happy valentine’s day weekend! and a few fun links…

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it might be just me, but i can’t get enough of this little valentine’s day outfit josh’s mom mailed us a few days ago!  it’s an old outfit josh wore on his very first valentines’s day when he was a baby.  obviously that makes it all the more special for me. :) even if conrad isn’t so sure about it. ha! his little furrowed eyebrow cracks me up! he never leaves home without it.

do you guys have any fun plans for valentine’s? i’m most definitely making and eating as many chocolate covered strawberries as my heart desires. i can’t wait!

ps. have you seen this?! we are such big fans of jim gaffigan over here, i’m so excited!  also, ballet 422 is officially out and i’m really looking forward to seeing it. justin peck’s work is some of my very favorite.

a few other fun notes for your weekend…

a good friend of ours sent us this interesting read– the importance of chattering away to babies. this article really got us thinking about things we can do to help our kids even as babies learn and develop their minds!

restaurant week in nyc is happening right now! if you can get away with making a lunch date out of it, i think it’s such a steal and always fun to try a new place!  here are the top ten restaurants this year according to time out new york.

j.crew is having a huge in store + online sale this weekend with an extra 40-50% off final sale styles using code: WEEKENDMUST (through monday…)

55 years later, harper lee is at it again! what do you guys think?

and i updated a few of my favorite things in our shop page if you care to browse…

happy valentine’s day!

  1. Chelsea

    What a cutie! I love finding old treasures. My MIL just brought my hubby’s shoes from when he was a babe and they were adorable- our daughter has been wearing them everywhere. I read the Jim Gaffigan book after you suggested it a couple years ago and loved it. I kept reading little clips to my husband and it was hilarious. Thanks for the heads up about the jcrew sale I will definitely check that out. Have a happy Valentine’s Day!


  2. His eyebrows!!! Too cute!

  3. Conrad is just precious! I love this outfit and the fact that it was Josh’s makes it so special! Enjoy the weekend with your new little love!


  4. Alexandra

    Conrad looks adorable!!! We are fan of Jim Gaffigan too and we can’t wait to see his show! Have an awesome Valentine’s day!

  5. Angela

    my mother in law gave me that same exact outfit from when he was a little boy too! I’ll have to share the picture with you when I put it on him as well :)

  6. molly

    The Jcrew code isn’t working :(

    • TAZA

      It’s fixed now! Sorry about that.

  7. Laura

    Fashion is eternal ! So so cute baby !

  8. happy valentine’s weekend to the precious davis clan!

  9. janika R

    wow..that dress is real cute. Happy Valentines day to you dear. You deserve all the love that you are getting from your family and your readers.


  10. carly

    That outfit is so precious! I can’t believe it has held up for multiple generations…that’s so wonderful
    Dresses & Denim

  11. emily

    awe, his eyebrows are too cute!

  12. Mariana

    He is a mini Josh! Oh gosh.

  13. Jen

    Conrad looks like he’s ready to fist bump! So cute!!!

  14. Conrad looks so precious in Josh’s baby clothes! I can’t wait to read the Harper Lee’s sequel. Happy Friday :)

  15. marie

    HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO YOU! :) I’ll be spending it at work (ha!) but will be shopping in the evening! while my guy takes care of our kids.. Hee. I’m really looking forward to some me-time!


  16. elaine

    I actually can’t believe it he is wearing it and it fits!! Josh was only 2 weeks old! Wish I’d sent it sooner but just stumbled across it last week when I was looking for Jessica’s shower so I’m glad you have it for Valentine’s weekend.

  17. Hi Naomi!

    Quick question: i signed up for your newsletter list & received a confirmation but i haven’t received any newsletters yet. do you send those often? just want to make sure i’m receiving them :)

    xoxo, kerri

  18. That outfit, and Conrad, are so so cute!! Love everything about it. & thank you for the head’s up on the J.crew sale – aaaah!

    Warm Regards,

  19. Claire

    Harper Lee really?! Can’t wait!

    PS. Conrad is adorable with his little eyebrows.

  20. Bea

    That dress is wonderful, and Conrad looks so adorable!
    Happy Valentine’s day!!!

    • TAZA

      Yes! I loved it. Great collaboration.

  21. Thank you so much for including our walrus towel in your shop! If we can ever send you and your cuties a little something please let us me know or if there’s any way we can collab I’d love to hear that as well. Again, thank you so much for supporting me and my small family run business!

    Mandy ie. Waiting On Martha

  22. Thank you for sharing the great links. Little munchkin looks adorbz in the picture!

  23. Bogi Vrg

    Oh, so cute ♥

  24. Meryl

    That is so special to have something from your husband’s babyhood like that. Makes me feel good about saving some of my kids’ favorite items…I hope they stand the test of time like that beautiful romper did!

  25. Kelly

    That outfit is adorable, I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  26. Melissa

    My husband and I watched Oldfashioned at the Regal on 42nd, so cute! You’d probably like it, maybe?

  27. Marijana

    Unrelated, but could you please write a post about how you get organized with three littles, nursing, etc. How do you organize when you go out without the littles…I am a mother of two littles, new baby is three weeks old but I can`t pump and I am having some trouble breastfeeding this time :/
    So a post about that from an experienced mum would be great!

  28. Zanna

    I love family traditions that get passed down through the generations! Conrad looks adorable in his Valentine’s day outfit, and I bet Josh did too when he was a baby :)

    As for Harper Lee’s new novel, I am concered that she is being manipulated by people around her for less-than-honorable reasons. However, if it turns out it was her free and competent choice to publish this second book, I couldn’t be happier for her…To Kill A Mockingbird is one of my absolute favorites!


  29. Conrad is so cute! ❤ I love all the colors you use on your children, they “rock”!

  30. Lauren

    i LOVE Jim gaffigan!! I can’t wait for his show!!! And wow Harper lee is writing a sequel that’s amazing!! For Valentine’s weekend I went to sAn Fransisco my husband and I had never been and it was amazing!