little conrad, and our family of 5.

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it’s hard to believe it’s already been a little over a month now since conrad joined our family.  considering it’s only been a few weeks, it’s like i barely know the little guy. but then again it feels like i’ve always known him, and that i’ve always had this room to love him…even when i think my heart is bursting at the seams already and how could it possibly have room to love another the way it already loves the others.

kylie whiting took photos of our little conrad and our entire family of five last week.  i had to share a few of my favorites because i love them so much.  josh and i won the lottery big time with these three beautiful spirits we get to call our babies.



  1. Blanca

    owwww <3
    Amazing pictures and lovely family ^^

  2. Rachel

    These photos are just precious! You can just tell how much love your kiddos have for their new baby brother which is wonderful! You guys are a beautiful family!


  3. mara

    those are some of the most perfect tiny baby feet i have ever seen :) previous photos

  4. Cheryl

    Oh, so sweet. Beautiful family. I love sleepy newborns.

  5. You are such an inspirational Mama! Your love for your family is so evident on this blog. Thanks for inspiring moms and future moms alike!


  6. Rebecca

    Congratulations! Such a gorgeous family! Great photos!

  7. Kelleyn

    Beautiful Family! Love your new haircut! It looks so fresh!

  8. Sarah

    You have a beautiful family! Congratulations.

  9. Ahhhhh he’s adorable! Congratulations! Sorry if someone asked this already but where is his little swaddle blanket from?

    xoxo, kerri

  10. Lonka

    perfect & beautiful