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so…. the east coast has been hit with what they are saying could go down as a huge “historical storm!” juno, is what they have named her, and she has been coming down like a mad woman since yesterday morning.  the subway is closed, the grocery stores are pretty bare, and we are quite anxious to get out there and play in some of that beautiful white stuff once the parks reopen!

considering that the snow is here to stay for a few days (and we won’t see warm weather til april), we’ve been on the hunt for some new winter boots for samson, who has outgrown his last pair, which both he and eleanor wore over the past few years.  so in honor of boot shopping and storm juno, we’ve rounded up a few of the boots we love over here, and a few that have caught our eye, while we’ve been shopping for new boots for samson with the hope that this is helpful for anyone else boot shopping!

boots for littles:
1. E and S have a few different pairs of these hunter rain boots and we’ve loved them. they are great quality and have lasted a few years now. we use these insert socks which helps keep their feet extra cozy and warm.
2. these bogs boots are genius with the hand grips to pull them on and off! especially as little ones become more and more independent and want to do everything on their own.
3. and how cute are sorel boots in a teeny tiny size? the perfect snow boot!

boot for women:
1. i’m super obsessed with these. i don’t own them, but they are on my wish list because look at them! they are gorgeous.
2. i own this pair of shoes by melissa rain boots and i live in them…. rain or no rain. they are really comfortable so i tend to favor them when i’m out and about walking all over this city.  i love them.
3. i bought these sorel boots a few years ago and they are wonderful. the bright laces help me feel better about it being cold outside. ha! (ps. they run really big so size down if you’re looking at getting these.)

boots for men (by josh):
1.  i’ve had these gore-tex hiking boots for about 15 years, and they’ve been amazing! i really love having boots that are completely waterproof, and they’re super versatile. great for hiking and camping, they can handle any winter weather thrown at them, and since they’re leather they go with anything (unlike a lot of hiking boots).
2. these maine hunting shoes have been around since 1912!  they’re tall, easy to clean, and built for tough conditions. you can get insulated ones too if you want.
3. or if you’re looking for some rubber rain boots instead, then try these hunter balmoral bamboo carbon boots or a slightly less expensive hunter field boot here.

  1. Chelsea

    they are all so cute- I can tell you I got a pair of those little sorrels for my 18 month old- and it does not get any better- they are so stinkin cute! Hope yall have so much fun playing in the snow!

  2. Sonya

    Everyone in my family has Bogs!! They are the BEST! Not the chicest for me, but they are so warm and practical. We’ve walked in below zero temps and still had warm toes. They are awesome fall through spring boots here in New Hampshire. I loved that I didn’t have to buy dedicated rain/snow boots and that they could be used for both. It makes my bargain loving heart so happy!

  3. hanna

    Love this little guide –Hanna Lei

  4. Michaela

    Oh really? Sorel boots one size smaller? You are really the fisrt that say that…I read everywhere that is necessaryto buy one size bigger …oh what should I do right now?? And I read very bad feedbacks on these shoes , too….

  5. Hey Rita

    I absolutely love those Melissa rain boots, definitely need to buy me some wellies this year. It sort of rains a bit here in London, and no one likes wet feet.


  6. Brooke


    Will you go read this blog please!

  7. Ibabe

    I have just bought sorel boots for me…and I am using they a lot, just similar as the ones you have.
    Warm and dry. The one I needed.

  8. Trish O

    Bogs are my FAV boots for kids. That said, the kid sorel. I bought that exact pair last winter for my 9 year old son in the largest kid size they had at Crewcuts. I like a kid 5. They fit me as well (kid 5 is like a woman 8 I think) and now they are my snow boots. He is in a MAN 10 this winter. Both my sons are in a man 10 (the other is 13 years old). Just hold on until you see how expensive clothes and snow boots and shoes are when boys are in adult sizes. However, unlike adults, they are still growing. It gets very expensive.

  9. I love the Sperry Top-Spider Boots! They are gorgeous! I will never need them as I live in Southern California, but beautiful nonetheless. Stay safe and warm in New York today. Sounds like quite a big one!

  10. Hillary

    Yay! So glad you did a roundup. Your kiddos always have the cutest outerwear. Adorable family. Love your perspective on life and enjoying every moment. :) I’m a brand new blogger starting up and yours was one of my inspirations.

    – Hillary

  11. Lisa

    May I say I’m slightly jealous of the snow? Not in such a grand scope as you are getting hit with but southern idaho hasn’t seen school canceling snow since November. Maybe if I went boot shopping something might happen. Stay warm!

  12. Omg the mini boots are so so sweet! I have the Joan of Arctic boots and have completely loved them this year. The Maine Hunter boot is handsome for men – might bring them to the attention of my man :)

    Have fun in the snow! Make plenty of snow angels

    Warm Regards,

  13. Bogs boots are the best! I lived in Alaska last year and they were life-savers. The handles make them so easy, too! No more yanking up boots!

    Circus & Bloom

  14. suzanne

    the sperry top sider boots for women are really cute, comfy, and definitely keep your feet dry…however, they do nothing too keep your feet warm…slushy snow is ok, but definitely not walking in a 1/2 foot of fresh snow…the minute snow touches them, you instantly feel the cold temps…I prefer wearing my hunter rainboots w/ liner (and socks)…they do a much better job at keeping your feet nice & warm…

  15. Paola

    I got my then 3 yr old a pair of Bogs last year and they were THE BEST! This year I opted for a pair of Sorels but while they are warm I feel they’re too big and clunky for everyday. Especially for preschool where he’s moving around/ sitting down for circle time etc. I find myself putting him in his pair of Hunters more often just because of that. I’m def. going back to Bogs once he outgrows them.

  16. Carly

    Cute boots! I hope you guys to get out and play in the snow soon
    Dresses & Denim

  17. alexandra

    Hi! Who are your purple plaid pants x in the boots photo Josh posted? Thx!

    • TAZA

      they are from anthropologie a few seasons back!

  18. Eden

    Great picks. I swear by Sorels. They are the only thing that keep my feet warm and dry during the harsh Toronto winters.

  19. Sarah

    I love Hunter’s! I have the Pillbox Red color for myself, and they are SO easy to slip on (especially while in the third trimester) during the cold winter days here in upstate NY. I’d love to get some for my boys…might just do it. Thanks for the inspirational posts on the life of a stay at home mommy! I blog about a lot of the same things as well, and it’s always encouraging to see bits and pieces of the day to day life of other moms.

    ~Sarah |


    I wish I could put those boots! the weather is not too cold in the Mediterranean coast although I should say if you drive 80 km inland, you’ll find snow like this. Enjoy it with the kids! xo

  21. Ashlee

    Love this! I am obsessed with Hunter boots for all ages and genders. Well really just wellies in general. We got our kids the TOMS rain boots for winter this year. I love how rain boots with sock inserts work so amazing for winter but also transition from fall and into spring. I feel like its a more worth while investment when they can get more then one season of wear out of them. Now I just need some for me! haha

  22. Lexie

    I have scoured the internet and those lace-up kiddo Hunters exist NOWHERE. Eleanor is a lucky duck to have them. ;-) Have you heard of Ilse Jacobsen boots? They are amazing! Durable rubber, plus proven to keep toes warm to forty below. Santa was good to me this year when he left them under the tree.

  23. Christine

    Do they not sell the hunter boots Eleanor is wearing anymore? The baby blue lace ups. I can’t find them anywhere!

    • TAZA

      unfortunately they don’t sell that style anymore. i bought that pair after they were discontinued and on sale on GILT several years ago (e was just a baby) and i honestly wish now i would have snagged a few more pairs. :)

  24. Emily

    Love all the boots! A bit of a random question for you, I am loving the font you used for “winter boots”. Would you mind sharing the name of it with me??? Thanks, Emily

  25. Paola

    @Lexie Hunter no longer makes those lace-up kids wellies :(. I remember a few years ago when they were first discontinued you could find them on super sale on sites like gilt and the now extinct piperlime kids. Kinda beating myself up for not getting a pair in the bigger sizes for my little one or the hunter rain coat for kids they also stopped making that was on sale on their site for so cheap!

  26. Lexie

    Thanks, Sara O. and Paola! Those Native boots are so cute! I’ll be sure to snag some before next winter rolls around.

  27. Christine

    Thanks for replying back! Too bad about the kids lace up hunters! I would love a pair for my baby!

  28. Victoria

    Would you say the Melissa boots fit true to size? I really like them, but they are out of my size (7-7.5) online. Wondering if I should try sizing up or down?

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  30. I wear the women’s bean boots with the thinsulate liners. I live in Winnipeg where it’s regularly -40 and I still walk to school in 25 min each way with my toes staying warm and dry!!!

  31. Amelia

    Do you know where they sell the Melissa boots in the picture? Thanks Naomi!