in photos: thanksgiving weekend!

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i hope you had a really nice thanksgiving with loved ones wherever you were! we were here in the city for ours and kept as much of the weekend low key as we could because i was/am going through all that fun early false labor stuff. i got out of my pjs like twice all weekend. ;)

throughout the week, during our meals together at the table, we would take turns holding up our fist and then counting with our fingers 5 things we were thankful for. i was so proud of E and S! they’d remind us it was time to play the five things game whenever we’d sit down and always come up with such unique and sweet things they were thankful for.  everything from listing our every family and extended family member, to things like the eiffel tower in paris to snow to their scooters to the orchestra! i’m sure thankful for them.

also super thankful josh loves to take the lead in the kitchen, especially when it comes to our bigger holiday meals.  i can handle the smaller dishes and desserts, but i don’t know the first thing about cooking a turkey and that doesn’t sound fun to me whatsoever.  eleanor helped josh prep and baste our turkey this year. i was impressed she was willing to get her hands all slimy and greased up. she tends to hate even getting a touch of paint on her hands, so it was a big deal!

a few photos from the weekend…


^^^it’s a pajama party all day every day!^^^


^^^we made this pie together and the crust! you guys, this is the pie crust of all pie crusts! it’s insane how good it was.^^^



^^^hi feet.^^^


^^^hi baby bump.^^^


^^^one of my bigger cravings this pregnancy has been sausage. i just had to have some thanksgiving morning. i ate so many i think i’m good now until my next pregnancy. ;) ^^^


^^^this cute face helped me make kelsey’s sweet potato pumpkin rolls and did almost every step by himself! “i do it by my OWN self!” he always says. he’s a very determined  and independent little guy and he has taught me a lot about patience the last several months. i’m really proud of him.^^^


^^^not as pretty as kelsey’s but so delicious just the same!^^^


^^^i got a pedicure over the weekend so i could welcome baby into the world with nice looking painted toe nails and eleanor came with me. she requested blue and purple toe nail polish alternating on each toe. and she got the cutest little flowers painted on her big toes. it’s been a big deal the past few days at our house.^^^


^^^we made a turkey together and wrote and colored on all the feathers things we are grateful for….^^^


^^^the turkey is proudly hanging on our front door! i think we’ll keep him there throughout the year as long as he’ll stick. it’s a nice reminder every time i see him of my many blessings.^


^^^i got out of my pj’s and put a dress on for dinner. it only felt appropriate considering the occasion!^^^


^^^he was really really proud of his homemade rolls!^^^


 ^^^i love them so much! three of my very biggest blessings in this world.^^^

  1. AGATA

    hi Davis Family!

    Looks you guys had a lot of fun preparing for thanksgiving. It’s so great to see when you, josh and kids are in the kitchen cooking together, that’s so awww.
    There’s a lot of things we’re thankful for and we should remember of that not only in thanksgiving day :)

    take care, love you, xoxo.

  2. Oh thanksgiving seams to be such a wonderful day in the US… your faces were all glowing and so happy… I guess this time of the year is always welcome and wonderful, but especially to your family, it will be an excited time! I hope, everything is fine with you and also I hope, you enjoy every bite of it!

    Love from Germany and the fatcatconnection

    Ps: you look stunning!

  3. Laura

    Absolutely adorable! Your posts never fail to make me smile and it’s amazing to have seen your family grow bigger :) I hope I can have such a fab family one day x

  4. Pamela

    where is your pajamas?so cute!!!

  5. its a boy, if you have been craving meat this whole time I am going to have to say that it is definitely a boy :)

  6. Aleksandra

    I love the pictures with your feets and baby bump!!! So sweet!!!

  7. Kelly

    So, so sweet! Love the photo of S by the KitchenAid :)

  8. Chelsea

    it looks incredible- yall are such a sweet family! A pedicure is always on my must haves before delivery day, and last time I literally got it done an hour beforehand, nothing like waiting til the last minute. I don’t know if you kids ever fight or bicker with each other, but mine do. And every time they start I have them list five things about the other person they are thankful for- it’s really sweet and pretty funny the things they come up with, but then off they go, friends again!

  9. nanette

    so sweet! i hope you’re feeling well and i can’t wait to see the new addition soon!

  10. This looks like the best holiday! Glad you all enjoyed!

  11. Madison

    I have been following your blog for years and I love every post! You have such a sweet little family and I love seeing all the pictures you share. Happy holidays!

  12. That little pedi is so so sweet – you are such a fabulous mom. I love your 5 things game, too. Blessings!

    Warm Regards,

  13. Briseidy

    how cute!Mr. Samson the bsker is just the best ;)

  14. vicky

    looks so very fun! can’t wait to see the newest baby Davis. :) love all of your prepared-ness.

    giant kudos to Josh for doing the big dishes for Thanksgiving. my husband is the same way, though. i’m more of the side dishes and desserts manager, too. ;)

    i love Samson’s cardigan and Eleanor’s toes!

    and the pie.. yum! (i feel the need to cover all of my bases and say how wonderful everything looks, ha!) great, fun post – per usual!

  15. You really do have the most beautiful family! Hope the pregnancy is going well, you look gorgeous and radiant as ever. Can’t wait to e-meet the little one!

    Beth xo.

  16. marie

    Haha love their wide grins at the last photo! I’m thankful for 2 happy and healthy sons, and thankful for a hardworking and loving hubby. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweet family!

  17. Mmt

    Love getting to see bit and pieces of your lovely family’s life. So very sweet!

  18. Bea

    Hi Naomi!!!
    Happy to see that eveything is going fine!
    In the photo with Kitchen Aid, Samson looks like your brother when he was young!
    I like your pjs!!

  19. Samantha

    So many great photos! It looks like you had a wonderful weekend – I think one of my favorite pics is the baby bump! How excited you must be getting!!! Also, I think its 100% acceptable to rock pj’s on a holiday weekend. #noshame
    Loved the post!
    ~ Samantha

  20. Brooke

    Such amazing photos!! A beautiful family, can’t wait for the newest little one! :)

  21. Kim E.

    What kind of broccoli recipe was that? It looked awesome and now I’m craving a bite…

  22. I’ve been an avid reader for awhile now and I just love seeing how your family celebrates the season. How adorable is Mr. Samson… looks so proud about his pumpkin rolls.


  23. Justine

    Your photos are always so stunning!

  24. emily

    ok your apartment is the cutest thing.

  25. esther

    Such precious photos!

  26. Tara

    There was something so sweat and heartwarming about this post. I think it was how authentic everything was. Oh! And I love that your husband cooks the turkey.

  27. Annette

    I’m in love with the picture of you kneading the dough for the pie. Wish I had gotten a picture at that angle of my bump. It took me back to when I had to stand sideways in my kitchen because my bump did not allow me near the counter! Happy Thanksgiving to the Davis family and I wish you a very merry end of your pregnancy!

  28. Kate

    What a fun holiday (it’s one of my personal favorites)! I love that you involved the little ones in the cooking, Samson is too cute! And his rolls look amazing, maybe he’ll be a chef someday? :)

    Happy holidays!


  29. kiely

    the cutest little family! how fun to spend thanksgiving together :) e’s feet are the cutest! happy late thanksgiving and i hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly!

    xoxo, kiely

  30. cheyenne

    gosh, that sounds like a perfect weekend. your photos are always so great, they really show what a loving family you have. :)
    xo, cheyenne

  31. Sinead

    Love E’s pedicure and Samson’s adorable smile!

  32. Paige

    Your pjs are so cute! Where are they from?

  33. Lama

    God bless your children, they’re adorable

  34. Leanne

    I bet that meal tasted a billion times better to Eleanor and Samson because they helped make it! So sweet.

    I think it’s so beautiful how you appreciate the things that make each child unique — Samson’s independence, Eleanor’s admiration of her painted toes! It shows them how important embracing their individuality is — something we need more of in this world. Great photos, as always:)


  35. Sarah

    You have such a cute family!!! And your apartment looks adorable!! I’m glad you guys all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Having little ones (I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 1 year old) definitely makes you appreciate the little things in life. So sweet of what yours are thankful for! You’re right, they are such wonderful blessings!

    Best of luck to you and your family as you move on to this new chapter with three little ones!! Happy to be following along :)


  36. Trena

    Why does the turkey have four legs?

    • TAZA

      Haha! Oops! We aren’t very good artists!

  37. Benedetta

    Aww love your share so much love!!!
    Be Happy with Fashion

  38. I wish we celebrate Thanksgiving in Croatia (Europe) like you guys celebrate it in the USA! :(


  39. Gabriela Pereida

    Happy Holidays to you and yours! Family is such a blessing. I had the best Thanksgiving this year as well…just you like you.


  40. Awww, thanks for trying my pie, and liking it! I’d have to agree, it IS the best pie crust! Happy holidays!

  41. such a cozy and warm every of the photos and adore your family so much.your family is my inspiration.

    xo josephine c.

  42. Megan

    Love your floral PJs… I’ve been looking for a similar pair and can’t find any in stores! Any hints?
    Best of luck when you go in to labour!

    • TAZA

      thank you! it’s a nightgown from H&M!

  43. eva

    your family looks so precious <3 the photos are beautiful, I always enjoy looking at our blog and all your family activities and I can't wait to start my own famiy! Wishing you all the best, it's really nice to se how happy you all are! :) <3

    much love,

  44. hanna

    Your life seems so magical –Hanna Lei

  45. Adrienne

    Those little dolls put “stuffed animals” on their thankfulness turkey! How adorable. Good luck with baby #3! <3

  46. Alexandra

    random question . . how did you cook up the sausages? i’m so not a meat cooker or eater. but bought sausages like that at stone barns. would love to cook them up for my husband. help! x

  47. mara

    i can’t lie, that sausage looks ammaaaazing. i never really cared for sausage until i was pregnant, and now i love it! mmm. can’t wait to see new little baby! :) happy holidays and good luck whenever that sweet little one decides to come!

  48. Elle

    Such lovely photos. Happy thanksgiving everyone!! :)

  49. you have the most adorable family. eleanor is one cute lady!