gift ideas for valentine’s day!

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valentine’s day is around the corner and this holiday has really grown on me over the years. even if you’re not a sappy romantic, it’s always nice to have a day to acknowledge the people who matter in your life, and let them know they mean something to you. we’ve rounded up a few favorite things, from fun gifts to homemade treats or DIY cards and other ideas that i hope are helpful below!


1. this back-up charger from shop is a lot of fun! i own one and whenever i’m out and about and charging my phone on the go, someone comes up to me to compliment it.  it really is adorable!

2/3. on of my very favorite lipstick colors and this blush is another favorite of mine, too.

4. a pretty pink dress!

5. and a canvas pouch that you could use as a fun little clutch, too.

6. a striped weekender bag!


7. i love the look of this backpack by ben minkoff. even though it’s a men’s backpack, i’m really into backpacks as diaper bags these days and i love the look of this one.

8. this memory foam neck pillow is supposed to be the best one out there! i want to try it.

9. and i adore this DIY pop-up card joy made a few weeks ago! homemade cards are always a good idea.

10. his & hers pillowcases!

11. these pretty homemade marshmallows.

12/13. hand-dipped pretzels are an easy treat to make and also these pretzel matches are genius!

14. or send someone you love some darling ombre cherries


15. guys are hard to shop for, but you can’t go wrong with cedar shoe trees. josh swears by them and they make all his dress shoes last so much longer.

16. maybe it’s just my husband, but he’s really into tie bars. ;)

17. gloves he can text in!

18/19. steal like an artist by austin kleon and also think like a freak by steven d. levitt and stephen j. dubner, two books josh’s friend recommended to him.

happy valentine’s day!

  1. Can’t wait to read Steal Like An Artist! I’m reading the suthor’s second book Show Your Work and absolutely love it!

  2. Oh this is such a cute little guide! A tie bar.. I’d never thought of that. Thanks for sharing :)


  3. Like the 1, 5, and 14

  4. Chelsea

    yes- the backpack!! I have been wanting one and then I saw a picture of you on Instagram with one and that sealed it- I need one. It just seems so handy, my shoulder is always killing me, lugging my huge purse around. Beautiful selections!!

  5. Hand dipped pretzels are so so cute! I also love that weekend bag so much – fabulous fabulous round up! I’d definitely wear that pink dress!

    Warm Regards,

  6. Hey Rita

    I absolutely love those pillow cases! Such a great gift :)


  7. Kate Daw


    I just wanted to ask you how you put writing next to pictures in post like this. its probably really obvious but i am new to this! help would be appreciated. Happy Valentines Day!


    • TAZA

      you can write on your images with a wacom board in programs like photoshop!

  8. Kate

    I just ordered the chargers for my teenage daughters and one for myself.

  9. Christian

    hi! What nars color is your fave blush?

    • TAZA

      it’s the one linked, but the name is super orgasm!


    I love the dipped pretzels! And the handwriting for each item is BEAUTIFUL. How did you do it?!

    • TAZA

      isn’t the handwriting gorgeous? i asked virginia (a link to her site is in my ABOUT section) to write on it because her handwriting is a million times better than mine!

  11. carly

    Great gift ideas! I think every person on my list would love some ombre cherries
    Dresses & Denim

  12. Farnaz

    Great ideas , but i would love if give some ideas for he too!

    • TAZA

      most of the ideas at the bottom of this collage are for him!

  13. maggie

    Love that pink dress #4 – and guys ARE difficult! Although these are some great suggestions.


  14. Anita

    Such a great guide! I particularly love that weekender bag.

    My boyfriend and I gave each other a trip to Austin, TX for Valentine’s Day. I’ve never been, and I’m really looking forward to it!

    Always, Anita

  15. This is a wonderful list! All of the items are adorable. I have that memory foam neck pillow, by the way, and it is a MUST have for travelers! Also, I’m suddenly craving chocolate-dipped pretzels… :)

    Circus & Bloom

  16. Teresa

    The ombre cherries are my favorite!!! I think I might just make these!

  17. Jess.

    These ideas are excellent. I LOVE Valentine’s Day. I love love and showing people love and giving people presents. It’s perfect! xox

  18. Bea

    Wow Naomi!!!
    sooooo many interesting ideas!!!!
    THANK YOU!!!! ^_^

  19. vanessa

    Those marshmallows are calling my name! Thanks for the ideas!

  20. Chloe

    Hi!! How about the NARS lipstick? Which one is your favorite?

  21. hanna

    I love all of your picks –Hanna Lei

  22. Lizzie

    That dress is totally amazing & totally my style. I would snatch it up in two second flat if I wasn’t rocking a pregnant belly at the moment!

  23. Lonka

    supercool! ♥

  24. Chelzee Zinn

    Great list! Those pretzels look suuuuper tasty!^^

    My boyfriend also made a list of gift ideas, I think his list is better suited for men though!

    He would love advise on what to include, he wants some stuff for women but have no ideas, help him!

  25. Kate Banks

    Amazing ideas and prizes!!