pearl harbor, and so i mentioned the shave ice trip because it was a moment in our afternoon that really helped me move forward after touring all of that.

      as for sharing where items are from at the end of each post, i’ve been doing that to try to be helpful. many comments in this and other posts are questions asking where certain things are from, so i’ve been trying to be better at listing that sort of information at the end of each blog post. sorry again to offend you. thank you to you and your husband for what you’re doing for all of us.

  13. Looks like you had a great time with the family. I think this is something my kids would really enjoy.

    Thanks for sharing.


  14. Julia

    Pearl Harbor was 100% my favorite part of visiting Oahu. It felt incredible to be there, and while at time during the day I often felt overwhelmed and sad, I am so glad to have seen it. It’s also just so well done in general, especially with the USS Arizona.

  15. Zanna

    I think its great to teach kids about history from a young age….there’s so much to learn from the past (including, often, how to appreciate the blessings of the present!)


  16. meagan

    This post made me cry. My husband is active duty military and we lived on Oahu for a few years. He is currently in Korea and has 7 most. left there, so my two kids and I headed back to Utah, while he is away. To be a military family is truly amazing, but it is very hard at times, and I cry as much or more for my kids than myself. Thank you for expressing your gratitude, and for not only recognizing the brave who serve this country, and put their life on the line but also those at home, supporting them. “They don’t fight because they hate what’s in front of them, they fight because they love what’s behind them”.

  17. Sarah

    Oh wow, it looks like you had a really informative day and struck lucky with the empty-ish battleship. I too am grateful for the sacrifice that servicemen and women make.

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

  18. Ashley


    I think this was a great post! Shaved ice and all. My father served many years in the military and my husband is currently trying to join. When you are given the situation of being in the military or being the family member of the military, you realize just it’s a part of life you have to live with. And, sometimes, we go get shaved ice for pick me ups, too! I’m so glad someone IS grateful for those who served and those who are serving now.

  19. Your photos are always so beautiful and your family is so adorable. These pictures really tell a story which is so fun!

  20. Caroline

    I think it’s so beautiful that you dedicated a whole post to something that is near and dear to our country. Thank you for writing things that make even the darkest parts of the world a little brighter. I love getting to share in your family’s adventures!

  21. nikki

    sounds like a great and informative day! so important to do things like this with kids so they can learn a bit about history!

    xx nikki

  22. phoebe

    what a fantastic family experience!:-) …and samson looks too cute in his little fedora! :-)

  23. carly

    Such good tips! Traveling with little ones can be so tricky
    Dresses & Denim

  24. I absolutely know what you mean, about the heavy impact historical places can have! I was in Berlin a couple of weeks ago and it was very bitter sweet, its hard to grasp what has happened not too long ago and is still happening in so many countries.