come customize christmas stockings with us at west elm!

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josh and i will be hosting a customized christmas stocking workshop on november 13th at west elm broadway here in the city! the event will take place from 6:30-7:30pm and i hear something about donuts and hot chocolate being served, so…. ooh la la! if you’d like to come, please RSVP HERE!

i’m so excited that the holiday season is finally arriving, and this event will be a fun way to kick things off! since we began preparing for this west elm event earlier in the year, it’s been fun (and strange!) having a little bit of christmas in july (when josh and i first sat on the sofa and stitched these stocking together in shorts and flip flops!) and again in october (when we had a little pretend-christmas morning at our house with the kiddos to hang the finished stockings in our living room and take a few photos with west elm to display our finished project).

tim coulson photographed our little pretend-christmas morning, so we all felt right at home having the best time playing pretend-christmas together and practicing for next month! eleanor and samson were in heaven! josh had already told me he was on board for putting all the christmas decor up before thanksgiving this year since the we aren’t sure when baby will arrive and want to have as much ready as possible. (i can get him to budge on pretty much anything but that is his ONE big thing that is usually non-negotiable – no christmas music or decor or shopping or anything until after thanksgiving, which is one of his favorite holidays.) so he was extra thoughtful to his very pregnant and christmas-ecstatic wife the day of this shoot when he said at the end of the morning, “so, we can leave it all up until christmas if you’d like!” it was music to my ears! but then again i feel like you have to at least give halloween a chance and i also felt like it might totally confuse eleanor and samson to be carving pumpkins with a christmas tree in the living room, so we decided we’d take it down for a couple weeks and put it all up again in november. but maybe the earlier part of november, because, you know. ;)

christmas stockings are one of my favorite things about christmas in general. they are fun for the kids to sort through, and josh and i usually only do stockings for one another over big gifts, so they are extra special to the two of us. i can’t tell you how excited i am to create and hang a 5th stocking up on that wall this year for this new baby! we just need to meet him or her and figure out that first initial!

below are a few of my favorite photos from the west elm shoot.

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you can see a full list of all of west elm’s DIY holiday workshops HERE.

also, if you can’t make it to the west elm event here in new york city, west elm will be hosting our customized stocking event at their stores in columbuslong islandwashington D.C.pittsburghbirmingham (michigan)bostonphiladelphiahuntington stationparamusprincetonchelseadumbo (brooklyn)scarsdaleking of prussiageorgetowntorontowestportburlington (mass), and mclean (virginia).

and please note that you will be able to purchase a stocking for $16 at the event, or you are welcome to bring your own to stitch with us if you’d like! hope to see you there!

photos by tim coulson.

  1. Sarah

    *Pittsburgh :)

  2. marie

    Sounds like a fun event! But I stay too far away (I stay in Asia actually, lol) so I can’t join in.. Would love to though! ;) have fun!

  3. I’m already way too over excited for Christmas and these photos made me worse! I’ve talked my husband into letting me put our trip up on the 30th November, which is early for us and the UK! Can’t wait!

  4. hanna

    So cool. Wish I could go –Hanna Lei

  5. tina lovely

    wow was so looking forward to signing up for this event but it was sold out in a matter of minutes! Do you think you might host another for all of us who are not as fast to respond!

    • TAZA

      i’m so sorry! i think there is a wait list if you’d like to put your name down, just follow the invite link!

  6. So fun! I love Christmas, too – these photos (even if in October) are so magical! And how exciting to be awaiting another little :)

    Warm Regards,

  7. M

    All already sold out????

  8. Anne

    *King of Prussia

    Cute stockings!

    • TAZA

      thanks for catching that! not sure why i wrote KIND. ha.

  9. Kate

    How fun! I must admit I’m a bit jealous, Christmas is my favorite too, and I’m itching to start putting up decorations!
    Beautiful stockings you made, too. Wish I lived closer and could come to the event!


  10. Aly

    Your shirt is real cute. Mind sharing where you got it? Cause I am sure that never gets old…

    • TAZA

      it’s a maternity top from Hatch!

  11. What lovely family photos! I’m looking forward to the West Elm events in my region of the world. Happy Monday :)

  12. Nina

    Actually I am in the christmas mood since October when the weather got bad and it was time to put on your coat and winter jacket. I love your pictures and the christmas stockings – so pretty. I can’t wait till December when it is okay for my husband to trim our home christmasy.

    Love, Nina

  13. Bea

    This is a drem to me!!!
    Christmas in July? I strt the countdown in January, and when in July I say “5 months to Christmas”, well, nobody is really happy as I am!!
    I’m happy you’re going to celebrate Christmas a little bit before, I think your little baby that is coming, couldn’t bonr in a better month!!!

  14. Keeley

    Can I ask where from and what couch you have? I have 5-year-old and 3-year-old boys and have been leather couch shopping for a year!

    • TAZA

      yes! it’s actually a west elm sofa, it’s called the henry i think. it’s been holding up so well so far with the kiddos!

  15. chelsea

    How cute are those stockings! I’ve always wanted to make my own, were all using mismatched ones that we’ve borrowed from here and there, and I don’t think I even have one for the littlest yet. Hope it all goes well, ya’ll are just the cutest family around!

  16. madeline Leme

    where is your shirt from? it’s absolutely darling!

  17. Teresa

    This looks like it would be so much fun! I wish they were hosting an event in FL!!!

  18. Jordyn

    What color and brand is the green paint? It’s beautiful!

    • TAZA

      it’s a sherwin williams color called argyle.

  19. Iclal

    I’m going to be back in NYC on the 23rd orelse I would’ve have definetely came because I love West Elm and you and your family, you guys are the cutest! I’m soo excited for the holidays too Christmas in NYC is the best!

  20. My FAVORITE part of Christmas morning is opening up the stockings to see what’s inside – even better than unwrapping gifts in my opinion!! Wish I lived in NYC as I would totally be there! Have fun with all of your love Taza fans!

  21. Emily

    ugh i wish i lived in nyc! you have been my life inspiration since i was 16 and i can’t imagine anything better than christmas + meeting you guys + creating stockings! that green wall is 100% prefect by the way.

  22. Christen

    Okay, I am inspired!! With baby #2 due in mid-January and company for most of November, (plus, like you, limited space and a growing family) I had told my husband I thought we should skip the tree this year… WHAT WAS I THINKING?! :-) Tree it is. Also, I am so loving the little peaks of your living room updates! The green wall, the amazing (and kid friendly!!) couch with those cushions!! Did I miss a post on your super fun living room??

  23. Christen

    And by “cushions” I mean pillows. Because PREGNANCY BRAIN.

  24. Stephanie

    Can you recommend some of E’s favorite books? Starting to Christmas shop and would love your suggestions! Thank you!!! :)

    • TAZA

      sure! it’s hard to keep track of her favorites but lately we’ve been reading When I was Born and the Marcel the Shell book (haha!) she likes Dr. Seuss’ Fox in Socks book and also Dragons Loves Tacos!

  25. Laura

    so cute! thanks for sharing!!
    p.s. I love the nyc print above your piano. do you remember where you got it?

    • TAZA

      i bought it a few years ago on sale from GILT and don’t remember the name of the artist. i’m sorry!

  26. So excited that McLean, Virginia’s West Elm location is going to be doing this too! I’m going to plan to be there! <3

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  28. Cari

    I think it’s brilliant you were able to decorate for the holidays before the baby is born. It’s never too early for Christmas, in my mind. :) I love the stockings!

  29. Hazel m.

    Love everything! Where is your plaid top from? Want it!

  30. Leigh

    I second Hazel’s comment…love that adorable top! Would love the source.

    • TAZA

      thank you! it’s a maternity top by Hatch!

  31. Maricela

    I LOVE your blog!! I was wondering if there is any way you’d share exactly how you made your stockings, I don’t anywhere close to where you’ll be doing the West Elm event…I adore the fringe/balls and have some felt leftover from Halloween costumes…thanks!