happy birthday josh!

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i know, i know…. it’s so sappy and cliché to say, and i’m even rolling my eyes as i type this, but after 7 1/2 years of marriage to this man, i still feel like i scored the world’s biggest jackpot marrying him.

i love josh for many reasons. today is his birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!), so i thought it appropriate to share a few right here!…

i love josh because he is a fully invested husband and father. he is the most playful and energetic dad, and he makes sure every single day that both his kids and me know how much we mean to him.

i love josh because he makes me feel like i’m the most beautiful woman in the world, and he laughs at my dumb jokes. (my jokes are the very dumbest, i am well aware. so this one means a lot.)

i love josh because he has exceptional taste in music and doesn’t “shhhhhh” me when i talk and ask a million questions whenever we’re watching a movie together.

i love josh because he is the only person who can talk me into eating my own full pint of ice cream in one sitting and then also talk me into going completely off of ice cream with him as well.  (he can be quite convincing, on both accounts.)

i love josh because even when we argue, he’ll still sit down and hear me out. and not just half way, but he really listens to what i have to say. he is also quick to forgive, which i really really love about him.

i love josh because we make a great team.  because he is a hard worker and remains calm and confident when working for ourselves can sometimes feel stressful and overwhelming for us both.

today is his birthday, and i hope he will always know how much he means to me.  he’s my best friend, and i’m so glad we’re stuck together for all eternity!  muah ha ha ha! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ties and fries. i love you!!!

  1. marlena

    Happy Birthday, Josh!!!! From far away Poland! Sto Lat!

  2. hanna

    Happy Birthday to him! –Hanna Lei

  3. Hey Rita

    Awwwwww this is such a beautiful, heartfelt post! I’m so glad you managed to find the one in this crazy world. Happy birthday Josh!


  4. Lauren

    I love this post! I reminds me so much of your older posts, when you were first blogging and wrote many little lists like this. I liked those. :)

    P.S. Happy birthday, Josh! :)


  5. Oh the love between te two of you really inspires me so much! Love this post <3 Happiest of birthdays to Josh from the Netherlands ;)


  6. Kate

    Happy Birthday, Josh! You have three kiddos now :)

  7. Lonka

  8. Ariel

    Happy birthday, Josh!!

  9. Katharina

    What a sweet post, Naomi! I am happy for both of you. Happy birthday, Josh, enjoy and celebrate it with your family and friends! I wish you all the best! Greetings from Munich/Germany!

  10. Briseidy

    happy b-day to Josh! hope you have a great day as a family ;)

  11. happy birthday josh! you are a true example of a father and a husband. thank you for allowing us a glimpse into your lives as a family! <3

  12. Heather

    A little bit choked up by this, to tell the truth. After going through a pretty stinky divorce (and starting to date again) – I hope that I’m guided to this kind of authentic, goofy, tasty love. xo

  13. Happy birthday to Josh! He is such a good husband and father and you’re a wonderful wife to him.



  14. Teresa

    I love these pictures and the importance you place on one another. Thanks for being a great example of what having a healthy marriage looks like

  15. vicky

    happy birthday, Josh! hope it’s joyful :)

    ps: this is a very sweet post!

  16. Brooke

    Such a lovely, lovely list! Truly a list of qualities for me to look for in a man when that special time comes. Absolutely love your authenticity and love as your writing. Happy Birthday Josh!!

  17. Lindsay

    I had the goofiest smile on my face while reading this! Happy birthday, Josh!!

  18. Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday dear Josh!
    Happy Birthday to you!

    Husbands are the best, aren’t they? What a beautiful list :) Have a wonderful day honoring him!

    Circus & Bloom

  19. Tammy

    Happy Birthday Josh!

    Love these pictures, Taza. Wishing you both a wonderful day together.

  20. Jennifer

    You guys have such a wonderful relationship… this is lovely!

  21. Kathryn

    This was such a beautiful post. The pictures were really heartwarming to look at all well. Happy birthday Josh – wishing you and your family all the best!

    xx Kathryn

  22. Svetlana

    Happy birthday to your husband!
    Wish him all the best!
    You are a lucky one having such a husband!
    I even copied the reasons you love him)
    The real Man should be the same!!
    It’s a true example of a Happy family!
    May God bless you all!
    Kisses from Ukraine)

  23. Josh

    Thank you so much, Naomi! You’re so kind and thoughtful.

    I love you I love you I love you!

  24. Bea

    Oh sooo sweet!!!!!!
    Happy birthday to your man!!!

  25. tiffany

    How did you too meet? Would love to know your love story!

  26. Augusta

    darling, just darling. xo

  27. toytulip

    Happy Birthday Josh! You guys are so cute! :)

  28. tilly

    happy birthday to josh! i hope he has the most wonderful day with his favourite people spoiling him to bits! from what i can see on this blog of yours throughout the many years i have been following along, he really is a wonderful husband and father! you have scored a good one naomi! definatally a keeper ;) happy birthday again, josh!!

  29. caitlin

    I love love love that photo of the two of you where you’re looking at the camera and he’s looking at you! It just looks like a movie scene.

    Happy Birthday Josh!

  30. Shannon

    hbd Josh!

  31. Vickie

    Happy Birthday Josh :)

  32. Rose

    Just wanted to say that you have the most adorable family ever! Those photos are absolutely precious :)

  33. Shupi

    Happy birthday Josh from Switzerland !

  34. becca

    Happy Birthday Josh! What lovely things to say and beautiful pictures too!! :)

  35. Maria

    You guys are THE CUTEST! You’re so lucky to have eachother. My husband is also quick to forgive, and apologise, and I absolutely love that about him.

    Happy Birthday Josh, from Greece!

    Maria xx

  36. Queenie

    Happy birthday Josh, hope you had a magical day! xxx

  37. Rachael

    “…makes sure both his kids” don’t you mean all 3 of his kids? ;)

    • TAZA

      i was saying it as in both me and the kids “both his kids and i…”, but i guess that might not make sense! my grammar is all over the place, i know. ;)

  38. Fran

    The first picture was shot in Nemi, Italy?

    Happy bday and best wishes from Italy xxxx