my favorite lipsticks!

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lipstick is one of my very favorite things, so let’s do a big old post about it!

i wear lipstick almost every single day, and i have tried so many different brands and shades over the years, especially the red ones! i blogged about my beauty must-haves last fall, but we didn’t talk about the lips, and i’m often asked about what lipstick i’m wearing. so i hope it’s helpful to see the ones i love and rotate through over and over again here below…

1. maybelline pink me up is the shade i wear everyday like most might wear chap stick. it’s the perfect amount of pink to give your regular lips just a tiny bit of pop, and has a good amount of moisturizer, so i wear it everywhere.

2. ysl color 1 le rouge – blood red is my current favorite shade of red. while it’s still matte enough to stay in place and last for several hours before having to reapply, it has a nice satin finish so it doesn’t dry up.

3. nars schiap is probably the most fun shade of bright pink out there! i wear this one a ton.

4. mac ruby woo is a well known and popular shade of red. it’s one of the brighter orange/reds out there and still a favorite of mine.

5. nars red lizard. this is a much darker red, but it’s still so classic. i tend to wear this shade more in the winter only, but it’s pretty fabulous and someone often stops me to ask about it when i’m wearing it. which is hilarious, because i learned about this shade by stopping a woman on the street to ask her what lipstick she was wearing!  i guess it is an eye catcher.

6. maybelline electric orange. i discovered this shade last summer and i love it! i had been looking for a shade like this for years,  but oranges can be hard to get right, and usually remind me of my years wearing stage make up when i was dancing (with stage lights, they often put you in bright orange lipstick onstage because it reads red from the audience.) but this shade is such a bright neon shade of orange, it actually works. it’s fun to mix things up with this one.

7. sephora no. 34 royal wedding is another shade of red that i wear a lot. (i’m wearing it in the picture above!) it has a bit more of a softer satin finish, and i usually tend to favor the matte finish more, but sometimes that glossier look is nice.

8. maybelline fuchsia flash is similar to nars schiap, but with a whole lot more neon going on! it’s a really fun color and one of my favorites to wear out to a party or date night with josh.

one of the reasons why i love and wear lipstick every day is because it helps me feel and look put together, especially since i don’t wear much other make up. to this day i still haven’t a clue how to apply eye liner correctly without looking insane! i even tried again last night before going out, only to be like, yeah no. and wiped it all off once again. but lipstick! i can get behind this! and it’s also just so much fun. hope this was helpful!

  1. Dana

    I wish i could wear this red lipstick. But i think thats not my color.
    But you look so great with red lips.

    I have one little question. What is this for a Font for the numbers you use?
    It´s wonderful.

    Best greatings
    dana :-)

  2. Kaitlin

    Where is your sweater from?! I love it!

  3. Maura

    Naomi, I am the same way with eye liner. But I have found that if I put just a little on the top lid right on my eyelash line it works perfectly. It makes my eyes look much bigger without giving me that smudged-under-eye look (you know, that look). Thanks for the lipstick info, love them all!

  4. Lipstick is my favorite beauty product! My favorite shade is Cherry Bomb from Wet n Wild. But I may have a new favorite because Red Lizard from Nars is the perfect color! Happy Thursday :)

  5. bridget

    your lipstick game is always on point. good idea for a post!

    (i have red lizard and agree – it’s pretty awesome)

  6. caitie

    life is so much easier with lipstick and no eyeliner. thanks for the tips!

  7. Caroline

    I am so happy you posted this! I love lipstick, but I tend to chicken out and buy the same shades over and over again, only to have about 10 magentas! I can’t wait to try these out.

  8. Johanna

    Thank you for sharing your lipstick faves! I’ve always wondered what you were wearing, so this is perfect!

    Also, just wanted to tell you how adorable you are and your little family warms my heart every time I visit your site. Thank you for sharing your life!

  9. Briseidy

    maybelline and nars are my fav lipstick brands…great picks!

  10. Sammy

    Nars Schiap is the perfect Barbie pink.. I definitely need to get around to grabbing one of those for myself!

    Sammy xo.

  11. vicky

    ever since you put the pink me up on here, it’s the only thing i have used. i try really hard to branch out with bold lips but my lips are big so i feel like with the added color they end up looking like those fake lips you use in a photo booth haha! i am getting better, though. i would like to be brave enough to just walk out of my house with mascara and lipstick. one day, maybe ;)

    love these – dying to try any of the Nars. love this post!

  12. Gorgeous look and collection! I really want to try your #2 – but will definitely need to try on a sample first :)

    Warm Regards,

  13. Andrea

    I love a good lipstick! These are all great colors. I love the ones by maybelline so much more than I thought I would.

    My go to is concealer under the eyes just a dab of maybelline age rewind brightener, black mascara, and bright lipstick and I feel totally put together.

  14. selou

    The lipstick you are wearing on the photo, which number is it?
    Thank you :)

    • TAZA

      it’s sephora, no. 34 which is linked above! sorry i forgot to mention that in the post. fixing it now.

  15. YES! I am always motivated by your lip color. Being a girl with freckles I am usually nervous to wear such bold colors. But they always look so great on you!. Thank you for this!

  16. Lisa

    Oh I’m the OPPOSITE! I slab in eyeliner in two seconds and it makes me look awake and more like a living person than anything else. Lipstick? I ware it about once a year, on some fancy work party. I end up being constantly checking myself in the mirror to see if I have smeared it all over my face, and I feel like I can barely speak or drink or smile as it will come off.. So uncomfortable.. Might have something to do with the fact that my eyes are definitely the “pop” in my face, and my mouth is small with thin lips.. My makeup echoes my inner voice saying “Look at my eyes, not my mouth”. Also kissing with lipstick? :O

    • TAZA

      too funny! maybe it’s because my eyes are the opposite of yours and so tiny, eye liner looks silly on me! i secretly wish i could rock some fancy cat eye or something.

  17. Anya

    Hey Naomi, just curious – in my blog post reader (Feedly) this post and some others come up as written by ‘teamtaza’ whilst others come up as written by ‘taza’. What’s with that? Are the ‘teamtaza’ posts ghost written by someone else? I’m cool with that if they are, as I said, just curious why there’s a difference!

    • TAZA

      hi anya! there are no ghost writers for my blog! everything written here is written by me unless i introduce someone else explicitly in a guest post.

      virginia, who is linked in my faq section, has been helping me the last several months to stay on top of everything. she’s been so helpful! for example, i had her help assemble this lipstick graphic for me since i’m not as good with that sort of thing, and she uploaded it with her “teamtaza” wordpress username.


  18. Caitlyn

    Maybe I’m the only one out there, but I find it SO hard to figure out what color looks good on me.

    Out of curiosity, how did you come to find out what looks good on you (because all of these shades look amazing on you)?

    Did you just keep trying on shade after shade in a place like sephora? Did a make-up artist help you by matching skin tone to colors? Or did you just luckily come across these shades and everything looks great on you?

    • TAZA

      i agree it’s hard to find that perfect shade for your skin tone. the first time i bought a red shade, i went in and they matched it to my skin tone. i think it was at a Mac makeup store, and the color was “red brick” or something. but over the years i’ve just started choosing them myself because it’s more fun!

  19. Lisa

    You have to have the right complexion for the red colors. It looks so great on you. I love that first pink. Perfect! :)

  20. Cheryl

    I think I need one of each! love all of them, and wish I was more bold to wear lipstick. maybe soon!

  21. You should have done this post years ago!!!

    • TAZA

      i know! i’ve always shared a few of my favorites in my FAQ section, but hey, better late than never!

  22. Allegra

    Put on my lipstick as I was reading this :)

    Thank you for sharing!

  23. Jane

    Would be great to see a picture of you in each color so I can have a better visual of what the color looks like on a real person. Thanks for the post!

  24. GREAT choices. Love all of these! Also- loving seeing Ginny’s handwriting begin to pop up!

  25. Anita

    Such great suggestions! I love wearing vibrant lipstick — it makes the rest of my makeup routine pretty low-maintenance.

    Also love that red lizard shade. You know it’s good when ladies are stopping you on the street. ;)

    Always, Anita

  26. Sasha

    Your jacket is adorable! Where did you get it?

    • TAZA

      thanks! it’s by lauren moffatt!

  27. Kristen

    Thanks for these! Do you wear liners too, or not so much?

    • TAZA

      no, i don’t wear any liners. just the lipstick itself! occasionally i’ll use a sugar scrub at the end of the day when i take it off before bed to give my lips a good clean scrub and remove any loose skin, but that’s it!

  28. Kate

    Thank you for doing this. You always look amazing! I have a question, I used to be a big lipstick wearer until I had babies. I feel like I rather kiss them all day than smear them with lipstick. I notice that it doesn’t seem to be a problem for you as your babes are never smeared with lipstick on your photos. Do you find these lipsticks hold pretty well? Or do you not kiss anyone while wearing lipstick? Or do you take pictures before? Thank you for any help!! While I rather snuggle my babies I do miss my lipstick days :\

    • TAZA

      i find that the matte shades tend to stay in place really well and i can “lightly” kiss my baby or eat with it on and not have an issue. but yes, sometimes i forget that i’m wearing a more satin finish of a color and get lipstick on my baby! haha.

  29. Maddi

    Which number lipstick are you wearing in the picture? It would have been great if you posted a picture of you with each of the lipsticks because sometimes the shades are hard to imagine on a person. Thanks for the post!

    • TAZA

      when i’m wearing one of these in future posts, i’ll try to reference the lipstick at the bottom!

  30. kaylea

    loved this post! i am like you, no clue how to apply any makeup besides mascara without looking ridiculous.

  31. irene

    yesyesyes! Thanks for this post!! I love how beautiful and fun you look when you wear a bright lip!! The first (and only) bright lipstick I bought is Ruby Woo, around 4 years ago, when I read it was the lipstick you would wear in your pictures! And it is still one of my favourites! Now you left me with no choice but to try out a few more shades… =)

  32. Alex

    Hi Naomi!

    What’s the color you’re wearing in the photo? Thanks for all of these recommendations! I’ve discovered many lipsticks and love the bright ones as we as the classic reds. Thanks!


    • TAZA

      the sephora no. 34 shade!

  33. kicsu

    this is a really great post, but there’s still one very important information i”m missing: which one are you wearing on the top photo? it’s kind of my fave.

    • TAZA

      sorry, i meant to say and forgot to mention. it’s the sephora no. 34 shade! i will add it to the post right now.

  34. Lauren

    Which color are you wearing in that picture?

    • TAZA

      it’s the sephora one! no. 34! i should have said so in my post, sorry!

  35. Hannah C

    I adore lipstick.. my issue is I also adore eating and it always comes off right away… I am not as dedicated as my blog buddy Hannah O.

  36. Marie

    Did you all get to see Kingsley when you went down to VA a couple weeks ago?

  37. Robin Grote

    I have heavy bangs that I’m trying to grow out and I’m so frustrated! If you ever decide to grow yours out I would love a post on it! Or even for now just a tip on what to do about hat hair and bangs in the winter would be appreciated! Thanks!

  38. MIchelle

    Honestly – your lipstick is how I found your blog! I came across this picture of you rocking a red lip years ago – i think on your honeymoon road trip?? and i’ve been reading ever since (and waiting for this post!) haha. My one issue about wearing lipstick on date nights is my boyfriend is scared to kiss me :( but I try to wear lipstick alot anyway – it really brightens up the face!

  39. amy

    i really like these beauty posts. have you ever considered putting a tab on your link bar for beauty? like you have the FOOD, TRAVEL, etc.? just a thought!

  40. Silvia

    I feel the same way about wearing lipstick, you don’t need much else. I love it when I just feel like wearing jeans and sneakers, it still looks great. Or maybe it’s my way of escaping eye liner mess… It always looks lumpy and uneven :( I end up cleaning it up and go back to safe old lipstick.
    Maybe it would be fun for you to have a makeup pro tutor you (and us!!) a foolproof way to get a straight and beautiful eye liner makeup.

  41. Ali

    Thanks so much for sharing your favourites, Naomi! I’m also a lipstick devotee — I find it’s by far the easiest way of looking put together when I’m rushing out the door (I just can’t with eyeliner, no matter how much time I have!). I’ll definitely have to try out some of your picks :) And if you’re looking for something new I would highly recommend anything by BITE — their colours/quality are fantastic.

  42. Thank you soooo much for this post Naomi! I always am totally drawn to your bright and bold lip, and now to have these secrets, it’s like a nice little present. Thank you!

    While I have many of them–the NARS and the MAC, I have learned of some fun (and economical) Maybelline colors to try.

    May I make a couple of recommendations for you? First, such a cheapy but amazing! Go check out Wet n Wild’s Mega Last. Super fun colors that last and last! My favorites are the Purty Persimmon (a great orange), the Red Velvet, Cherry Pickering, Mauve Otta Here and ….well all of them, so try those out! I tried this brand this past summer and brought them back with me to Hong Kong. So inexpensive so definitely worth a try.

    Then, recently on a trip to Bali (of all places to find lipstick!), I encountered Bourjois’ Rouge Edition. It’s lovely! It goes on like a lip gloss but it’s way creamier and last a long time. I love the red, Hot Pepper and the pink is to die for, Pink Pong.

    Ok, thought since you were sharing, I should share some too.

    Thanks again for this great post. And I’m glad to here you stop people on the street for their fab lippy. I do this ALL. THE. TIME.


    Ann of Kremb de la Kremb

  43. bell

    Oh, I love Ruby Woo from MAC. The color is so beautiful.

  44. Holly Ott

    Love me some #1, #3 and #8. Can ya tell I gravitate toward pink? You wear colour, so well!

  45. Thanks for sharing this! You always look great in lipstick – I feel like I always look clownish, so I’ll have to give these ones a try. Oh and thanks for giving reasonably priced suggestions! I always think it’s funny when other bloggers list, like, a $250 product that real people could never really afford :-)

  46. Erica Long

    I would really, really like to win! I’m due in May with my first girl. Love all these items :)

  47. Brittni Edwards

    I would love to win this!! 2nd baby due in April :)

  48. Sarah bone

    I would love this! Who wouldn’t? The winner is going to be one lucky girl!

  49. Mikala Woods

    This hospital package is honestly the PERFECT gift. I am expecting my second son June of this year 2015. All the items listed are surprisingly on my wish list and being a mommy of two little boys does not come cheap. It would truly be a blessing to receive such a wonderful gift. Look forward to hearing from you soon! What a wonderful opportunity you are making available for a lucky expecting mommy! God bless you!

  50. Kaci

    i would love to bless a friend with hospital goodies, and my daughter always needs a new pair of FP moccs!!

  51. Yelena

    Thank you! for a perfect giveaway, looks like the colors are for a boy, I am having a boy the end of this month, would love love to win, and thanks again

  52. Kelly Keall

    I love all of your blog posts but that was just life changing!!! I’m not sure what that says about me xxx

  53. Ildulce Brandao

    Expecting the Apple of My Eye in September and this would be a awesome bundle to start our journey together! Fingers crossed! Good luck to all!

  54. Jessie

    I just started trying to wear lipstick a few months ago, and now I see why it’s such an important part of a makeup routine. Even if I don’t put on anything else, a little lipstick makes me look like I made an effort. It just really pulls a look together. It’s like magic! haha I’m going to have to look for some of these shades.


  55. Elizabeth

    I was the same way with eyeliner for the longest time! I finally learned a technique that doesn’t make me look crazy. Blend, blend, blend! I will even do regular eyeliner on top and then use black eye shadow on the bottom lash line (and blend it out until it’s really smoky and looks less overwhelming). But for day to day, I’m with you on the lipstick only!

  56. Lori F.

    I’m expecting my first, a sweet girl, in March and would love the bringing home baby bundle!! Fingers crossed!

  57. Meg

    Oh man, I have both of those Nars shades, too! Love them. Now I have some other fun lipstick colors to try. :)

  58. Cee

    This is perfect!!! Here’s hoping:)

  59. Morgan

    HEy! i have made it a goal this year to wear more lipstick and feel more confident doing so! i don’t know why it’s so daunting to me! you should do a post on how you apply?? like do you use liner or anything?? thanks for the post! i loved it!

  60. I’ve been on the hunt for the last 3-4 months for the “perfect” red lipstick and I still can’t find a shade that is the right shade for me. I’ve found a few that look good but nothing I can count on as a go-to red shade.

  61. Didn’t no.5 have a cheerio/fruit loop in it recently.
    All shades are lovely. I’m Indian and the orange suits my skin pretty well. I also like maroons. Recently discovered that just lipstick is the best way to step out of home and still get noticed!

    And yes, just lipsticks deserve a blogpost. :)

  62. Oh this is such a nice post! I always stick to this one lipstick I have from Chanel, its red and goes with everything but I’ve been meaning to change things up a little but there’s so much out there that I just didn’t know where to start looking! And I totally agree on just needing lipstick to look put together and gorgeous, man I love your style Taza!


  63. Clemence Pinet

    This is perfect!!

  64. Emma

    Hi Naomi – Do you find that the Mac lipsticks (ie. the Ruby Woo) dry out and get quite ‘cakey’? I have tried lip primer and doesn’t seem to help. Any suggestions of how to stop it drying out and cracking?
    Also, when you reapply – do you take it off completely then re-apply?

    • TAZA

      yeah i do find the ruby woo shade to dry up faster than the others listed, but that color is just unbeatable! with that one, i just reapply more often than i would the others and always start with some chapstick first to add a little moisturizer.

  65. Jennifer

    i’m a big fan of every single one of your picks!! the only one i am not familiar with is the sephora one – love the royal wedding name :)

  66. Lauren

    Ahh you’re a brave lady wearing orange! I don’t think I could rock it. I love the look of the maybelline pink me up though, unfortunately they don’t sell it in the UK..

  67. love everything about this! inspiring us to try these colors this spring!

  68. Clare

    Lovely blog.. I always check before I buy a lipstick to make sure that it is cruelty free.. Easy to google it in the store..I believe sephora is for the most part(:

  69. Kim

    I can’t find pink me up anywhere!!! Have you bought it recently? Because I have a feeling it’s discontinued. I used to get that one too!

  70. Maggie

    I’m excited to try some of these colors! Wondering what you think of lipliner? I have never used it in the past but wondering if it is worth purchasing? Do you use it regularly?

    • TAZA

      I don’t use lip liner so don’t know much about it.

  71. Hey! I don’t wear lipsticks every day, as i am more of a lip balm person but when I do, it really adds a lot to the beauty. I love Maybelline pink me up. Your collection is really good!

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