halloween 2014!

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i know i just blogged about christmas stockings, but now i’m going back to halloween! haha! our entire family had been trying to fight off colds last week but by halloween, they’d finally caught up with us and the kids had some awesome runny noses. while we still took the kids trick-or-treating for a bit in the late afternoon on friday, we opted to stay in for most of our halloween, as to avoid all of our little friends and not pass on any germs.  we were sad to miss out on all the fun little parties and parades, but we had a great time carving pumpkins and baking and prepping our costumes for later in the day…

a few photos from our halloween below, if you’d like to see!


^^^we made my favorite cookie, the chocolate chip pumpkin cookie! i tried using this recipe this time around, and it was delicious! but next time i’m tripling my batch.^^^


^^^helping prep costumes for later in the day! can you tell what this is going to be??^^^


^^^we carved pumpkins together, and it was probably my favorite part of the day.  eleanor wanted a happy pumpkin, and samson wanted a scary pumpkin, so we went to work…^^^


^^^because E’s pumpkin was tiny, she proceeded to carry it all around the apartment with her after he was carved saying things like, “i just love you so much, jack o’lantern!” and “this is my house. these are my toys…” he became a part of our family for the day, and it was pretty cute. ^^^



^^^samson liked his pumpkin, too! he especially liked holding up the top of the pumpkin and blowing out the candle repeatedly.  he thought it was the funniest thing. it kind of was, just because he truly believed it was the funniest thing on earth.^^^


^^^i’m the only one that likes to roast and eat the pumpkin seeds at our house, but i don’t mind. sometimes it’s nice not having to share. ;) ^^^


^^^eleanor and samson went back and forth for over a month on what they wanted to be for halloween! sometimes samson wanted to be a bird that goes “tweet tweet!”, and sometimes eleanor wanted to be a bear, sometimes a big scary bear! and sometimes a pumpkin like last year. but after they toured and hung out at the fire station in chicago a few weeks ago, it was settled. everyday they both talked about being firefighters! and almost every day for the past two weeks, they’d put on their firefighter costumes and play.  josh asked them if they’d like for him to be a firetruck for halloween, and escort them around while they went trick-or-treating. eleanor said, “no, it’s ok papa. i want you to just be FIRE! and we will put you out!” so josh, being the good dad that he is, made a costume out of cardboard and tissue paper that looked like flames and wore it around the neighborhood. part of me was like, “wait, are you really going to wear that?” while the other part of me was like, “wow. you are awesome for wearing that.”  i mean, i didn’t even dress up as anything, and i kind of regret it. ^^^


^^^ “firefighters to the rescue!!!” ^^^h1901088876h2189467723

^^^we had a lot of fun walking around the upper west side visiting some of our favorite shops and restaurants to trick-or-treat new york city style.^^^


^^^the city also closes down a few blocks in the neighborhood where people can trick or treat and admire all the awesome decorations. some residents really go all out decorating their front stoops.  a lot of it was pretty scary though, i felt like i kept saying, “ok… look straight ahead and just keep walking!” to the kids.  i often forget people get really into that scary gory and gruesome part of the holiday.  i could live without that part, i could also live without the masks. ^^^


^^^as a mama, it’s fun to just walk a few feet behind my kids sometimes and watch them take care of each other.  lots of hand holding, or arms around each other and spontaneous hugs. of course there if often teasing and pushing and arguing, too…don’t get me wrong. but when i witness the kinder part of their relationship, i think it’s the sweetest thing.^^^


^^^oh look, mama! a friend!^^^


^^^and that’s a wrap! success! happy halloween everyone!^^^

  1. Emily

    i love everything about this! you guys are perfect!!!!

  2. This is just too adorable! I kinda love Josh’s outfit too and that whole day seems like a sweet Halloween tradition for a family. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures with us :)


  3. Jen

    I love this post! Our son has been obsessed with firefighters too and dressed up as one too! I also love that josh dressed as fire for your kids- so sweet! You look so radiant Naomi!

  4. Inspired

    Oh Gosh!! So nice! :)
    Kisses from Portugal!

  5. Kaili

    Beyond adorable. Looks like an incredibly successful halloween and I’m in love with all of these pictures. Halloween in NYC looks lovely.

  6. Carolin Heise

    I think you often like to idealize people of the blogging world, but I really have to repeat myself in the comment section and have to say that your husband is just the best and I think it’s not idealization.
    I mean he really invented a fire costume for his kids?
    He’s an awesome dad!

  7. Jennifer

    What a clever halloween costume Josh! It is always hard to coordinate a full family costume… maybe naomi could have been the fire hydrant?

  8. Kelly Y.

    I love the pajamas that E and S are wearing while you all made cookies!! Where are those from?
    And in general what a great Halloween! I have often wondered what Halloween would be like in the City. Thanks for the peek.

  9. Claire

    Lovely pictures and such a lovely family.
    Halloween in the US seems to be so great ! Here in France it’s not so popular. ;)

  10. Jemima

    Too good! Josh is such a great sport for playing along – a fabulous daddy to those kids. Halloween seems to be pretty big here in the UK (at least it is big compared to my home in Australia!), I’m looking forward to one day sharing it with a kiddo or two!!!

    Jemima x

  11. Cat

    Aww, you guys look adorable! I have to say, Halloween in NYC looks like quite the event. It’s one of those holidays that’s the best when it’s done with kids :)


  12. Sara

    My son had the same costume when he was two. He wore it constantly for playing firefighter around the house. It held up great! Two years later, he has finally outgrown it (it’s great like that if you have a skinnier kid, I just kept loosening the overalls for length). I’ve purchased Aeromax ever since. And I always get tons of compliments. They are the best!

    And the daddy-fire idea was adorable!

  13. Chelsea

    Oh my they are little bundles of cuteness! Your hubby is so sweet to dress up with them. After seeing a few families Halloween pics my hubby got the bug and wants to do a whole family dress up next year, I’m crazy excited as I’ve silently hoped for this for to long!


  14. Amy

    Josh dressing up as fire makes the whole thing. I bet trick or treating in NYC must be a blast!
    We were Inspector Gadget, Penny, and Brain when we passed out candy. Check it out!

  15. Ady

    How darling!

  16. Heather

    I’m totally with you on the masks!! NO THANKS!

  17. I can see why carving pumpkins was your favorite part. It sure looked like a fun time. It’s so sweet that your husband dressed up. I can’t wait to see what you all dress up as next year with your little one.


  18. Caryn

    This was our first Halloween in NYC and wow! It was insane. We actually live on a shut-down block party street (ours was the Stars Wars themed decor this year!) I totally agree about the gross decor. Living on a crazy decorated street has been ugly for the last week leading up to it. I’ve never liked the holiday, but I would get more warm to it without the nasty decor and masks! We had to make the gross stuff funny most of the time as we passed it every day. Our 2.5 year old calls it “silly decorations” now. :)

  19. bridget

    love these pictures. and agree completely–some of the costumes are too dang scary. i was shielding parker’s eyes more than once!

  20. Briseidy

    cute pumpkins! your halloween looks like so much fun!love the costumes too!

  21. Teresa

    What a great idea with the costumes we might just have to try those next year!!! I love that you guys had a chance to enjoy as a family and that NY actually closes a street down for ya’ll

  22. Melissa

    Love your scarf! where from??

    • TAZA

      thank you! it is from free people!

  23. Bea

    Josh worn as a fire!!!

  24. Tammy

    Just too darn cute. What a sweet holiday you guys had. You know, I never even thought about roasting those pumpkin seeds. I’m kind of embarrassed now!

    Josh is the coolest for a) making his own costume and b) pretending to be fire. Seriously, very cool :D

    You’re beautiful Taza as always. Have a wonderful rest of the week.


  25. Layla

    This is absolutely adorable, such a unique idea, looks like you guys had a great Halloween! :)

  26. ohhh it looks like halloween in the city is so fun!!! i love that!! and i am absolutely with you on leaving out the gory part of halloween and getting rid of the masks. i don’t like that at all. i’m glad you guys were still able to do some trick or treating even with their little colds! and i LOVE the costumes!! such a fun dad!! ( i didn’t dress up either this year.)

  27. Whitney

    I always wondered how people did trick-or-treating in big cities!

  28. the cutest!

  29. cheyenne

    so so cute :)
    xo, cheyenne

  30. renata

    Oh i just loved your halloween! I think the fire fighter & fire theme was great, may be because just like you i could just skip all the gore and scary stuff… i kinda don’t get it, like horror movies and all. Anyway, we don’t celebrate halloween around here (candy companies and sellers are trying to make it work here but people just don’t get it and most of us kinda feel it has nothing to do with our culture, so…)

    Josh is a keeper! You five (yeah yeah, i’m already counting little one coming, he or she is almost here!) are as awesome as it gets ;)

    Greetings from Uruguay :)

  31. arielle

    you guys are so creative. I love your halloween costumes..firefighters are definitely the way to go! hope you’re all feeling better!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  32. vicky

    so cute!! i love their idea to make him fire and then him following through with it. you both really are the most thoughtful parents. their costumes are so fun. i bet they had a blast.

    i’ve been meaning to make those cookies. i see them all over pinterest and people’s blogs and i’m really excited to find the time (if ever) to make them. yours look great.

    looks like nyc REALLY does halloween! that looks legit ;) ha!
    fun halloween!

  33. Julie

    Oh my gosh, how clever! I probably would have been stumped for a while if my daughter would have said she wanted me to be fire. I would have ended up just painting flames on a shirt or something. This is so much better! Cool dad award! My daughter carried her little pumpkin around too! It was the cutest thing ever!

  34. So cute! And I am sorry roasted pumpkin seeds are SOOOO GOOD! You’re lucky because it is always a war zone in our home fighting over who get’s the larger handful.




  35. What a cute costume idea! Pumpkin carving was also a favorite of mine. As I get older though, I like it less and less. It usually starts off as a group activity, but ends with mommy at the table alone… finishing the pumpkins. ha!

  36. Amazing costumes! I love the DIY you do with your kids- they must be entirely thrilled. So so sweet.

    Warm Regards,

  37. Cari

    Just adorable! I’m a huge fan of coordinating family costumes and you nailed it! So cute.


  38. Nina

    Sweet pictures and words. I love the fact, that your husband chose to get dressed as the fire. This is so cute.

    Love, Nina

  39. sarah

    eleanor loving on her jack-o-lantern reminds me of the children’s book “sophie’s squash”.. you should take a look, she might love it!

  40. my fave family!

  41. Jess.

    Your kids are so, so sweet. With very cute pajamas! xox

  42. Sinead

    Those costumes are just the best! Amazing looking neighbourhood too :-)

  43. Arica

    HOW CUTE. I love that Josh wore the fire costume, that is so fun! I love when parents dress up with their children, I only saw a few this year. I seriously cannot imagine how much fun it must be to trick or treat in the city like that!

    Arica, xxo

  44. jen

    adorable!! and I agree, I could do without the masks and creepy stuff!

  45. Haha I really love these costumes! :)

  46. Okay, I’m pretty late to the Halloween party, by Josh’s costume is amazing. Honestly, I’m sat in a coffee shop laughing away at myself. Just goes to show what awesome parents you guys are!

  47. Maggie

    I love your brown jacket! Do you mind me asking where it is from?

    • TAZA

      thanks! it’s from zara.