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we are home safe and sound from the hospital and enjoying life as a family of 5. (!!!!!) what a blur the last few days feel like! our first night back home, samson developed a fever and cough as the night progressed (isn’t that how it always goes? you take every precaution in the book to make sure your toddlers are as healthy as they can possibly be in the middle of winter as you bring home a newborn and then BAAM, it still happens.) so now we’ve been working on trying to juggle a household of sickies while also trying not to get the baby sick as we readjust to life with our newest addition.

here are a few photos from our time at the hospital with our new little one,

conrad rex davis

wow! that is so fun to type out!  we are completely smitten with our baby conrad. he was born sunday, december 14th at 4:10 in the morning, weighing 8 pounds even, 21 inches tall.  third time around and there is still something so magical about holding and cuddling a new little life in your arms. it does not get old! it only gets better! these tiny babes, so fragile and dependent, always extra cuddly with the faintest smell of sweet milk on their breath… you cannot help but kiss their cheeks 5 million times between feedings and whip out that annoying baby voice you swore you’d never use as you talk to them about the most mundane things. heaven is some sort of version of this in my mind.  i’m thankful for the chance to experience it here in a small way.  i absolutely adore and cherish my title as a mother. it is nothing short of a privilege to hold this role with eleanor, samson, and now, little conrad.


^^^a smile! i think he likes his papa!^^^


^^^eleanor and samson showed up the minute visiting hours began sunday morning and brought mama flowers! even though josh and i had been up all night, visiting hours at 11AM could not come fast enough for either of us. we couldn’t wait for E and S to meet their new little brother! i won’t ever forget that image of the two of them walking into my hospital room so proud and wide eyed carrying these flowers. “we picked them out for you! because they are your favorite color!” eleanor said. and then they climbed up onto my hospital bed in their coats and shoes and gave me the biggest hugs. even in pain and going on 36+ hours of no sleep, they made me feel like a million bucks. ^^^

^^^a special moment was when eleanor and samson were both sitting on my hospital bed and josh was about to pick up conrad from his bassinet to introduce him to E and S. he asked them if they thought the baby was a boy or a girl. eleanor said, “a girl!” and samson said “a boy!”. when josh said, “samson, you’re right! this is your new baby brother!” samson lifted his shoulders up and tucked his head down into his chest with his hand clasped together tightly and started laughing excitedly as his entire body shook! he literally was so excited he was shaking! it was kind of the sweetest thing ever. eleanor is excited the baby is a boy as well. she made the observation yesterday at the breakfast table, “mama, you and me, we are girls. but we sure do have a lot of boys in this family!” and last night she called out, “i love you conrad!” before going to sleep.^^^


^^^a hospital that gives you a buttercream congratulatory cake? i’m definitely down with that kind of hospital. ^^^


^^^prop up you feet, mister samson. have a piece of cake. stay a while. ;) ^^^


^^^all buckled in ready for his taxi ride home! and wearing that beloved hat eleanor and samson both once wore on both of their rides home from the hospital.  it’s been four years since i was given that hat by a girlfriend and i still can’t get enough of it.^^^

now that we’re all home, we’re taking turns being fascinated with our baby conrad. i had to share this little clip from a video i took yesterday. when you witness your 2 1/2 year old scoot the space heater over to your baby’s crib and sit down on it, then voluntarily begin to read one of his favorite books to his new baby brother, you can’t help but think, “are you kidding me? this is the best life. i am living the very best life.”

welcome to our family, conrad! we all love you so much already!

  1. omg huge congrats. your family is so cute :) much love.

  2. Victoria

    Congratulations! Your kids are so sweet and already such good big siblings, a true testament to you and your hubby’s parenting:) You took me back to 21 years ago, when I brought my 3rd son home from the hospital, my 21 month old looked at him and said “baby gots eyes” then proceeded to poke at them lol…good times!

  3. Amy

    What a beautiful new little bundle!! Congratulations to you both – it’s such a privilege to share in these moments with your family. That photo of E’s face holding her new brother just makes my heart squeeze. Best of luck to you all in these first days, and I hope you share a wonderful first Christmas with Conrad.

    Much love x

  4. emily

    your eyelashes are so pretty in these! do you have extensions in or is it mascara?

  5. Minami

    Congratulations !!!!! He is so cute and this post is absolutely perfect! Loved reading it. And your 3 kid’s names are so cute.

  6. Congratulations! You have such a beautiful family. I am having a baby in February and I have been pretty nervous about it, it is our first. But this post just made me so excited to hold and love my little one.

  7. Jocelyn

    Congratulations from Texas!

    Thank you for sharing. Wonderful pics of a family during the holidays & such a special event. Love his name : )

  8. Jessica Rose

    I can’t even handle it! Samson reading, gah! I was already baby hungry, this just multiplies it. Congratulations on your beautiful family!!

  9. Xandi

    Simply gorgeous. What a beautiful family and photos to cherish forever! Enjoy this time together x

  10. Fernanda

    precious !!!
    what a lovely boy and that names rocks
    lots of love

  11. Anne

    Congrats to you and your sweet family! A family of 5, wow! I love the name! Isn’t Rex Samson’s middle name as well? Must be a family name, so great! Congrats again :)


  12. Eva

    Wow, this is so cute. So so good to see you all happy together.
    Have the greatest time as a family of five (yeah!),

  13. Jessica

    Ah!!! Congrats!!!! What a beautiful family. Love the boys’ shared middle name of Rex. Not sure of E’s…how poetic Eleanor Rey/Reina would be to go along with Samson and Conrad Rex! Names fit for the little queen & kings they are:). I’m sure whatever it is is just as beautiful as her little soul, though! Congratulations again, you deserve all the joy that is clearly radiating from these amazing pictures!

    Also- Samson’s excitement. It is to die for.

    God Bless and an early Merry Christmas to all of you!

  14. Austin

    So happy for you guys! Welcome to the world, Conrad!

  15. Claire

    Once again congrat’s! Conrad is so cute!
    It’s a little weird because normally I’m not really comfortable with private life on the internet, I’m always wondering if it’s good or not BUT I really love your blog, I’ve been reading it since like 2 or 3 years now and seeing your family make me feel good in a way. So just to say you that’s you seem to be very good people, all the best with this new one.
    Best regards from Paris (I hope you will understand what I say ^^), Claire.

  16. Branca

    I totally would have chosen that name too! It’s beautiful, and it suits him. Congrats on your beautiful family! Love, from Brazil.

  17. Bea

    I’m sure he will havea lot of fun with two sibilings!!

  18. Lauren

    It’s 8:30am here in New Zealand and I’ve just crawled into bed after night shift. But when I saw this post I had to read it immediately and comment with a resounding congratulations!
    It’s the best thing my bleary eyes have read all morning.
    Warm wishes to you, family of five :)

    P.S.I hope Samson gets better soon!

  19. Marriah

    I am so happy for you! All of your babies are beautiful and Conrad is no exception!

    I was just wondering about your decision to use Rex as both his and Samson’s middle names. I know that Eleanor doesn’t have a middle name so that she can carry Davis into her future marriage, and that any other little ladies you have will do the same, but was there a similar thought process with Rex? I don’t mean to be nosy. I’m just always so curious about the choices parents make while naming their babies.

    Congratulations on becoming a family of five! I wish you all the best!

  20. Olya

    this is sooo adorable!
    you are really amazing and inspiring. I just can’t wait to have the third one too <3


  21. WOW! Congrats! Love the name you picked out for the little man. I’m jealous that you look so great leaving the hospital and I barely got it together this morning for work!

    Merry Christmas! Enjoy the new addition


  22. cheyenne

    awww, so sweet! and what a beautiful name. :)
    xo, cheyenne

  23. Elle

    Conrad is a beautiful little baby. Congratulations!! :) and that video of Samson reading to him is so precious!! :)

  24. Kelly

    Conrad-ulations!!! (Sorry I had to). Beautiful family!

  25. Beverly

    Ah! Crying during that little video. That is the sweetest.

  26. Emily

    This is literally the sweetest post I have ever read. I have tears in my eyes. I love how you describe motherhood because a lot of times it is described as somewhat of a chore and sacrifice (which it is) but you are too sweet. I do not have any kids yet but you have made me realize what a special/heavenly experience it will one day be be. You are an amazing mother.

  27. Ooooooooh! Congratulations. How precious your little (getting bigger) family is. I dream of being a mama one day! Merry Christmas from Utah.


  28. Lauren

    In love with that name! Conrad is so precious!

  29. Carson

    Beautiful , precious memories. Would you mind sharing the importance or meaning behind Rex ? Never heard it before and I know it is also Samsons middle name as well. Just curious! Fun to know these little family quirks :) hope every one stays healthy, and that you can catch up on rest . You always look beautiful, no matter what! Such a blessing this Christmas .

  30. sarah

    Aw!! That’s so nice that Samson has a play mate now! I’m so happy for you and your family!


  31. Sinead

    So many cute little faces! Congrats to your whole family on your latest addition :-) x

  32. Amy

    Naomi, I have read your blog for some time, buy never commented. I just had to tell you congratulations AND, my baby’s name is Conrad too! He’s a Christmas baby (almost 2 now!). Amy

  33. Estela Almeida

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Conrad is so cute but Samson on that video is just THE CUTEST. Wish you strength and health totake care of them. Beautiful family!

  34. oh, conrad. now that’s perfect.
    congratulations, love, and blessings once again!

  35. mara

    he looks like his daddy! welcome to the world little conrad!!

    totally have teary eyes after reading this :) so super sweet. cannot wait for #2 to come someday just so i can see my little girl be a big sister.

  36. Becky H.

    So happy for you!! Congratulations, Conrad is precious! I love that each of your little ones has worn that hat. Such a sweet little tradition you’ve got goin’ there. : )
    Enjoy that sweet newborn smell!
    You’re a blessed mama!

  37. Sherrie

    Congratulations again, lovely photos!

  38. Congratulations, Davis family! What a beautiful name. And I love that he shares his middle name with S. When I checked your blog, I immediately turned to my husband to tell him, “Taza had her baby! And it’s a boy!” I know that sounds silly, but I’ve enjoyed ALL of your posts over the last few years, so I feel somewhat invested. Ha.
    And now, let me get ahead of myself and say how incredibly excited I am to see all the little stuff change – insta summaries, the family blog photo, adding a “C” ring, etc. :) A family of 5! How it’s grown!
    Can’t wait for future posts now that little Conrad’s here!

  39. Sara

    Congratulations to all of you! My fathers name is Conrad! Love that you chose this name! All the best!

  40. Averil

    Taza! Firstly congrats – he so simply adorable!

    Secondly – even though I don’t know this “J” commenter, I want to apologise on behalf of them. How completely inconsiderate and down right rude! You are a complete rock star – you have just made a human and given birth, you have two other littles running around and some how you still find time to write and post a beautiful and heartwarming post, when Im sure you would prefer to be sleeping or spending time with your beautiful family. Dont listen to the haters!! Giving birth is the most amazing experience anyone can go through, and I hate that this person has tried to bring negativity to it.

    Anyways – your AMAZING! Your family is AMAZING and somehow your babies just seem to get cutier and cutier.

    Keep it up, your smashing it!



  41. Faith

    Raising three kids in NYC! Congrats!

  42. Carolyn

    Congratulations to you and your sweet family! I so enjoy reading your blog. Best wishes to all of you!

  43. hanna

    You look beautiful and these photos are adorable. –Hanna Lei

  44. Liv

    I usually lurk on your blog…but I had to poke in and say congratulations on growing your brood! The pictures are gorgeous and you look absolutely fantastic!

  45. Hannah

    I was so excited to find out his name and you did not disappoint! I think that the older two looked so alike as babies, but Conrad has his own little look! So fun, I love babies :)

  46. bennett

    that ‘J’ commenter is so rude! you just gave birth! I love all of your posts and they are all beautifully written! congrats to mister condrad and elenor and Samson on being new big brothers and sister! and you for being parents again!! it’s very brave and inspiring to raise kiddos in the city and you do an amazing job! thanks for taking the time to write and share these special posts with your readers.

    merry Christmas!!

  47. Erin

    Congratulations, Naomi! Much love to you and your family :-*

  48. Vivien

    Congratulations, Taza! :) Being an ol’ sap, I almost teared reading this. I love your blog and your adorable family, and I’m sure both E & S will be great siblings to Conrad. Much love and many blessings!

  49. Megan

    That photo of you breastfeeding little Conrad is simply beautiful. Good job, mama!

    Love from Utah!

  50. Meghan

    Congratulations. He’s beautiful. Wishing you all continued happiness, rest and health.

  51. Hailey

    OH MY!!! makin’ me all sorts of baby hungry. :) CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Thank you for all your uplifting and beautiful posts. I have been following you since high school (5+ years) and although I don’t personally know you, you have made a large difference in my life.

    You are OH SO INSPIRING!!! Your positivity and love for family just radiates from you blog. I truly believe that Heavenly Father smiles whenever he thinks of you and the influence you are having on thousands of people. So, THANK YOU!

    Those kiddos are sure lucky to have you as a momma!

  52. Kelleyn

    He is beautiful! Congratulations!

  53. crissy

    I don’t normally comment on your blog, especially when there are already so many, because I feel like it just gets lost in the crowd. But I wanted to say congratulations on your precious new bundle. He’s just as cute as the others, you really do good work. ;)

    I also wanted to say nice choice of name! It actually makes me giggle a little, because I have an Eleanor & a Conrad, and my E is the only girl so far (but with two more brothers!) Plus, I have a Samuel, which is similar to Samson. I just thought it was funny, & wanted to commend you for your obvious great taste in names. ;)

    Wishing you the best this holiday season! & congratulations again! :) <3

  54. Melissa Rollins

    This is beautiful! Love and prayers of thanksgiving your beautiful family!

  55. Laura

    Dear Naomi!
    I´m very happy for you and your family! Reading your blog makes my morning very happy today! :) THIS is luck! :) I wish you all the best!

  56. That video had me choked up! What a sweet moment. Your family is beautiful, Naomi! I am so happy for you. I had my third this summer and there is nothing better than a fresh new baby to hold and nurse and care for, and to have a few cute helpers around, too. Three was like magic for me, motherhood was the most natural it had ever felt. It is a lot of work, but it is the best work. It’s obvious you do it with such love and beauty and grace. Congratulations :)

  57. Jovanna

    That name has been on my little mental list of ages: absolutely LOVE IT! and I adore how much your littles love each other. Congrats! xoxo

  58. Ashleigh

    Such beautiful photos! This post made my day. Many congratulations to all your family on your gorgeous new addition. Hope you have a lovely Christmas & New Year.


  59. Immy

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, Naomi. Congratulations!!

    What is the meaning behind Conrad’s name! It’s awesome!

  60. lucia

    yayyyy, so cute! now sweet mister conrad can be added to your bios! SO sweet. What a beautiful little fam.

  61. Vickie


  62. Patricia Schmidt

    so so happy for you, enjoy the first weeks ;))

  63. Laura

    Congratulations rockstar family!
    This post brought tears to my eyes, so precious.
    Have a wonderful christmas

  64. I love his name and he is so cute!! Eleanor, Samson and Conrad is the cutest set of sibling names! So unique and perfect.Congratulations!


  65. Ina

    I am a mom of a two-year old girl and love reading your blog here in Spain!
    Congratulations to your beautiful family!!!!

  66. Özlem

    You are incredible Naomi. I love you and your beautiful family and reading your blog for years. you are such an inspiration for me. thanks a million for sharing and congratulations for your new addition<3

  67. Thank you for sharing such a sweet and beautiful moment. I”ve been a reader for a couple of years now and I simply adore your family. Very happy to hear mama and baby are doing well and I hope Mr. Samson gets well soon too!

    Texas Jak

  68. Astra

    That photo of you feeding is just the most naturally beautiful photo ever, so glad you included it. Congratulations and best of luck xxx

  69. Stephanie

    Congratulations! He looks so much like Papa!

  70. Elizabeth S

    Actual tears. Love just POURS out of your family. Congratulations- Conrad is in for a treat!

  71. Gaby K

    How beautiful is this family. Taza you are and will continue to be an inspiration for me. Blessings!

  72. Charlie

    Aaaaaw the video is just so precious !!! How amazing it is to read your words and discover the face of your new baby boy. Congratulations again, I can’t get over how beautiful your three children are !

    Charlie xx

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  74. Congratulations! The video is so charming, Samson is just precious. What a wonderful life indeed! Thank you for sharing this with us :) x

  75. Jemima

    Huge congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby boy!

    Wishing you and the family all the best in this magical time.

    xx jemima


  76. Lena

    Congratulations! This post was so lovely, reminding me what a privilege it is to be a mama! Wishing you and your expanded family of five a very happy holiday!

  77. Melissa McIntosh

    Congratulations! My third child (and first son) is named Conrad too, so of course I love his name! Also, my second is named Delilah to your Samson.

  78. t

    conrad is ever so sweet! i have been looking back through your older posts and i came across this one (http://lovetaza.com/2010/09/nyc-ladies-brunch-2/). i recognised the baby hat that conrad is wearing in his carseat in this post! and it has matching booties too?! that really is the cutest. we need a photo of bubba in the complete set :)) its just so cute im ohhhing and ahhing over here! ha!

  79. Esqui

    Congratulations from Switzerland!
    Amazing how Baby Conrad looks like Eleanor!!!

  80. Such a lovely name. Baby Conrad is adorable.You are a nice and inspiring family, thank you for your joy and sincerity. I wish you a merry christmas.

    XOXO from Paris (FRANCE)

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  82. Kelly

    Congratulations again! He is beautiful and E and S are going to be such great siblings. And a big congratulations that Samson is already reading, that video is adorable!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

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  84. Amanda H.

    oh my gosh, LOVE IT!! perfect perfect photos!

    isn’t samson’s middle name rex? is this a family tradition? would love to hear the story!

    y’all are the best!

  85. Alexis

    Congratulations on your little addition!! He looks absolutely perfect. I hope he is kind to you and you can get some rest. If not, soak up all the baby cuddles!

    I love his name! Our second boy’s name is Conrad! I think it means “bold counsel” or “bold speaker” so I hope you are ready for that haha. Our little one just turned 1 and he certainly lives up to his name :). Aaaand out first son’s birthday is also December 14th! Great day to have a birthday :). Merry Christmas!

  86. Lindsay

    I am 36 weeks pregnant today, and after reading this am EVEN MORE excited about our upcoming daughter’s arrival. Congrats to your beautiful family, and thank you so much for sharing!

  87. mareah

    So lovely. Every photo! Loved the breastfeeding one the most as I am a strong supporter of this. Congrats!

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  89. Congratulations to you and your beautiful family on the beautiful blessing, Naomi!!

    Baby Conrad is so precious, and the absolute perfect addition to your ever growing family! Can’t wait to read more about your adventures in the coming days and months as an amazing family of five! <3

  90. Jaana

    CONGRATULATIONS! Conrad is perfect and adorable and Samson is so, so precious. So happy for all of you!

  91. Julie

    my due date was the 14th but our little man didn’t come until the 23rd. Just discovered your blog & looking forward to following stories of your Conrad, just a week older than my Eli. Congrats to you!

  92. congrats, love the name and your family style is such an inspiration…We have 2 boys and a girl just like you ^_^ i love that you always have a refreshing smile and look SO happy and funny…from an italian follower :*