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merry christmas eve! it’s pouring rain right now in new york city and while the forecast doesn’t say it, i’m really crossing my fingers this stuff turns to snow at some point in the next few days.

these photos are from a few weeks ago, when we tried to teach the kiddos about giving at christmas and participated in a sub-for-santa drive.  i mentioned it HERE but it was a big highlight of the season for me as a mother, because both eleanor and samson really grasped the concept at the beginning and were so excited to pick out a couple gifts for a little boy their age. i admit, after they picked out gifts, samson was incredibly sad to not have his own, but he got most of his excitement back when we wrapped them together.  as a mother, it’s all i wish for… to teach and instill in my children kindness and love for others, and a drive to serve those around them, always.  i hope we can keep up new traditions like this in the coming years.

we’ve blogged about it before, but at christmastime, we also make a gift as a family like picking out animals on heifer international with the kiddos to gift. this year we did it in honor of a few of our family members. heifer works by providing livestock like sheep, cows, pigs, chickens to families around the world and teaching them how to support themselves and their communities with it. there is a great video on their about page that explains how it works.  the kids were excited to pick out pigs, ducks, honeybees and baby chicks to give in honor of some of our family this year and wrote little e-cards that we sent to them.

if you’re looking for a last minute christmas gift for anyone, i think heifer is a good option.

we wish you the very merriest christmas and hope you’re able to share it with those you love! our families are up in the air on their way to spend christmas with us and our newest addition, little conrad, as i write this! we feel extra lucky they are making the big trek to new york city this year to be with us. we can’t wait.

merry christmas!

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