a snow day!

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well, the big and much anticipated blizzard named juno wasn’t as epic as expected, and i’m a little bit bummed about it.  josh took the kids to soccer practice bright and early yesterday morning while the flurries were still beautiful and white and really coming down, but by the time i got outside in the afternoon, a lot of it had melted.   most of the city was still shut down though, and we made sure to make our way to central park and enjoy some sledding together before the snow got too dirty.

sledding was exciting and fun for about twenty minutes, and then samson realized his hands were cold. he does this every time we go out in winter weather, refusing his snow mittens and insisting on either wearing cotton knit mittens (that get wet fast) or no mittens at all. i keep hoping it’s one of those things where he’ll realize on his own that he really needs to listen and put on his snow mittens, but every time i try to explain, he still refuses. (any helpful ideas here?)  life with a 2 1/2 year old boy is really testing my patience right now. i have to take a lot of deep breaths these days, but i love him so much it hurts.  anyway, besides the hands being cold fiasco, sledding was such a good time! (here’s a video of e and s coming down the hill!) it was the first time we have gone sledding as a family. i think it will remain special in that way.

a few more iPhone photos from the day…


we made pancakes and bacon for a late breakfast after soccer. i hated bacon while i was pregnant so it was nice to get to have it today and enjoy it.  i was starting to think towards the end of my pregnancy that i might never like that stuff again. and that’s just sad.


conrad looked so sweet after i nursed him on the couch and set him down that i had to snap a quick picture. how is he six weeks old already?


the snow came down in the most beautiful and big flakes on monday evening. here’s a little video i caught of the flurries.


during these long days where we spend most of our time inside with the snow, there is a lot of play-doh messes in the nursery and baby talking to conrad going on to get him to smile.  he’s at the precious six week mark where he can focus on our faces and voices now when we’re close to him and smiles so big when we talk and sing to him as he’s looking at us.  it is making eleanor and samson’s day every time he grins for them! i need to get some video of it. it’s just so so special to see these three interact together.


this face!


three of my four kids. just kidding! but sometimes i think josh is having just as much fun or more fun than E and S with things like this.  which isn’t a bad thing, i’m glad he’s such a playful dad.  it’s really fun to see him so energetic and excited about things like pulling his kids up the snow hill!


this sweet girl had the best time.



conrad stayed nice and bundled inside the carrier for the afternoon.

i felt terrible that samson’s hands were so cold as we headed home.  so we stopped to get hot chocolate at shake shack which turned into dinner at shake shack! don’t mind if we do!


and here’s a fun picture samson took of josh and me at the table when josh was reaching for the iPhone to point it up higher at our faces. oh, memories.

hope you stayed safe and warm during the storm, and here’s to hoping for a few more days full of crazy snow this winter!

  1. Caroline

    I also have a stubborn 2.5 year old. I bribe her a lot! E.g. If you don’t wear you gloves we’re not playing in the snow or we’re going home. It works most of the time but they’re all unique!

  2. Hey Rita

    Wow! You guys look like you had so much fun.

    Poor Samson, sometimes kids need to learn these things on their own, he’ll come around eventually you’ll see. :)


  3. Aw!!! The snow picture with the kiddos (Josh included! ;P) with the sleds is precious. I am glad Juno wasn’t so bad after all since my lovely cat’s name is also Juno :) :) – she is definitely stubborn but sweet :)

    Damaris | The cat, you and us

  4. Lucy

    I saw pictures on facebook (on a New York page) of the snow being over cars, so I really thought you guys had it really bad!

    The video of those flurries coming down is incredible… it looks like it’s in slow motion!! We barely get snow here in Cornwall, UK and we have a sledge unused in our garage desperate for snow, so I’m thankful (and jealous ;)) to see so much snow from your pictures and videos!

    I absolutely love the video of E & S whizzing down the slope!! So much fun!!
    And Mama I hear you. I found 2.5 such a challenging age too. My son is now 3 and it’s still very challenging at times.
    I totally understand about the snow mittens…. you want them to make the descision themselves, and come to it from realising the natural consequence is… it’s freezing cold and fun times have to come to an end, but it’s hard waiting for that revelation isn’t it!
    I knew Conrad would be snug as a bug snuggled up warm in a carrier…. looks perfect!!

    Can’t believe how big Conrad looks already. 6 weeks is a lovely age/stage!! <3

    Ps that was worrying about the bacon!! So glad you like it again! :P

    Sorry for the long reply, I just love your posts!

    X x x

  5. marie

    Haha seems like Samson is stubborn, just like my elder son! ;) Kids really test our patience, but they also make us into a better person (eg: more tolerant, patient and understanding). :)


  6. Caroline

    Oh, two year olds! I have a 2.5 year old and a 4 month old and my patience is definitely pushed to the limit sometimes. Here’s what has worked for us with the whole putting on mittens, boots, hats, etc.: make a game of seeing if they can put them on all by themselves (lots of praise for how grown-up they are!); making a big production of the baby having to wear mittens and then saying that it might make the baby feel better if the older child were wearing snow mittens as well; trying to get them to laugh about the whole ordeal by complaining to your significant other about having to wear mittens yourselves (like: “Oh man, Papa, does Mama have to wear mittens too??? You mean, everyone has to wear mittens??” etc. Enacting a sort of role-play for your child where you end up capitulating may help encourage him/her to do the same. Good luck!

  7. Meghan

    my 2 year old is the same way! It might be because we haven’t found snow gloves that fit his hands like his cotton mittens. The other day he took off his snow gloves, put on the cotton ones, but then got upset when his hands were soaking and freezing after playing in the snow. Such is life with a toddler!

  8. Oh these posts just melt my heart! I can’t believe Contrad is 6weeks old already! I think its the cutest thing ever that your kids love each other so so much already! I hope I can experience that with my own kids in the future ;)

    Thank you for sharing!


  9. April

    Tell him he can wear the cotton ones under his snow ones. It usually works for my 3 year old.

  10. Alison Ballard

    We had the same problem, but only with refusal to wear boots. He figured it out at 6!Or maybe i finally found a pair that was comfortable… UGS. Maybe take him shopping for a pair.

  11. This looks fun! I hear you about being bummed when the weather isn’t as dramatic as it’s supposed to be… unless it’s like killer tornados or something. There’s something about experiencing the storm of 2015! Too cute. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Your lipstick is so pretty! This is the cutest thing. I love the line,” cold hand fiasco” – only in the life of a 2 year old! Happy snow day to you xo

    Warm Regards,

  13. Sarah

    Random question…your pancakes look so fluffy and delicious. Do you make them from scratch or is it a mix? Would LOVE to have the recipe as I’ve been CRAVING pancakes lately.

    Anyway, looks like you had a wonderful day as a family out and about. Your pictures/videos are precious! Truly cherished memories!


    • TAZA

      it’s just aunt jamima pancake mix! it’s really really good stuff. :)

  14. Tammy

    Oh how sweet! Yeah, I thought I was the only one bummed out that we in fact didn’t get a historic blizzard…I was really looking forward to be snowed in for a week, snacking ;)

    Cute pictures! xo

  15. hanna

    Looks like you guys had a lot of fun –Hanna Lei

  16. Krista

    New York in the snow…one of my dreams. Looks like you had a fun day! I keep reading blogs portraying their snow day in Central Park and it makes me yearn for a trip! Soon!


  17. Sylvie

    if he will let you, doubling up the knit mittens is usually plenty warm enough! the inside pair insulates the warmth of their hands in so that the snow doesn’t just melt and freeze them!

    • TAZA

      that’s a good idea, will need to try that! thanks!

  18. i’m so jealous…. of that shake shack!

  19. I love that pictures with E holding on to S. It looks like they’re having such a good time, along with Josh and you of course. Glad you guys enjoyed your snow day that wasn’t snowy at all. (:



  20. Lisa

    Inside snow days, all cuddly is the best. But if you don’t get snow…Then that’s just sad. I think I need to get some food from the shake shack. Yum!

  21. Angella

    I haven’t read the comments above, but, maybe his snow gloves hurt or poke him in some way or have hurt or poked him before so he doesn’t like them. It’s just a guess. I feel like kids don’t like clothes/accessories that are uncomfortable. I love your blog btw! You’re such an amazing mother and your kids are going to grow up to be amazing human beings. Have a wonderful day!

  22. Megan

    I have an opinionated two year old son as well. We took him on a helicopter ride for his second birthday last Friday and he refused to wear the headset. When he heard how loud the helicopter was, he conceded and put the headset on. I also bought him Hunter wellies about six months ago that he refused to wear for months until he came around. I try to remember that some of the smartest innovators in our world question authority and find different ways to do things so life is improved for humanity. I see that with my son and never want to crush that part of his spirit but I would still carry snow gloves for him for when he realizes his solution didn’t work out and he has frozen hands. (Or bring a different type of hand warmer like a baked potato in foil he can hold. Totally old school but will get the job done.). Samson is a smart, little guy. He thinks outside the box, foster that spirit in him.

  23. vicky

    i remember fighting the gloves, too! it gets in the way of serious snow grabbing ;)

    such little cuties you have! great kiddos.

    i love your bright pink lipstick. are you still loving your short hair? you always make me want to chop all of mine off. so pretty.

  24. Such a fun day, even if the snow wasn’t of epic proportions! You have the sweetest family ever, Naomi. And those little pancakes are too perfect!

    Circus & Bloom

  25. Jennifer

    We don’t have snow here in California… well not where I live. And this looks wonderful!

  26. Molly

    What baby carrier do you use? I’m looking to get one for my one month old boy, thanks :)

    • TAZA

      we use the ergo and we love it!

  27. Beth

    I have a toddler of my own so I totally understand the deep breathing and prayers for extra patience and grace. About the mittens, maybe there’s something about them that bugs him? Perhaps they’re uncomfortable in some way? Maybe taking him to buy ones that he can pick out himself might make him more excited to wear them. Or maybe having him wear them at home and play with ice will help him understand that his hands wont get cold that way. Maybe make a big deal about how the snow mittens are magical in a way? Or perhaps not giving him the option of the other mittens, so he’s kind of “forced” (and I use that word lightly) to wear the snow ones? If he still wont budge, could you double up on the knit ones :) I hope some of that was helpful or sparked some other creative solution for you. Good luck!

  28. Christina

    That lip color is gorgeous on you! May I ask what it is?

    • TAZA

      thanks! it’s schiap by nars.

  29. Kate

    Oh my goodness, this California girl is so jealous of your snow day! The sledding in Central Park looks like it was a blast, I’m glad you’re enjoying your snow. :)


  30. Andrea

    Wow, that’s what winter must be like and not the mediterranean winter we have here in Spain, sometimes it seems that we are in the Caribbean and not in Europe.

    Anyway, enjoy the snow at New York with your lovely family.

    Greetings from Spain.


  31. Lydia

    LOVE the photo of the kiddies bundled on top of each other on the sled – so cute! And as for Samson’s hands… I actually used to do the same when I was little – I always felt like the mittens/gloves were getting in the way of making snowballs. But it also meant that I had to be prepared for very short trips in the snow…

    Glad you guys had fun!

    Lydia @www.todaysthedayi.com

  32. we were wishing for more snow over here on the upper east side too! we were excited to use the bike lane as our sled trail :) it was my first time taking my three kids sledding by my myself, and my second daughter and i were freezing too by the time we were finished! shack shake is the perfect way to end an after of sledding! hoping for a few big storms before the end of winter!!

  33. Ashlee

    We got even less snow! Just a light dusting (enough for a two hour delay for schools) and it was gone by mid-afternoon. Its been kind of a disappointing winter in the snow department.

  34. Christy

    Love your posts and all that you do with your family! My husband and I are spending a month in NYC in the Spring to try it out :) Your posts get me even more excited!

  35. Shake Shack just came to my home, Chicago, and I’ve fallen in love. Best burger I’ve ever had!

  36. Eleanor

    I’m in the process of buying hand warmers for ski/snowboard season so this popped into my mind for Samson. These can keep his hands warm while he’s still set on those cotton mittens. Foot warmers also have sticky adhesive so you can buy those and more easily keep them stuck to his mittens. Best of luck!

  37. Andy

    Oh dear. No snowpants!? Sliding in jeans is no fun. Those poor little legs must have been so wet and cold. I always want my kid to look cool but in the winter I just won’t put him through it. Not fair to them. I’m not posting this to be rude, but I just hope you dress them appropriately next time. Other than that, looks like a fun time!

    • TAZA

      we don’t ever use snow pants here in nyc so we didn’t have any handy to put on. i made sure they had their merino wool base layers under their pants plus a few other layers. they were plenty warm! and they had the time of their lives!

  38. Tanis

    I have an almost 4 year old boy who has been testing my patience since he was 2! So funny though cause I love him so much it hurts too! I also have a 5 year old daughter and am 28 weeks with another girl! Sometimes they have to learn things on their own and other times little tricks do work- I like the doubling up on mittens if he’ll let you. That way, no arguing. He feels like he’s making his own decisions and you don’t have little cold hands to deal with! ;)

  39. Annabelle

    Oh this is just too sweet! What a lovely family!I’m from way up in northern Canada so snow really loses its effect. I can only imagine how magical it must be to New Yorkers! What a city!!

  40. Briseidy

    sounds and looks like a perfect day! Love Samsons face in that pic! and E looks gigantic, i can’t believe it!

  41. i love your family! and your lip color is perfect! what is it? xoxo

    • TAZA

      thank you! it’s schiap by Nars.

  42. Emily

    I had the same problem with my son. I had to force the water proof mittens on once or twice (to much whining and arguing). Each time he hated it, but eventually he realized the difference. Now he won’t play without the big mittens. Good luck!

  43. megan

    I was disappointed with Juno too! I wanted a lot more snow but it was enough to make central park look absolutely gorgeous. We also had pancakes and bacon before heading to central park to take a look at the snow. It’s my first winter in New York City and i have always wanted to see snow in the park and it did not disappoint. Love your pictures they are always absolutely stunning and Naomi I don’t know what your secret is but you look so incredibly great after just giving birth to that precious little boy. Thanks for sharing your snow day with us!

    megan @ http://www.booksteaandnyc.com

  44. Elise

    I always found ‘choices’ worked for little tantrums.. So he gets to choose whether he wears his gloves and has fun outside with everyone, OR the not so fun choice of sitting inside and missing out. “It’s your choice Samson” :p
    Obviously it only works if you can actually keep him inside if that’s what he ‘chooses’. If you can’t follow through then it doesn’t work.

    So nice to read about your little adventures- such a fun little family :)

  45. Chrissy

    You could give him a choice between two ( weather appropriate) pairs of gloves with a third option, if he refuses both sets, of missing out on the activity. Since he’s at the autonomy stage of development, he’ll benefit from being allowed to choose for himself and since the only choices are the right kind of gloves or not playing in the snow, whatever choice he makes is the right one!

  46. Kelsey

    Loved the video!

    I can’t imagine not liking bacon! Haha!

    Are you guys going to move once Conrad gets bigger? Is Josh going to go back to work? I was just wondering! I hope that’s not rude.

  47. Karen.F

    Giving my 2.5 yr old empty threats never work “eat two more bites or you can’t do X”, “wear these gloves or you won’t go outside”.

    I had that problem of my son refusing any gloves on our dog walks, then crying when his hands were cold (always when you’re farthest from home). I began carrying gloves in my pocket for when he was upset about being cold. So in your case, carry the snow gloves on you, and when he gets upset about wet hands, swap them out. Before you know it, he’ll be wearing the snow gloves on your outings without a fight.

  48. Kelly

    Choices are GREAT at this age (and both options are ones you would be happy with)… sneaky, sneaky. Also, it might be a good opportunity, if he’s ready for this, to develop a little problem solving… “Hmmm what would make your hands warmer?” –and hopefully he’ll internalize that for next time!

  49. This is good to go out even if the snow lay on the floor. Samson, he is learning…
    Sledding in Central Park it’s so cool. I will definitly try the hake shack the next time i’ll come in NYC. Thanks to share this moments with us. xoxo from Paris, France.

  50. Jennifer

    We visited New York last December for the first time while my husband was out there for work. The day we were leaving to go back home it was snowing. I had always dreamed about being in in New York City during Christmas while it was snowing. My dreams came true! We taxied over to Central Park. So peaceful (aside from my morning sickness…). Thank you for sharing! I want to go back!

    Oh! Where did your husband get his coat? I am looking for a coat for him. We live in the ever so cold Minnesota and he hasn’t had a winter coat since seriously he was in middle school. That was years ago. He will stand at the bus stop layered in sweatshirts and flannel in 30 below. He needs a winter coat.

    • TAZA

      his coat is from Barbour! it’s a good one!

  51. Danielle

    Beautiful, as always. Advice? Tips? Probably ones you’re well aware of, but I’d go with the first, then statement. First we have to put on these gloves, then we’ll go sledding. Then wait for cooperation and don’t get emotional either way. Or take the gloves he needs along with you and tell he him can’t go down the hill til he puts those gloves on. It’s tough but everyone gets through it and even laughs about it later (maybe much later, sometimes), as I’m sure you know. And, every kidlet is different. I’ve got two stubborn little ones and two not so stubborn. Either way, it all works out in the end, I promise! :)

  52. Danielle

    Oh, yes, and any choices you can offer, the better. I agree with those suggestions, too. Even better when you don’t care about the choices and it’s a win-win! :)

  53. Dewes

    I feel you Taza! My 21/2 year old son also testing my patience nowadays, every so often to its max level, that I need a time to get away for a bit but always comes back looking for him, because he is so irresistible like that especially his chatters….

    Love your site alot! It is so heart warming, gives so much love and positivity that I need to start my morning at work.

  54. caroline

    very random question, but what nail polish do you wear? I always love the dark color on your nails but can never find one similar!

    • TAZA

      i’m not sure what the color name is here, it is from a nail salon. it’s a dark dark navy though!

  55. Anne

    Hi Naomi! Long time reader, first time commenter– thought I would chime in.

    I dealt with this same problem last year with my then-3 year old. Here is what worked for us… I bought a pair of snow-proof mittens. Showed them to her, explained what they did, let her try them on and talked about how awesome they were… but then said that she could wear her regular wool ones out (with the reminder that her hands would get cold if she touched snow.) When that inevitably happened (and she got upset when her hands got wet) I produced the pair of snow-proof mittens and said “If you want to play in the snow some more, you can wear these and your hands will be so toasty warm!” She was hesitant but put them on and proceeded to have so much fun playing in the snow. Now whenever we go out she reminds me about her snow-proof mittens and says “remember the lesson we learned last time??”

    As an early childhood educator, I’ve found that children learn best through repetition. Don’t get frustrated when the lesson doesn’t sink in the first time. Talk about it a lot! Try and let him know his feelings are valid but weather and nature work a certain way and it’s up to mommies and daddies to make sure their children don’t get hurt by it. :)

  56. Love these photos so much! I was wondering what filter you have on them? They look great!

  57. Lily

    My son had the same issue of not wanting to wear any gloves/mittens while playing in the snow. If he did he wanted the cotton knit mittens. so I would double up on them (stuff one mitten into another before putting on him) and his hands stayed dry and not freezing cold.

  58. M

    Discipline goes a long way. A two year old’s brain hasn’t developed enough to comprehend logic and will not be capable of negotiating with you! No mittens, no play. Simple, to the point, and eventually your toddler will equate in his own mind that the boundaries have been set for a reason. You be their advocate at all times, even if that means a little tough love.

    If you don’t start now it will be harder to set more serious boundaries later.

  59. Maria

    How is Conrad already six weeks? Didn’t you give birth to him, like, yesterday?

    I feel you on the patience thing. I have an almost 2 year old and I swear, the terrible twos have started early. I just need to remind myself that it’s all normal behaviour – he’s not being naughty; I’m not being a bad mom; he hasn’t had too much sugar. It’s all just NORMAL.

    Looks like the snow was fun. Wish we could get more snow here in Greece!

    Maria xx

  60. kate

    hey taza! may i ask where your trapper hat is from? it’s adorable.

    • TAZA

      it’s an old one from urban outfitters!

  61. Kelly

    It looks like E is on board with the snow mittens, can she talk S into wearing them? Often my older son can talk my younger son into doing things I can’t. Or let him pick out a pair himself?

  62. alexandra

    gorgeous long jacket! would you mind sharing where it’s from? thx!

    • TAZA

      thanks! it’s by lauren moffatt.

  63. Charlie

    We had about 5 minutes of snow flakes falling down the sky here in my small town in south of France but of course it just melted to the ground. Very disappointing, we get less and less each year, on the bright side, it seems that spring is coming already and that makes me very excited !
    Lovely to get a little bit of the snowy weather through your pictures. I can just sense the fun of your afternoon just by looking at your children here !

    Charlie xx

  64. Eleni

    Hi Naomi,
    I usually never leave comments anywhere but here I felt like I had to. I found your blog randomly via instagram and fell in love with it instantly – even though I’m not married or don’t have kids yet. But I certainly do love food, travel and nyc ;)
    Your way of life as it is portrayed here is a true inspiration.

    Tell New York City I said HI! Can’t wait to revisit.

    Cheers from Germany


  65. Michelle

    That “I can do it myself” stage is hard on Mama! I wasn’t so great with it when my four were smaller and I was sleep deprived. :) In our experience, it was best to “advise” and “warn” and then if they still insist on their way, sneak the better option into your bag. Then once the inevitable happens, look at that, “Mama has something warm and dry. Would you like it now?” Dealing with toddlers gives us great perspective with how Heavenly Father must feel with us sometimes. We insist we know what we want and of course He knows more but He lets us try anyway. Then when we stumble a bit, He says, “Would you like to try it this way now?” Pick your battles, make your preparations for the inevitable (you know what will happen so it’s good to be ready for it), take deep breaths, and enjoy. Everyone says it, but it really does go too fast!

  66. Megan

    I love your blog, recently had my first baby and curious what baby carrier do you use for your little one?

    • TAZA

      we use the ergo and love it!

  67. Stef

    Ah, two and a half, it’s a fun age! I used lots of the techniques on Joyful Toddlers to manage stubbornness in a fun / playful way. I’m sure you’re super busy at the moment, but here’s a link to a helpful page for dealing with things like mittens (I’m not affiliated with them, I just honestly love their parenting advice). http://joyfultoddlers.com/2012/02/being-firm-without-being-mean/

  68. Emily F

    my now 8 year old was and is like Samson. It wasn’t until he was 7 that he was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder and started occupational therapy. We live in a small town and travel 2 hours into albuquerque for therapy once a week. But when you struggle to just get clothes on your son for 7 years, it’s worth it. :) he went sledding on Christmas Day wearing crocs….with no socks. He doesn’t wear underwear. He won’t wear long sleeves. You can imagine the frustration. :) I finally feel empathy instead of anger when I realize that wearing clothes is to him like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. Poor kid. I hope samson’s stubbornness is just a two year old thing and not a spd thing. :)

  69. Conchita Womack

    Hi I find your blog so awesomely amazing..I love traveling too and now with baby seems hard to do it..but I’m inspired how you guys go anywhere..i never been to NY but the knowledge about the city was pretty amazing to me..hope I get to travel around america specialty NY..with my family..I an Asian and I got here in america 4 years ago and never been to any state except CA..I got pregnant with my baby now she’s 10month old and very very playful,from then on I stop traveling and became a home stay mom..but today reading your blog just inspire me so much to travel and see the world again..with my little family of course…I’m so Inspired.Thank you and more power!

  70. Eleanorgrace

    I saw a picture of your family on Instagram and have fallen in love with you guys lol! You’re all adorable! What caught my attention most though was your daughter’s name. My name is Eleanor too! But I’m 17, not a toddler. And I live in a suburb of NYC, not NYC itself like you guys. Keep being awesome! Xoxo

  71. Shiazahoo.com

    Love your posts, wish we had some snow here in NorCal. Where did you get baby’s YAY! onesie ?