holiday gift guide: for her (or you!)

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hello! hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving! i ate wayyyyy too much of everything and my pregnancy heartburn isn’t very happy about it but now i feel officially ready to go into labor at any point, since i got my turkey and stuffing in and ate my weight in mashed potatoes. ;)

i haven’t put together holiday gift guides for this blog of mine before. but this year, i did the majority of my holiday shopping for my family and little ones on the earlier end so i wouldn’t have to worry about it with baby’s due date fast approaching. while doing so, i came across too many fun things that i just had to share a few!… a few things we already love and a few things that caught my eye for maybe another time. so i have three gift guides lined up to share today, one for her (or you!), one for your man (that josh helped me put together), and one for the littles in your life. hope they’re helpful!

let’s start with her, or you! because, you know… why not!  ;)

1. i am such a sucker for big oversized scarves during winter, but this faux fur scarf is seriously so beautiful.

2. this satchel by kate spade saturday in pale blush color is to die for.

3. i often get asked about the name rings i wear on my ring finger in place of my wedding band. i wear three… one says JOSH, the next says ELEANOR, then SAMSON. i can’t wait to add a fourth in a few weeks with the baby’s name.  and i think they make the perfect personalized gift.

4. dominique ansel’s the secret recipes book is out! it has to be good, i mean, he’s the guy behind the cronut.

5. i adore these cute handmade mittens.

6. chloe rollerball perfume. it’s my favorite and the only scent i wear.

7. bright lab lights are so much fun!

8. the capri blue mercury candle is honestly my biggest obsession. i keep a couple stock piled under my bed in my apartment because no other candle has ever smelled so good and i refuse to run out.  i am obsessed with them. They are also 25% off today!

9. these utility kitchen canisters are really pretty to leave out on your countertop.

10. since my kiddos like to get into any house plants i leave on a table or within their reach, this striped ceramic bowl plant hanger caught my eye. so pretty!

11. we have loved using a madsen bike in the city. i have no shame sitting in the bucket with my kids while josh carts us around the city! (they are on sale today, too!)

12. and how cute is this mini plush ice cream truck pillow? josh is always like, we have too many decorative pillows! but i can’t help myself when they are this cute!

what’s on your list this year? a few more guides coming your way later today!

  1. Claire

    I have some bright lab lights and it’s something cool. ;)
    I can’t wait to see your beautiful number 3! And discover his/her name!

    Kiss from France!

  2. I would love to shop more at Sephora, but unfortunately the prices and the selection in the store here in Copenhagen, Denmark, are just not good enough – especially not since I went to Sephora a lot when we roadtripped across The States earlier this year.

  3. arielle

    I love that faux fur scarf! and those sweet little mittens. what a beautifully curated list!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  4. Andy

    Those rings are just perfect!!!

  5. alexandria

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE those rings! I beat cancer last year and I have been wanting to get something to celebrate that. I’m thinking “strength” as the script.

    I have to say, too, that while I was going through all of my cancer stuff, I found your blog and I want to thank you for so much positivity as it really helped me (along with the whole unknown with cancer) to see and appreciate the small and beautiful things in my life that often are taken for granted.

    Thanks for some gifting ideas…I just bought that candle myself :)

  6. Kailey

    Your husband and my fiancé have the same feelings about the throw pillows. Men! They just don’t get it!

    Great guide!

  7. Ghislaine

    Dear Josh and Naomi, hope my English is clear, but so glad you both decided to do such curated gift guides, and on Black Friday too! I know what you said in your post about traditions about the extra pressure that consumerism tends to put on everyone during the holiday season, and that the traditions and love in a family always trump anything under the tree, but oh wow so much presents for the family, so much happy for the holidays. It IS obsession for the holidays, such much pretty things! Will you have kids gift guides too from E&S? And one from the bébé too bien sûr– zomg wow!

  8. Rachael

    it made me so happy to imagine you riding around in the back of that bike! : ) thanks for this great list!!

  9. ChloBow

    Love love the name rings!

  10. Kitty

    I’m the biggest fan on your blog and instagram and I dont’t know why I’m so stoked on the fact that we wear the same perfume! haha!
    Love all your blog entries, I read all of them! And the gift guides are amazzzzing. I also hope to visit NYC next year and hopefully go to all these fascinating food places you suggested in the past blog posts.

  11. Caroline

    Thanks for this! I’ve been getting the dreaded “what do you want for Christmas?” question lately, and I always draw a blank. I’ll steal some ideas from this list! I had my baby two weeks ago, so I’ll be shopping online this year. Best of luck with the birth! Thanks again.


  12. Rachael

    Hi, I love the idea of the name rings but would love to see what they look like on. Could you take a picture of yours for show. Please

  13. Elle

    These gift guides are super helpful and making me so excited to start my Christmas shopping! :)

  14. Allison

    Taza, you have the best taste. That satchel IS to die for! I just bought it for myself after seeing it here. Who says I can’t buy a Christmas gift for me, right? :)

  15. Ali

    Naomi are your rings in monogram or handwriting style? Such fun ideas. Adore your family

    • TAZA

      i think they are in the handwriting style!

  16. Andrea

    All I can say is THANK YOU! I rarely find gift guides useful, but this one proved so so helpful! Got two gifts covered with it – one for me (from, ahem, my husband!) and that gorgeous scarf for my sister-in-law.

    Happy Christmas and best wishes to your beautiful (and growing!) family!

  17. Yang

    Chloe is my scent too! It’s the best!

  18. Sarah

    Please check my friend pixleypressed on Instagram or etsy. She makes such wonderful dainty jewelry!! Love your blog!!

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