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i think one of the most overwhelming tasks when you’re expecting, is figuring out what you really need once baby arrives. there are countless brands and products out there and everyone has a different opinion on what works best and what is a need vs a want. i’ve been hesitant in the past to share my own list of what i’ve found to be incredibly helpful with my first two babies, just because there are already so many great guides and resources out there.  plus, i truly believe what you need will vary a lot depending how you spend your day to day, and your child and your neighborhood or urban environment. but don’t get too stressed about having to go out and buy a whole bunch of stuff. because really, the most important thing is to really just keep your baby clean, fed, healthy, and loved! and you will be just fine!!

but since we’re a few weeks away from welcoming our third baby into the family, and i’ve started pulling out all of our baby stuff trying to figure out how we’ll do this third little one in our cozy two bedroom new york city apartment, i figured i might as well share what i think is *really* essential, and what’s not.  i’ve rounded up what products we actually used (and some we still use!) with both eleanor and samson, and plan to use once again when we bring home our newest edition soon.


*these are the basics i’d recommend, and keep in mind you’ll probably be gifted by family and friends plenty of darling clothing items in teeny tiny sizes.  also, i wouldn’t start buying any cute outfits for your little one until you’re in the 3 month and up sizes, since your baby will outgrow anything infant sized wayyyyy too fast and will probably be swaddled up in a blanket the first several weeks anyhow.  

  • 6-8 onesies   since you are changing those diapers so frequently in the beginning, it’s nice to find the onesies or sleep-suits with zippers rather than a million snaps. babyGap had a few options awesome zipper options when my littles were smaller, that i’m not seeing now, but it’s a good place to keep your eye out for some.  while searching online, i just found THESE that might work nicely
  • infant caps are important since baby needs to stay warm. i love THIS one and THESE are great too
  • socks and booties. we found that THESE as well as THESE stayed on eleanor and samson’s feet the best
  • depending on when baby is born, lightweight clothing or additional layers as well
  • swaddles  we have loved swaddling. josh has become the master swaddler at our house and our kids always slept much better and longer when they were swaddled up. THIS blanket also surprisingly works great as a swaddle during the warmer months. this is a good place to link to info on swaddling safety and how to reduce the risk of SIDS, provided by american academy of pediatrics

*once again this really depends on your living environment. we’ve only lived in cities with our babies, where space is often on the smaller side. so we’ve used and fallen in love with the idea of smaller, space-saving cribs that can work with our tighter spaces.  i’m also a fan of co-sleeping, so then there’s that.  basically, sleep and sleeping arrangements and staying safe and healthy are a big deal and will differ a lot depending on you and your little one.

  • we used the bloom mini crib with both eleanor and samson and just pulled it out of the back of the closet to use once again with our new little one.  while it’s definitely on the smaller side and only fit E and S until around 18 months, you can fold it up easily, it has wheels so you can bring baby around the apartment with you throughout the day, and it’s narrow and compact so it fits basically anywhere
  • mattress,waterproof mattress pad and crib sheets
  • a comfortable chair or somewhere to nurse. i preferred to nurse both eleanor and samson on my side in bed the first few months over sitting in a glider or rocking chair. we bought one and ended up giving it away because i never used it, so i don’t have one to recommend. but a comfortable chair is definitely nice for all those hours you get to hold your new little one
  • space heater or fan to help keep baby’s temperature consistent.  maybe it’s just city living where we don’t have control over our building’s heat, but these things are like life savers at our apartment

*my recommendations below are based on my own experiences breastfeeding and bottlefeeding.  how you feed your baby will depend greatly on if you are able to and whether you choose to breastfeed or if you use formula instead. if you just breastfeed, then you may not need anything, but here are some things i found helpful with my second baby. (we never used a bottle with eleanor, she refused!)

  • medela breast pump   while i mostly only fed my E and S by breast, pumping and having josh or someone else feed the baby through a bottle felt incredibly freeing at times. i use a single breast pump and in hindsight, i wish i would have bought a double breast pump (since pumping is time consuming!) one nice factor of the single pump is that it is small and easy to carry around. i have pumped in a lot of weird places, like sitting on the ground discreetly pumping under my shirt and jacket outside the vatican in italy, lol. you get to this point where it’s just like, whatever. time to pump…
  • milk storage containers medela sells some that you can pump straight into and store
  • lifefactory glass bottles  i discovered that these bottles can actually screw straight into the medela breast pump which makes life even easier! they aren’t made to be compatible, but they do work together, if you’re just transferring the pumped milk straight to the fridge and not freezing any
  • lawn bottle drying rack  
  • a simple bottle cleaner brush
  • it’s not too essential, but a bottle warmer can be really nice
  • you’ll need a highchair eventually. around 4 months is when we start to really sit our baby’s up at the table with us. we have tried out a few, and the stokke tripp trap highchair is by far our favorite. eleanor still sits in it at the dinner table, since you can take off the baby part and turn it into more of a toddler chair as your child grows.  we’ve had a few conversations with her about how soon we’ll need to give the chair to baby and sit on a big chair (samson sits on a big chair at the head of the table, i’m not sure how it happened, but he claimed that as his seat and no one can sit there but him.) anyway, we’ll see if E gives up her beloved chair for the baby this spring. she’s not too keen on the idea just yet ; )
  • also, if you’re looking for a great breastfeeding book, i loved the womanly art of breastfeeding.  if you have a la leche league in your area, their meetings or support groups are super informative and helpful as well


  • a baby carrier is life changing! we have tried several wraps and carriers over the years. the ergo is hands down both josh’s and my favorite. it’s especially great because you can wear it on your front or back, and it can be used from infancy through the toddler years. both eleanor and samson still love it! before you invest in a carrier or wrap though, i recommend borrowing one and trying it out for a several hours at a time. everyone’s body is so different, so you might find one option easier on you than others
  • a stroller or carseat. (this one depends on where you live and your daily routine.) we don’t use a car in new york city, so we don’t use carseats to get around, but we use our stroller for miles and miles of walking, carrying groceries, commuting through the city each day, so we have a heavy duty stroller that i like to joke seconds as our car, honestly. we used the stokke xplory stroller when we only had eleanor and loved that thing! we now use the bugaboo donkey since it was the best double stroller option in our opinion. we will keep using it once we have the third baby by using the ride board on the back to make it compatible with three kiddos. but a less expensive umbrella stroller might work best if you use your car more and don’t really use a stroller every day. or you might not need a stroller at all and can get away with just a baby carrier. it really depends on your day to day activities, terrain, urban environment and lifestyle. not to mention the ages and spacing of your kids!


  • baby shampoo and wash. we use and love mustela, burt’s bees and honest company products in our home
  • i personally didn’t like using the infant tubs when we had eleanor, they felt bulky and more clumsy to me and just took up a lot of space. for us, rolling a towel up under the baby to help prop them up in a bathtub with just an inch of water or so was what we preferred until they were old enough to sit up on their own.  sink baths are also great options. it just comes down to your preference!
  • diapers of some sort
  • wipes we have found the pamper’s sensitive wipes work the best at our house. you can also subscribe and save each month on a lot of sites where you place bulk orders
  • changing pad and one for on the go
  • a few burp cloths
  • diaper cream / butt paste   my pediatrician recommended bourdreaux butt paste and we love it. we have stayed away from any additional lotions and other ointments besides the occasional use of vaseline or aquaphor
  • nail emery board   it freaks me out to try to trim or cut a baby’s nails, so i prefer to just file them when they are babies. (and now that E and S are bigger, josh cuts their nails when they need it)
  • hand sanitizer   i recommend buying several tiny travel packs and just stuffing them into all of your bags, pockets, car doors, and drawers at home
  • diaper genie seriously comes in handy!
  • thermometer and saline drops
  • baby friendly laundry detergent. we have used a couple different kinds. the honest laundry detergent works well
  • a bleach pen   the clorox bleach pen is the only one that works, in my opinion!


  • pacifiers — this really depends on your baby. eleanor never took one. and samson gave his up around six or seven months all on his own (i think his bottom teeth were coming in at the time) i recommend buying a few different brands/ kinds and seeing which one your baby likes. all are shaped so differently…a lot of it might depend on what kind of bottle or nipple the baby is used to
  • sophie the giraffe (both of my kiddos loved sophie! i just bought a new one for baby since our last was very destroyed from some serious TLC)
  • teether ring
  • a few board books.  i can’t recommend reading to your baby enough! a few of our favorite board books have been brown bear, brown bear, what do you see? and  first 100 words as well as the very hungry caterpillar
  • black and white toys / books

*we don’t use these items, but i know many feel a baby monitor, a travel crib, a swing, a noise machine, and other items are very helpful. it really just depends on your lifestyle and situation and budget. what one family might think they need is different from another family. while we have been just fine without them, i’m mentioning these items here because i hear about them a lot from friends, so they are definitely items to think about as  you figure out what you’ll be wanting…


  • adult diapers (take it from a girl who has been there twice now. you’ll need these.  a lot of these)
  • a diaper bag that YOU want to carry around. i started out with pretty heavy diaper bag because i loved the look of it. but i soon learned  you tend to carry around A LOT of little things when you first have a baby, so you want a lightweight option to begin with! so be mindful when you’re shopping for one to look for the lightest option…. i eventually stopped using a proper diaper bag and just started using whatever handbag or tote i really loved at the time, even if it wasn’t a diaper bag to begin with, and would just call it my diaper bag. while in the first few months you tend to carry your entire home with you for the baby when you’re out, i eventually learned to just carry a few things, like a couple diapers and wipes, hand sanitizer, a small book or toy, a snack, an extra onesie for that inevitable blow-out, and a bleach pen. not much, right? :)
  • vitamins. i never stopped taking my prenatal vitamins after having eleanor. between nursing, then tandem nursing E and S and then just the overall benefits while trying to get pregnant once again, that vitamin is worth staying on
  • nursing bras and comfortable nursing shirts/dresses if you are able/choose to nurse
  • disposable nursing pads    i remember going to church one sunday a few weeks after E was born and somehow deciding on a silk shirt. twenty minutes in and i had milk all over that thing and went home in such a state of new motherhood embarrassment. so, note from someone who has been there, stick a couple little pads into your bra for those first few weeks as you’re getting acquainted with your milk supply
  • baby owner’s manual and your baby’s first year are the two parenting books i read cover to cover when eleanor was born and used as reference points once again with samson. for me, it was comforting to have a guide to read, but i also tried to get different opinions and pay attention to what my instincts were nudging me to do
  • an app to track feedings, sleep and diaper changes for the first week or two until you and baby get into an easy routine of knowing each other and each other’s schedules

gosh, what a list! hope some of you find it helpful! are there any helpful products or items you and your baby can’t live without? how do you decide between what is essential and what is helpful?

  1. nanette

    this is awesome! this is my second and i feel like i forgot everything i needed! it’s been three years. :) thanks for this.

  2. Molly

    Expecting my first in April – this was so helpful! Thank you!!!

  3. Chelsea

    A great list for any new mamma! I like to go as simple as possible, and just the necessities. It easy to feel like you have to have everything, but a few essentials will really carry you thru!


  4. Sandy

    Fantastic baby guide. It is obvious that you put in a lot of time and research to find what’s best for your babies. This could be my favorite post ever!

  5. Kristina

    just wanted to send a word of encouragement- we don’t live in New York but we do live in a little cozy 800 sq foot back house with two rooms and three children, and while the thought of them all sharing a room was very stressful while expecting, I’m so glad we didn’t move yet and that the three of them are sharing. When I go in at night my oldest is normally the last to fall asleep and when I ask her what she’s doing she often replys- just watching my baby brother sleep. It’s pretty precious to hear them all breathing at different times and dreaming away! I’m sure it’ll make for some great memories for both you two and your three children. :)

  6. savannah

    This is for the Mamas…

    Netflix! :) REALLY helped during those late night feedings with my firstborn when I was a brand-new mother and was too nervous to lay down and snooze while I breastfed her (I got over that quickly with the second one though) Her lullabies were pretty much me humming 30 Rock’s theme song to her ha!

  7. First of all congrats on being prego and you are such a great mother, your children are very lucky! I’m not expecting or don’t have any kids but I love doing little gift baskets for the mom and baby, especially things that the mother would need right after birth and thanks for sharing all these great products. Since I have no experience it’s good to know which products are good and recommended.


  8. Kathryn

    Thank you so much for this list! My first baby is due in February and I feel so clueless.

  9. Laleinia

    Thank you so much for sharing! Preparing to become a mother is super overwhelming, so it’s nice to see which essentials are actually worth it. I will definitely add a lot of these to my list of purchases!

  10. thea

    Thank you for encouraging breastfeeding, Naomi! It’s been my favorite part of motherhood, knowing I’m giving my child what’s best. I think more moms and babies could benefit from that special bond!

    And we LOVE Honest products too. That healing balm will cure a diaper rash in one use! Amazing stuff!

  11. Michelle

    I’m a few years away from having kids but this list is still helpful. :) I like the advice from real moms. Congrats on your newest!

  12. Caroline

    Great list! The board books my daughter loved the most were the ones with actual photos of babies faces. Especially the one that showed each bay with a different emotion. Those were loaned out and are who knows where now, so I had to find them again for this little one.



  13. Lindsey R

    I’m expecting my first in May and I’ve been back here a few times searching through your site to see where you’ve gotten your baby goodies – so you’ve just saved me a ton of time by putting it all in one spot. Figuring out what/how much I need has been quite stressful, and the little one isn’t even here yet! Thank you and best wishes to you and your soon-to-be expanding family! :)


  14. Katie cheesman

    We are expecting our first child in May! I was overwhelmed with the thought of what I should and shouldn’t buy/need, along with which brands were the most reliable. This was so helpful, keep these posts comin!

  15. mara

    the comment about leaking through your shirt at church…haha! i heard moms that, after the first few weeks/months when their supply evened out, would not even wear nursing pads anymore. i couldn’t even fathom not wearing one! i wasn’t one to just randomly leak out, but i still would never not have those suckers in there the entire time i nursed. oh the joys :)

    love the list. i’m a momma to one, so i’m experienced but not really experienced…ya know? so i still love lists like this from truly experienced moms!

  16. Ash

    Wow – you put in a lot of thought to this post! Great info! It’s so true that all these things vary from person to person, depending on where you’re located, lifestyle, etc. But these are some great basics.

    I love the Honest Co. hand sanitizer. My 2-yr old still sucks her thumb at times and I never have to worry about chemicals getting in her mouth!

    You didn’t mention anything about making baby food…
    I made ALL my baby food for my first child (except for those handy organic squeeze pouches and puffs!). And my second little one is 5 months now and I somehow have a feeling I’ll be making less of her food myself – just don’t quite have the time I used to! But, when I do make my own baby food, I just use a mini-food processor or the blender – no need to spend extra money on a “baby food maker” in my opinion!

    Blessings to you in your last weeks, Can’t wait to see your new little one!

  17. Ashley Movius

    I’m having my 4th in February and after your recommendation I’m thinking about buying the ergo baby carrier. I wondered if you used it with a tiny newborn and, if so, did you have to buy the infant insert?

    • TAZA

      we did buy the infant insert for the ergo and it was great, although i feel like you could get away with stuffing a thicker blanket in the bottom of the ergo and bringing it up on both sides to mimic the insert and be just fine…

  18. Tammy

    I just spent about 30 min daydreaming about the day when I (hopefully) have a little one. Goodness! I’m so green..so many things I picked up on here that I would never have thought of.

    You must be exhausted just thinking about it…but how exciting all the same :)

    Ah I’m so excited for Taza…will be keeping you all in my prayers.

    Have a wonderful weekend ahead. xo

  19. ly

    love the baby owner’s manual! Might have to pick that up!

  20. marie

    So many great tips! I’ll add in one more- it’s important to get disposable panties! I had to wear these for nearly a month after giving birth to my second son. :/


  21. Andy

    Very complete and helpful! I really admire you!

  22. Elease

    Ah! What a helpful list! I could have really used this when my first came along! So much out there– it’s all so overwhelming! Question: Do you love those prenatals? I have been on a loooong hunt for a good one… no luck so far Are these easy on your stomach? I have such a sensitive stomach- I’d love to try these, if they are! I agree with you- so important to take while pregnant and nursing- I just may have to try these!

  23. Lauren

    Thank you so much for all of the great tips and suggestions! I’m having my first at the end of December and have been so overwhelmed trying to separate the ‘wants’ from the ‘needs’ lists.

  24. Emily

    Haha! To the “30 Rock” Netflix nurser…I hear you! I watched the entirety of that show (along with My Name is Earl, Andy Griffith, Ugly Betty, and a few others…) while nursing my little one the first few months. Nobody tells you just HOW time-consuming nursing can be! I’m not sure what we’ll do with this next little monster. I guess I’ll have to learn to read during that time because I doubt my two-year old needs to watch quite that much TV ;)

  25. Katy

    You have the cutest family!very good suggestions! Alright I have a weird question… Does anybody know of a really good nursing bra? I just had my fourth child and I have never found a good one that is supportive and comfortable! Good luck with the birth of your sweet little one!

    • TAZA

      i’m still looking for a favorite too! so if you find one, let me know! congrats on your fourth!!!

  26. vicky

    i definitely wouldn’t have thought of some of these things. i’m already thinking i’ll want to refer back to this list. thank you early in advance!! ;)

  27. Hannah

    We are currently expecting our third little one (due in June 2015) and live in a small 2 bedroom, 800 sq. ft. house. Its cozy and sometimes I have no idea where we are going to fit another child. Living small definitely keeps you on your toes concerning what you need to live comfortably. We’re constantly tossing/giving things away since there is no place to store anything! Baby items are no exception. My advice to new mothers is to buy the essentials you KNOW you’ll need and add other things later as you discover you need them. Every baby is different too. I used a Boppy pillow for breastfeeding almost religiously with my first baby and never used it once with my second. My first never used pacifiers but my second wanted them for a few months. I definitely think a carrier should be on everyone’s list. We love the Beco Gemini.

  28. Sophie

    Thank you for this! I’m pregnant with my first so I find these kind of posts super helpful. :)

  29. Krestell

    Funny how US felt in love with Sophie !! In France there is a tradition about this toy. The maternal grandmother buy it for each baby of the family, and after the baby has grown up, the mother kept it and give it back when older. I got mine back on 18th birthday !!!

    • TAZA

      no way! that is the sweetest thing!

  30. Rilee

    This is amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will definitely be referring back to this time and again when I’m a new mom. I can’t stand the baby gear craze, where it seems like people need a gadget for every possible scenario, so I super appreciate this! You made this huge topic concise, practical, and approachable.

  31. Alba

    Have you ever heard about silver cups? These are great to avoid nipple cracks and breast feeding infections. I really recommend it!
    Just check this out: http://www.auparmargo.com
    I’m expecting too, my second one. I already used the silver cups for my baby girl and I had great breast feeding experience!

  32. Carli

    Thank you so much for sharing your insights Naomi! I think our due dates are nearly identical (I am 35 weeks pregnant with our first, a little girl, due in mid-December:). It’s been so fun following along on your journey. This list is so helpful and so timely for me. Thanks for pulling it together and deciding to share it. I’m so glad you did!

  33. Thanks for this! I agree with you, you actually don’t need much for a baby. I remember thinking before having our first that there must have been something I was missing because we had very little. As it turned out, we actually even then had more than we needed!

    As they get bigger they seems to need a bit more “stuff” but as newborns there are very few necessaries. And yes, I agree with you, next time I won’t buy any cute new born outfits because they outgrow them so fast and they spend most of their time in onesies and sleepers anyways.

    Julia Kristina

  34. Ingrid

    I don’t know if you can get them in the states but the Australian brand Bonds makes ‘Wondersuits’ which are fantastic onesies with 2 way zips and little flaps that you can fold over to cover hands (for little scratchers) and feet to keep them warm.

  35. Kim

    Just wanted to say how lovely it was that you gave equal value to a plethora of parenting choices (and sometimes non-choices!). There can be so much stigma and policing these days with regards to breastfeeding/not, co-sleeping/not, etc etc, it’s really nice to hear these options mentioned as exactly what they should be – options.

  36. Lydia

    What struck me in this post is how gentle and sensitive you are. (Sensitive to other mothers, methods, struggles). I imagine even the most conscientious words get nitpicked sometimes (sigh) but I’ve only sensed kindness and honesty from you. (Heavy takeaway from a ‘things’ post!) :)

  37. Laurie

    What a wonderful, comprehensive list. We’re expecting our first in May. I loved this post. Thank you. You don’t give yourself enough credit. You are an expert!

  38. hanna

    This list is great. –Hanna Lei

  39. Bethany

    I got the Maya wrap and loved using that when my daughter was just a wee baby…and I always got complimented on it when we were out and about.

    But, let me tell you. Ergobaby is where it’s at. She’s a toddler now and we love that thing! It’s great because the weight lies on your hips…not your back.

  40. Chas

    Good list. What’s up with the Clorox bleach pen though? What is that used for?

    • TAZA

      It’s used from blow outs in clothing to spit up on shirts! I feel like there are a lot of stains and spills with a newborn so it’s nice to be able to wash something out before it stains!

  41. Shannon

    Are you guys planning on staying in NYC? Has Josh caught the business school bug?

  42. kiely

    so excited for you! i’m totally taking notes from eleanor’s style for my future baby girl :) waaaaay future haha

    xoxo, kiely

  43. amanda

    Babies! I love the Tripp Trapp! Did S ever use it? So cute that E doesn’t want to give it up, but does she really have to? When I first saw those chairs it was when we lived in Switzerland, and every kid we knew had one of their own. The family I nannied for had 2, in two different fun colors. Even the 11- and 13-year-old children we knew were still sitting in theirs, sometimes even the adults sat in them. They were just another piece of furniture. I know they are pricey, but we found ours on craigslist and some baby resale shops even have them for $50! Just a thought. btw, my favorite nursing bras are by Bella Materna, followed by the Fast Food bra by Boob Design! Best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy, mama!

  44. Anja

    It’s very true lists of necessities depend on baby and mom; some of the items you recommend here are also our necessities, while others would be (or have turned out to be!) completely useless. There are some that I consider necessities, but are not mentioned, for example a baby gym, quality waterproof bed covers for the crib and the mom&dad bed, and car seat/baby carrier for those of us who use cars a lot.

    The best advice, however, is to buy as little as possible in advance and see what you actually end up missing. Shops will still be opened after baby is born and you can always buy things that turn out to be useful later on!

  45. Marika

    To those asking about nursing bra: the Panache Sophie nursing bra is great, the best I’ve used, and I’ve used many. I have two babies, both breastfed for 11 months, and these bras are still in tip top shape ( as in kept in case of baby no.3). Also, comfortable, even in those first few weeks when it can get painful, and give a nice shape too. http://www.bravissimo.com/products/lingerie/nursing-bras/sophie-nursing-bra/candypink/pnl7cp/

  46. Allie

    We’re expecting our first in just a couple weeks, so this is such a helpful list! Thank you so much!

    allie // baldwinbrood.blogspot.com

  47. Mare

    Wow such a helpful list! My due date with my second baby is January 26 so I guess we are soon in the same boat :) I still find this list helpful, because I never used a baby carrier nor swaddling with my first and I am definitely trying it now. I also hope I can find Sophie the giraffe here in Croatia iz sounds like a wonderful thing. I have a question about carriers because I am trying to decide between ergo and stokke…do you have experience with both and could you quickly compare them? The price here is the same so I am really not sure which one to get. Thank you, and all the best

  48. elena

    Awesome mom!you have a great family!

  49. Lindsay

    I love that you put saline drops on your list! Add the nose frida to that one! My son was born on Christmas last year and with the dry winter air, we were always moistening his nares before sucking out those boogers! Suggestions on cute postpartum clothes (for like a year after!) that are breastfeeding friendly! I feel like I wear a chambray shirt and the JCrew pixie pant like every single day.

  50. Steph


    The amount of time and effort you put into your posts is so incredibly evident, especially in posts like these. It’s inspiring.


  51. Jonesy

    I couldn’t live with out the Relax Melodies App it was .99cents and Finnegan uses it every time he naps its a beautiful thing. Yo0u can even customize and layer different noises and save them, plus it includes binural beats for deep sleep help. We also ADORE our wubba nub, helps so the pacifier doesn’t constantly fall from his mouth when hes sleeping. Its uses the Advent Soothie which is #1 Dr. recommended. If you’re not a master swaddle (which neither Max or I are) then Swaddle Me makes Velcro swaddles that are idiot proof thank goodness, this also came in handy when Finn became the incredible hulk baby and could break free from his swaddle causing him to wake up. And last but not least the Dr. Browns bottles are a LIFESAVER!!! I didn’t breast feed and Finn was SUPER colicy so a friend told us to use them and they work! I’m sure they work for breast milk too! they have a device in them that make all of the air in the bottle go to the top so they aren’t swallowing it. There is my two cents! xo

  52. Joanna

    Great advice and ideas. We’re looking forward to welcoming our second child in February. We live in an 850ft2, 2 bedroom apartment and also have kept things to a minimum.

    For nursing bras, I love Bravado. The comfiest is the Body Silk Seamless, but they have lots of other designs too.

    We found the Nose Frida worked amazingly – much better than any bulbs.

    I love how we’re all so different. I hated zippered clothes as it meant I had to undo the entire outfit for middle-of-the-night diaper changes. Give me snaps any day! I only had to undo the bottom half of the outfit and that was so much easier for me!

  53. Alex

    Do you only use the Clorox pen on white items?

    My favorite nursing bra: Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra. I discovered it with my second and it was really great.

    • TAZA

      i use it on colored clothing too! if i use it with direct water at the same time, it doesn’t hurt the clothing at all while it works on the stain! thanks for the nursing bra tip! i will definitely look into it!

  54. Kate Daw

    Hi Taza,

    i really like the bugaboo donkey and I think its really nice how each child is side by side and can see the world and each other easily. However I can think of so many shops and coffee shops that I would not be able to fit a double stroller into. I was wondering how you get round this? do you just have a good think before you go out and plan well? or do you just go for it and just go into places with the double if you can? do you take Donkey most times you go out?

    GREAT LIST, no worries if you can’t reply just can’t decide what to buy when number 2 comes along

    • TAZA

      hi! i think the donkey is deceiving when you look at it– yes, it’s a double stroller so it is wide, but it’s not as wide as you might think. it actually fits in all single doors and doorways we’ve pushed it through besides a tiny restaurant place in venice and an antique shop here in nyc. so i don’t run into a lot of issues with it when i’m out and about.

  55. Nikki

    Have you or anyone ever tried the prenatal vitamins by Honest Co.? Is there a specific reason you prefer the Rainbow Light vitamins? It seems like there are 1000 different prenatals out there to choose from…the options are a little overwhelming. :)

    • TAZA

      i haven’t personally tried honest co. prenatals. besides rainbow light, i’ve used nature made prenatals in the past as well. both have just been really easy on my stomach, especially when i’m feeling nauseous. so i’ve stuck with those brands!

  56. All great suggestions, especially the highchair, the books, and the bleach pen! Happy Sunday everyone!

  57. Kacie

    We have a lot of similar things, but some different. It’s so nice and interesting to look at different people’s lists! I’m linking to mine below is case it might be of help to any new moms. It can be so overwhelming!


    I’m SO excited for you to welcome a third babe.


  58. Kristen

    For nursing moms who are also runners, the ENELL sport bra is fantastic. It’s not technically a nursing bra, but they are designed with a front closure with a dozen hook and eyes. They specializes in c cup and larger sizes. I would have given up running as a nursing mom had I not found it, since I was always having to wear 2 sport bras and still not getting enough support http://www.enell.com/enell-sport

  59. Masha

    Thanks for sharing! From what age you were using ergo without infant insert?

  60. wow, thank you so much naomi!
    I’m 25 weeks pregnant and it’s our first and I feel like being the worst prepared mom-to-be in Europe!
    This post will help me guide myself through this new topic…
    Thank you so much! All the best for your christmas-baby.
    from Vienna with love, Katharina

  61. Maddie

    Just wanted to thank you for putting in the time to offer these thoughts to other moms! I’m expecting my first any day, so my nesting mind is just eating these tips up. I’m trying hard to just research and not rush into purchases, so I’m so grateful for anyone’s “essential” lists. Thank you!

  62. Britni

    It seems like you use lots of natural products, which I love! Have you ever thought of using cloth diapers? You should check out Applecheeks. I’m sure you would love them. I’d be interested in what you think! (No, I don’t work for the company)

  63. Linds

    Great post! Now if you could write a little bit about nursing fashion/what to wear that easy access and still looks good that would be helpful for a new mama! And on nursing in public?

  64. rachel

    Thanks for doing this. I am 11 weeks pregnant with my first baby – after 6 years I was thinking babies were not something that were in God’s plan for us – Anyhow the other day I was searching your site for baby info and recommended stuff so I was so excited when I saw this today! I love your little family and have loved seeing your kids grow and you evolve as a mother. It is weird how in this seemingly impersonal world of the internet you can feel so connected somehow. I laugh and cry at different things you post. Thanks for being so real and genuine. You are an inspiration. And again thanks for the baby essentials post : ) All the best!

  65. Brittney

    Thank you for all the helpful info! we are expecting our first baby in January, we are so excited!! Just curious I know you mentioned loving the ergo baby carrier- I have been looking into wraps made by solly baby and baby slings by sakura bloom, have you tried using any of these baby carriers? they look very comfortable and convenient and i was just hoping to hear your opinion if you have tried out any carriers like these? I’m almost sold on buying a sollybaby wrap but wanted to make sure it would be a safe/ smart purchase vs. the ergo baby carrier…. also I have been in search for a good/ cute nursing cover, any recommendations?

  66. A

    I would just like to recommend the Beco carrier. I live in a large city as well (Hong Kong) with two toddlers and a baby, and use a carrier every day. I used to use the Ergo with my two older kids. This year when my youngest was born I bought the Beco, and I love it! The Beco can be carried back, front, or hip like the Ergo, but is much more comfortable and doesn’t require an insert for an infant.

  67. Z

    Do you ever think about the immense amount of human and animal suffering caused by consumerism? And that your comfort and privilege means the discomfort and under-privilege of many? Do you ever think about things like global inequality, how the rich countries bleed the poor countries dry, and have been for hundreds of years? Do you ever think about the wealth in America being founded on slavery? Does your version of Jesus care at all about injustice or have any empathy for other beings which share this earth with you? Why do you think your baby deserve much more and much better than millions of babies on earth?

  68. Hailey

    To anyone who asked about a comfortable nursing bra – I LOVE Coobie bras! They aren’t made specifically for nursing but they fold down easily to do the job. Nursed my little one for 15 months – miss it so much!

    I’m so glad my mom told me this: bring your own over the counter medications to the hospital. You would think that it’s quick to get what you want (even just an Advil or Tylenol) but that will be low priority for your (often overworked) postpartum nurse. A girlfriend of mine sad she wished she would have brought her own stuff after she waited 1 hour to receive a regular dose of Advil.

    Also, TMI but don’t be afraid to use over the counter glycerin suppositories (and dulcolax) for a few weeks after you give birth to ease bowel movements. I had a long labor and pushed for over 2 hrs… But used suppositories for a month after to eliminate the possibility of straining and never developed hemorroids.

  69. Lydia

    you’re right that every family’s needs are different, but it’s always fun to see what other people like. :)

    I used the baby feeding app when my daughter was a newbie and it was super helpful. for the first two days I was trying to write everything down on paper and that was a hot mess.

  70. Puj

    You’re such a smart and ready mama! This is such an honest + helpful list. We can’t wait for this baby of yours. :)
    I created the Puj infant Tub out of the very same experience of bathing a baby in a tub with a towel to avoid those slippery plastic tubs (which was a little stressful and discouraging for me). If you would like to try our modern foam tub (snaps together to cradle baby in your sink and hangs flat to dry) for an even easier and calm bathtime experience, we would love to get you one! I have a feeling you’d LOVE it! :) Hope everything goes so smoothly for your lovely family.

  71. Rebecca

    Thank you so much for posting! I am expecting my first at the end of March and I’ve referenced this post a few times in selecting items for a registry. This was very helpful.

  72. Nik Mitchell

    Thank you for this informative post. I’m a first-time mom living in NY and this is very useful to me. I have 5 other pregnant girlfriends and I’ve shared your links with them :) I do have a quick question about car seats. I don’t have car in NY and we don’t plan to get one anytime soon. Did you rent one to leave the hospital or did you purchase one. Also, what do you do during times when you need to get into a cab, for example to go to the doctor’s office? Thank you!