holiday gift guide: for him!

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while putting together these guides, i asked josh to help me round up his favorite products or gifts for guys because i’m often at a loss as to what to give him and sometimes it’s just easier to “know” what’s really on your loved ones list. hopefully this will be helpful to some of you shopping for a man in your life though, since it’s coming from a guy!

josh says:

1. button-down collar dress shirt – This is my favorite shirt because it is so versatile and long-lasting. When I travel and can only take 2 shirts, this is one of them. With the button down collar, it can be formal with a tie or informal without; worn with a sweater, jacket, or nothing. Ballet or Beach. Dry clean or wash. I recommend the slim fit and not the non-iron.

2. utility flame single pouch – It’s simple: guys like fire. I bought these pouches of gel a few months ago for emergency preparedness, and I thought of them for this gift guide as the perfect stocking stuffer! A guy can use them for grilling, camping, starting a fire at home.  The best (and coolest part) is that the only thing left over is sand, so little mess.

3. georgia peach and vidalia onion hot sauce – I discovered this a few years back at a taco stand in DC near my old office that had about 40 sauces and haven’t forgotten it. It is sort of both sweet and spicy but not too spicy and comes in an “artistic” bottle. The sort of thing that you can get for anyone. Another stocking stuffer idea I thought I should share.

4. customizable cedar shoe trees – I feel like the first pair of “real” dress shoes I bought were Allen Edmonds. They were expensive, but I saved up and invested in a pair that looked really nice and also could “take a beating” (since I wore the same pair everyday, walking and riding my bike in them). I still have a pair that I’ve had for 4 years, going strong. One of the best things I did to take care of them was get SHOE TREES! You can customize or personalize these shoe trees with a name or message.

5. leatherman super tool – Guys like tools and gadgets. And knives. This is both. This classic Leatherman is great for a hundred random reasons at home or in the outdoors.

6. classic chef’s knife – If you want a guy to cook more, then get him a large, forged, razor sharp knife to lure him into the kitchen. I got myself a nice knife a few years ago (after the cheap one we registered for at our wedding basically broke) and it sort of does make me feel like a chef…or Crocodile Dundee.

7. regimental bow tie – I wear this bowtie a lot and like how it is sort of rigid and more rectangular, so it isn’t too dressy and stays straight. J.Press has some other great stuff too.

8. smartcuts – My friend, Shane, just wrote this book, and I find it fascinating. I like books that are interesting and teach me something new or a different perspective. I got the kindle version for my phone so I can read it on-the-go or anywhere really.

9. snake cube keychain – We just discovered this company at the Union Square Holiday Market where Eleanor got Samson a puzzle-gift for Christmas. This is a great brain-teaser and puzzle gift! Fun to have on a keychain and show people (or kids) while you’re out.

10. timex andros watch – After going without a watch for a few years, I decided to get this one with the day of the week and the date (which is surprisingly hard to find). I like that it is simple, water resistant, has a soft comfortable band, goes with everything, and glows in the dark.

11. frye leather sneakers – If my favorite brown dress shoes and favorite sneakers had a baby, it would be this pair of leather sneakers by frye. More comfortable than dress shoes and nicer than sneakers. And like all my favorite stuff, they can go with everything!

  1. Cedar shoe trees are my biggest recommendation for men for the holidays too! They make such a difference and how classy is a row of dress shoes with cedar shoes trees? Very! My BF loves his!

  2. kiely

    woohoo! go josh! hope you guys had a wonderful thanksgiving :)


  3. Danica

    Love these gift ideas! Why are men so hard to shop for?! You’ve made it easy! My husband said he wanted some new shoes for Christmas….we’ll see!


  4. Oh I love these ideas! Especially the bowtie its beautiful :) Thanks for sharing this N & J


  5. Tara

    The shoe trees are a great idea for a husband gift! Thanks for the idea.

  6. Zsuzsi

    Great tips! Did you know, that in Hungary we don’t give a knife as a present, because the they say, it cuts the love? It’s a stupid habbit, but we keep it…

    Zsuzsi from Budapest

    Ps.: I love your blog, I’ve never been to the USA, and through this blog, I can have a piece of life there!

  7. Adrienne

    I never know what to buy for my hubby, or my brother, another great post! X

  8. rita

    For what reason would you be staring a fire at home?

    • TAZA

      if you have a working fireplace! we had one in DC so things like this came in handy, especially since i always filled our living room up with smoke when i’d try to start a fire without a little extra help.

  9. Hi Taza!

    I have been following you since Eleanor was in the tummy, and your site was a source of inspiration for me to finally start my family blog. I was wondering if you could share how you make these guide layouts?

    Happy Holidays!

  10. Wendi

    As a native Georgian who is all too familiar with Vidalia onions, I give your #3 a big thumbs up! <3 Hope you guys had a happy Thanksgiving!

  11. anna kim

    this is the best gift guide for him! everything on this list has been mentioned by my boyfriend over the past year. it was definitely a good reminder. thank you!

  12. meg

    thanks for putting this together!! i’m going to order that hot sauce right now as a stocking stuffer for my husband!

  13. Lindsay

    I’m curious why you don’t recommend the non-iron shirt. Please share. Thanks!

  14. AJ

    Hey! Quick question about the bow tie. Is it the pre-tied kind or the kind you have to tie yourself? My husband is particular about it and I couldn’t find anywhere on the website that said. Thanks! Love this list!

    • TAZA

      I just asked josh and he says it’s the kind you tie yourself! And he laughed and says that’s a good man. Haha! ;)

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