a few of my favorite swimsuits for the season!

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love-taza's-favorite-swimsuitsa lot of you have asked on instagram and blog comments about swimsuits! before leaving for hawaii, i spent a good couple of hours searching for a new swimsuit.  i’ve collected a lot of different one piece swim suits over the years, but i don’t know if it’s the fact that i just had a baby or what, but i wanted something with even more coverage than my usual one pieces.  i’m extra thankful for all the rash guard swimsuits that seem to be making a more prominent appearance this season, because i like feeling comfortable in what i’m wearing and a suit that can give me a bit more cover in all the right places these days is always appreciated! even if i’m not exactly using it to go surfing. ;) maybe one day!

if anyone else is in the market for a new suit, a few i own and love and a few others that caught my eye below….

1. mara hoffman long sleeve bodysuit (also available here!)
i bought this for hawaii and i am in love! you might have seen from photos from last week, but when i found the little girl version as well, i couldn’t pass up a matchy matchy moment and had to get one for eleanor, too.  here’s a one piece girl version, and swim shorts, too.

2. kore swim minerva cutout halter swimsuit

3. dotty underwire one piece

4. zinke starboard one piece

5. seafolly miami high neck swimsuit

6. recycled consign & design racer stripe tankini
quite possibly the most flattering two piece i’ve come across.

7. confetti cross-back swimsuit
such a beautiful suit and on sale for a $20 steal!

8. helen jon marrakesh rash guard

9. nautica signature retro one piece

10. tutti frutti skirted swim dress (i have a suit similar to this in almost every color- yellow, black, a floral print! sometimes when you find something you like and works, you just have to stock up over the years!)

11. draped black and white striped one piece

12. dotty sleeveless rash guard

13. lisa marie fernandez zippered short sleeve swimsuit

crossing fingers spring shows up soon which means summer isn’t too far behind.  happy swimsuit shopping, friends!

  1. Kyriam

    I love #5, thanks for sharing !

  2. I love these so much! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Love this! The sun is shining through my window and it feels so good to know that spring isn’t tooooo far off. My favorites are 4 and 13! Love the cute colors of 4- and the mint and zipper on 13!

    Warm Regards,

  4. Karsyn

    The dotty underwire one piece is SOOO cute! I love it.

  5. Jamie

    The racer tankini combo looks great! Much like you I just want something that covers a bit more but still looks stylish

  6. Fiona

    The black and white one is amazing. Can’t wait for warmer weather!

  7. These are so gorgeous! I’m always looking for something a bit more modest as I don’t love parading around in a tiny bikini. These are modest, yet still so feminine! Love.


  8. They are all gorgeous, but love the first one from Mara Hoffman, her swimwear collection with vibrant multicoloured patterns with a modern tribal twist are really stunning!
    Love summer time! Thanks for the share :)

  9. Mollie

    I LOVE these more covering options. I have such a hard time finding suits with more coverage for when I don’t want to be overexposed (i.e. church events) and these are perfect. Thank you!!


  10. Giselle

    I am DYING for a rash guard one piece, I’m wondering if you (or anyone) can tell me if they work in extremely hot temperatures, aka Texas in summer? I have a family reunion in June and I so want the rash guard swimsuit!

  11. I love the swimsuit post. I have been looking for that perfect suit and have yet to find one I really love. I want to get a great one piece that is flattering, but doesn’t make me feel frumpy, and a two piece that doesn’t pinch my sides or make me look boxy. You’ve definitely got my mind going about swimsuits here. Thanks for sharing.


  12. Emily

    Love #3! I’m currently travelling with the two same bikinis I started this trip with – one year in. I think it’s more than time for a new suit, thanks for the tips!

  13. Thanks for this! I have a few great one piece swimsuits – I just like being able to enjoy the beach without worrying about feeling like I have too much showing, I love #5 but now you’ve really got me thinking about those rash guard swimsuits as well!

  14. Oh my, that first one is gorgeous!!!


  15. I wanted to choose my favourite one, But I couldn’t! They are all awesome:)

  16. Jess

    I love 6 and 11! Obviously I’m a striped girl! :)

  17. I don’t agree with you at all.. you still have a great figure! I’ve seen some of your Hawaii pictures and you look great, even for tiny bikinis ^^

    Here my latest post, about how Armani invites consumers to participate on the brand’s 40th anniversary special website through the hashtag #Atribute.


    I hope you enjoy it! Bests :)

  18. emily naganashe

    so thankful for your trip to hawaii, i visited maui two years ago and am still dreaming of going back :) maybe it’s because i’m a college student but i can’t imagine paying $260 dollars for a suit. i was hoping there would be more options with a good value price, ya know? thanks for sharing the ones you adore!

    • TAZA

      the swimsuits i shared all vary in prices! there is one listed for $20, 2 listed for under $40, and a couple others under $100! hope that helps!

  19. Zanna

    3,6,7 and 11 are FANTASTIC! I am always looking for a really flattering suit and although two-pieces are so “in” right now, I have to confess I feel much more comfortable in one-pieces. Thanks a lot!!!


  20. whitney

    Thanks for this post! Have you seen these suits? Some of my faves!

  21. Katie

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Perhaps it’s due to my having grown up in a very modest household, but I just feel so much more confident in one-pieces. So glad there are so many cute options out there theses days! Thanks for digging around the internet for these great finds!

  22. Mareike

    Bathing suit number 5 is gorgeous – love the ombre effect and the popping color!
    Cheers from Tokyo – Mareike

  23. stephanie

    Lovely selection! I’ve always been a two piece kinda gal because I’m not curvy at all, especially now after having nursed my son for almost 3 years, my chest is basically nonexistent (sad face). But I’m not loving the style of 2 pieces out there right now and have desperately wanted to find a feminine one piece that still makes me feel sexy. The only other problem is I also prefer a boy cut bikini line and all of the one pieces I’ve tried cut so high up my butt and bikini line, I hate it, Reminds me too much of the 80s and 90s and Baywatch. Fingers crossed I find something this year.

  24. tilly

    i love swimsuit’s 1, 2, 12 and 13! they are gorgeous and perfect for summer. oh how i am dreaming of the day i will be able to surf without a 4,3 wetsuit on…ahh winter! got to love it hey ;)

    on another note, tim coulsons photographs of sarah and finns wedding….how stunning are they?! have you seen them yet? make sure you have a look, it felt like i was there with you all. he really does capture moments perfectly. not to mention you looked glowing and your family cute as ever. there really are some nice ones for you and josh to treasure. so sweet!

    i’m off to dream of ice cream and warm days… xo

  25. Liz

    I’m new to the concept of rash guards – how would you nurse (or pee) in one?

  26. I’m counting down the days to summer! I want them all :-) x

  27. Tania

    LOVE these picks & would love love love to see some plus size options for your picks in the future! Your fashion sense is SO on point & your impact would be so strong in terms of body positivity & acceptance. I think it’d be an awesome addition for your readers who celebrate all different shapes & sizes they’re in :) Much love to you & that beautiful family of yours xo

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  29. Heidi

    I noticed you wore the jcrew sleeveless rash guard suit. Does it have support or did you get a suit top to wear underneath?