a morning workout with samson!

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i’m sure if i woke up crazy early to sneak away to the gym or something, i could get a peaceful and solid exercise routine in each day.  but i have never enjoyed going to the gym, or waking up early, or working out in general. so that hasn’t ever really happened.  but it’s one of the reasons why i love city living so much! because i walk miles upon miles upon miles most days, which helps me still feel active (except during the brutal cold like right now, in which i try to walk as little as possible outside.) i also love dance for that reason as well, because it’s such a crazy amazing workout, but you don’t feel like you’re exercising, because you’re having so much fun!

i’m trying to get back into better shape though, now that my doctor has given me the okay to work out again since conrad’s birth, and because my body has desperately been hinting at its strong desire to move more.   i took my first dance class in over five years last week (WHERE I WANTED TO SMACK MYSELF AFTER BECAUSE HOW HAVE I DEPRIVED MYSELF OF THAT LOVE FOR SO LONG?) but besides trying to make dance a bigger part of my week once again, i’m trying to sneak in some squats and sit ups and push ups at home here and there.  the kids like to participate and request airplane rides in the air (which is fine because my abs and legs appreciate it!) and sometimes we turn the music up super loud and have a little dance party in the midst as well.

bombas recently sent socks for our entire family to try, and besides just wearing them to keep warm and comfy around the apartment, samson and i put them on for our morning workout yesterday.

i had not heard of bombas socks before, but one of the reasons they caught my attention when they reached out, is because they donate a pair of socks to someone in need for every sock purchased.  i had no idea, but apparently socks are the number one clothing request in homeless shelters, and bombas has donated over 300,000 pairs to those in need since launching in 2013! hearing things like that make my heart happy, and it’s something i wanna get behind and share.  here’s a great video behind the impact they are making.

besides having a great purpose and mission, i like that the socks aren’t too tight on my calf but don’t slip down and stay up well.  they also don’t have that weird bump thing that often runs across the toes on many bands on socks, so they are comfortable in my boots, too.

if you’re in the market to try out some new socks, bombas is offering 20% off your first order of any size, with the code LOVETAZA20.

a few more pictures from our morning workout, if you’d care to see!


airplanes2 airplanes6 airplanes8 airplanes10

thank you to bombas for sponsoring this post.  and don’t forget to use the code LOVETAZA20 for 20% off your first order!

  1. Melissa

    I really enjoy reading your blog! I have been following since 2010! I comment here sometimes but never have mentioned that. PS: love the hair!

  2. These glimpses into real life are so sweet! Moreover, learning about brands that promote conscious consumerism and global responsibility is key. Companies like bombas are the future of fashion and an exciting step toward that end. Love knowing we share a passion for this direction!

    xx, leslie

  3. These socks look SO comfy- and how awesome of them to donate socks to homeless people! I’ll have that in mind when donating old clothes to charities, I never give out socks!

    Funny that the brand name means ‘bombs’ in Portuguese.


  4. Nanette

    i love this! keeping active after having my daughter is so hard, especially in the winter. it’s fun to involve the kids since we’re all stuck in the house! xo.

  5. Sarah

    I notice you have hard wood floors…do they provide good traction?

  6. vicky

    cute cute cute! :)
    makes my heart happy to hear about the socks going to the people who need them.

  7. What a wonderful business model! Socks are often overlooked but they’re so important for keeping us warm. Also, you and Samson are just the sweetest! Looks like you both were having the best time!


  8. Andrea

    Cute! I love the new do!

    Their missing is so admirable. Had to pick up a couple of pairs. It’s actually fairly hard to get kiddo socks in ankle length! Thanks!

  9. carly

    This is such a cute post! You forgot to do baby presses though, where you hold Samson and do a bench press motion. This is my son’s favorite and it gives some seriously strong arms.
    Sounds like a great company
    Dresses & Denim

    • TAZA

      You are strong, mama! No way I could bench press samson! I wish!!!

  10. Rachel

    I’m loving your new hair!! Those socks are pretty cool! I have a three-year-old son who would enjoy those. Working out with your kiddos is a lot more fun than hitting the gym. I have the hardest time trying to stay at the gym longer than 30 minutes. A good playlist is key :)


  11. Caitlyn

    Samson’s face when you are going in for a sit up!

    Thanks for sharing the brand!

  12. emily

    oh your hair be lookin’ goofed

  13. emily

    meant to say *gooooood* hahah sorry

  14. Chelsea

    lol- I love this! I have a yoga app on my phone and I’m always surprised how long it holds my kiddos attention, while letting me get in some stretching! Love the hair by the way!


  15. Zanna

    This is so cute! And I’m all for finding ways to stay fit in every day life, instead of slogging away in a gym!

    I love cozy socks for the winter months (warm feet = warm body :P) so this is a great tip!!


  16. This is so adorable, Samson’s little face gets me every time! Love your blog : )

  17. I’ve seen this brand flying around blogs, seems like a great company, and obvs cute socks!! :) Adorable pictures, as always. Are you kidding – you look amazing. I wish I HAD to walk more (desk job doesn’t do much for that, my pedometer is depressing.. Ha!). Yes, love the new cut.
    Also, side note, I read but don’t often comment. I wanted to mention I appreciate your classy, direct and precise responses to other commenters on recent posts that aren’t so kind. Another reason I enjoy this place. :)

  18. Melissa

    I love this! Thanks for sharing an awesome way to do some good! I’m going to buy these socks because it’s a really simple way to help someone else.

    Thanks for sharing! I hope there are more simple ways to do good to come! : )

  19. Natalie

    Good for you for getting back into dancing! I recently started running again after a 4 year break from regularly doing it and its crazy how my body certainly can’t do what it used to but I feel so proud of myself for getting out there and doing something I used to love so much! Those socks look super comfy! And it’s nice so awesome that the company has helped so many people.

  20. Amy

    Can you post a little video of you dancing sometime?? I would love to see it!

  21. lian

    Totally thought they were called “Bomb-ass” socks earlier :) I haven’t danced in a almost 5 years as well! I used to perform with Shen Yun Performing Arts. Check em out the next time they’re at Lincoln Center–your family will love. <3

  22. Queenie

    I wish I had taken dance classes from a young age. I took ballet once, decided I didn’t like it and never went back or tried any other dance classes :(

    Your morning workouts look adorable! xx


  23. Sinead

    Samson’s face! Just looks like he’s having the best time – so cute :-)

  24. Mary Katherine

    You guys are the cutest! So I am really weird about my socks – two questions – are they nice and stretchy and are they somewhat soft or more on itchy side (which sometimes happens with warmer socks)? I would love to buy some but sometimes I am really picky haha!

  25. Kelly

    This does look like a great workout and I love the fun patterns of the socks!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes