hot diggity dog!

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this is probably gonna go down as one of my most favorite pictures of these three, right here. haha! three of the most unique and crazy and fun personalities in their own way!  can’t wait to watch conrad come into his own as well.  we make for a crazy bunch.  but it’s always a good time.

yesterday, i was craving a hot dog pretty bad.  and there really isn’t a better hot dog out there than that good old gray’s papaya with a little piña colada drink to go with it. seriously! (well, ok. tommy’s in provo is the best hot dog, i confess. but gray’s is the best when it comes to new york.)  so we loaded up all three kiddos into our big old minivan (i mean stroller, but it’s the same thing!) and took off to have a fancy dinner together at gray’s….



^^^mister conrad’s first gray’s experience!^^^

grays3 grays5grays14

^^^ketchup only, please!^^^


^^^this sweet boy was a lion for most of yesterday. he even “roarrrrrr”ed for a few city blocks and here is a cute little video for proof! what would we ever do without this lively spirited baby lion?^^^


^^^sound asleep and dreaming of piña coladas!^^^


^^^new winter boots! took ’em on a test run on every snow pile we saw. they passed. she’s estatic. we actually bought them for samson who needed a new pair, but he didn’t want to try them on and wanted eleanor’s blue boots instead.  she was like, “sure! let’s switch!”  only a few years old and they’re already swapping closets! ;) ^^^


^^^E has her 4 year old check up with her doctor tomorrow and when i told her about it today she said, “oh good. i can’t wait to tell her i am FOUR!” me either, baby girl. me either!^^^


^^^love them lots. and yes, my ankles were cold. ^^^

  1. Daisy

    Firstly, I love all the shades of yellow in this post. Secondly, I’m now really craving hot dogs! Such a lovely post. :)

  2. hanna

    Your family is too cute! –Hanna Lei

  3. Melissa

    LOVE the pictures!

  4. Chelsea

    Agh- your family always makes me so happy! I love seeing families who are loving being a family. I’ve never got to try a grays, but if my crew ever makes it to NYC- it will be a must, well and also shake shack, because you’ve been tempting me for years with how good it is:) I got those same boots for my 1 almost two year old and it is the cutest thing I have ever seen, although we’ve gotten zero snow!

  5. Making a mental note of where to find those dogs… they look huge in those little hands! So so sweet. Love the new boots – (& the Hunter ones!) Your kiddos are the absolute cutest, and you are gorgeous! Pretty pretty outfit xo

    Warm Regards,

  6. Luxxmint

    Hot dogs look good! I keep adding NY recommendations to my list for the next time I visit.

  7. Goodness so cute you guys, I can’t even DEAL. I hope we can hang out again soon so I can smoosh that little Conrad-face!

  8. Kelly

    Conrad makes my heart melt!… I must say, you look SO PRETTY without your bright lipstick!

  9. Lane Wolff

    Conrad’s little hat is so cute! Love when they are that little. It goes by soooo fast! Your family is so sweet!

  10. Kathryn

    You have such a beautiful family – all with such unique personalities and it’s so much fun to see how that comes through in photos. Looks like a fun day!

    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket

  11. vicky

    i love to see all the fun faces! Gray’s always makes me think of Fools Rush In ;) have wanted to try them ever since, ha!

  12. Briseidy

    hot dogs are the best! yummy!

  13. Mary Katherine

    Samson is getting so big! In the first picture I did a double take and totally mixed up Eleanor and Samson for a second. You have such a beautiful family! (You look amazing by the way – they always say the third is much harder to come back from but let me say, can’t even tell you just had a babe!)

  14. Teresa

    I love the fact that you are taking Conrad out and about! I get really scared of taking our little one out and about in FL!!

  15. emily

    ah! i live in provo and you HAVE to try J Dawgs next time you are in utah. they are seriously the BEST hot dogs ever. literally everyone is obsessed with them here, and i’m sure you guys would be too. this have this special “j dawns sauce” that makes them extra good!

  16. carly

    So cute! You really do see all their unique personalities and traits in that first picture
    Dresses & Denim

  17. Kelsey

    Eleanor’s face in the first photo is SO ACCURATE. haha xx

  18. Zanna

    I love Samson’s lion hat! He looks fierce in it :) This is probably a ridiculous request, but do they have those in adult sizes?! I know my bf would die for one…

    Also, how do you look so tanned and gorgeous in the depth of winter?!
    Its inspiring to see how much you guys get out and about despite freezing weather (and ankles) and three little ones!

  19. Janis

    Will have to try this place out next time I visit. And how adorable, baby Conrad and Samson in the lion hat! :) The kiddos all kind of resemble each other! :)

  20. All of Samson’s poses made me smile! He is such an awesome little one…Happy Thursday :)

  21. Aww, what a fun day! I haven’t had a hot dog in years, but those look pretty darn good. And Samson is the cutest lion I ever did see!

    Circus & Bloom

  22. Trisha F

    My hubby and I were watching Fools Rush In the other night and he agreed with you and the movie- Gray’s Papaya is the best. So looks like I gotta head to NYC to try it cause right now my favorite is either Five Guys or Hire’s.

  23. You look beautiful Naomi : ) You’re such a good mommah!

  24. Kayla

    Your kids are absolutely darling. And not to knock your parenting skills, but perhaps next time don’t let your kids put their shoes on a counter were people eat. Depending on the neighborhood, I know how gross the sidewalks can be in NYC (varying degrees is dirt and trash) . Just a slight suggestion, sorry to be that person! But now I’m craving GP (:

  25. amber castro

    such a fun family outing!! I have a little (almost) 4 month old and I have been searching for a nice warm hat for him; where did you get conrad’s from? It looks like exactly what we need. Thanks!

  26. you are a beauty, naomi! what a lovely little family date :)

  27. marie

    Wow I remember changing upon your blog when E was just a baby, And now she’s four?! Time flies! Anw it’s a complete opposite in my country, it has been really sunny lately…

  28. marie

    Oops chancing upon*

  29. Rose

    Aw, I love little Conrad’s hat! These are such precious photos of you and your family. I need to train my husband to take more photographs! I’m never in any of the ones of our newfound family haha

  30. Lauren

    I think these are my favourite types of posts. Just your sweet little family going about daily life.

    p.s. I’ve loved seeing these hats making there way round everyone’s heads during the years. ;)

  31. Your kids get me every time. My best friend and I have been following your blog since before you have Eleanor. It’s so much fun to watch your family grow. thanks for sharing!

  32. Bea

    So many funny photos!and Eleonor is great with her 4 years!

  33. Anna

    would you mind telling me where that coat of yours is from? gorgeous design!

  34. Anne

    oh man, now I’m craving a hot dog! Just love all these pictures, especially the one of you and Conrad- oh my goodness he’s looking so much bigger already!

    The Hills Are Alive

  35. Laura

    Absolutely agree with Kayla’s comment, please don’t let your kids put their feets on places where people eat… I know that’s not a sweet comment as the other ones but I think that’s not very fair for other customers. anyway, I don’t want to be rude and you and your family is lovely, as usual !

    • TAZA

      you are absolutely right! thanks for reminding me!

  36. Krista

    Wow, your little guy has full Angelina Jolie lips in that one picture! Gorgeous! Such a beautiful family you have :) Where about did you get your coat? Love it!

    • TAZA

      thank you! it’s by lauren moffatt.

  37. Sash

    Your kids are so cute. But what’s not cute is letting them put their dirty snow boots on a surface where people eat off. Totally rude and disrespectful. Please bring up these cuties with better manners and respect for those around them. Just so gross.

  38. Taylor

    Ahhh love your cute little family!! There’s a place in Provo called J Dawgs that has the best hot dogs!! You should try it next time you go visit your family there! :) SO GOOD! I love hot dogs and need to add gray’s to my list for when I come visit New York! :)

  39. cath

    Cute outing but please don’t let your kids sit up on tables with outdoor clothes and boots on. It is very unhygienic (esp Samson’s boots on the table) and not fair on the people who use it after you.

  40. Tamara

    A great post that i really enjoyed with all the colorful pics – but seriously, the boots on the counter where other people eat?? What were you thinking??? Genuinely curious here Naomi!

  41. Hannah

    A beautiful family.

  42. Maria

    You all look very snug and cute (minus the ankles)! I’m curious as to why the hot dog place is called Gray’s Papaya. Do they also sell papayas? Wouldn’t connect the two foods!

    Maria xx

  43. Nicole

    Hi Josh & Naomi,

    Doesn’t Eleanor have to go to school now she’s four? In the Netherlands kids do at that age.

    Love from Amsterdam!

  44. Andrea

    Just moved to nyc from Germany and i love your little family! We have got the same stroller because i worked for bugaboo Germany. You might not even know it but there are suitable baby carrycot seats for babies. They are not expensive at all! Please for the sake of your baby put him in a carrycot. It is really not got for him, not even for 10 minutes. I know what I am talking about since i had to take extra courses for baby safety.

  45. Emma

    Beautiful pictures and family! I was wondering if you could tell me where you got your boots? I’d love to have cold ankles as well :)

    • TAZA

      They are from ASOS!

  46. diana

    ^^^ are they all for real?! goodness gracious, get over the counter situation ppl! If you are eating directly off a counter in NYC, well then, you have a whole other set of issues. That’s why we have plates in 2015. And then the stroller situation.. honestly, when will ppl stop with the unsolicited advice? Sorry… I just got super annoyed for you and i’m sure some of it comes from a good place and all but I’m a mom too, and i looked at your photos and thought “that is such an adorable photo of Samson… kids got killer lips too” rather than “how dare they allow their child on the counter”. I wonder if ppl know what most of this world eats on…. Sigh, first world problems. anyway, i for one loved all your photos… esp the counter one! :)

  47. Cindy

    I have a bucket list of foods from around the world I want to try and a hotdog from Gray’s Papaya is in the top 10.

  48. Mariana

    Love your shoes! Been looking for a pair of heeled black booties! What brand/where did you get them?!

  49. Sinead

    So cute! I’m craving a hot dog now :-)

  50. Ennea

    Beautiful post. Love the pics!

  51. Steph G

    I’m a little late on this one, but you have to try Crif Dogs :) We love the hot dog (well veggie dogs for us) with peanut butter, pickles and crushed potato chips. They have some great mashups of flavor :) Happy Snow Day!