baby conrad’s corner!

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it’s been such a treat to have a new baby in our home the past few days. cheesy as it sounds, there is extra joy and love floating around this apartment these days, and with it being the week of christmas, we are feeling it extra this year.

baby conrad is officially 1 week old, and between his papa and me, and both eleanor and samson, this baby boy is most definitely getting all the attention. none of us can get enough of him. i wanted to share his cozy little corner we put together for him in the nursery. it’s not a whole lot,  just a little corner in a space he’s sharing with his older brother and sister, but within the past few days, it’s become mama’s favorite little corner in the apartment. and whenever conrad is asleep in his little crib during the day, i can usually find the rest of my family hanging out close by (sometimes too close, like intentionally-trying-to-wake-him-up-because-they-miss-him-so-much too close.)


here is E and S’s nursery these days.  this room has transformed a lot over the past two years, from cribs to toddler beds with the furniture moved every which way (i love moving around furniture. even in small spaces, i have to rearrange it every few months.)  HERE was the set up when we first moved in, HERE it is when we put the cribs in storage and they co-slept together on their mattresses inside their teepee, and HERE it is again this past spring when we graduated to toddler beds as they outgrew their co-sleeping arrangement. they’ve done really well together sharing a space, and we hope little conrad joining them will be just as easy a transition.


it’s kind of crazy to think of having three kiddos sharing a bedroom, but we really love our space and since the kids have the larger bedroom in our two bedroom apartment, it still feels a little spacious in there (although it is cozy) for a city bedroom.  both eleanor and samson used that alma mini crib which conrad is now sleeping in.  i’ve talked about why i like it before, but it’s compact and also on wheels, so i can easily wheel it into another room during these first few months if needed.



since we only have one dresser in the nursery right now, and the drawers are already filled to capacity with eleanor and samson’s clothing and toys, i’ve put all of conrad’s clothing and blankets and tiny toys in wire baskets near his crib.  baby clothing is so itty bitty in the first few months, it doesn’t take up much space, so the basket situation is working well for now.  we’ll probably end up getting a second smaller dresser for the room later on.


since most of conrad’s things like his cribs and clothing and toys will be hand-me-downs as we’ve kept most things from when eleanor and samson were babies and like to reuse as much as we can, i really wanted to find a special item just for him before he arrived. i bought this beautiful mobile on etsy about a month ago. i didn’t know if baby was a boy or girl at the time, so i chose colors that went well with the nursery already, and would work with either a boy or girl. i really really love how it turned out.


eleanor made this sculpture in art class a few weeks ago. over the weekend, she gave it to baby conrad all on her own and said that she made it for him.  it was very sweet.  we put it on the fireplace mantle right beside his crib so he can “see it” every day. ;)


we hung this print of the italian alphabet near conrad’s crib, which friends back in DC gave us a few years  ago.  they found the print at a yard sale in virginia and thought of josh when they saw it since he speaks italian.


and there you have it! a tiny corner in the nursery all for our tiny conrad! this nursery is maybe getting a little bit full, but i don’t think we mind. there sure is a whole lotta love in there!

  1. Such a lively bedroom and it photographs really well. You did a great job at making the most of a small space. The tree for the kiddos in between the beds is too cute.

    Texas Jak

  2. Alex

    Where is that yellow striped blanket from? It’s so lovely.

  3. adorable! I love how colorful and fun this space is! I also like the shared room–your kids will grow up so close in more ways than one. Merry Christmas!

  4. Briana

    I have 6 little ones and we have the three boys in one room and the three girls in the other. We love it and so do they. A friend gave me this quote and it describes us and our home perfectly.

    Love grows best in little houses, with fewer walls to separate. Where you eat and sleep so close together you can’t help but communicate. And if we had more room between us think of all we’d miss. Love grows best in houses just like this.

  5. Eli

    I’m sure this little colourful space is your favourite area to hang around, guys. I adore the combination of colour here – it seems more like based around emotions to create a fabulous mood rather than a particular style.

    Thank you for inviting us to your littles’ beautiful sanctuary. xxx

  6. Lucy

    Such a wonderful room!!!
    It’s incredible how much you can fit into it, but yet it doesn’t in the least seem crowded!!
    So much light comes into that room and I just love all of it, the wonderful sofa, the different colours… I love how it’s a nursery/bedroom/play room in one <3
    Absolutely love those wire baskets for storage, I have some on my wish list!
    May seem a random question, but I've fallen in love with that little crochet? teddy in one of the baskets! Where did you get it?
    Thank you for sharing, I wondered where his crib would be, but that space was made for it <3
    X x x x

  7. ruby

    love all of it although I think the sofa needs to go for more space… let me forward you my address so I could take it off your hands ;)))) congrats Taza

  8. Trisha F

    You are amazing to make so much of a small space! We just moved into my in-laws basement and are STRUGGLING to learn how to get rid of more STUFF. You are great!

  9. Juliana

    Hello! I love how they all share their gorgeous room.. They’ll all be close with each other and that room is just decorated beautifully! You always seem to get it right! :)

    I’d love to know where the blue dresser is from? xxxx

  10. Chereen

    What a gorgeous, love-filled nursery! I absolutely adore how you’ve used the space and created a perfect little haven for your three babies. So special!

  11. vicky

    it’s cozy and perfect. i love everything about little conrad’s corner! ;)
    i also love eleanor’s gift to her little brother. so sweet!

  12. So much love in there! I think it’s great that your kids share a room, my brother and I (who are 18 months apart) did until I was 14 and looking back on it it was great. We are super close and have so many wonderful memories!



  13. Kerry

    This is a lovely space! It doesn’t look crowded at all. And those storage baskets are genius! I’m going to pick up a few for my nursery.

  14. AC

    love it !!! My three kiddos share their room too, and I like it !!

  15. Cici

    Beautiful, as always. Just one question: Doesn’t Conrad wake up/scream a lot during the night? How do you handle it with the other two sleeping righg next to him? Don’t they wake up? I would love to have my kids share a room, but I am afraid to put an unpredictable (concerning sleep) newborn with them..

  16. Jean

    At one time, four of my siblings (4 girls n a boy) and I shared a huge bedroom. my siblings and I are still very close in relationships. Them sharing a bedroom makes me smile :)

  17. Katie F.

    I was wondering the same thing as Cici about the baby waking up the others, but maybe they are just used to noises in loud city? Bravo to you making the most of a lovely space for your kiddos!

  18. Ashley

    First off, I absolutely love the name Conrad. Secondly, the room looks fantastic! You made a small space into something special that I’m sure both your kids will love and appreciate.

  19. Kathryn

    I definitely agree that you have done an amazing job with such a small space! The whole room is so bright and cheery, but i can understand how that corner is your favorite. Congrats on your growing family!

    xx Kathryn

  20. Christian

    Hey! Precious! So precious! Where did you get the wirebaskets?

  21. Mary

    Great ideas for using a small space. You always find the cutest stuff on Etsy — how do you find it? Just searching around? Any favorite shops?

  22. Cait

    I was so thrilled to hear of Conrad’s birth last week, and love the name. Congratulations to your whole sweet family! I don’t comment much but I’ve been reading since before Eleanor was born. We have two littles so far, and our 10 month old is still in our room because we co sleep and I’m way to worried about him waking up his big sister at nap time. Someday we’ll have to figure it out though! I absolutely plan on having our kids share rooms, even if we had extra room someday. I think it will be so special for them and important for their learning to be patient with each other too. It’s encouraging to see the closeness of your kids and how you appreciate the space and don’t seem impatient for more. Bless you all!( I wish you a quick recovery too!)

  23. Such a bright and inspiring room for your sweet babies!!! I love it. Most would complain about space and not having an ideal “room for each child” but this is just fab.

  24. Renske

    Love to see this! It is a bit hard to tell from the photos, but how big is this space? :)

  25. Annalise

    Hi! where is that adorable couch from?

  26. Samantha

    What an adorable space! I love how colorful you’ve made it – lots of inspiration for your newest little! I especially love the hot air balloon mobile and the guitars. Great job!
    ~ Samantha

  27. Alyssa

    This set up is so colorful & cozy! We had an itty bitty apartment when we lived in New York City and I miss the coziness of it. S and E’s arts & crafts displayed on the wall are super adorable. What a fun childhood bedroom!

  28. Megan

    Congrats on little Conrad! Absolutely adorable. I too live in a tiny apartment on the Upper West Side and I will be storing away that crib in my memory if we ever decide it’s time for a little one. Again Congratulations on the newest addition to your beautiful family.

  29. Soo cute! That’s the cutiest room ever! Cogratulations!

  30. Erin

    Love it! We just had our first in July and I so love the idea of putting our second in the same room some day –curious about how they nap sharing a room? Did you train them at all, letting them fuss, etc? How does that work with the other(s)?


  31. Crystalyn

    I love the use of the space! It’s such an adorable setting to bring that sweet little baby home to. I’m sure his older siblings love having him so close. Congrats again! :)

  32. I absolutely love this nursery, it is filled with character and personality! The eclectic mix of furniture really works and it looks like such a creative space for your children to grow up in.

  33. Stephanie

    i love the room!! It is perfect for your kids, but please move the globe away, the kids playing may Fall it!!

  34. Tammy

    It’s like it was meant to be :) The crib fits that little corner perfectly – the angels had that spot reserved for a Christmas baby.

    Have a beautiful holiday my friends. Wishing you all the love and joy in the world.


  35. i love this little peek into their sweet room!! the big kids will love having their baby brother in there and they’ll learn to sleep thru the random cries! you are bananas blessed this christmas!! congrats on conrad. he’s all doll baby.

  36. hanna

    Perfect, just perfect. –Hanna Lei

  37. Wishing I had a corner like Conrad! AMAZING! You have inspired me to add more color to my son’s “corner” I painted all white walls in an attempt to do what you have done, then played it safe with neutrals:( Thank you for the INSPIRATION!

  38. Jess

    What a beautiful room! It’s so bright and inviting, any kids’ dream. I envy your style X

  39. Kelsey

    I love it when you show your house! Will you show us your bedroom? I don’t think I’ve seen it before. I love your decorating style!

  40. Vivien

    I really do adore your cozy apartment in NY and hope that one day I’ll have a home as lovely as yours! Do keep blogging frequently, you always make my day :)

  41. Faith

    I love this! What an amazing space. People where I live are so obsessed with big everythings! bigger houses, bigger yards, bigger hair (if you haven’t guessed, im from the south. ha!) its a little obnoxious. Its so refreshing and inspiring to see you appreciate what you have. Big or small, you really do find the beauty in everything, and that is just too lovely for words! Thanks a million for your wonderful blog, and for all the great ideas. We live in a small home with a little one, and could use all the tips on how to utilize our space. Merry Christmas, and happy happy new year! And a big congrats on the newest addition. Hes precious!

  42. Carly

    So cute and beautiful! Glad to see you guys are settling in.
    Mini cribs are the best. I recommend them to everyone. We used one when we lived in an apartment and it worked great

  43. Bea

    The italian alphabet!
    I like it!!! :)

  44. Kate

    I love love love that mobile, I might have to get one for the nursery we are currently redoing!

  45. Sarah

    I see a few others have already asked, but can you elaborate on the sleeping situation with the kiddos?! Is little Conrad in your room for now or do you have him in the crib already? You guys are awesome!! I have two little girls ages 2 1/2 and 15 months and we just moved to NC from AZ into an apt. We “splurged” for the 3 bedroom b/c I was too afraid to have them share!! My oldest still wakes constantly in the night. It seems like yours got used to sharing a room which is wonderful!!

    Hope you are enjoying life as a family of 5! Happy to be following along!! :)


  46. Chelsea

    Such a beautiful sweet space, I love how colorful and light and airy the room is- it looks like a happy place. My kiddos are 8,6,4 and 1, and even though we live in a big ole farm house with enough rooms, they have never not shared a room. I tried once, but it was pointless, they just wanted to be together. So all four are snuggled up!

  47. I love this nursery! It looks like such a cozy city space and it’s so beautiful that the kids all share a space. The colours and organization are amazing. So perfect.

  48. Jemima

    Beautiful. It looks like such a happy little space. Do S and E not wake up when Conrad cries in the night?

    I love this little room and you’ve done such a great job with the decorating!

    Jemima xx

  49. Hannah

    Did you buy the already made mobile or the kit? If it was the kit, was it easy enough to put together? I love that all 3 are sharing a room. My 3 do too!

  50. Allison

    Adorable. Everything about the place is adorable. You always inspire me to do my apartment up in different ways. thanks for always being there to inspire me, even though you don’t know me.
    happy holidays from my family to yours.

    Allison over at Allison’s Eye

  51. Rachel

    I am so impressed by your flexibility and the way your family works together as a unit, very beautiful product of God’s love and character.
    Their nursery has always been one of my very favorites, I love the way it looks as if you effortlessly throw things together and it creates a masterpiece! Totally serious…I love it. And Conrad’s corner is perfect!
    I love the striped yellow swaddle blanket, where did you get it? :)

  52. Jenna

    This is gorgeous! I am having my first baby within the next month and would love to have some ideas of places you get your children’s adorable clothes! They are so fun, bright, and unique. We don’t know what we are having either :) congrats, Conrad is beautiful and so is his space :)

  53. The room looks fun and cheery, Taza, and I’m sure the kiddies just love having a space of their own!
    This tour reminds me of my sister and brother-in-law’s former Manhattan apartment (featured here: Their three kids shared a colourful room (while the baby was in their room). The kids loved it even though it wasn’t that large. (They’ve now moved to a regular sized house in North Carolina, but all 4 kids continue to share a bedroom).

  54. so much cozy, colour, and preciousness in one little room!

  55. April

    I absolutely love how you made such a small space fit for three kids! I wouldn’t have a clue where to start hah! It’s such a colourful room too – I wish I could sleep in it :)
    Have a great Christmas!
    xo April Everyday

  56. The nursery looks so beautiful!!! So bright and colourful! I’m sure your three babies are going to be so happy sharing that lively room!

  57. Sinead

    This is such a beautiful space! You’ve done a great job with it – I’m loving the bright colours against the white and baby Conrad’s mobile is so adorable :-)

  58. jen

    so adorable! we have 4 little ones sharing a room so I totally get the space challenges! but honestly I love how close they are growing up in a small space, they really have to be friends :)

  59. Katherine

    This reads really well. Absolute joy for you and your newest addition.

  60. Heather

    I am so impressed at how much use of space you’ve gotten from this darling little room! If someone told me I had to turn this space into a quaint, charming room for 3 little ones I would have run screaming into the hills. But look how cute you’ve made everything! What lucky kiddos :)

  61. Deb

    Just a little note, your accent color yellow looks dark as shapes in the blog but as a font it’s hard to read…

  62. Carmen Sherry

    I loved reading this! We just moved my two daughters (3 and 1) into the same bedroom earlier today. It’s a pretty tight fit in there and I was feeling a little blue about it being so cramped. Seeing this beautiful, cozy, comfortable room helps me make peace with our cramped situation.

  63. what a sweet little space! love the hot air balloon mobile.


  64. Tara

    So cute! I am curious as to what made you choose the name Conrad? I love it and haven’t heard it in a long while! Love this space and how the room has changed over the years. Congrats on your healthy, beautiful family Naomi! xoxo


  65. Trish O

    Beautiful room. My hubby is the youngest of 5 kids. 3 boys in one little room and 2 girls in another little room. The three boys were a huge span of ages but it always seemed to work great. I think they all have a lot of fond memories of sharing a room.

  66. McCall L.

    So so sweet! Where are your wire baskets from? I love them!

  67. Faizah Chaudhry

    Love the beautiful bright nursery and like the brilliant idea of crib with wheels . Congrats on your new arrival .Best :-)

  68. Romina

    So sweet! Congratulations for your little baby Conrad! I really love the name, and I have a silly curiosity: which would have been the name for a baby girl? We are working on names, and since we are not native English speakers, this is not a easy task (mostly for social name connotations). We are thinking if using an Italian name or an English name, we are trying to think about what will be better for our little one (and not just for us!). Thanks and happy holidays to your adorable little family!

  69. Mara

    Do you guys have plans for moving in a bigger apartment?

  70. Tegan

    This is the nicest little room! I love the vintage sofa!

  71. Rachel

    Oh I love this room !! You’ve really made wonderful use of the space ! Makes me a lot less scared to have my second baby in a 2 bedroom house :) P.S. Are those GREY crib moccs from FP ? They are absolutely wonderful.

  72. Charlie

    I am in love with the decoration. I have always had the luxury of living in houses/flat with quite large rooms so far but as I’m getting older I’m starting to really like smaller spaces, It’s so much more interesting to work with. I love how you arranged this bedroom/nursery,it looks so cosy and dreamy. Just perfect !

  73. Hi!! Such a nice room!! Filled with colors, energy and love!!

    @Taza do you have tips on how to make it work with kids in the same room? Were debating what to do with our second (our bedroom vs our son’s) and would love to know whats the best way to make it work with naps and different schedules/ breastfeeding…


  74. I love what you have done with the space and am so thrilled to see how you make it work with one room for all the little ones! Such an adorable room!