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this first photo is kind of silly, and you can’t even really tell what is going on exactly. but it was from a moment this past week where i was on the train with all three kiddos, on our way home from art class together. i had conrad in the carrier, and braved the trek downtown without the stroller for eleanor and samson. i usually am a bit nervous taking all three out on my own without a stroller to somewhat contain or herd my little group (ha! but it’s the truth, you never know when one is gonna break loose and give you a heart attack i feel). but on this day, both eleanor and samson were being such great listeners and i was just really proud of all of us, for having a successful outing.  so this silly picture means a lot to me.

and that photo of josh holding conrad? all i can say is, this child of mine loves my weird high pitched mama voice that i can’t stop using around babies even though i’m sure it annoys everyone else around me. although now that i’m thinking about it, maybe he also thinks it’s silly sounding which is why he breaks out in giggles whenever i start talking to him, i don’t know, i don’t care.  i love him all the more for supporting me and giving me a grin every time i bust it out either way. :)


the serial hair-changer-upper in me chopped and colored my hair once again this week! changing up the hair post baby always helps me feel a little bit more like myself again.  i lose a lot of hair after my babies arrive, and it always bums me out (the best balding pics of me are here if you wanna see. lol. how no one ever told me how much my hairline was receding is beyond me. thanks a lot, friends. ;)  ) but anyway, this new ‘do has been helping me feel good about my hair again!   my hairdresser took a few more inches off last weekend and then my dear friend aubrey who was in the city came over for the day and played with my color as well! i love that girl so much. we had some of the best chats about family and friendship and the amazing internet world and the horrifying internet world and when she left i felt bummed out she doesn’t live closer.  listen up people, those friends you have found in life that are generous and kind and make you feel inspired and encouraged, who don’t sit around talking smack about other people but instead talk lovingly? keep those friends forever. even if they move far away from you (which unfortunately seems to be happening more often these days in my case) and don’t ever let them go. not sure how i got off on that rant, but anyway. yay for friends! i’m so grateful for the good people in my life! i don’t deserve them.

ps. for those who have asked on my instagram, my sweater in this pic above is from HERE.

josh and i had the best morning last saturday volunteering at the meatloaf kitchen with a few of you! it always makes me so happy how quickly my inbox fills up with people rsvp-ing wanting to volunteer their saturday morning to prepare and serve a warm meal together! so many good people in the world. it always makes my day to meet readers or followers on the street in this city, but volunteering along side you is even better. and i just love the great group selfie up above that we got! thanks to everyone who came out! i’ll keep you posted on the next date we go!


this puddle wasn’t exactly in our walking path, but samson spotted it while we were out and was like, “oh, a puddle!” and BAAM! 3 seconds later he’s jumping up and down in it.  these are the moments where i’ve learned over the past couple of years of parenting to hold my tongue and just let them take a moment to enjoy splashing around. there’s no harm in it, we’ll get where we’re going eventually, and it truly made his day!


last week,  my friend stephanie and i took a contemporary dance class together down at broadway dance center.  i mentioned this in yesterday’s post, but it was my first dance class in over 5 years and it felt wonderful! i have always loved moving, but it just hasn’t been a priority for me since my juilliard days and having my little ones. there are a lot of reasons for this, but after seeing ballet 422 the other week, i could’t stop thinking about how much i wanted to take class again. it surprised me because i don’t really think about it that often. so of course it surprised me even more how good it felt to be back in class (even though i struggled the entire hour and a half and even though i was more sore than i’ve been in a long time the day after!) i made a little pact with myself to make it more of a priority this year. and i’m really excited about it.

it’s a funny thing how different these past few months with conrad have been compared to the first few months with my first baby, eleanor.  i remember being so preoccupied with things like “tummy time” as a first time mother and anxious all the time if i was doing it correctly or enough. i realized the other week i hadn’t even introduced it yet to conrad! part of me felt kind of terrible about it and so i mentioned this to my pediatrician last week at a wellness check-up and she laughed and said it’s why she doesn’t even tell most parents to do it.  it will happen, and whenever it does is fine.   it made me feel better, and it also reminded me how much easier these last few months have felt compared to my experience as a first time mama.  sure, there is a lot going on compared to when it was with just one, so it’s a little more chaotic and stressful at times, but it’s also a little more lax in many areas and that’s been really nice.


eleanor put the paint brushes aside and really went to town with her hands the other day while painting! i was both impressed and surprised, as she usually prefers to not get dirty or messy whatsoever.  she’s always full of surprises! and one of my favorite things about mister samson in that picture is how seriously he takes his drumming during music time! i can’t wait to see how music influences my children as they grow older.

9094and that’s just my handsome man across the table from me at spice market.  i hadn’t been since maybe 2006! it’s seriously so good though.  even though i’m a wimp when it comes to spicy food, i can’t deny it there.  and it’s always fun to sneak away from our kiddos for a few hours for some time together.  most of our conversations these days tend to be kind of intense around the topic of education and schooling and exploring all those options since eleanor will be old enough for pre-kindergarten this fall. (ahhhhhhhh!!!!!) but we held off stressing ourselves out about that on our date and just enjoyed each other’s company instead.  it was kind of amazing.

happy friday, friends!!!

  1. Melissa

    Love the new haircut! It’s funny how conversations with your significant other evolve as you move through different chapters in life. We try not to get too too serious on date nights too but sometimes we can’t help it! ;) glad the family is doing well lately!

    Melis @ http://www.melismcgrath.com

  2. Kate

    You guys are too cute. And I’m so weird but I really like the shirt you are wearing in your dance photo. Can you tell me where it’s from?

    • TAZA

      It’s by Camp! Super comfy!

  3. Shannon

    Haha, Samson and the puddle reminds me of taking my 1-year old nephew to an 11th century castle in Wales. He was more fascinated with a puddle than the “boring” old historical site! I think I need to re-discover the seemingly endless fun that is a puddle ;]

  4. Olivia

    Talking to my best girlfriends makes me enjoy life even more! I can really enjoy to hear myself talk and hear their thoughts about the kids, my husband, work about how all this makes me feel, good and bad! True friend are the most important thing for a healthy succesfull marriage and they make us happy mothers. It gives me so much joy, i also feel Iike i don’t deserve to be this lucky. But then again, I would do anything for them! And i’m sure you would as well.

    Nice art class btw. Luckely My twins Simon & Rosalie started school now (at age 2,5!) where they can paint every day!

    Btw i didn’t get what is wrong with diet coke, i think it’s totally allowed?!


  5. Marian

    What a lovely post! I truly LOVE this rambling life update! :)

    Sooooo glad you’re getting back into your dance, it’s a crime to remove the things that we love so much from our lives. Keep at it girl!!!!!

  6. Melissa

    Loved everything about this post! Especially thanks for sharing about The Meatloaf Kitchen! I love learning about new ways to volunteer in the city. It’s hard, and I haven’t really attempted it because my kids are still really little (4, 3 and 2). But that’s not really an excuse, because look at you, you’re doing it!! Anyway, awesome all around.

    Also, I was wondering if you’d heard of Google Express at all? It’s made life in the city infinitely easier for me. And I try and let every city mom know about it.

    Have a good day!

    • TAZA

      love google express! and amazon now! (and haven’t tried, but a friend just shared amazon fresh which is new!) it really feels like it can’t get any easier with those sorts of things here in the city! thanks for sharing!

  7. Zanna

    This is such a lovely post! These “catching up with life lately” posts are my favorite, I love seeing what you and your beautiful family are getting up to! I love what you wrote about great friends, how its important to hold on tight to them and never let go, no matter how far away they move! So true, and yet so hard to implement some days when life gets busy…

    By the way, I tried that chocolate chip cookie recipe you shared a couple posts back and it was spectacular! Thanks!!


  8. I have a 5 month old baby and a few months ago I seriously about had a heart attack when I realized how much hair I was losing! On top of that, my hair is curly so when it falls out it just gets so poofy and looks so huge and depressing! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one and that I can feel normal again ha ha. Thanks! :)

  9. conrad has eleanor’s eyes :)

  10. Erin

    Life lately sounds pretty great :)

    I’m so happy you mentioned Spice Market at the end of this post. I honestly get some of my best NYC food recommendations from your blog (like I know it’s huge but I sadly didn’t know about City Bakery until reading your blog and went this past weekend and it was AWESOMEEE!), but I’ve been thinking about going to Spice Market lately and this may have been the push I need.

    • TAZA

      oh that makes me so happy to hear! city bakery really is a good one!

  11. Cute photos! Love your updates. Also, I love your comments about how tummy time wasn’t as thought out with Conrad as it was with Eleanor. I think mommyhood just happens naturally! :)

    Circus & Bloom

  12. Charlie

    I hope you had a great Friday also and I’m wishing you a fantastic week-end !

  13. BDC! Oh man, those were the days for me, only I went to NYU, not Juilliard. I used to take a great class at Peridance, too. It’s always fun to find your way back to class after having babies. For me, that is definitely how I realign with myself postpartum. After my third baby was born last February, I took hip hop and ballet over the summer and now I’m taking tap and jazz. I’m even dancing in a recital this Spring!

    PS: Your love + knowledge of dance, I miss hearing that part of your story. For what it’s worth, mother to mother, dancer to dancer. xo

  14. Jessica

    Hey Naomi,

    Just wanted to drop in and say I’ve been really enjoying reading lately. I’m loving the honest posts that are just about your day to day life – I’ve noticed you’ve posted a bit less sponsored content lately, and I’m really enjoying that.

    The reason I started reading Rockstar Diaries many years ago was because I loved seeing yours and Josh’s adventures – and I feel like you’re going back to that lately a bit more which I’m really enjoying :)

    Keep up the great work!


  15. carly

    So many fun happenings!
    It’s funny how we the stroller gives a sense of security. I have the same feelings about going out with out it, and I only have one, so I can only imagine how 3 feels
    Dresses & Denim

  16. Alyssa

    Super cute pictures as always! Extremely envious of all the hairstyles and colors you can pull off. My head would look like a helmet with hair that short :)

  17. KJ

    Friends, you nailed it! Having moved across the country from many of my oldest friends has made me appreciate them so much! Isn’t a random text from someone who knows you deeply one of the greatest things for a busy mom?

    Finding new bosom friends is also such a gift.

    And, i second the idea that babies following the first are somehow easier to just sit back and enjoy. Not because my first baby was any less wonderful than my second, but because I learned to relax!

    I love how you are sharing the beauty and happiness of motherhood and family with the world!

  18. Krista

    I always love your perspective. Thanks for sharing and always providing some positive advice (even if you don’t realize it). Have a happy weekend!


  19. Francesca

    your posts are so positive and bring out the great in this crazy world! I thoroughly enjoy how much you enjoy being a mom and find joy in the little things!!

  20. Jacquie

    Thank you so much for sharing! Your posts are always uplifting and heartfelt.

    What do you guys do for childcare in the city? I want so much to slip away for a date night now that our second is almost 6 months but I’m pretty overwhelmed at the prospect of childcare in NYC. Any advice welcome!!

    And great haircut!

    • TAZA

      we occasionally do swaps with good friends of ours, and we also have a really great babysitter too we found through our church group!

  21. shannon

    this is a bold post. i love it.

    good luck with kindergarten! one blink and she’ll be graduating…


    And the sweater is only… $138.00! Ha ha. Dazzling though! You are absolutely stunning, post baby or not.

  23. marie

    Love your shorter hairdo! I’m a mummy of 2 but I still can’t bear to cut off my long hair.. My babyboy always pulls it (ouch!) and I think he has eaten some too. Haha. Anw happy weekend to u and ur cuties!


  24. Fiona

    lovely pictures. i’m so obsessed with your haircut and color.
    xfiona THEDASHINGRIDER.com

    • TAZA

      hi! it’s a manicure from paint box down in soho, so they used different color foils and mixed them into the polish!

  25. This post is so cute. I love the pictures of the cute little ones and the updates shared by you.

  26. Shelly

    I just wanted to say I love when you post baby tips. I had my first baby this January, so he’s about a month younger than Conrad, and I have found your breastfeeding advice, etc. so helpful. If you ever have time to post more tips on how you handle your baby’s napping, schedule/taking him out, or how you work in alone time (do you pump and then have a sitter bottle feed?), I would be all over it. Love your blog!

  27. i can’t even tell you how much i loved just seeing that you think the internet is horrific & beautiful too! i have such a love/hate relationship with it and sometimes it scares me so bad how mean people can be! thanks for still doing what you do and being an example to so many. i truly do appreciate it!

  28. Chelsea

    I love these catch up post! It’s totally different from baby one to baby three isn’t it. It’s like you have a real understanding of how quick it is and you really take the time to appreciate it all. A little tricky the first time around when your just panicked all the time! I’m sure the school thing can be very overwhelming, especially in a big city! I never could figure it all out, so went with homeschooling- of course I live on a farm in the middle of nowhere, so it made sense:)


  29. Lindsay

    Hello, Taza (and family)!

    I love following your Instagram and seeing your cute family. I have learned that you and your family are of the Mormon faith. Not knowing a lot about that organization, I began researching. One of the things I saw is that men are to be clean shaved and not to have beards. Could you comment on why your husband has a beard and how that measures with your beliefs?


  30. Super cute photos ! & I love your short hair xx