kids crafts: a valentine art project!

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just in time for valentine’s day this saturday, jen from jen loves kev is sharing a fun valentine craft below that involves fun stuff like liquid water colors and salt! i love it.  thanks so much for sharing, jen! you can see more of her genius craft ideas here. she always has fun stuff up her sleeve.
jen says,
“Happy almost Valentine’s Day everyone! The snow just keeps on coming in our neck of the woods and the days seem quite long. I am always on the lookout for fun, simple projects to do with my kids. This week I thought we could all do a fun experiment together using salt and glue. It takes very little materials, but my kiddos loved this simple project. We even made it Valentine’s Day themed! The finished project is not something that will last forever. As it dries, the salt becomes very crumbly, but if you are careful you can at least pin them up and enjoy their beauty until February 14th.
Let’s get started, shall we?
1. In your artist palette (or little plastic cups) mix a dab of liquid watercolor with water and stir it up to make a well mixed combo. You can do the same thing with food coloring if you want. I mixed a bunch of different pinks, reds and purples with just a few other colors to try to make them look more Valentinesy.
2. Cut some paper into a manageable size for your little ones. You can let them free draw with the glue, or you can help guide them by drawing shapes on the paper first for them to follow.
3. With the white glue, lay down a thick line in any kind of pattern your want. Rowan made some hearts, zigzags, an R and just some fun patterns. The thicker the line of glue the better.
 4. After you’re done with your glue lines, lay your designs in a baking sheet and cover the entire sheet of paper with salt. Make sure to cover every angle, corner, etc. of the glue. Lightly and quickly tap the salt off the sheet, leaving only the salt that attached to the glue. If you tip it too much the glue will run.
5. Now the super fun part! Take one of the pipettes and fill it with a color. Let your little one drip color onto the salt lines. The color absorbs and almost dances around the glue line like magic. Try adding different colors next to each other and watch them mix and create pretty gradients. Rowan thought it was pure magic! She had so much fun dripping all the different colors and watching them bleed together.
6. Try not to get them too over saturated with water. You don’t have to worry about it if you don’t plan on trying to dry and hang them up. However, too much liquid dissolves the salt too much if you want to keep them. Again, remember these are not projects that will last forever. The salt does becomes very brittle and crumbly to touch after it dries. We did manage to hang them up above our kitchen window to enjoy until after Valentine’s Day though.
7. I promise this will keep them entertained for a good amount of time. And when all else fails, let them play and draw designs in the leftover salt in the baking sheet. 2 projects in one! Boom!
 Enjoy + have fun!”

thanks, jen! happy valentine’s week everyone!!

ps. a post on abstract art with kiddos and also 5 things eleanor and samson and i did to survive the polar vortex last winter.

  1. Glue, salt and water colors… sign me up!! love this idea for valentines day!

  2. Oh my goodness, this looks like so much fun! I work with little ones and could just see their eyes growing big at the prospect of this project. Thank you for the inspiration!

    Circus & Bloom

  3. Lisa

    Hi, this is a completely unrelated comment/request, apologies. I have been reading your blog for pretty long, and I understand that your family are Mormons. As a European (Swedish) who has no exposure to this, I am very curious of “how it works” for your family. I don’t think we have very many mormons in Sweden so I have literally NO KNOWLEDGE about it. Can you not write a blogpost about what it means to your family? Like, how does it affect your everyday life and choices; a special school, prayers, choosing something/avoiding something else? How do you see on marriage, how you raise your children? Any difference in raising your girl, to how you will raise your boys? Sorry for all the questions, I’m just curious! And, I love your blog! Thanks!

    • TAZA

      hey! totally valid and great questions! i’ve written a bit about it on Love Taza before here and there, and it’s a great idea to write more about it here, i’ll try to do that soon! in the meantime, the best resource for more info would be and

  4. maca

    This looks great! thanks for shearing, I think i may add a little of glitter, haha we just loove that!! (hope we don’t mess up too much the kitchen)

  5. Danica

    This is a great idea! Those turned out super cute. Salt and sugar are so fun for crafts….

    Try putting sugar in paint…it dries really gorgeous and has a sparkly sheen because of the sugar. It’s fun!

    xo Danica

  6. So fun – and these looks awesome! Definitely pinning this.
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you all xoxo

    Warm Regards,

  7. emily

    i’m excited for when i have kids, because i can just hit up your blog for ways to keep them entertained! haha! love this idea. i am 21 and just might have to do it today… it sounds relaxing!

  8. hi there! what a great craft idea… who knew salt was so cool?! ;) i went back to your link on the vortex post from last year and was wondering if you would kindly share whether you followed an online yoga routine or a particular video? i am looking for something fairly quick and easy that i can also do while my two littles tug at me as well, lol. it’s clearly working as you always look fab postpartum! thanks so much!!! :)

  9. Lydia

    Oh what a smart idea for something a bit different! Happy Valentine’s Week to you and yours x

  10. patricia

    I love you and your family! I would love if you wrote a post on how you have been teaching the manners to your kids, and how they should behave (for instance, to always stay close to you in a public environment).
    You are an incredible mother and your kids also seem to have the greatest daddy of all!

  11. karla

    I miss the old lovetaza blog, i hope you could still share like you used to about your cute, little, uhm growing family not just collaborations, projects and the stuff you use. please bring it back.

  12. Nice Idea. I love this!

  13. rach.

    this looks so fun!!
    so cute!
    great blog, btw!

    if you’re interested, check mine out! i’d love to see what you think!

    So, hi

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