christmas sugar cookies!

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there was this moment last week where i was like, ugh. where is this baby? just come already! but in the same thought, i realized it’s actually kind of nice to have these last few days together with just eleanor and samson, getting in all our holiday traditions and activities together, before i’ve got my arms completely full of a little newborn for the next several weeks.

we spent an afternoon making homemade sugar cookies together while listening to christmas music and had such a good time! i’ve learned a lot about patience this year with these two in the kitchen. they are always dying to help with any task, and while it’s usually a slower process and 10x messier to have their little helping hands around,  i’ve learned from my own upbringing (where i didn’t really get to participate in the kitchen much) that it’s important to me that i bite my lip and just let them have fun and learn and do and help as much as they want.

we partnered with pottery barn kids this month, who make these darling little monogrammed rudolph aprons and a few other fun holiday kitchen dishes and decorations. so the experience was even more cool for E and S since they weren’t just little bakers, but bakers with their names on their aprons! and, aprons with pockets!!!! the aprons are maybe being requested to be worn on a daily basis around our house these days, whether we’re in the kitchen or not…

a few photos from our sugar cookies baking day below…


^^^she’s incredibly good at measuring the most perfect and precise cups of sugar.  now, getting all that sugar into the bowl and not onto the counter when pouring it in on the other hand, we’re working on it. ;) ^^^



^^^caught red handed sneaking cookie dough into her mouth!^^^


^^^the amount of frosting and sprinkles a toddler can fit onto each individual cookie is quite impressive.^^^


^^^i don’t even know how many cookies samson took bites of while frosting.  but someone’s gotta try them out to make sure each one tastes good, right?^^^


we delivered the cookies to all our friends and neighbors in our apartment building after dinner that evening (we saved all the ones samson took bites of for us. don’t worry!) we have a second batch of dough in our freezer (the recipe makes a lot!) and look forward to making one more round to deliver to our tiny friends this coming week! now that they’re old enough to do it with us, i think i just might look forward to this tradition of making and decorating cookies together and delivering them as much as (or more than) the kids do in the coming years.

we used this sugar cookie recipe, but we ended up using much more flour than the initial recipe called for.  it was still quite a sticky dough to work with, even with the additional flour, so if you do end up trying out this recipe, don’t be nervous to add generous amounts of additional flour.  our cookies still turned out delicious!

this post is in partnership with pottery barn kids. they have a darling line of holiday items this year. you can find a few of the other items we picked out and featured in this post right here: the cute rudolph plate set and tumbler set, christmas plaid table runner and chrismas plaid napkins, this felt reindeer decor for the table. not featured but so cute that i just have to share are these christmas pj’s! (i’m clearly such a sucker for christmas pjs…)

merry christmas!!

  1. Anya

    Hello from Russia, Taza! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Gabriella

    I can just imagine how hard it must be to NOT want to do it yourself! But I commend you for letting them try (over and over again!). I guess taking a step back to take a few photos helps with not wanting to interfere all the time ;)

    Ps: Eleanor’s topknot is the cutest! :)

  3. Hi :). The pictures are just lovely, and I don’t only mean these from today’s post :). I think letting children help with the kitchen chores is a great idea. I still remember how great it was to spend time with my parents and siblings decorating gingerbreads for Christmas. This year I did the same with my parents and I loved it even more, even though I’m 26 now :D.

  4. nanette

    this is so cute. my daughter is the same. she loves helping me in the kitchen. she always goes into the pantry and gets the stool so she can see and says, “me, me!”

  5. Eleanor is starting to look so much like you! I’m going to a Christmas Cookie Party tomorrow and this post has made me even more excited…!

  6. Danielle

    Small tip: What helps with the stickiness is putting the dough in the fridge for an hour or even over night.

  7. Chelsea

    You are such a sweet mamma!! Cooking with babes does take an extraordinary amount of patience. My those aprons are adorable my littles would be over the moon to each have one of those!

  8. Jaclyn

    I can’t get over these aprons your little helpers are wearing! So cute. Making Christmas memories in the kitchen is the sweetest.

  9. I love this post! I say it time and time again but you really do have such a beautiful family and I simply love reading about your trips and activities.

    Beth xo.

  10. Briseidy

    how fun! I’ve been baking cookies with my little boy a lot too ;) it’s so much fun for them….love how festive your table looks, and those aprons are really cute! I want one in my size! hehe

  11. Stephanie MacLeod

    Can I please ask where you got your You will have your cake and eat it too print in your kitchen?

    • TAZA

      It’s from etsy but from several years ago. I don’t recall the shop name. I’m sure if you searched the quote in etsy though you might have some luck!

  12. Eisha

    Eleanor looks JUST like you in the picture of her sneaking cookie dough (hey, the best of us do it. I’m a sucker for cookie dough any day of the week!!)

  13. Darling pictures! I, myself, can’t resist a little taste of the cookie dough.

    XO, from Utah!

    Erika Wynn

  14. Allison

    E looks like Cindy-Lou Hoo in that cookie dough sneaking photo – how adorable!

  15. Rachael

    That first picture made me say (out loud…to myself) “OH COME ON!”

    Your kids are just so stinkin adorable! GEEZ!

  16. arielle

    awww, what cute aprons! and kiddos, too, of course! your life with your littles has me longing for one of my own. thanks for sharing, and these cookies look amazing. samson and eleanor are pretty good frosters. I always like extra frosting on my cookies, too!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  17. Hannah C

    Your kids are too cute for words!

  18. cheyenne

    seems like fun times! guess you can never go wrong with baking sugar cookies. :D
    xo, cheyenne

  19. Sarah

    Aww…this brings back such memories. My mom used to do this with my sister and I when we were younger. Always cherish these memories…they will last a lifetime. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

  20. Anita

    Your kids look like they’re having a blast! They’re making me want to pull out my rolling pin and whip of some sugar cookies for our building. :)

    Always, Anita

  21. Bea

    Looks like something funny for two toddlers!!

  22. Tammy

    Too cute :) What a beautiful post.

    Ahh Taza I cannot wait for the new baby. Sending prayers your way :)


  23. Kelly Smith

    Hi Taza! Were you and Josh in the beginning of this week’s episode of The Middle? I think it is on ABC…watched during my lunch break today and thought I saw you in the intro looking at Christmas trees! Adorable as usual :) Happy Holidays!

  24. Billie

    Those precious faces!!!
    Oh my goodness I really think they are the most sweetest beings on the planet.

    I’ve been following you since long before Eleanor was born, and I still can’t quite believe you’re about to add another into the mix!

    It’s been so lovely to watch your life blossom, and know your family at least in a virtual sense.
    A very merry Christmas to you, and Josh, and your littles.

  25. eva

    these pictures are sooo adorable <3 love the aprons and the whole baking together as a family, looks like such a good time :))


  26. Lauren

    Sweet pictures (and love E’s top knot), but I really can’t imagine putting so much sugar into these little bodies.

  27. Meghan

    The reason you had to add so much flour is because that recipe was for a drop cookie and not a rolled sugar cookie. I’m glad it tuned out for you, but in the future you may have even more success using a recipe that’s specifically formulated to be rolled and cut into shapes.

    Merry Christmas.

    • TAZA

      that’s good to know! i didn’t realize! thanks for sharing.

  28. Fernanda

    E’s little bun is perfection!!
    happy holidays guys!!!
    can’t wait for the new baby to arrive

  29. Marie

    Aaawww Samson face is priceless! He looks so happy and excited to bake those cookies, and to taste them. My son loves to bake too, and I can’t wait for us to start making Christmas cookies! ;)

  30. Jade

    This is so cute

  31. Jackie

    Those aprons are ADORABLE!

  32. Ok, Eleanor has the SWEETEST face and those aprons are too much. I bet my kids would go bananas over something like those!!

  33. Kelly

    Those aprons are adorable and this is such a cute tradition!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  34. vicky

    little cuties.

    i have the worst trouble with sugar cookies. mine always end up HUGE! those look so pretty. great job!

  35. Annie

    Oh my! Their aprons are too cute! I am anticipating the birth of YOUR baby #3 too! When is this baby gonna come! I can’t wait to find out what you’ve named the little bundle of Christmas joy! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    6-12 MONTHS BABY GIFT GUIDE on The MAMA Gazette

  36. Stefany

    Congratulations on your new baby boy!

  37. eleanor is a beauty!

  38. hanna

    Your kids are so cute! –Hanna Lei