announcing the bringing home baby bundle, a collaboration with freshly picked!

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i’m so thrilled to share with you something josh and i have been working hard on since last summer with our friends over at freshly picked! tomorrow, our bringing home baby bundle will officially launch!

the bringing home baby bundle is built around the experiences of bringing home our babes that susan of freshly picked and i have had.  for me, i’ll never forget the days my babies were born. they were days filled with heightened anticipation and amplified emotions, some nerve-wracking and painful moments, a lot of ice chips, and plenty of messes.  those days of bringing a baby into this world are absolutely magical. those days are life changing. they are the very best days of my life.

while each of my birth experiences couldn’t be more different from each other, they are all surrounded by some of the most special and sacred moments of my life. from those final kicks inside you to that first embrace with your new little one, i’m not sure much else will ever top those experiences for me.

having something meaningful and tangible to take away from that first day together has always been important to me. little keepsakes for both me and baby to hold on to, if you will. the first blanket my baby was swaddled in, the robe i wore during all those first feedings together… they are small mementos that represent the day my life changed forever, in the very best way possible.

and so, creating this little bundle was such a fun experience!  using the bundle last month during my stay at the hospital and then here at home the past few weeks with baby conrad has been kind of surreal. and i’m so excited to share it now with you!

the bringing home baby bundle has many of the essentials you need for those first few weeks.  we designed and created a beautiful robe and cozy socks for mom, a matching swaddle and hat for baby, and custom grey crib moccs by freshly picked (these are size 0, which fit newborns to 3-4 months)… all of which comes in a matching bag you can use for anything!  the bundle is wrapped up in an even larger bag we designed to be used for all your laundry needs. it’s a lot of fun! it comes in my favorite shades of yellow and grey and is priced at $140.

whether you are giving birth in a hospital or birthing center or at home, welcoming home an adopted baby, or looking for the perfect baby shower gift for a loved one, we’re excited to share this bundle with you!  being a mother is the greatest gift and honor i’ve ever received, and we hope this bundle can help you celebrate this special time in your life!

gosh, i’m so so excited! the bringing home baby bundle will be available to purchase worldwide tomorrow, january 14th at 12 noon est over at freshly picked!

a few photos of the bringing home baby bundle….


  1. Krista

    This is an amazing idea! Congratulations! And how wonderful it is that you were able to put it to such great use already and create beautiful memories.


  2. Olya

    you look absolutely beautiful and the idea is awesome ;)
    I remember, how I felt during my first days as a new mother. I was terrified and happy at the same time, tired, but also inspired to create, wonder, write a blog etc.
    that’s an amazing experience for a woman.

  3. Kathryn

    What a wonderful idea! My little one is due on Valentine’s Day- just enough time, hopefully, for me to order a bundle :)

  4. Amy K

    Naomi, this is beautiful! What a great mum-to-be gift idea, and your colour choices are spot on. Congratulations!

  5. that is the cutest! love the color as well :) only if i had the baby to bring home!

  6. Tawnie Bryant

    I’m due in June, and this is going to be at the top of my list! Love it, and congrats on that sweet, beautiful boy!!

  7. Danica

    My baby boy is due this summer and I can’t wait to get these! Love the freshly picked brand, so glad your collaborating! Woo hoo!

    xox Danica

  8. Lydia

    Gorgeous! What an amazing idea, and so perfect for a baby shower gift. Thanks for sharing :)

  9. kate

    Crib moccs?

    • TAZA

      crib moccs are moccasins by freshly picked that come in baby sizes! they fit newborns to 3-4 months old!

  10. carly

    Sounds like a wonderful bundle and will definitely be a huge help to new mothers who have no clue what they need. Plus the moccasins are adorable
    The Doctor Diva

  11. Such a fabulous idea! I love that it all matches – and cannot wait to see the full description tomorrow! Congratulations on the launch!

    Warm Regards,


    Super adorable. Coordinating cozies for mom and baby… Your hospital photos must have been much more attractive than mine.

  13. Kate

    This is such a good idea! I love the colours, the products! It’s adorable!! And such a great thing for new moms.

  14. vicky

    love this. and there’s the famous yellow striped blanket everyone was inquiring! i really like freshly picked, too. what a great collab. congrats, people ;)


    I’m reading your blog for the very first time and I couldn’t be happier! I’m expecting baby in July and I’m already in love with “bringing home baby bundle”! Congrats on your baby boy!

  16. Bailey

    I LOVE this!!

  17. This is the sweetest thing! And practical to the hilt. I’ve been lucky enough to be in this situation 4 times, all of them c-sections, and having something nurturing and pampering like this, without having to coordinate it myself, would have been a great addition to the bliss. I think this would make a great baby shower gift. I’ll have to pin and save for later, should any of my friends have little surprises coming up. Great job!

  18. Sinead

    Beautiful pic of you and baby! Loving the colours of the bundle too :-)

  19. Such an amazing collab and something that I know many new mamas and their babes would want. The socks are my fave part except I know I’d have to make sure they’re very stretchable as my feet didn’t even fit in my Ugg’s to leave the hospital…yikes! xo Chelsea play. wash. rinse. repeat.

  20. Mindy

    He is seriously the cutest baby boy Ive ever seen!

    Instagram: Mindythrufriday

  21. Rachel Stahr

    I can’t wait to have little’s of my own so I can use it! Hands down the perfect baby shower gift!

  22. Holly Ott

    Man. Just a couple of months too late, for me and my little Henry. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea. The colors and items are absolutely perfect! Love me some FP and Love Taza! Cheers to your success!

  23. Jennifer

    I love this idea… but I do find it a little pricey!
    This would be a dream gift for a baby shower. I love the fact that it is gender neutral as well. I didn’t find out I was having a girl until I held her in my arms…. those precious moments are surreal!

  24. What an amazing idea! And I love all the adorable things in the bag.



  25. Katherine

    This is awesome!

  26. Eve

    Naomi, this looks like a lovely collaboration. How exciting! I did want to ask gently about your decision to feature yourself modeling it, though. For so many of us mamas, especially those of us who strive to achieve great things in all areas of our lives (at work, home, in our hearts and our communities), coming home to the reality of our postpartum bodies and the rigors of care of a newborn are humbling. Sometimes crushing. Some mamas have body image issues, others don’t understand why they don’t love the early weeks of parenthood as much as they expected, etc. (Nursing 8-12 times per day for 45 sometimes excruciating minutes at a time, what’s not to love?) I bring it up, because I have been a long time reader and this is the first time I have felt like you are presenting us with a false expectation. Perhaps this is your truth – you love every minute of parenthood and fit into your pre-pregnancy skinny jeans the day you and baby Conrad came home from the hospital. But it feels like false advertising. Or maybe for those of us who have given birth, like rubbing it in our faces that you come from a superior gene pool? I know none of us ought to compare our *real* lives with someone else’s online one, but I implore you to please ask yourself in cases like this whether you might be doing more harm than good.

    • TAZA

      thanks for your comment, eve. i’m sorry you feel this way. i actually found your words to be a bit hurtful. i’m in no way trying to present “false advertising,” or “rubbing it in your face that i come from a superior gene pool.” i myself really do love and feel incredibly blessed to be in the thick of parenthood right now, the long stretches of nursing and all, despite some of the physical challenges. every woman’s body is incredibly different, and how her body handles pregnancy/postpartum recovery will differ as well. i find that body shaming goes both ways, and someone shouldn’t call out one woman for fitting back into her skinny jeans earlier than another might and think that is ok. nor should a woman call out someone else for not fitting into a certain outfit by a certain date. my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans don’t fit me still, but if another woman can fit back into her skinny jeans on her way back home from the hospital, then that’s fine. she shouldn’t have to go live under a rock for 5 months because she might offend another woman. we’re all different and we’re all just doing our best. i really think we should support and uplift one another, and not judge or get boggled down by sizes and bodies like this. pregnancy, motherhood, postpartum bodies and everything in-between is beautiful.

  27. Rachel

    YAY !! When i saw the grey crib moccs in your blog post about the nursery I had a feeling something was in the works. A collaboration with my favorite blogger and favorite baby shoes – YES PLEASE !! :) Top of my to-do list tomorrow is order one of the first Bringing Home the Baby Bundle! This is getting me extremely excited for baby’s arrival in April :) xxo

  28. Anne

    what a brilliant idea! love the grey and yellow too!


  29. Lisa

    In a culture that does not look at children as a blessing, but a sacrifice/ extra expense/ annoyance, I love reading and sharing how (even when it’s difficult) absolutely joyful it is to be a parent. The first few months can be hard for some, easy for others… we should be encouraging each other to uplift one another rather than judge or compare. I think your picture actually captures the natural, euphoric gift of those short few weeks of newborn-ness. Love your blog! Blessings to your beautiful family!

    Ps: you should totally do a giveaway for this beautiful collaboration

  30. tilly

    i just want to say well done! i know it is tough and draining to be a new time mama and i cannot imagine how much more work it is when you have two more little ones running around at your toes. naomi, from what i can see from this lovely blog of yours, you are doing a wonderful job. both eleanor, samson and now baby conrad too, always look so happy and full of life. sometimes i feel us mamas dont congratulate others on the good job they’re doing because they feel like they should be congratulated too and no one is doing it to them. i just wanted to take the time to say, after being a long time reader of “love taza” since before baby e was even in the picture! that you my friend (i think of you like that by now, even though you dont know me! ha!) need to be told well done :) and im sure you are by many but i just wanted to let you know too. its not easy being a mama but you are doing a fine job my friend… and this collaboration looks amazing! exactly what all new mamas need when bringing home baby. i applaud both you and susan and cannot wait to see whats next (im hoping there is something else as great down the road) haha! until then, you’re really doing it… you are really a wonderful mama!!

  31. Beth

    Thank you for such an uplifting blog!

  32. I didn’t think I could look forward to motherhood more, but this bundle gives me butterflies! I may order one as a wedding present to myself…

  33. Shana

    How cute!! I cannot wait to purchase this for someone near and dear to me. Congratulations :)

  34. Kelle

    beautiful, naomi! these are my two favorite colors as well. :) love that you mentioned adoptive mamas in your post. these are definitely products i would love to use one day. congratulations on another great collaboration!

  35. This is such a lovely idea!! And I absolutely love how you talk about the birth of your children. You are a very positive person, and I really love that. Have a lovely day :)

  36. hanna

    What an awesome collaboration. Those baby moccasins are adorable. –Hanna Lei

  37. Abby

    Congratulations again, and what a lovely post on new motherhood! Your posts always make me look forward to being a mom, whenever that happens =)

  38. Melissa

    Do you know if that Robe will be available by itself to purchase b/c Ohemgee its adorable. I’m not bringing home a baby anytime soon but it would be nice to enjoy that robe!!

    • TAZA

      right now, we designed the robe just for the bundle, so it isn’t sold separately. thanks so much!

  39. maryam

    Hey naomi!!! What a wonderful bundle!!! Iwant one!!! :) my question for u is : this is so pretty I want to buy one everytime a friend gets pregnant! But I was wondering if youre planning on coming out with new models (like colors or pattern) at any point? That way im not always gifting the same one and all of us looking like yellow sunshines (not that theres anything wrong of course but u get what mean :p)

    Congratulations on baby conrad and hope to meet u and your fam one day! :)

    • TAZA

      we’ve only designed it in the yellow and grey combo as of now!

  40. Sarie

    I must say I’m thrilled with Taza’s sprinkle of sauce with “she shouldn’t have to go live under a rock for 5 months.’ What a brilliant construction. May be my fave line on this blog evs, second only to “doesn’t give me much comfort as the mother of tossed babies.’

    These are gems! Love the writing and the adorable pics. The latest remind me of the wonderful newborn smell.

  41. And Kate

    This is a truly wonderful idea! I love how there are the socks for the mother to wear, such a thoughtful package and great colours :-)
    It’s so exciting that you have an additional member to your family and I am looking forward to the coming blog posts!
    Have a fabulous Wednesday
    Much Love,
    Kate xo

  42. Charlie

    it is just so beautiful !

  43. Courtney

    I love this!! Especially the robe. Do you mind telling me how tall you are? I am almost 5’11” and have long arms, so most things are too short for me. Thanks!!

    • TAZA

      yes, i’m 5’6″. the robe goes to my ankles!

  44. Katrina

    So gorgeous! I’m expecting in May and would totally love to spoil myself with that bundle! It looks like it’s already sold out on the website– was that the only run, or will there be more available? That robe looks so dreamy!

    • TAZA

      thank you! there should be more over at freshly picked next week!

  45. Susan

    This sold out before I could even add to my cart…are you going to produce more? I’m due in 3 weeks and I wanted to get this~~!!

    • TAZA

      it should be restocked sometime next week! congrats, and good luck during these last few weeks!!!

  46. Sue

    product is all sold out? Will inventory be restocked?

    • TAZA

      hi! yes, should be restocked next week! thanks!

  47. Julia

    Hi Naomi, I have been reading a long time, but seldom comment. I just wanted to say firstly a massive congratulations on your new addition! Conrad looks divine. Secondly another congratulations on this bundle – very cute!! nothing like a couple of useful/lux items for those early days. Great colour combo too!

    I read the above comment about you maybe ‘false advertising’ your post-partum experience. I thought your response was excellent; clear, direct, and polite.

    I have got an older son, Cooper (2 1/2) and have just had my second, Henry, who is now 4 months old. My experience with Cooper was beautiful, and very in line with what you describe in your blog. My experience with Henry could not have been more different. He is a beautiful, happy boy, but from the first week of his life I have struggled to enjoy it, and have been incredibly over-anxious, Stressing out and unable to really wallow in those unique and precious newborn moments the way I expected and wanted to. I have talked to people about it and sought help, and the last month has been SO much better than the first 3. Henry is great! I enjoy his company! finally! this is excellent.

    I don’t know why I am oversharing about this, I guess the above comment and your gracious response made me think about how you (through your blog) DON”T make me feel inadequate or jealous. Do I wish that my experience with Henry was more like yours with Conrad? absolutely. But that’s not your fault, or problem, and in no way should you change how you write and what you present just because your experience is not universal. Because NOONE’S experience is universal. In fact, I find your positivity and everyday-life-beauty to be really aspirational (ew, I hate that word!), and it reminds me to stop and breathe and enjoy a moment with Hen that I would otherwise rush through in a misguided effort to make it through my day.

    So, whether we are wearing skinny jeans or not – here’s to making it work and enjoying what we can, when we can!! Keep up the great work.


    • TAZA

      hi julia, thanks so much for this comment. i really really appreciate it. i love what you shared. i’m sorry to hear about your experience but am so happy to hear the past month has been so much better for you! enjoy those sweet boys! i swear that 3-4 month old stage is one of my favorites because of the cooing and smiles and interaction! thanks again for your comment and for reading my blog. happy new year!

  48. Ronit

    Congratulations! Seems like it is already a major success- sold out on the website!

  49. Susan

    Hi Naomi!
    This is such a wonderful bundle! It sold out before I could even add it into my cart.Will you guys be producing more or was this it? I am due in 3 weeks and wanted to get this to take to the hospital,,,

    Btw, I read the one negative comment about “higher gene pool” and I’d like to say that your response has encouraged me tremendously! I’m 36 weeks and have been feeling so unattractive and huge- I also worried if I’d ever get back to my pre-pregnancy weight…but I am encouraged and I know that I can get back! Don’t listen to that girl. You are beautiful and yes, EVERY womans body is different and you can’t compare yourself to another!

    • TAZA

      thank you for the kind comment, susan! the bundle should be restocked next week! congrats on your pregnancy! i hope you have an uneventful and great delivery!

  50. Cassie

    I love this! Congratulations on the new venture. Looks like the bundle is already sold out, unfortunately! I was planning to purchase for a friend for her upcoming baby shower. Do you think you’ll be restocking any time soon?

    • TAZA

      thanks so much! we are hoping to have more restocked next week!

  51. mamanpouleetpapagateau

    That’s just what a mum need ! It’s simple and comfy. Plus, the colors are great. Again, congratulations and welcome to Conrad.
    Thank’s for the bundle, it is great.
    Take care.

  52. Chelsea

    Wow this is so incredible! It’s all so cute and the robes looks unbelievably cozy. Oh my- how it makes me want to do this again. Isn’t delivery day just amazing- there really is no day as romantic and beautiful. I love the idea of this bundle, it’s such a great way to celebrate the moment. Also, sometimes the comments hurt me, and I’m not sure how you do it, I’m sure this was just a small taste of the truth of it, but you handle it so graciously. Anyway, congrats, well done and maybe I’ll still get a chance to order one for myself someday:)

  53. Kaye


    I think what you’ve made is amazing! I’m sure many mothers will really appreciate this. When my sisters get a baby, I want to make sure they get your bags. Congrats and keep inspiring!

  54. Leah S.

    What a beautiful idea!

  55. Tara

    You look freaking amazing in the first picture! Mommas always look so radiant after having a baby! I love your response in the above comment…you handled yourself so well and I respect you so much more. I love the Bringing Home the Baby Bundle and when I have my next baby I will be buying this for sure! Congratulations on a job well done!! Xoxo

  56. Michaela

    Naomi I don’t know how you do it all! You are so inspirational to many mothers out there! You should be so proud!

    Michaela X

  57. This is really a great bundle. And you and your baby look gorgeous.

  58. I love this so much…there is so much precious in these photos!

  59. WHERE DO I GET THE BEAR!? I’ve been looking for these dolls everywhere and can not find them. All I find are junkier knitted ones….
    Khloe Kardashian posted a bunny that is so similar , and I NEED it for my nieces bunny themed party next month. Please help! xoxoxo
    Also I hope the bundle is restocked when I’m expecting my bundle in September. I love it- gender neutral… because we aren’t finding out till out little ones born <3

    • TAZA

      i think the bear is from blabla dolls? i bought it a long time ago, it’s actually a baby rattle, and i’m 90% sure it was from blabla kids!

  60. Teri

    When will this be available again? Hoping to purchase ASAP for a shower gift! Thanks.

    • TAZA

      we hope more will be available the first week of february! we’ll keep you posted!

  61. Jaimee Antonik

    Please oh please! I would love to do a pregnancy anncounment with all this amazing stuff! Shh don’t tell anyone, only the husband knows. ;)

  62. Latanya

    Hi Naomi!
    I feel like I know you by reading your blogs. Since becoming a stay at home mom, I feel like all I do in my spare time is read blogs from moms (lol). I never enter contest because I figure, what’s the odds of me winning but win or loose I just wanted to say I comend you for having three children and a husband and still finding time to blog! You’re a superhero to me! I’m a mother of two and another on the way. With the first two children, I didn’t have bags packed for either children ( not intentional at all lol). My first child I didn’t know I was pregnant and the second child came on the day my husband and I were moving into our house so I had no clue where any of my hospital stuff was. With this third child, it would be great if I won and had a bag prepacked for me ( but I’m sure all the women who entered are thinking the same thing). Even if I dont win thank you for being gracious enough to even put this giveaway together and I hope whoever wins really appreciates this giveaway as well.