a few photos from DC…

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i wanted to share a few more photos from last weekend in DC!  it was our first trip with three kids and we’re still sorta walking zombies these days from sleep deprivation, so we kept the trip more low key. we had a small itinerary in mind, but we didn’t force ourselves to keep to it, and i think that’s what made the trip doable and fun for us.  we had hoped to go see a few monuments and museums together (the MLK monument in particular considering it was MLK weekend, and we wanted to share that with the kids) but sometimes you drive all the way over to a monument and by the time you get there, all three of your kids are sound asleep in their carseats.  and if there is one thing we have most definitely learned as parents, you never wake a sleeping baby. ha!  but we were still able to do a few fun things together… we mostly just made sure to carve out as much time as we could to see and hang out with friends and family. and still didn’t get to see everyone we would have wanted to.  it’s one of the things we miss most about DC, the people.


^^^capitol hill, i love you.^^^


^^^we stopped by baked and wired in georgetown for my cupcake fix.^^^


^^^josh’s cousin hunter was married a few weeks ago in utah.  so we were able to stop by an open house in virginia for him and his new wife which was fun.  josh has a lot of really great cousins in that area with adorable kids. the kind of people where you’re often taking notes while you’re with them because they are just awesome.^^^


^^^while in virginia, we made sure to swing by our fave bbq spot, willards!^^^


^^^we also spent an afternoon at the smithsonian national air and space museum (at the udvar-hazy center out at dulles) as well. it was samson and conrad’s first time experiencing it, and fun to be back for the rest of us.  here’s a little video from when eleanor was just six months old and we went to the museum together!^^^

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^^^breakfast on at eastern market with friends on saturday! the blue buck pancakes (blueberry and buckwheat) and crab cake sandwiches at market lunch are so good. ^^^


^^^and a stop by our favorite gelato shop, pitango! josh and i both are actually not having ice cream (or soda) this month, which was really hard to keep to with pitango being in DC, but we stayed strong and went for their sipping chocolate instead (it’s really good- although i have to have mine with steamed milk because the chocolate straight up is a lot to handle.) josh was really missing his favorite sicilian almond flavor. i thought he might crack!

ps. for those who have asked on instagram and my last DC post, my jacket is by rebecca minkoff (here) as is my backpack (here). my black hat is from asos, orange one from anthropologie a few years ago.  my red and cream blouse is by lauren moffatt.

  1. Trisha F

    Good for your guys braving it with 3 kids!
    These pictures and your words make me miss DC a lot.
    Maybe I’ll have to take my hubby there to experience the cool stuff.

  2. Sophie

    So glad you were able to stop back in DC for the weekend. Back when I was a new kid on the block (read: freshman at GWU) I loved reading your blog to find new places to go in DC. I still love reading about your life in New York, but your time in the District guided me to some amazing restaurants and sights, I’ll always be grateful for that. :)

  3. hanna

    This looks like so much fun! –Hanna Lei

  4. Anita

    Looks like a fun visit. :)

    We took our first trip to DC over Thanksgiving and I just loved the feel of the city. All of those stately old buildings… It was everything I’d imagined!

    Always, Anita

  5. Those pictures are stunning! They really put DC on my Travel Bucketlist. Oh how I love your posts Naomi, I look up to you so much. You are doing an amazing job as a mommy to these wonderful kids, as a wife, as a lovely person in this world, all round I just really appreciate your honesty and I learn a lot from reading your blog, I really do! (does that sound silly? I don’t know haha)


  6. Mallory

    I love sometimes you can tell what city you’re in just by the architecture! DC seems like a cool city…I love the colourful old houses :)
    Mallory (Halfax, Nova Scotia Canada!)

  7. marie

    Beautiful family photos! Hope your baby enjoyed the DC outing! ;) I’ve been busy with work and your post makes me miss spending time with my kids OUTSIDE of home. Maybe I’ll should have a family outing trip soon! :)


  8. Maggie

    Welcome back to DC! Love that you hit up a lot of my fav spots: 2 Amy’s, Market Lunch, Baked & Wired. Hunter is great too!

  9. Brooke

    Oh these pictures are just stunning, I love seeing the little whereabouts of your precious family! :) I must visit DC soon!

  10. Allegra

    That little hand reaching for the pancakes is just the cutest!!

  11. Katarina

    Naomi, your pics, your blog, etc…just love love love!! :)
    If I may ask…why can’t you and Josh have soda/ice cream this month?
    Greetings from Cleveland.

  12. Melissa

    That picture of Josh and the three kids is one of my new favorites!

    We just went to the DC area too a couple of weekends ago, I love it so much. As a Jersey-based couple we love visiting NYC but for some reason every time we head over to DC it becomes our favorite again. I also can’t help taking pics of all the houses, like you do :)


  13. Tammy

    All that food looks soo awesome! What a great trip, Taza! :D

    …I’m craving burgers and pancakes now ;3

  14. cheyenne

    great photos! i really hope to visit DC one day, seems an awesome city.
    xo, cheyenne

  15. Jess

    Having kids really looks good on you Naomi! I can’t believe you just had your 3rd a few weeks ago!! And I love that Rebecca Minkoff jacket!

  16. Krista

    Admire your bravery for venturing out so soon after having your third. I felt like I was nervous to go anywhere after my first baby for months. Kudos to you! :)


  17. I’ve never been to DC, but have always wanted to go! Love when you share pictures of this city. Gives me motivation to cross it off my bucket list!

  18. Charla

    Absolutely precious! I adore that you and Josh put so much effort into making memories with the kiddos. (Also, where are cute little Eleanor’s shoes from?? Digging the velcro high tops!)

  19. Bea

    Wonderful photos!
    I discovered your blog while you were living in DC….so I’m always happy when you come back there!!!
    Nice trip, Davis family!
    Ciao, buon weekend!

  20. Shira

    I used to live in D.C. too and miss it like crazy. I lived on capitol hill my first 2 years there! Pitango is one of my FAVORITES. I love the hazelnut flavor and the cardamom.

  21. Alisha

    Holy cow! I knew Hunter in college! He was in my Residence Halls Association group at BYU. What a small world!

  22. Erika

    Hunter was my home teacher when I lived in DC! Small world.

  23. Lindsay

    You make 3 kiddos look darn easy! Such an inspiration.

  24. BriAnne

    Looks like a fun little trip! I love your blog, but I’ve gotta say I did happen to notice that Equinox ad seems a little off for your blog and your values. I love coming here and feeling uplifted when I leave your awesome blog!

  25. Kathryn

    I can’t even imagine travelling with 3 kiddos – as adorable as they are, it can’t be easy! But you always look so happy which is great.

    I’m heading to Baltimore in April for a conference for a couple days but I’m hoping I can stay a few days late and check out DC. It looks like such a fabulous city!

    xx Kathryn

  26. Briseidy

    capitol hill looks deramy! cool photos, looks like a fun trip

  27. Beautiful photos and vacation! DC is awesome. Keep bringing the kids back! They’ll learn so much.

    Warm Regards,

  28. Lonka

    I have to tell you the truth – I’m jelaous! Your family is so cool, and you are so pretty!

  29. Valerie

    Man I am bookmarking this post for the next time we head to DC…yummy! Also I totally said before that we love going to the Smithsonian museums but I can’t believe we never made it to the air&space!! Looks cool!

  30. Piper

    I love that little chubby hand touching the pancake :) :) My fav.

  31. Caroline

    It all looks fantastic! D.C. is one of the places we’re considering for when we move back to the States. You sure make it look like a wonderful place to live. I’ll save this post in case we end up there. Thanks!


  32. Abigail

    I love the posts! My husband Mark and I are always looking for new spots to visit in DC! I’ll have to try some of these next time we take a day trip into the city!

  33. Stella

    If you enjoyed the Smithsonian sir space, you and your family should also consider going on a Boeing tour at their aviation centre in Everett, Washington! I went there a couple of years ago with my family and it was fascinating – definitely worth checking out! Lovely photos as well xx


  34. Kelly

    Your little family is adorable and I love Georgetown!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  35. Looks like such a great trip! You are a super mom!



  36. Julia

    this looks like a really fun trip!!! probably also a bit exhausting, but definitely worth it. so many pretty colors and so many happy smiles. thanks for sharing! :)

  37. Jessica

    Were you able to see Kinglsey during your trip?!

  38. Nicole

    What a fun trip! Your family is just so cute. So inspiring to see a family that loves each other so much a takes time to do special things like this. I am not a mother yet but I can imagine adventures with 3 kids are not easy. You make motherhood look fun and fashionable!

  39. Maria

    Hi! We are too former DC residents (previously NYC and now in London), and are soon to be blessed with our 3rd… We will have three under three and I was logging in to see how you were getting around with yours. I see a donkey + buggy board… Am I right? Thanks and pls keep this up. You are all an inspiration to us! xxx from London, M

  40. Courtney

    Love your family

  41. Heidi

    Looks like you guys lead a very fun and happy life! Do ever have hardships?

  42. Beth

    Quick question for you… I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of black booties with a black stacked wood heel – love the ones you are wearing in the photo at the museum – where are these from?


    • TAZA

      from ASOS!

  43. Adrienne

    Oh my goodness that’s beyond cute… “no, I’m just chit chatting with him!”… I love when my kids relate to God so intimately and casually as a friend, it makes my heart glow!!

  44. Adrienne

    Yay! I live in Virginia and work on Capitol Hill. You make me proud to be a Washingtonian! I have never been to Willards for BBQ… making a note to check it.

  45. Ariel

    Did you by chance see Kingsley?