happy FOURTH birthday, eleanor!

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i thank my heavenly father every day for entrusting me to be a mama to the sweet and special spirit that is eleanor.  she is full of such life. such an imaginative, curious and intelligent little being who loves to ‘chit chat’ with anyone and takes such good and gentle care of her little brothers.  today she turns 4 years old (FOUR!!!!) and i’m just over the moon proud of her. she is a good, brave and beautiful girl and i love her so much it hurts.


happiest 4th birthday, baby girl! you are the little one who made me a mama… and you’re kind of my guinea pig in a way (poor first born) as i try to figure out how to best be a mother and raise you up. thank you for bringing such sunshine and warmth into our family.  i am nothing but proud of the little lady you are becoming.  we love you eternally.

  1. Hey Rita

    Can’t believe she’s already four! I’ve been a long-time reader and it’s such a thrill to see your littles grow up. Boy, they grow up fast don’t they? I hope E has a very special birthday with the ones she loves most.

    Happy birthday Eleanor!


  2. Ester

    She is an adorable girl and you are the best mama!
    Happy birthday E!!

  3. Clemency

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELEANOR!!! What a sweet girl.

  4. Happy birthday sweet Eleanor!! Thanks Naomi for sharing all those daily bits with you family with all of us, is wonderful to see your kiddos grow. I love all the pics here but the one from Carissa with the cherry trees is amazing.

    Damaris | The cat, you and us

  5. Amy

    Gosh FOUR! I remember reading your posts about your first pregnancy, times really does fly. I love that she already does the little leg bend in photos! x

  6. Vera

    Oh! Your girl is so cute! Happy birthday to her! I hope you enjoyed a wonderful day all together and the she grows up and keeps being a wonderful beautiful smart girl. With love,


  7. Queenie

    Happy birthday Eleanor! Wishing you an utterly magical day xxx

  8. Laura

    Ooooh, such a beautiful post Naomi. I can’t believe she’s already four, wow! Happy fourth birthday, sweet Eleanor!

  9. Cécile

    You write beautifully, Naomi! Always and in every post! What a gift you have!

    Happy Birthday, Eleanor. Even though I have never met you, I have seen you grow up and it even hurts me sometimes to see how fast time flies.. Stay cute, stay curious, stay awesome, sweet girl!

    Love from Germany

  10. bridget

    so sweet. happy birthday eleanor! it’s been so nice watching you grow through your mom’s blog!

  11. Happy birthday to you, little love! You are both so beautiful. She is so lucky to have you as her momma. Wishing her a 4th year full of nothing but giggles and fun!

    Warm Regards,

  12. Ariel

    I cannot believe little E is a four year old little girl and no longer a baby! It has been such an honor to be a long time reader who got to see you and Josh grow in your marriage and then become parents. Your blog makes me want to have a family one day, you make it look beautiful. I know that all the messy/tough parts are hidden from the blog but all the lovely moments you share I’m sure make it all worth it in the end. Happiest birthday to Miss Eleanor, I hope you have a beautiful day sweet girl.

  13. Kelsey

    Happy Birthday, little Eleanor!! :)

  14. Daliana

    Feliz Cumpleaños Hermosa!

  15. Lonka

  16. Happy Birthday Eleanor!!! She’s grown so much!!

  17. yaeli

    i love reading your blog very much every day i just look for it

  18. Happy Birthday, Eleanor! It’s been so much fun following along with your adventures these past years! I hope that four is the most fun year for you, sweet girl! :) :) :)

    Circus & Bloom

  19. Alice Choi

    Happy Birthday Eleanor! You are beautiful inside and out :) Congrats to you Naomi on raising such wonderful children, and thank you for sharing your life with us!

  20. Ana

    Happy Birthday Eleanor!!!

  21. I can’t believe how quick time goes! She’s already 4!?!
    And what a sweet post, I wonder what an amazing gift it will be to E later when she’s older to see all these loving words her mama wrote her before. Happiest birthday E

    Love from the netherlands!

  22. hanna

    Happy Birthday Eleanor! –Hanna Lei

  23. Oh my goodness, I think I started reading your blog when Eleanor was a baby! It’s crazy how fast kids grow. You’re such an inspiring Mama, and I’m so happy for you that you have that little angel in your life! :)

  24. Bea

    …and happy birthday to your little E!!!!
    She’s growing up sooo fast!

  25. Crystal

    Wishing Eleanor a big Happy Birthday from New Zealand. Next month my boy will turn 4, and I’m already in disbelief! I still remember the gif you posted announcing your pregnancy : )

  26. Tammy

    Oh goodness what a cutie!! Happy Birthday E! Wishing you the very best day! Eat lots of cake!

  27. Sophie

    Happy birthday sweet Eleanor :)
    Naomi, i still remember the first picture of this teeny tiny newborn lady four years ago. We are roughly the same age but with completely different lives. I envy you, you seem such a caring lady and i feel so priviledged to see your little family blossom. your kids are the cutests i have ever seen and they seem so radiant. i hope to have such a darling family like yours some day. Sophie

  28. melissa

    i feel like the birthdays of the oldest child are really big days for the mom as well because it celebrates the day you became a mother. happy day to you both!

  29. marie

    My elder son is now 7, and I cant believe how fast time is passing! Happy birthday to your first child :))


  30. Swati

    Happy Birthday Eleanor! I wish you all the love and luck in Life!!


  31. Lauren

    Ohmystars, what a beautiful little girl you have! Four!I started following your blog only a few weeks before she was born and you were getting so impatient wanting her to make her entrance so you could meet her already!What a privilege to see snippets of her growing up.
    She’s a credit to you and Josh. You’re all so lucky to have each other.

    Happy happy birthday, Eleanor! Here’s to many more chit chats, Eleanorisms and photos with knee pops :)

  32. Christine

    Happy 4th birthday, Eleanor! And happy 4 years to you, Naomi! You are a wonderful mom and Eleanor is also blessed to have you as her mama! You show really a great example of how the Father loves His children.

  33. tilly

    i still remember the first time i found this blog, all the many years ago when you weren’t even in the picture eleanor. your (and now your sweet brothers too) are what keep me coming back! of course i love and am thankful for what your mama has to write and say on this blog of hers, but it is your sweet face in photos she shares with us that i love most! and how could i forget the eleanorisms! from what i can see from what your mama shares with us all, you are one sweet soul. the love you have for your mama, papa and baby brothers is unconditional. they way you smile so big and laugh so loud. your face brightens many. I’m sure being a mama to you would be a dream… i can only imagine what it is like to meet you in real life and how much more special you really are (that simply cannot be explained or shown in words or photos). i hope one day if i am lucky enough to have a baby girl, she is as beautiful inside and out as you eleanor! i would like to wish you the happiest day as you are the birthday girl! a big 4 years old too! so thank you eleanor. thank you for making my days that much brighter when i see or hear something ever so sweet about you from this lovely blog of your mamas! always remember how loved you are by not just your family, but people from all over the world how read this blog too! love always tilly, all the way from australia xo

  34. Kayla

    Happy Birthday Eleanor! Your creativity and joy bring such a smile to my face whenever your momma shares photos and videos of you. Peace and joy to you!

  35. Rita27

    Hi, im a new reader From Finland, Europe. I hope that some day you write about time and how you have time for everything like blog, 3 kids, house work etc.

  36. Maria

    Wow! SO many birthdays all at once. What a special time of year for you all. Happy Birthday Eleanor, it’s been such a joy and pleasure to watch you grow!

    Maria xx

  37. Antonia

    Happy Birthday E! I’ve been reading the blog since you were pregnant with Eleanor and even though I don’t personally know you, it feel just as wonderful as if I’d watched the child of a close friend grow up in the same way! You have a beautiful family and it’s a true pleasure to be able to watch you all grow.

  38. sylvie

    Happy Birthday Eleanore ! Joyeux Anniversaire
    I read every week (from France) your beautiful blog and Eleanore is lucky to have a mama like you, it’s delicious to see how important love make lovely kids ! Have a very special and nice day,
    une très belle journée d’Anniversaire à toi Eleanore, tu es une petite fille adorable et spéciale !

  39. My daughter has the same birthday but is 2 yrs younger. What a sweet post, and great pictures of you and her. She is one lucky kid!

  40. vicky

    happy birthday, dear Eleanor! you are such a bright light and i see it all the way from Texas ;) i don’t even know you personally, little E, but i sure do hope i have a little girl one day with such a wonderful personality/heart like you! happy, happy day!

  41. Jaana

    Happy Birthday, little Eleanor! I hope your day is filled with fun and happy surprises!

    (Can’t believe she’s four already!!!)

  42. Sinead

    Happy birthday Eleanor! The boys are lucky to have you as their big sister :-)

  43. Rose J.

    We always learn the do’s and dont’s with our firstborn, and pray we don’t repeat the dont’s with our second, third, fourth, and so on! I’ve had my share of plenty of dont’s with my oldest who is almost 20!! Yikes! And so far I don’t see a pattern with my other three kids. I’ve definitely learned more do’s with my three youngest than the dont’s! ha ha!

    Anyway…happy birthday to your sweet little girl. Enjoy your time her, and her brothers!


  44. Anne

    wow I can’t believe she’s four already! happy birthday miss E!

    The Hills Are Alive

  45. Crystal Hannula

    Aww how precious she is! She has grown into such a beautiful little girl! You are such an amazing mother! Such an inspiration! Love reading your blogs! Happy 4 the birthday sweet heart!! <<<333

  46. Lorelie Cruz


  47. gina

    Thank you for the giveaway! Love FP!

  48. Kim

    I love all these essentials! Hope I win!