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i got to spend my saturday morning with this dear old friend, miss marci. love her so much and always so thankful for her friendship. we saw ballet 422 together, which was incredible! i love the way it was filmed, the story it told and the way it told it.  the dancing and music was so good it was enough to force myself to sign up for a dance class this week.  3 kids later, zero abs or muscle left, i’ma-gonna-doit! maybe with a brown bag over my head in the very back of the class room limping about, but doing it nonetheless.  will report back here next week how it goes.

and that cute picture of samson and the popsicle sticks? he placed every single one of those onto the paper on his own…. it’s his version of what he decided was a zebra, which i just died over.  i love that boy and his imagination so much.


these are pictures from russ and daughters appetizer shop, but marci and i grabbed breakfast at their cafe location around the corner saturday and it was delicious! we talked to the owner for a bit too, who is a fourth generation family member managing russ and daughters, and she was the sweetest. i love hearing stories of how restaurants or shops came to be. i’m looking forward to taking my parents there next time they are in town. they are all about their smoked fish and fixings!


february keeps on producing crazy blizzards! heard from a friend last night that it’s in the running to be the coldest february in the city since the 1930’s! during the epic snow falls, i adore it. but then when the temperature sits in the negative digits a few days after and everything is iced over, i kind of hate it.

also, why are my two oldest kids so fascinated with poking their baby brother? we talk so often about touching just his hands and feet, or tummy, or anywhere but the face honestly. and yet, the face! conrad has been a good sport putting up with it. we have hand sanitizer stations literally all over the apartment too. and somehow, even with all the face touching, he’s staying healthy and happy.


sometimes we walk to a subway station a bit out of our way because that station has an elevator, and elevators are kind of like heaven with strollers in this city.  and sometimes, we walk all the way over there in the snow to find the elevator is out of service. especially fun during an icy snow storm! ps- i  feel cold looking at these photos so wanted to note that the kiddos weren’t out in the snowstorm for too long, it had just started snowing a block or two before we made it to the station.  conrad stayed very warm and cozy tucked inside his down suit while josh carried him.  i shiver looking at these photos, but promise they are bundled and warm!


we visited the dr. seuss pop up art exhibit in one of the spaces of the atrium at the citicorp building last week.  it’s a really tiny exhibit/gallery, but they have a lot of sketches and art i hadn’t seen before.  eleanor liked the grinch drawings the most! this one i shared on my instagram was my favorite.

also, pulled out samson’s old baby jeans for conrad! a baby in jeans! i can’t get enough of this sort of thing. these, and old grandpa cardigans on babies.  the best!


after conrad’s 2 month check up the other day, both he and samson fell asleep in the stroller. so eleanor and i decided to park the stroller up against a restaurant table and treat ourselves to a little ladies lunch.  at four years old, eleanor makes for such a fun lunch date. i love hanging and chatting with her.  i hope we always stay close friends.

and we drove out to brooklyn the other week since we had a car rental from our trip to try out difara’s pizza! it had been on josh’s list of pizza to try for a very long time and it was really really good.  josh chatted with the owner domenico demarco for a little while in italian and learned a bit about his life and love for what he does.


josh and the littles made an epic fort on saturday afternoon during the blizzard. i barely fit, but climbed in to hang out with them a little and had such a good time.  it’s fun to listen in on their stories as they hang out with their papa.  the three of them together usually starts some sort of giggle fest. usually because he’s doing something dangerous with them, like throwing them in the air or something of that nature.

and airplanes before bed. they don’t ever tire of them and my legs appreciate the work out.

happy wednesday, folks!

  1. Leslie

    These moments are such a sweet representation of a balanced life. Your priority is evidently on family yet you incorporate friends, culture, and good food. Each moment is both simplistic and inspiring.

    xx, leslie

  2. Nanette

    that snowstorm was crazy, but it looked kind of fun at the same time. fun for me because I live in florida. :) conrad is getting so big!

  3. You are such a sweet mum. I love these little posts! x

  4. Melissa

    Love seeing what you and the fam are up to lately! And I couldn’t agree more about loving a wonderful, fresh white snow fall and then hating the dirty slush/ice and freezing temps that come with it. It’s almost March… dreaming of 50 degree weather! – did i really just say that? ;)

  5. what a good lookin bunch!

  6. Zanna

    Mommy-daughter dates are the best! (As are daddy-daughter dates, of course :P) Start now and never stop. I’m 22 and still love one-on-ones with each parent whenever I get a chance to head to Berlin (my hometown). Glad you and Eleanor got to bond while those two sleeping beautys were conked out!

    And I’m glad Conrad is healthy, ít can be so hard when it’s winter and there are older siblings involved, and those little immune systems are still developing. Good job and fingers crossed!


  7. Anya

    I love this kind of posts. About what you’re up to and stuff, Not the sponsored/affiliate links kind. Although you’re good at those, too. Make more like these, they’re wonderful.

  8. So ready for the snow to be gone- I hate it too! How did I not know Russ & Daughters had a cafe?! Now I’m craving a bialy. Thanks for sharing!


  9. I love reading about you and your family! It takes me back to when I was young and the things I would do with my parents and brother and sisters. Such sweet memories you’re capturing for them through your blog!

  10. madison

    love love love this post. so cute to see the different parts of your little family’s life!

    lunch date with the little is def my favorite.

    best wishes!


  11. Hey Rita

    I would be so over with those freezing temperatures as well! What a bummer! Your kiddos are SO sweet, seriously, the best!


  12. Conrad, Samson, and Eleanor are really the most adorable little ones. I always look forward to the “Photos from Life Lately’ segment. Happy Wednesday :)

  13. Heather

    Naomi, are you near the Atrium often? I’m a nanny for a little guy about the same age as little Conrad and if you’re in midtown east, we’re very close by. I’d love to have other littles for him to learn to socialize with.

  14. Adrienne

    I always love your photos Naomi, so colourful and full of love xxx

  15. kiely

    baby c is getting so big already!!! i told my fiancé that if he took me to new york on vacation then we could get a puppy when we’re married hahahaha

    xo, k

  16. Molly

    So much snow! and I hear we’re getting more tomorrow!!

  17. You make motherhood seem like a breeze!

  18. Jocelyn

    I am obsessed with your lipstick in the first photo! Please share! It looks amazing on you :)

  19. hanna

    You and your family are just such an inspiration –Hanna Lei

  20. mara

    you remind me SO much of my sister. you two are probably around the same age, she has 3 kids also, and she was/is a dancer. and i could totally hear her saying exactly what you said about seeing that show and then signing up for a dance class even though you feel so not up to par ;) seriously, it could be the same conversation but with her. so funny. she teaches ballet now and occasionally still takes a class here and there herself (and also attends many ballets, sometimes even by herself just because she loves to go to the ballet that much!). i, too, was a dancer…followed in her footsteps. but she is WAY better than i ever was. i still have an intense love for it though!! ok, end dance rant ;)

  21. Samantha

    Wow what a great batch of photos! Your little ones are just adorable :) And that Zebra is impressive! You’ve got a budding artist on your hands!
    Stay warm!
    ~ Samantha

  22. marie

    looking forward to ur dance lessons progress! I think it’s good that mums devote some me-time for themselves ;) the only me-time I have is when I’m at work.. Haha. :/

  23. Dora

    My fiancé and I are currently planning our Honeymoon to Boston, New York and Toronto. Your blog is my go to site for inspiration and NYC knowledge. We are SO very excited to visit your city, what a place! Your guides are incredibly helpful and we will be following them while we are there. So, thank you Taza!
    PS. your kiddos are utterly adorable!

  24. carly

    Sounds like some great family time! I love the pic of the double stroller with a baby in the carrier. Super Dad!
    Dresses & Denim

  25. Piper

    The airplanes!! My parents did that with me when I was little too (about 20 years ago)! I do that now with my little ones as well. They love it :) There was a song that we always sing while doing it too (but we sang it in mandarin as I grew up speaking it.) Is there a song in the English version as well I wonder?! haha

  26. Ariel

    Really loved this post, kind of felt more “rockstar diaries” which I sometimes miss a little since the blog has become a little different over the years. Anyways, great post Naomi! I’m so excited for you that you’re getting back into dance, that’s so amazing!

  27. Sarah

    Isn’t that funny that you in NYC are having the coldest winter on record while we here in SLC are having the warmest. Crazy weather!! (Personally, I’m a big believer in seasons acting as they are supposed to so I’m rather jealous of your very cold and snowy winter….)

  28. Bethany

    We just moved back to Texas after living in Berlin, Germany for 5 years. We had our 3 kiddos (4, 2, 5 months) while we were there and didn’t have a car. The pictures of you and the double stroller covered in snow with the grocery bags hanging off the sides brings back SOOO many memories. How fun!

  29. Tiffany lorenzana

    Hey Taza. Regarding your elevator troubles. I urge you to check the mta website which tells you if a certain elevator is out of order. I didn’t know about this until a fellow friend told me this and I think it’s the most important piece of information for parents. You can put in whatever station you need.

    Wish you all the best always. Fellow follower Tiffany L.

  30. Maria

    Sounds like so much fun! It’s amazing how you guys just seem to take everything in your stride. Such a fantastic quality to have.

    I just started doing planes with my 2 year old and he loves it! And like you say, GREAT workout!

    Maria xx

  31. Liz

    Hi, Taza! Is that the Maybelline “Pink Me Up” lipstick you are wearing in the very first picture (with the red hat)? I know you mentioned that one in the lipstick guide, and I love the way this one looks! Thanks! :)