holiday gift guide: for littles!

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i made this final gift guide for little ones based on eleanor and samson’s ages and interests right now, but i know many of these things fit the bill for most toddlers! i especially can’t get over that life size cardboard ice cream truck (!!!) and the darling printable finger puppets. a full list and links below!

1. it might just be me, but i can’t stop putting my kids in animal hats! this leroy the lion hood from etsy is adorable.

2. this big portrait easel for your little artist.

3. and you really can never go wrong with giving a pair of freshly picked moccasins. E and S have lived in these moccs since babies and we are the biggest fans.

4. we love these tegu magnetic wooden block sets that come in such pretty colors combinations.

5. a aloha ukulele for your tiny performer.

6. eleanor has a thing these days for flip flops and slippers.  i thought these glitter shearling moccasins were very cute.

7. a few of our favorite books right now on constant rotation throughout the day: don’t let the pigeon drive the bus! / dragons love tacoswe’re going on a bear hunt

8. we always have a lot of fun with finger painting.  i thought this finger printing dinos art set looked perfect.

9. it might just be samson, but someone is obsessed with garbage trucks at our house. this one might be under the tree for him this year.

10. and how amazing is this life size ice cream truck made of cardboard? our kids love to play “ice cream shop” and i almost died when i came across this.  we may not have a lot of room to store it but it has their name written all over it!

11. and a scoop & stack ice cream play set to go along with the ice cream truck!

12. this xylophone with songbook in the most beautiful color palette.

13. these farm animal finger puppets are free to download and print! such a cute idea for a stocking stuffer.

14. and the only thing on samson’s christmas list is “more train tracks and trains.” this mountain train set is a great one.

if you’re interested, see my gift guide FOR HER and FOR HIM.  happy holiday shopping, everyone!

  1. Ashley

    Taza, I saw this website with ideas of “traditions” to do with kids and remembered your recent post about such sweet things and thought you might enjoy adding “The Night Before Christmas’ to your list of activities to do with E and S (and the littlest one on the way): The Night Before Christmas Box is filled with new pajamas, bags of hot cocoa, microwave popcorn, a Christmas book and a Christmas movie and the kids are only allowed to open it on December 24!

  2. Erica

    My son was also OBSESSED with garbage trucks at sampsons age! We gave him that same truck and it provided endless hours of entertainment :) He’s going to love it for sure!!!

  3. Dina

    Hi! I bought two sets of those blocks for my 2 year old and then realized they have that prop 65 warning on them. I ended up taking them into my classroom instead because I was worried about my daughter being exposed to the chemicals.

  4. Tara

    I love the color of the easel! It’s so much nicer than the oak or pine look usually available. I also love the finger printing set. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Adrienne

    Great list, those finger puppets are super cute! :-)

  6. Christen

    I think I remember seeing a picture fairly recently of cute Samson playing with his train set on some kind of super awesome train mat. I’ve been looking for one but am having a tough time. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks a bunch!!

    • TAZA

      It was made by Brio!

  7. Erika

    Hi! I just read the post about Tim and Kesh and clicked on the link to their web page, and then “BAM” welcome to Norway. It was quite the surprise as it is not often my little country gets any attention. So thank you for pointing me towards those lovely pictures of my home. :)
    I wish you and your family all the best, lots of love from Norway <3

  8. hanna

    Those slippers are adorable. –Hanna Lei

  9. emily

    100% obsessed with those glitter slippers lol

  10. Ok how cute is that ice cream play set, I want that for myself!

  11. Carly

    You guys are always so cute! It must be so much fun to hear the random things the little ones are thankful for. I am going to give that a try with my little one next year when he is talking more
    The Doctor Diva

  12. Michelle

    Hi Taza, I read many blogs and they often leave me wanting something I don’t have but Love Taza reminds me to be thankful for what I do: the joy of family, city living, etc. Thank you for the reminder.

  13. Samantha


    I love all these items. I have a 3 years old girl and 16 month boy. Are there any other trucks you could recommend that are big like that without the big price tag. Really great stuff, super cute, I just wish there were a few more big items on the list that are more affordable. Love the date ideas by the way, my husband and I are going to do several.


  14. Rachael

    Those tegu blocks are also awesome because the company is totally trying to do great things. They basically made up a company just to offer good jobs to people in Honduras. And, like you said, the colors are wonderful.

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  16. Emily

    Just ordered that ice cream truck for my littles – so amazing! As a kid, my sister and I had a cardboard schoolhouse that we loved to play in. So excited to find something similar for my kiddos. Thanks for the recommendations!