win a $500 gift card to Polarn O. Pyret! (closed)

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taza polarn giveaway

today we have partnered with one of my favorite children’s clothing brands, Polarn O. Pyret, to giveaway a $500 gift card to one lucky reader!

we are huge fans of polarn o. pyret. at our home. a few years ago, as we were prepping for a family trip to italy in one of the colder months, i sent a tweet out into the universe asking for recommendations for good base layers and wool options for my kids. a few different brands for wool under layers were recommended, PO.P being one of them. i bought and tried out a few different brands for our trip, and the merino wool base layers by PO.P were by far my favorite. so much so, that we’ve gotten and worn them every year since!
i just bought and stocked up once again last month for this winter, with a few teeny tiny wool pairs for baby so he or she can keep warm and match E and S for the next several months of cold!
while we love and wear a lot of Polarn O. Pyret’s clothes in our home, the merino wool is my favorite because it’s soft on my kids skin, it can be worn on its own or as a base layer and the quality can’t be beat, so it lasts forever!
to enter to win the $500 gift card, simply visit Polarn O. Pyret and sign up for their email newsletter. then come back here and comment below telling us what item(s) you’d use your gift card towards! the winner will be drawn at random next thursday, and emailed directly.
good luck!
  1. sara

    my 17 month old would love to keep warm in the wool socks and light layers to keep her warm!

  2. Rosalie

    I would love to stock up on some winter clothing and pjs for my 7 month old to get ready for this Colorado cold weather.

  3. Caoimhe

    All of the “bark” prints and woolie goodies, so fab!

  4. Rebecca

    Definitely a winter coat for my little one (and something tiny for my little one on the way!)

  5. Taras Bouzakine

    Baby needs a snow suit! I’d use the gift card to get the EVERYDAY SNOWSUIT in Dark Night color.

  6. Boni B

    What beautiful clothes!!! Love their happy colorful palette.

  7. Leticia

    Oh my my! This will definitely come in handy for me since I’m expecting mt first baby! I’d love to have this. Cheers from Argentina!!! :)

  8. Sarah

    My three littles would all get Wear Everywhere jackets and the little merino wool mittens. We’re doing a sporty Christmas card photo this year :)

  9. Sara

    The rain boots and sweatshirt pants are perfect for quickly approaching winter!

  10. Aimee

    My husband is Swedish and loves this scandinavian brand. The saying in Sweden is, “there is no bad weather only bad clothing” and P.O.P. definitely makes the rain and snow tolerable. We love the rain pants, jackets and boots for San Francisco rainy days and the colorful onsies. The fleece jackets are pretty amazing all year round, too!

  11. KELLY L


    || XO

  12. Julia

    Wool baselayer as well as jackets! Everything looks great! I love this brand.

  13. samantha

    Ooh la la! Glad you introduced me to this new website. Their clothes are super cute and well priced. I would stock up on winter outerwear for my almost 2 year old son. I’m excited for him to play in the snow this year so a snowsuit is a must! And some gloves and hats. And maybe that shawl neck button sweater in green.

  14. Lonnie

    definitely some of the merino wool items to keep my boy warm this winter…so many great items, its hard to choose just one..!

  15. Maggie Morrison

    The grey granny cardigan and the hot pink saucer dot leggings would be perfect for my new baby this winter! Congratulations on the nearing arrival of your third baby…soooooo exciting! Babies are the GREATEST blessing!!!!!!!!! :)

  16. Rachel B

    I’d first pick up a few winter outfits for my baby girl and then get some uni newborn stuff since I just found out I’m expecting #2!

  17. Bryn

    Girls 2-6 Winter Wool Tights…because WHO DOESN”T NEED WOOL TIGHTS?!?!?! Yes please.

  18. Amanda

    would love to get my girls the wear everywhere winter coat and some fleece layers for our snowy newfoundland winter! :)

  19. Katy

    The shell jacket! I bought one in London when my oldest daughter was 1. It has worn so well through 2 kids and way beyond its size range. I also love their Eco stripes. My favorite brand for children. I’d love to win!

  20. What a wonderful giveaway! It would surely come in handy with the type of weather we are having. Thanks for the chance! I am a subscriber. I would love the merino wool base layers that would keep my kids warm this winter and be able to play outside. :) Love their collection!

  21. Eliza Bradshaw

    I signed up for their mailing list and look forward to getting to know this store better. I love the wool shoes and the wool shirts and tops, I live in Wisconsin and my kids need WARM layers, I’m so glad you shared this, I really love their stuff, thanks!

  22. Lindsey

    Warm layers for the littles is key for outdoor fun in the winter!

  23. Melanie

    I would choose some of the striped tops and leggings for my boys. Such great stuff!

  24. Holly

    Oh! I would definitely grab some pjs. And I’m obsessed with legging, so those board in the city ones are perfect! And that terry poncho is incredible! And the snow suits he’ll need next year… How can I decide?!

  25. My goodness my littles need some new coats and pjs!

  26. Chelsea

    Love their stuff! I’d get my baby girl some mittens and jammies!

  27. shannon

    i love the pajamas!

  28. Emily

    Wow! I love it all. I’d love some rain boots and outerwear for my two boys. Those jammies are adorable too!

  29. megan

    we love their soft little tops! thank you for the cozy and cute giveaway!

  30. Chelsey

    A winter coat!! Or some cozy jammies….they are all so cute!!

  31. Kelene

    I would definitely use this for my baby boy since we live in Las Vegas but will be in the freezing cold of Canada for the next few months, and have no winter clothes! Ha. I love the Pom pom hats and all the jammies:)

  32. Malgorzata

    I could use some warm jammies for my entire family :)

  33. Janet

    In the process of adopting a sweet baby boy and definitely need to start filling the nursery drawers with clothes–starting with the basics and lots of cute stripey things!

  34. I would totally stock up on adorable onesies for my newborn and would have to get my hands on that fleece cloud lined bunting for my little bundle arriving in February!

  35. susannah

    I love the baby snowsuit with stirrups. It’s so hard to keep their pants from riding up! And the baby helmets…

  36. Michelle

    I honestly have too many things I love to list here. I have a little girl and baby boy. The options seem limitless.

  37. Andrea

    I love stripes, so I would choose some 0f the stripey tops and leggings. And one for me too!

  38. Shannon

    I would love some of the wool pants for my little girl to keep her warm this winter.

  39. Alina

    Love this store, always have even when I lived in Sweden! Great clothes and great company. Thanks!

  40. Jacqui Harker

    I love this store. I would outfit all three of my kids in merino everything; base layers, hats socks mitts, everything.

  41. Kate

    Such cute stuff! I love the fun striped pants and shirts and all the coordinating hats and mittens.

  42. justine

    Layering tees please. :)

  43. Aidel.K

    I didn’t know this place, and I love their kids clothing! I would have a hard time choosing, but would probably start with a cute and comfy girls dress.

  44. KS

    I just found out my good friend is pregnant. I would buy her a bunch of gender neutral things for her new baby boo who is due on my (and Samson’s, incidentally) b-day, May 30!

  45. Tara

    Oh fun! Mmmmmm…i’m picturing christmas jammies for each of my 5!

  46. LOVE all their fun clothes and accessories – our daughter Zoë would love those rain boots!

    Jahaila over @ Girl Nesting

  47. Molly

    I would buy the wool base layers you so highly recommend!

  48. Zainab

    Oh my, would love to get a whole set of winter clothing for my 4mos old for this winter!!

  49. Cristina

    I would spend it on pajamas, shoes and jackets.

  50. Leah Quinn

    I love the childrens coats and the pom pom hats!

  51. Donna A

    I would buy both of my grandkids a new jacket and winter clothes for them.

  52. Ellie

    Oh my goodness, what a treat it would be!!! I would get my boys a couple of jackets and the awesome socks and underwear. But, I admit I would gather as many wonderful cuddly things for my friend’s new baby!

  53. stephanie sternhagen

    Love this stuff- especially the PILE FLEECE LINED FALL PLAYGROUND JACKET (BABY) and Merino Wool Jacquard Sweater and Function Pants. So darn cute :D And perfect for MN winters..

  54. Anelieze

    I’ve always loved the excellent quality of their basics line! i’d love to get matching pj sets for my two littles, tho =)

  55. Brittney

    love the striped pjs for everyone!

  56. shir

    I love the wool products and the blanckets for my new born baby girl.

  57. Miriam

    Ooooh there’s so many cute things to choose from, I can’t choose a favourite! If I won I’d be able to fully stock up my wee girl’s wardrobe for next winter.

  58. Ali

    Definitely some new outerwear for my kids. Freezing temps are already here

  59. Tuyen Ho

    Great stuff! I would get a couple of trapper hats and caps, a few sets of pjs, and a jacket and fleeces for my little girl, then I would get some things for her best friend (her cousin, who is only 12 days older than her)!

    Thanks for having this give-away!

  60. Chelsea Hilton

    Oh wow my boys could use a lot their stuff! They both need a jacket system like the Shell Jacket and snap-in fleece. I would also get my 15 month old at least 3 PJs! cute!

  61. Jessica

    I would love to try the pj’s, my girl really needs some!!

  62. Birdiebee

    I have subscribed to Polarn O Pyret and would love to get all 5 of my grandchildren much needed new winter coats.

  63. Melanie Dewitt

    First of all : Thank you for this opportunity.
    My 4 years old daughter is starting snowboard classes this winter. We are in Montreal, and it’s cold here in january ! I need base layers to keep her extra warm !

  64. Whitney

    We just moved to a colder climate so some warm wool pajamas would be great!

  65. Cristina A

    Winter gear to keep the little one warm :)

  66. carina

    i’d use the $$$ to buy my baby boy clothing for his rapidly growing body! it’s constantly blows my mind how constant the need is for new things for babies that grow into toddlers that grow into kids … this neverending cycle kind of overwhelms me actually. what a great givaway! fingers crossed…