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(i hear eleanor talking in the other room.) me: who are you talking to?
eleanor: heavenly father. i’m telling him about my balloon.
me: oh, are you saying a prayer?
eleanor: no. i’m just chit chatting with him.

eleanor walks out of her bedroom and into ours at 1AM one night, rubs her eyes, and excitedly announces, “GOOOOOD MORNINGGGGG!” with a mischievous smile.

during a conversation about growing up, me: “when you grow up though we’ll still be close, right? and spend lots of time together, ok?” eleanor: “i don’t know. i might live far away, mama. we might have to just FaceTime.”

“mama, can you help me count to 37?”
“oh wait. how about we count to 38?” (starts nodding her head while she whispers to herself, “this is going to be awesome.”)


eleanor heard a “knock knock” joke somewhere so they’ve been saying “knock knock” and “who’s there” a lot trying to be funny. samson wanted to take a stab at it, too.
S: knock knock!
E: who’s there?
S: samson.
E: samson, who?
S: samson rex davis.
E: samson rex davis, who?
S (not quite understanding and getting frantic): samson rex davis samson!

while playing ice cream shop one day, “want some ice cream, mama?”  sure! what flavors do you have? “uh, chocolate. not strawberry. not vanilla. and mint chip.”

while driving in the car in DC, samson wanted us to unbuckle his carseat one day.
josh: “but we can’t unbuckle your seatbelt while the car is going, samson. do you know why? we could get in an accident and you could get hurt or die.”
samson: “but jesus can resurrect me and i be samson alive again! aw-wight?!”

after every meal: “look guys, i’m eating this right now and growing!” (stands up on chair and reaches for the sky) “see? i getting bigger!” (then he goes and sees if he can reach the light switch yet.) “not yet!”

after i call samson to come over to put his shoes on,
“i’m coming!” (starts running towards me and then stops abruptly a few feet away.
“why did you stop? come here.”
holds his finger up in the air and says, “it’s a red light, mama….. oh! green light!” and starts running the rest of the way.

more eleanorisms // samsonisms.
hope you have a wonderful happy monday!

  1. Laura

    These are always my favourite posts! Puts a smile on my face every time.

    The Likely Lady xx

  2. Nicole

    These are some of my favorite posts! It makes me look forward to when my husband and I start having kids and being able to record their -isms. You are blessed with a lovely family. Thank you for sharing with us! :)


  3. Sara

    I just love these! You must be so proud of how imaginative and aware your children are of the world. Well done mom!

    blonde & bounder

  4. Louise

    These are absolutely adorable! I love your posts on their little sayings. So precious! It’s going to be so lovely for them to look back on when they’re older :) Love to you and your beautiful family x

  5. Alessa

    OMG!I adore your children <3
    They are so cuuute <3

  6. Connie

    Chit-chatting with God is the best. Your kiddos are precious, and so funny! I wish my sis had kept up with my niece’s little funny sayings and whatnot. These will be so wonderful to look back on as they grow up (and only have time to FaceTime you!) :)

  7. I love these so much – so very sweet! I love that you keep a record of them, too.Most of all I love the isms about faith. It is amazing to hear such little people with immense faith and love.

    Warm Regards,

  8. Sameemah

    this really made my day! thank you Naomi!
    your kids are sooo adorable.

  9. Laura

    Awww! These posts are my favorite! Kids do say the darnest things! ^_^

  10. Angela

    My children are 9 and 11, so I appreciate your stories. The car ride story was the best . . . thanks for making my Monday morning :)

  11. Shilpa

    Aww! This is too cute! I can’t believe he can use the word resurrect at this age!… I can’t wait to read Elanorisms/ Samsonisms / Conradisms ;-) :-D

    Lots of Love
    Shilpa :-)

  12. So fantastic. I feel like these -isms are just the very best part of being a parent! So much fun.

  13. Sinead

    “we might have to just FaceTime”

    omg, that’s just the cutest thing!

  14. Oh my goodness this is beyond adorable! I love that these include samsonisms too now :) Those two must crack you up on a daily basis! Thanks for sharing



  15. Jess.

    Stop it right now, they are too cute. These almost brought tears to my eyes, they are SO SWEET! Keep up the good work, Mama. You’ve got excellent sweet babies. xox

  16. Oh this is just sooo funny! I love hearing all the funny things Samson says. his personality is just hilarious. I don’t know how you get anything done. They’re both such a hoot.



  17. Lisa

    Haha, your children make me smile.

  18. Jennifer

    The best part of these posts is when these little ones are older they can look back and reflect on them! They are so cute!

  19. Gail

    So cute! I enjoy these posts so much. :) Please stay safe in this big storm. I have lots of family in New York. Will be sending love and prayers. :)

  20. Haha, oh man, these posts are my fav! I love reading the adorable things your kids say! It makes me so excited to have my own :) What little dolls they are!

    Circus & Bloom

  21. Kathryn

    Haha these posts always make me smile and never fail to crack me up! That one about Face Time though … I just lost it! So cheeky but so adorable – I love it! Your children are precious.

    xx Kathryn

  22. kiely

    this makes me want to have kids so badly! i think my fiancé will want kids the day after we get married hahaha

    xo, k

  23. Bea

    And now even Samson!
    You have to be really proud of your children!!!
    They’re soooo funny!

  24. I love these kid-isms. It puts a smile on my face every time! I had them with my kids, and now I get to re-live them with my grandson! Kids are so sweet, aren’t they?

  25. victoria

    these are all so sweet and precious and hilarious.

    thanks for sharing!

    i am so glad i found your blog last month,it is beautiful and your words are so refreshing to read.

  26. Kellianne

    Please don’t ever stop posting these! I read them to my husband and we die of laughter/envy, because, seriously your kids are fantastic. (We don’t have kids. Otherwise the envy part would be very shameful.)

  27. Anne

    oh goodness they are too cute! I especially love the one about Samson in the car seat haha!

    The Hills Are Alive

  28. AWW! I love this too cute- especially the chitchatting!!

  29. marie

    Haha I love talking my kids too! Sometimes they say the sweetest words too. Like my elder son would always say “Mama, you are my precious woman…” before running away to play again. :))


  30. marie

    Haha I love talking my kids too! Sometimes they say the sweetest words too. Like my elder son would always say “Mama, you are my precious woman…” before running away to play again. :))


  31. Tammy

    My absolute fave posts! I love when you share the sweet comments
    Of your littles. My kiddos are all grown and oh how I wish I had saved all the funnies.

  32. Rebecca

    These are my favorites!!! They just made my day! Cannot wait to have little ones so that I can make a list of their -isms.

  33. Alexis

    Haha these are great! Can’t wait for Conradisms (;

  34. Kelly

    Oh my goodness, these are just the sweetest and you must have a hard time not laughing hysterically!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  35. Ariel

    Samson’s knock knock joke made me giggle! How cute that he tried to make his own but didn’t quite get there! So cute! Points for trying, kid. ;)

  36. Mallory

    I bought a leather journal when my little was born so I could write down all the memories…we so easily forget these sweet funny moments. I am new to blogging, but what a great idea to share those special moments with family and friends :)


  37. Harmony

    Ahhh. Dorable. Love how kids keep us laughing all the time.

  38. Piper

    The “we might just have to facetime” just made my husband and I laugh soooo hard. That is just so awesome. Your little E is too precious :)


  39. Katharina

    Oh, this is just wonderful! I wish I could join you guys for a day – would be amazing. Have fun, enjoy every minute and say hello to your lovely family from me. Greetings from Germany!

  40. sandra

    naomi, this is my all-time-favorite section of your blog. i’m always very excited to read those cute and funny stories of your everyday-life with the kids! nice way to always remember and embrace how adorable they are. love frome berlin. sandra

  41. Magda

    OMG this just made my day :) heart-warming, hilarious and adorable :)

  42. Emili

    Just absolutely love it!!! Your blog is the my favorite and has been for years. You are amazing.

    Love from Copenhagen x

  43. Alyssa

    Your kids are the cutest + so smart! How fun to document these things to laugh about now and later with them.

  44. Andrea

    Eleanorisms (and Samsonisms) are my favourite kind of blog post! Adorable.

  45. Shannon

    ahahh this is incredible! I can’t think of anything more awesome than counting to 38.

  46. Kaye

    your kiddies never fail to put a smile on my face. Though having kids is not part of the plan until years from now, I hope I can raise as happy and God-loving kids as you and your hubby have!

  47. Queenie

    These make me laugh every time, children say the funniest things! My personal fave was “I might live far away mama. We might just have to Facetime.” ^.^


  48. Anna

    these two make me laugh out loud!! they are so cute, thanks for sharing!

  49. Laurane

    These kiddos are geniuses ! This has become one of my favourite things to read on the blog, this is just so smart, cute and hilarious all at the same time.

    Big Love to you all,

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  51. lauren

    oh that kills me. hilarious. especially the one about “i dont’ know mama i might live far away.”

  52. Laura

    These are SO fun!!! Chit chatting with Heavenly Father was the very best one! <3 what a sweetheart!

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  54. lynnette

    they are the funniest kids. love that samson is talking more. :)