visiting santa, and other christmas festivities!

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before baby conrad arrived last sunday morning, josh and i tried to fit in as many holiday activities as we could around the city with eleanor and samson since once the baby would arrive, we knew we’d have to take things a bit slower. it was also a nice excuse for me to force myself to get out everyday, even past my due date, and tire out my body to try to bring on labor!

a few photos from the past week or two below…


^^^the windows at bergdorf goodman are always impeccable. the architecture window is my favorite this year!^^^


^^^i mentioned this performance in my NYC holiday guide, but peter and the wolf at the guggenheim is one of our favorite new family traditions! eleanor and samson and i spent the entire day last friday out and about the city together… we got donuts with friends in the morning, then read books together at one of our favorite children’s book stores, had lunch and then made our way over to the upper east side for this performance.  it was our third year attending, and probably the best one yet.  i love watching E and S’s faces more than watching the stage. i’m so glad this city offers so many wonderful cultural opportunities for little ones! anyway, this show is really wonderful (as are E and S’s “cheese!” smiles beside the poster, right? haha!)^^^


^^^there is no longer a baby in my tummy which means, i’m going ice skating somewhere in the city this year!!!!!!!!^^^


^^^i want to share more on this later, but we’ve been working on ways to teach eleanor and samson about giving at christmas time, and not focusing so much on “getting.” we had them pick out gifts at the toy store last week for a little boy their age and participated in a sub-for-santa.  it was a bit harder for samson when he wasn’t able to get something for himself too, but i think he understood as we reminded him that we were just getting something for the little boy.  i am so proud of the two of them!^^^


^^^family dinner at shake shack! their hot cocoa is one of my favorites in the city (it’s salted caramel this year, too!) you gotta try it if you’re around. also, a million hip hip hoorays for the crinkle cut french fries being back!!!^^^


^^^we stopped by our church’s christmas party last saturday where samson was more than happy to climb up on santa’s lap. (reminded me of his first year meeting santa!)  eleanor wasn’t as into this santa.  she didn’t want to go up to him. afterwards she told me it was because he was being really silly. (we had just visited santa at the plaza the day before and i think it confused her a bit to see another santa so soon after with such a different demeanor.)^^^


^^^the origami christmas tree at the natural history museum! (my favorite.)^^^

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^^^crepes for lunch!^^^


^^^santa at the plaza! he is the nicest. samson blew him several kisses as we were leaving, and eleanor was ecstatic to show him her blue tongue (we’d just been at the bank where she got a blue sucker from one of the employees.) neither E or S were willing to sit with santa without us, but it all worked out ok because somehow everyone looks pretty decent in this photo, our last family photo as a family of four!^^^


^^^a standing piggy back ride! i don’t think they have any idea just how cute they are together.^^^

have a great weekend, everyone! merry christmas!

  1. Lucy

    Looks like you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas so far!!
    Love how much you went places and did loads in the late stages of pregnancy!!
    My SPD was so bad I could barely walk up our stairs!!
    Such wonderful last memories of your family of four!!
    I totally understand about the ice skating!! Can’t wait to see pics ;)

    Lucy X x x

  2. Shilpa

    It doesn’t look like you just had a baby… You’re so active on the blog! A BIG Congratulations for the new addition to your family… i think Conrad resembles Samson a bit… You’re doing everything wonderfully! Keep up the spirit and the great work! A BIG HUG to you all the way from India :-)

  3. Katie

    I don’t know why it is that kids are uncomfortable around ‘silly’ new grownups. The 4yo I nanny requested that my brother and (ex)boyfriend not be ‘silly’ around her, because she doesn’t like it.

    Congrats on your new addition by the way! He’s a cutie!

  4. Ashley

    Baby Conrad is adorable! He looks just like your other kids. I’m curious about you using the same middle name for him and Samson. ??

  5. Georgia

    Little ones all bundled up against the cold may be one of the sweetest things ever! Merry Christmas and congratulations on the new addition :)

  6. Your family is just the sweetest! Having had baby number three this summer (three in three and a half years!) I’m just so excited for you to start the same journey because I look up to the way you build and enjoy your family so much. Babies are the best and the hardest so here’s to wishing you the best for Christmas and the next few months as the adjustment hits! You know you can do it!

  7. emily

    your hair is so cute!

  8. Jennifer

    What is your plan for your Bugaboo stroller for the new baby? I recently invested in a bugaboo stroller and don’t know what to do with my growing family. With toddlers and a baby it will seem like a parade walking down the street :)

  9. Olga K

    Cuteness overload!!! And a big congratulations on the birth of Conrad! So exciting! Happy Holidays!

  10. nicole

    Congrats on your new arrival, so exciting! I love the city at Christmas time. All of the lights are always so beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Alyssa

    So adorable, as always! I’ve been following you for a long time but just yesterday went back and revisited some of your posts from 2007… crazy to see your family’s journey documented. Such an amazing gift for your children when they get older!

  12. Leanne

    Great post! Your photos really capture the essence of NYC during Christmastime:)

    I recently wrote a very similar post on the trip I took with my mom to NYC and I have a lot of similar photos! Haha:) Bergdorf Goodman was brilliant… Those windows! The architecture one was definitely my favourite, along with the literature one.

    All the best to the FIVE of you this Christmas!!


  13. Eléonore

    This origami Christmas tress is so beautiful!! Kisses form Belgium

  14. Yelle

    My husband wants to move to a big city and I have reservations about raising our [future] kids in a big city. But then I see your posts of your family doing such wonderful and cultural things in a city that I love and miss and it makes me excited to raise our kids in a big city.

    Also, I work in a museum and my department is in charge of holiday decorations. That Christmas tree at the Museum of Natural History is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing! xo, yelle

  15. Tammy

    Just the absolute sweetest ever! :D

    Elanor looks so beautiful in the last family portrait of four. Aww you guys merry Christmas! ^_^

  16. Erin W

    I had the dark chocolate hot cocoa at Shake Shack last year and it was amazing! Salted caramel sounds really good too!

  17. Erica

    I’ve been following your blog for years… and every new post brings an even brighter smile to my face. Thank you for sharing a slice of your beautiful life and family with us! Happy Holidays Naomi and family! xx

  18. cheyenne

    christmas in nyc seems pretty amazing. :) happy holidays!
    xo, cheyenne

  19. Bea

    Love the last photo!!!
    merry Christmas to you!!!

  20. Noelle

    I love the sub for Santa, I always did that growing up. Another thing we did was have Christmas Eve focused on Christ with reading the nativity and having a spiritual lesson and then we focused on giving sibling gifts, so the focus was on what we were giving them and who was giving to who. I think I’ll do that with my family too. Have a merry Christmas!

  21. Chelsea

    Can I just say- well done! I don’t know how your able to keep all this up. I have a blog- quite new-ish, and it’s so much more involved then I ever thought possible. You were the one who inspired me start it, but you make it look so easy! Anyway, no I know it’s not easy, and how you keep up with regular post while preggers and now with a new baby is inspiring! Such a beautiful family and it’s a joy to get to follow along!

  22. the davis smile is so darn memorable.

  23. Ingrid

    You have a beautiful family and great traditions, congratulations on baby Conrad.

    Where are Eleanor’s aqua and tan shoes from? You are all so stylish!

  24. tilly

    i love the idea of christmas festivities and getting outside to enjoy all that nyc has to offer at this time of the year! it is truly beautiful! i was born the day after my family had a santa photo taken, so naturally they went back a week later to get another one with me in it too :)) haha. will you be doing the same for baby conrad? he is so sweet by the way x

  25. Vanessa

    You’re such an amazing mom, congrats on little Conrad, can’t wait to watch him grow!

  26. abi

    The photo of the four of you as a family is adorable! You should definitely frame it. :) Also, just curious as to why Samson and Conrad have the same middle name? Is it a family tradition? :)

    Abi xox

  27. Jemima

    Goodness me… You must have been exhausted! And possibly still are! Those little smiles are just gorgeous in the ‘cheese’ photo. And your family Santa photo is pretty great too!


  28. Sinead

    Christmas in New York looks incredible! I also think it’s so sweet how you’re teaching your children about giving to others from a young age – definitely something I want to do when I have kids of my own :-)

  29. LBG

    Congratulations on baby Conrad, beautiful family and photos!
    Merry Christmas!

  30. hanna

    Looks like so much fun! –Hanna Lei

  31. Emily

    can’t get enough of the picture with Santa! It’s too cute!!

  32. Kelly

    That piggy back ride is adorable and this post reminds me just how much I love New York during the holidays. Oh and crinkle cut french fries? The bomb. Dot com.

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  33. Kate

    How fun! I love those window displays and all those trees, so beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing, and Merry Christmas to your family!


  34. These are incredibly gorgeous moments of Christmas in NY! Thank you for sharing – it’s almost as good as being there ;)

    Warm Regards,

  35. kelsey

    Ah, we’ve been visiting the Shake Shack in Dupont Circle perhaps a little TOO often since moving to DC… But I haven’t tried the hot chocolate yet. I’ll add it to the list, as I’m discovering that DC has many a place known for their hot cocoa. NOT complaining!

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