saturday afternoon at the holiday market…

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sat892343we spent a good portion of our day down at union square on saturday. our excuse was to check out the holiday market, but since there is a joe’s pizza and a dough donuts in the area now, we really look for any excuse to head that way and eat some of our favorite terrible-for-you-foods (it was the weekend after all), so the holiday market sounded like the perfect excuse.

i love all the little holiday markets that pop up around the city this time of year because every booth is just so festive, and the people are friendly and there is apple cider and hot chocolate every few booths or so and you honestly forget about the cold for like, a few minutes every now and then, it’s that good.

the photo above is after eleanor asked her papa to ride on one shoulder. “no hands, papa!” and here are a few more photos from the day below…


^^^such color! i can never get over how beautiful spices are. and how walking past shops filled with them makes me wish i knew what most of them were and cooked enough to need to purchase them.^^^


^^^37 weeks!!!! i had forgotten how during that last month of pregnancy you wake up each day to an even bigger baby belly. it’s part fascinating part terrifying.  i won’t be surprised if this baby is 10 pounds when he or she is born. really hoping for my sake that is not the case, but i mean, just look at it! ^^^


^^^this puzzle of the new yorker was so tempting for me. and i don’t even have the patience for puzzles. maybe someday…^^^


^^^speaking of puzzles… haha! while samson napped in the stroller, eleanor picked out a christmas gift to give him from her this year…^^^


 ^^^she chose this pretty wooden block puzzle that allows you to put together several pictures, shapes and colors together.  i think both of them will end up having a lot of fun with it! it was sweet watching her try to decide what he would like the most! (the vendor was called kubiya games.)^^^


^^^when this sweet boy woke up!^^^


^^^eleanor spotted these puppets from across the market, and just had to go by and check them out.  i kept thinking, oh gosh no way. those things are weird. but then i watched my little girl fall in complete love with a pirate puppet and i wasn’t sure they were that weird anymore.  “ahoy matey!”^^^


^^^E tried to convince samson he was a nice pirate, but samson wasn’t too big of a fan of the whole puppet thing. after E kept hugging the pirate, we decided this just might be the perfect christmas gift for eleanor, and asked samson if he wanted to get one for her and  if he was up for choosing one.  we made eleanor close her eyes while samson picked out a puppet for her. she was so good at keeping those eyes shut, i promise i won’t look! not until christmas! she said while she clapped her hands with a permanent grin on her face. for samson, it was a toss up between picking out the pirate or the fireman puppet, but he ended up choosing the pirate for E. i have a feeling that puppet is going to be a cherished toy for eleanor for the next few years. who knows, samson may warm up to him over time, too!^^^


^^^trying to find gifts for nana and granddad and grandma and grandpa.  we decided to make our own gifts for them and draw our own cards though.^^^


^^^don’t tell my doctor, ok? and welcome to manhattan, dough donuts!!!!!!!^^^


hope you had a wonderful weekend! happy thanksgiving week!!!

  1. Vera

    Oh Naomi, I just LOVE you and your adorable Family!!!! So excited to finally “meet” baby no 3! :-) Sending you all my love!!! V xxx

  2. Such a fun idea letting the kids choose a present for each other! I should let my toddler pick out the gifts aswell :)
    Oh, and where their cute hats from?? Love these!

    xx, Kristjaana

  3. nanette

    so sweet they picked out their gifts for each other! and those doughnuts look incredible!

  4. Looks like a lovely day! Tis the season to eat donuts :)

  5. arielle

    having littles at christmastime in new york must be bliss! that little market looks so charming and heightens my hankering for nyc. thanks for sharing! and I love eleanor’s hunters!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  6. Holiday markets are the best! I can’t wait for them all to start up over here in the UK in December. So excited!

  7. Chelsea

    it looks incredible- I can’t imagine having such neat things to go see and explore all the time. You always have a knack for making me want to give up farm life and move to the city. I’m hoping I can get my wild ones interested in buying each other nice gifts, right now I’ve got about twenty child wrapped presents under the tree, all consisting of their favorite stick or rock- oh my, shall be an interesting Christmas!

  8. Kelly

    I was at the market yesterday, so many great options! It is only a few blocks from my office so I might have to pop out during lunch hour to pick up a few more gifts, I love the idea of the puzzle!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  9. Gabriela Pereida

    Happy Thanksgiving week to you and yours! God bless.

  10. Sarah

    Awww your baby bump is SO cute!!! You look so good pregnant!! :)

    Sounds like a wonderful day! Hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving!! :)


  11. kendall

    you look beautiful!! x

  12. vicky

    looks like fun, Davis family ;)

    i love them picking each others gifts. it was like a short story and i had my hopes up to see whether or not Samson would pick the fireman puppet or the pirate. so cute that he picked the pirate puppet just for her! i love Christmas so much and this blog makes me love it even more. everything always seems so festive in your little corner.

    happy thanksgiving week and happy 37!!

  13. Tammy

    You look so beautiful Taza! ^_^

    Those kiddos are too cute. I especially love that puppet photo of E trying to get S to play along. Too cute.

    Ahh I love this time of year….now I’m hungry for donuts ;)


  14. brittony

    i bought one of those puppets (the grasshopper) for my niece 4 or 5 years ago for christmas and it has held up so well. hope your kids enjoy it for years to come too.

  15. Ellen

    You look amazing & so does all of this! Xx

  16. kiely

    you are looking too adorable!!! that pirate puppet is too cute too. i’m going to have to remember dough doughnuts when i am in new york next!

    xoxo, kiely

  17. Janis

    That belly is too cute! And the gifts the kids pick out are great! Love the holidays! :)

  18. Those donuts looks AMAZING! And gosh, you look so tiny in that picture with your baby bump. I mean, yes the bump is getting bigger, but you don’t look like you’ve gained an ounce anywhere else on your body. Pregnancy definitely looks good on you.


  19. Krista

    HOW do you get Samson to nap like that? I’ve always hope my son would nap while we do errands but alas, no such luck.

    Sounds like a fun day!

    • TAZA

      I think it’s just part of his city kid routine. Since he was born he’s napped in the stroller almost better than naps at home which I’m thankful for.

  20. I love days like this, just browsing markets and taken in your city’s beauty with loved ones it’s the best! As for big babies, I have to say I was a whopping 10 and my brother… he was 12lbs! My poor mother.



  21. Denisse

    What a wonderful post! :)
    I hope the littles pick a gift for their new baby sister/brother :)

  22. You and that adorable baby bump are killing me! So cute! I love your sweet approach to sibling gifts and letting them pick out something for each other. Very sweet! =)

  23. Jennifer

    Your face at the donut counter looks soo guilty! Donuts were my weakness when I was pregnant!

  24. You guys always look like you’re having the best time. You have an adorable family. Also where did you get Eleanor’s Hunters?

    • TAZA

      i bought them on GILT several years ago. i’ve tried to find the same style to get a pair for samson, but no luck. it must be an older model.

  25. okay that picture of you and your bump?! FLAWLESS.
    happy thanksgiving week. hope it’s great!
    the final stretch ah!

  26. Grace

    Ah! I saw you there! It was such a great day to be at the market. I would have said, “hi”, but didn’t want to disturb you and your fam :)

    Happy (almost) Turkey Day!!


  27. Rachel

    You are absolutely striking! Cutest bump. Happy Thanksgiving week, blessings to your family!

    So in love with the kiddo’s hats, where are they from?

    • TAZA

      thanks! samson’s is from Patagonia and E’s is from a local kid boutique on the UWS.

  28. Lesia

    You look beautiful – I can’t wait to hear what you have!! I’m guessing a girl!! I absolutely LOVE it little Eleanor’s hat!! What brand is it? I’ve been looking for a hat with a big pompom! In Canada we need lots of hats!!! Thanks so much!!

  29. Alanna

    So adorable and I love Eleanor babywearing her Koala!

    Happy Thanksgiving :)

  30. Helen

    Looks fun! And you all guys are so beautuful!

    Sorry for this question, but could you tell where did you get your hat “ushanka” (as we call it in Russia)?

    Happy Thanksgiving week!

  31. Hannah

    I thought you were holding another coat in your arms then I realized that bump in front of you was all baby! I DID have an almost 10 pounder for my second one (and at a week early too). I’m currently 13 weeks with #3 and nervous that this one is going to be a big one too.

    Happy Thanksgiving to your wonderful little family from sunny and warm Florida!

  32. Carly

    This looks like an amazing weekend spot!
    Your bump is super cute and not huge at all. I hope it won’t be a 10 pounder either……
    The Doctor Diva

  33. marion

    Your family seems so sweet!
    And I’m sure it’s a boy ^^
    But… if they choose the presents… does that mean they don’t believe in Santa anymore? :S

  34. girl work that belly!! you look amazing prego!! enjoy those donuts for a few more weeks!

  35. Bea

    ….that puzzle!!!I would have bought it!it’s sooo relaxing making puzzles!

  36. lindsay

    So sweet — Lovely as always!

    That coat?! Where might I ask did you find it?

    • TAZA

      Thanks! It’s an older one by Nanette Lepore that somehow still zips over my bump!

  37. Brooke

    E’s hat is just ADORABLE!!

  38. kirsty

    ahh i love that E has a Koala strapped to her! Oh and my son Rex was a TEN POUND FIVE baby born, eekkkk. so hopefully you new arrive isnt!!
    send much chrismas love from OZ xx

  39. marie

    Love your maternity coat!! And you good with such a big baby bump. Can’t wait to see ur little one soon. And I can’t wait to spend Christmas with my sons, it’ll be the first for my babyboy!! :)

  40. marie

    Oops sorry, you look good *

  41. Amy

    Hubs and I are in NYC for a Billy Joel concert (tomorrow) and we’re choosing restaurants based on your NYC guides!
    The most AMAZING thing happened. Tim Allen was at breakfast in front of us at Sarabeth’s!!! Tim the Toolman Taylor! Buzz Lightyear! Santa Claus himself!!! So thanks for the delicious food recommendations (and we were so pumped that it led to a super exciting moment)!!

  42. Lotta

    Donuts to die for! They look so delicious! I just love those holiday markets. My family like to go to Germany at Christmas time and visit some of their Christmas markets. They are lovely! If you ever have the opportunity to visit Germany at Christmas time then do so!

  43. Tara

    These pop up shops look amazing. It makes me want to be in New York. I love the puppet one and the puzzle one. Also, your side view of week 38 belly is too cute. Great post.

  44. you are such a beautiful pregnant and your belly is super cool :) I love that pic..

  45. emily

    cute hat! definitely adding dough donuts to my list because those donuts look amazing.

  46. Alla

    Could you please tell us where you got your lovely hat from? Thank you!

  47. Leanne

    Naomi! You are quite possibly the most stunning pregnant lady ever.

    My mom and I are coming to visit NYC on Friday and plan to do the Union Square Holiday Market this weekend. I seriously cannot wait, and it’s all thanks to the posts you’ve done on the market over the past couple years! Specifically last year’s with all those wreaths and when you dyed your hair:)

    Best to you, Davis fam!


  48. hanna

    Everything looks like so much fun! –Hanna Lei

  49. meg O

    Super late to the parade here but just wanted to say you look really beautiful!!! Best of luck with new baby xM