christmas 2014!

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hope you had a very merry christmas! this christmas was one of my favorites. we spent it here in the city and enjoyed hosting our families. (we successfully made christmas dinner for 12 people!) the winter weather wasn’t terrible either, so we were able to get out and spend some time around new york doing a few of our favorite christmas activities once again with everyone. and with so many people wanting to play with eleanor and samson and hold little conrad, mama was able to sneak in a nap or two which was just heaven. here are just a few quick iPhone shots from the weekend….


christmas jammies! sometimes it’s super fun to be that annoying family wearing matching pj’s. this is the sort of thing i live for. haha.


josh spent a good portion of the afternoon on christmas eve making his ginger cookies for everyone. i’ve never seen anyone eat so many, either.  for a man who doesn’t like baked goods, he sure has a soft spot for ginger cookies.  and a shot of the sweetest hand carved wooden spoons in my christmas stocking this year.


baby conrad’s first christmas! and a little electronic “busy box” my dad made eleanor and samson for christmas. it makes all sorts of sounds and noises and has a microphone that turns your voice into a robot! there are also endless lights and knobs and switches, so it keeps them entertained.  we love it, it’s a fun little gift… even if it’s been maybe driving me nuts (the volume knob works really well, unfortunately. ha.)


all four of my siblings here at the same time! it was so much fun! and my baby brother is taller than me now which i don’t want to talk about. also, a snapshot of christmas dinner on the right!


while my family was here, josh and our fathers blessed conrad at church on sunday.  it was a really special day for our family and i’m so glad we were able to share it with all of our family.  the baby blessing was beautiful and such a sweet note to end the wonderful christmas weekend with.  my family helped us take down all of our christmas decorations and the tree last night, and while i’m kind of happy to have more of my space back and clean and de-cluttered just a bit from all that christmas stuff, i also can’t wait for next year? why am i so weird like that? i don’t know, but christmas is seriously the greatest. hope you had a beautiful holiday as well.

  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I remember reading that you and your family sing Happy Birthday on Christmas… (it was a tradition I had as a child too) Do you still carry on the tradition?

  2. Kathryn

    That pajama shot is just too cute! So glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas. Here’s to an amazing 2015 as well!

    xx Kathryn

  3. It sounds like you guys had a wonderful time! Your family is so beautiful :) I’m already excited for next Christmas, too!

  4. nanette

    im glad you had such a lovely time! i also had a little newborn on christmas this year and it’s just the best!

  5. Wow, it looks like you had a great Christmas and you all look so cute in your matching pajamas – I love being that family! And I agree, those wooden spoons are so cute :)

  6. As the oldest of six and a mother of six, I love seeing sweet pictures of brothers and sisters together. No matter how old we are, or how far apart we may live, it’s always a blessing to be together! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  7. vicky

    i understand your pain about taking the christmas decorations down and then already sort of counting down the days until next christmas. if it’s weird, then i’m weird because i adore christmas-time. sometimes i want to be that person on the santa claus 2 that wears charms or something year round to keep the christmas spirit alive.. but i’m not brave enough, ha!

    love the busy box and the wooden measuring spoons. and of course baby conrad is so cute in his christmas pj’s. i love the little one’s ice cream truck, too. so cute. glad your holiday was so festive and fun!

  8. Kerry

    What a cute picture in your Christmas jammies! I love it! Xx

  9. Heather

    Though Eleanor looked like you, until I saw your little brother. Spitting image!

  10. Great pictures! I’m glad you and your beautiful family had a wonderful holiday! Where did you find matching Pajamas for the whole family? I would love some for next year!

  11. Alyssa

    Love the christmas jammies! I also live for moments like that. Happy holidays to you & your family :)

  12. love the pajamas! glad you all had a great holiday!

  13. Bea

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!!!
    I’m happy to see that everything is ok and alright with you and little Conrad!!
    I think that the support of your family is what you need now!!!
    Have a great great great end of 2014!!!

  14. Kelsey

    Can we just talk about how AMAZING that busy box is?! And how awesome the matching PJs are?! And how tiny/cute Conrad looks in that snow suit?! I remember the winter that I moved to DC. I was 19 with a 6 month old…it was SO COLD and because I didn’t have a car we took the bus or metro EVERYWHERE and each time we left the house I bundled my little girl in a plush purple snowsuit with a fur-lined hood. It was the best!…while also being kind of the worst in the most cold way possible ;)

    Happy Holidays :)

  15. magali

    Beautiful pix of a beautiful family :o)

    When I was not married yet, my lastname was Conrad ;-)

    I wish you a beautiful 2015

    xxx from Switzerland

  16. Tara

    I LOVE the matching pajamas, and the picture with baby all bundled was so cute! Okay, all the baby pics are cute. Oh! And I love the homemade “busy box”. Yay dad.

  17. Tabitha

    The pjs are adorable! Where did you find them?

  18. jemima

    I am alllll about the matching pyjamas. Even at 24, my sisters and I regularly rock matching sister pyjamas from time to time. I dare say my future kids will be subject to it too ;) I know they’ll appreciate it one day… or not…hah…

    Merry Christmas to the Davis fam!


  19. yes Christmas IS the greatest!! the lights, the family, the joyous music, the miracle of Jesus and Santa – it’s all magical. i’m sad it’s over…

  20. hanna

    Your life looks so magical. –Hanna Lei

  21. Amy

    Congrats on your sweet little boy! I am amazed by how great you look for just having a baby! And the fact that you had the energy to be exploring the city and hosting for Christmas, that is incredible. If you feel like opening up about your post-partum experiences I would love to read it, every mother recovers differently.

  22. Marika

    O wow, you had pierogi! There’s no Christmas for Polish people without them ;) What were they filled with?
    I ‘m the same in that respect- I’m itching to put away all decorations, but planning stuff for next year at the same time…

  23. Sinead

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! It’s always great when all the family can get together and celebrate :-)

  24. karolina

    I’m still waiting for my Little miracle. Congratulations of beautiful family.

  25. Lonka

    this family is so cute!

  26. emily

    how cool is it your dad can make stuff like that? haha. also, that little eskimo thing your baby is in in that last picture is so precious. target had cute matching family pajamas and i’m kicking myself for not immediately buying some.

  27. Yelle

    A new family of 5 and a Christmas dinner for 12, sounds so perfect! And the secret recipe for ginger cookies! They must be good!

  28. Sarah

    I love your matching PJ’s!! Adorable!! It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with family – nothing better than that :)

    Happy New Year!! Looking forward to following along in 2015!


  29. Hannah

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Congratulations again to you and your family on the newest addition to your family. Christmas must have been so sweet for you, getting to spend it with your family! What a lovely post, thank you for sharing your Christmas with us!


  30. Oh my goodness, I am in love with the fact that your dad made the busy box!! So sweet.

  31. Charity

    Okay…my heart just EXPLODED over that ice cream truck. And y’all are adorable to the max, as per usual.


  32. Kelly

    Oh my goodness, yes, it sounds like you had the best Christmas! I am so glad it went so well!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  33. That picture of you and your family wearing the same pajamas is probably the best thing that has happened to this blog since Eleonorism!!!
    Happy 2015!!!

  34. cheyenne

    what lovely photos. :) have a great new year!
    xo, cheyenne

  35. Lauren

    Such a cute family! And my goodness, you look fantastic! It’s like having babies is easy :)

    I’m so impressed you were able to host dinner for 12 in your apartment! We’re in a very tiny one bedroom in the Village and I just can’t imagine it. Perhaps that can be one of our NY goals…find a place to host our families for a holiday! (with a reasonable amount of squeezing and rearranging of course)

    Cheers to a great New Year!

  36. Kate

    LOVE the matching pyjamas!! Conrad is just like I was, since we are both December babies and I’m sure everyone enjoyed cuddling him on his first Christmas!!

  37. Hey Rita

    Your family is seriously the cutest! Hope you have a wonderful New Year! x


  38. We always had Martinelli’s as the “champagne” for dinner feasts growing up, too! Maybe definitely one of my favorite parts. :)

  39. Sylvia

    I adore your black jacket in the last few pics.

  40. Happy New Year to you and your family. I like this post and the picture with the pjs is so cute.

  41. Kristen

    Naomi, where is that black jacket from? It looks so cute and warm!

    Happy New Year!

  42. Vanessa

    So glad to hear that you and your adorable growing family had a wonderful Christmas! :)

  43. ezrazoe

    where did you get this adorable ice cream truck box?

  44. Amy

    Hi Naomi!
    May I ask where you got your leather moto jacket?

  45. EB

    You are such a photogenic family! What a beautiful christmas.
    I spent MONTHS this year looking for matching pyjamas for my family, after seeing your stripes in your Christmas photos last year. Please, is there any way you could tell me where you find them?! I would do forever greatful!

  46. Nat

    Where did you get those adorable spoons made? Want to have some made for nieces and nephews for valentines day. I would love to know? Congrats on your beautiful new family of five!!!!

    • TAZA

      they are from park wood shop!