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we celebrated both eleanor’s and josh’s birthdays over the weekend! it’s such a special time of year for us at our house with these birthdays so close together and celebrations like this sure do help this freezing winter season pass a little easier for me.


eleanor and i had a mommy-daughter date on saturday afternoon to celebrate her fourth birthday, just the two of us.  we went ice skating in central park and grabbed some treats together and also shopped for a birthday outfit.  i think she had a great time but i probably had the most fun! i was just so proud of how brave and excited she was to get out there on the ice when it can be scary your first time.  she kept wanting to do it all by herself! and we managed to only topple over and fall once! we spent a good half hour on the ice and i was feeling pretty done (trying to hold up a toddler on the ice while also holding up myself was doing some awesome things to my back! and i have zero abs anymore since having children, so it was extra painful at times) but when i asked eleanor if she was done, she said “i want to ice skate all day!” so i said, “well, maybe we can take a break so mama can rest her back for a few minutes and then we can go again?” “but mama, i need to skate nowwwww! i need to keep practicing!” so i said, “well how about just a few more times around the ice and then a break?” “how about a lot of times, and then a break.”  haha! she was just so happy and convincing i decided to just toughen up and let my back deal with it. ;)

another cute moment was when we walked into a store and i mentioned she could pick out something new to wear for her birthday… she put her hands up to her face and said, “maybe something sparkly?!” with such excitement! i had to laugh, because eleanor is a girl who wants to wear pajamas or comfy sweats everyday and lives for anything that is the color blue! the whole princess stage has yet to even phase her (which to be honest, we don’t mind one bit!), so to hear her request something sparkly was just so different. she ended up picking out this sparkly dress and also this glitter bow headband and before i even woke up on sunday morning, she had already changed out of her pi’s and into her “birthday outfit”. she was very very excited to keep it on all day, too. i just love her so much!

birthday4birthday9 birthday8

this little dude is getting so big! we enjoyed some time together at a local taco shop while his brother samson napped in the stroller.  (for those who have asked, his green puffer is by patagonia. you can get it here.)


just working hard to enjoy the long days stuck inside when the cold is too cold to play in.  sometimes i lay conrad beside his older siblings when they are playing because he just loves to be included and watches them in awe.  i think he just likes seeing movement, or hearing their voices.  he is much more calm and still when he’s beside them on the floor than when i lay him in his crib while we play.  it’s cute how he wants to be involved, even at 7 weeks old!

birthday3 josh and i celebrated his birthday by catching a play he’s been wanting to see you can’t take it with you. i can never seem to keep birthday gifts or surprises from him, he is such a good guesser, but this year i managed to plan something for us to do and he had no idea until we were in the taxi on our way to the theater. i felt cool. ;)

happy birthday to my man and baby girl! i love this little family of mine more than anything.  life is good with my people.

  1. Kyra

    That’s great Naomi! Those moments seem pretty good :)

    Thanks for shearing so much of your family life.
    Hoping to be a mother myself one day, I learn a lot from reading your blog, about the good and the bad. And I really like how you try to stay positive and focus on the good things in life. It can be hard sometimes and I appreciate your honesty.

    So.. Thank you for that! Greetings from The Netherlands :)

  2. Lydia

    Gorgeous! Happy birthday to Josh and Eleanor (and I hope they have an adult size in her dress… so cute!)

  3. Sarah

    Awww looks like such a fun day with Eleanor!! My girls are 2 1/2 and 1 1/2 and I love them more than life itself! We haven’t had any one-on-one dates yet but I’m excited to start those once they get a bit older!

    Hope you all have a wonderful day!

    – Sarah http://www.thefrugalmillionaireblog.com

  4. Sandy

    love, love, love!

  5. hanna

    Love the ice skating pictures. Too cute. –Hanna Lei

  6. Luiza

    I just discovered this blog and all that i can say is that I’m completely in love with you and your family! <3
    Happy birthday to your baby girl and your husband!

  7. Valerie

    What a great weekend! Looks like you guys had so much fun! I have been trying to transition to more experiential birthday gifts this year myself. My daughter’s birthday is really soon. She will be ten (whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? There is no way I’m old enough to have a ten year old). So for her birthday, I am going to take her out to get her ears pierced and then a mani-pedi (she has been asking for so long.) I’m also taking her and a few friends to The Melting Pot, where she has been dying to go. Still thinking for my 4-turning-5 year old, but skating might be a great idea! I also love the play for Josh. You are so full of great ideas! Thanks for sharing!


  8. Inge

    Happy birthday to them both!
    And that ice skating story is just too cute, it really made me smile! What a sweet little girl she is! :)

  9. vicky

    i love this! Eleanor is so fun. ice skating for a 4th birthday must have been so exciting. it looks like you girls had a wonderful time!! little miss Eleanor looks awesome in her birthday outfit,too :) she did a great job picking the dress and the headband!

    there seems to be so much to do in NY. i am so jealous! haha i’m pretty sure here in my small town, we have bowling and the movie theaters. :| i love to live vicariously through you when you’re out and about doing all there is to do in New York. You have some pretty cool ideas to make it all special for your family, too. Great job, mama!

    happy birthday again to Josh and Eleanor!

  10. Hey Rita

    Eleanor is SO adorable! Glad you had an awesome weekend filled with joy and celebrating the ones you love :)


  11. You and E are so adorable! I love that you let her pick her own birthday outfit – such a treat! Going to a play is such a great birthday surprise/date night! Love it!

    Warm Regards,

  12. Teresa

    i love that you guys have Central Park accessible for you guys. It looks like you guys had a wonderful time and birthday!

  13. cheyenne

    so cute! that little sparkly dress is adorable. :)
    xo, cheyenne

  14. Jennifer

    That Eleanor has her mamas style!

  15. How fun having two birthdays close together! I can see why this time of year would be exciting and crazy for you :) Eleanor is such a cutie pie. I love reading about your dates and the adorable things she has to say! Also, Conrad is growing so quickly! Love your little family :)

    Circus & Bloom

  16. Anita

    So sweet that you took her for a mom/daughter birthday. I’ll be honest — ice skating in Central Park, treats and shopping STILL sounds like an awesome birthday to me. :)

    Always, Anita

  17. Martina

    Happy Birthday E. and Josh!

  18. I just love your little family and the way you take care of each other! Happy celebrations to you!

  19. Looks like she had a great birthday! I really loved going on “dates” with my mom and still enjoy going for lunches or shopping with each other as an adult.

    Men are always hard to shop for, they claim we are but I beg to differ!


  20. alexandra

    hi! who are your skinny jeans featured in the rink photo by? thanks so much!

  21. eva

    oh what a little princes!! She’s soo cute <3 It's nice you two had your day..I feel like she loved it very much! :)


  22. Lizzie

    She really is such a special little girl! Happy Birthday Eleanor!

  23. Emily

    How cute is the birthday outfit? And that she wanted glitter?! (Gosh, my heart is melting!) Hope it was a wonderful celebration!


  24. Your daughter has the cutest smile :). I also loved the picture of her crossing the street with scooter. Yoor family is awesome :).

  25. Bea

    Hi Naomi!
    thank you for this post!
    I’m going to start my life with my boyfriend (we are moving in some weeks) and sometimes I feel a bit scary because my life is going to change…but reading this post, well, I think I’m going to change my life but I’m going to have a loooot of satisfactions!
    So, thank you!
    I wish you a lot of good things!

  26. Sinead

    Such a lovely post! Hope Josh and Eleanor enjoyed their birthdays :-)

  27. Anne

    so adorable! I just love the picture of you two together on the ice! I think it’s just so fun you went together to pick out the outfit, so much more special and exciting for your little that way I think!

  28. mara

    eleanor is just to die for. that little sparkle dress and headband are perfect :)

  29. I’ve read your entire blog in about one week. Starting from August of 2007 to the very last about E turning 4 years old. You are such an inspiration, caring sister, devoted wife, and most importantly a wonderful mother. Your blogs are my favorite and you’ve inspired me to create a blog of my own. My husband are recently married (08.02.14) and I want to start writing down my memories so maybe one day I can share them to our future family.

    God bless you and your beautiful family and thank you for being so inspiring.

  30. jen

    doesn’t it just melt your heart how the baby wants to be near the kids? our babies have all just loved watching and listening to them play and it melts my heart! also, keeps them entertained :)

  31. Charlie

    Happy belated birthday to both of them ! How blessed you must feel to have this beautiful family around you, sounds like a lot of joy ! Makes me look forward to one day having children of my own.

    Charlie xx

  32. Janis

    Very cute and adorable!! :)

  33. Kamille

    Eleanor has grown so much I remember reading about your blog post when she was just turning 1! And that sparkly dress looks so beautiful on her too~

  34. Andrea

    This makes me so excited to have kids!
    E is just the cutest <3

  35. Oh my love this post so so much! Taking notes here on how te be a good mommy <3

  36. happy birthday to everyone in your household!!

  37. apnauth

    Wonderful Pictures baby is so cute.
    Its going to be my wallpaper for this month.
    Thanks for sharing :)


  38. Corinne


    I love the birthday date and enjoy watching your sweet family grow!

    I took my kids ice skating recently and they had a similar reaction– loved it and want to go all the time! But you are right– it can be tiring when you have to help the kiddos stay up. I have multiple kids who need help and one day we took a friend (what was I thinking?), and so I went from child to child and was so tired by the end! But they love it and so I’m sure we’ll be back. :)

    On an unrelated note I am currently going through a divorce from a husband who was abusive to me throughout our marriage and I was having a weak/sad moment (it is difficult to try to make it on my own with 5 kids some days!) and the thing I thought of to cheer me up and keep me focused on my goal of the kind of relationship I’d like to have some day after I’ve recovered from what I went through…is your sweet family. Thanks to you and Josh for being a good example of such good parents and husband/wife to each other.