a little video: meeting Siri.

a few weeks ago, josh was asking Siri a question on his phone when eleanor piped up and asked to talk with Siri. josh handed her his phone and before we knew it, eleanor was asking Siri all sorts of questions.  it was kind of hysterical, mostly because Siri kept calling eleanor “eleanER” after introduced herself and also because Siri would often reply to her questions with statements like, “i didn’t quite get that.” it can sometimes be hard to catch everything a 3 year old is saying. ;)

samson wanted in on the action too, and within a few minutes, both of them somehow decided to take their conversations behind the sofa in their nursery.  we stood in the doorway of their room for maybe ten minutes trying not to laugh listening to them gab away with their new computer friend. i grabbed my video camera towards the end and caught the end tail of their little chats and had to share a few snippets today because it was so cute.  it’s fascinating just to see how far we’ve come the last few years with technology. and then to see my 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 year olds interact with it all is even more fascinating.  i wonder what their world is going to be like in terms of technology when they are older.  it’s all kind off crazy weird when you think about it.  but for now, i’ll just enjoy eleanor lion “roarrrrr”-ing at Siri.

  1. Melissa

    This. is. amazing <3

  2. Alexis

    This just made my morning :)

  3. Hahaha this is the cutest thing ever! <3

  4. Aimee Herdson

    That has literally made my day so much better! What lovely littles babes x

  5. Maggie

    Oh, those two! Thanks for sharing your stinking adorable babes. Can’t wait to see what the Davis family is like with THREE littles!

  6. Victoria

    So sweet!! Those little voices. I could die.

  7. THIS made my DAY!! That was adorable. “I was pretending to be alion”. How cute can you get?!

  8. BAHAHAHAH Your kids are hilarious, and so polite! haha! This is great.

  9. robin w.

    oh my goodness, your kids are too cute! that made my day :) thank you for sharing

  10. Laurel

    That was the best thing I’ve seen this morning. Totally put me in a better mood. That was awesome.

  11. Lauren

    “sorry I was pretending to be a lion” oh my gosh that kills me!!! She is soooo adorable!!

  12. Lauren

    “sorry i was pretending to be a lion” that is too cute!

  13. Oh my. They are such cuties! My little one is obsessed with my phone and wants to watch videos of “Gaygan” (aka Grayson, himself) all day long. Can’t wait until he realizes he can talk to Siri ;)

  14. Brooke

    “Sorry I was pretending to be a lion” oh my goodness the cutest thing I have seen in a while!!

  15. Anna

    omg that was soon funny! Especially the lion part!!!

    Sending love from athens, Greece

  16. literally the cutest!

  17. Maja

    hahah “sorry, i was pretending to be a lion” :D :D
    E just cracks me up! So cute! I always love whatever you share.. forever one of my favorite blogs!


  18. Jamie

    “Sorry, I was pretending to be a lion!” hahaha. That’s just adorable. Thank you for sharing!

  19. Tara

    Too cute! There are so many memories that make me smile from when all my kids were little. Currently, when my two-year-old sings along to a song, I melt.


  20. Erika

    This is TOO cute.
    Sorry, I was pretending to be a lion.
    hahaha! THANKS for that.

  21. Carly

    I am always amazed at how fast little ones take to technology. My 2 year old can use our phones and notepads better I can.
    The Doctor Diva

  22. Kayla

    This just brought the biggest smile to my face! Thank you for sharing your kids curiosity and imagination.

  23. Eléonore

    trop mignon <3 <3

  24. Oh my goodness. This is just the cutest thing!


  25. Tammy

    Much too cute :)

  26. kiely

    oh. my. goodness!!!!!! so hilarious!!! i love how s is mimicking his older sister :)

    xoxo, kiely

  27. Samantha

    They are adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  28. Diana

    LOL! my fave is Samson’s oh no, not again! And that EleaNER is just too cute for words!

  29. sam-c

    hah! that was cute. I wonder why Siri is capitalized and ‘Josh,’ ‘Eleanor,’ and ‘Samson’ are not?

  30. Mariana Chávez


  31. Jena

    Eleanor apologizing for pretending to be a lion is about as cute as it comes!

  32. This is the cutest thing! Thanks for sharing :)

  33. Andrea

    Hahaha!!”sorry I was pretending to be a lion” that little video made my day!

  34. Dana

    I AM DYING! This might be the best video ever, and it definitely brightened my day! They are too cute.

  35. Janis

    HAahahaha!! This was hilarious! Who knew Siri could be so entertaining! LOL :)

  36. Elle

    This is too cute!! :) I love when Eleanor said “I’m sorry I was pretending to be a lion.” So precious!!


  37. Averil Kingsbury

    Oh my gosh – I DIE!!!! “sorry I was pretending to be a lion! “. Seriously Naomi, your babes are off the chart cute!

  38. Jessica Grace

    oh my heavens, how cute! “sorry I was pretending to be a lion!” haha! so precocious.

  39. Yandary

    Ah ha ha! Made my night. They are the cutest! :)

  40. Emili

    “Sorry I was pretending to be a LION”!!!!
    Hahahahahahaha I absolutely love it! Shes the cutest!
    Have a great weekend!

    Lots of love from Copenhagen, Denmark!

  41. Anna

    oh my, so cute and funny!!! i have to watch it again!! thanks :)

  42. soooo cute!! It scares me to think of the technology we will have by the time my kids grow up– I don’t want them to be more disconnected from each other than people are now!

  43. Victoria

    SO adorable! x

  44. arielle

    awww, this is the cutest! everything littles do is adorable. their world is going to be so much smarter than ours, I feel like.

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  45. Kelly

    That was the absolute perfect way to end the work week – so funny!

  46. Risa

    I can’t stop watching this! So stinking cute. This makes me feel a little bit better about my daughter turning one soon. I am so looking forward to these hilarious moments when she really starts talking and understanding things!

  47. It is just adorable! My 3 years old asks me to talk to Siri and laughs every time she doesn’t get the answers quite right. Siri is indeed entertaining! :-)

  48. Jen

    Siri must be a Southerner. ;) That’s how my very Southern grandmother would pronounce Eleanor’s name- Elean-ER. She’s a cutie! :)

  49. Arica

    THIS. IS. ADORABLE. haha “sorry I was pretending to be a lion!”

    your little ones are just too cute!

    Arica xxo

  50. lifeinroseland

    “Sorry, I was pretending to be a lion.” Lol! <3

  51. Jess.

    This is pure gold. So glad you caught it on tape. Also, when I read the title of the post, I thought for a split second that the baby had come … and that you had named her Siri. I was like, “wait, what?” :)

  52. ellen

    best part was Samson’s giggle after Eleanor’s RAAWWRR :)

  53. Rachael

    They seriously need to create a thing like this that actually tells stories to children or something because my nephews always take my phone and talk to siri. They always change the name on my phone too! If you say “what is my name” after they have been playing it, my name is always different. I’m not kidding. Right now my name is “whatwhatwhatfartin a bucket”

  54. Sinead

    The bit where Eleanor says “sorry, I was pretending to be a lion…!” SO funny and adorable :-)

  55. Jade

    This is the bee’s knees, and highlight of my day. Thank you for sharing! <3

  56. Siri is a big hit in our house too:) S & E are a riot!!

  57. Kristen

    Okay, this is the CUTEST! I had to watch this several times. I can’t get enough of their cute voices. My two favorite lines… “Oh no, not again!” And ” sorry, I was pretending to be a lion” what fun ages!