christmas tree decorating! + a video!


i’m probably the happiest lady in all of new york city this week because we pulled out all our christmas decorations and got that tree up (well, two trees… we’ve been keeping up with tradition having the littles decorate their own smaller tree in their nursery).  we went the artificial tree route this year since we put them up earlier than we normally do (probably the best perk to having a baby due in a few weeks!) and even though i know i’ll miss that fresh pine smell from a real tree, there is no way i can complain about anything right now.

whenever you begin decorating for the holidays, we wish you a wonderful time decorating! we filmed a few snippets of our time putting up our trees this week below if you’d like to watch. the kids faces hanging all those ornaments can’t be topped. lots of clapping and jumping up and down. don’t have a clue where they get it from. ;)

happy tree decorating, friends!

ps. our christmas tree last year here and this old video from josh’s and my first christmas together is fun, too. we were so young!

  1. what a funn!!! what a joy :)))

  2. Beautiful video, beautiful family! Your kids are adorable!!


  3. jemima

    Oh wow… What an absolutely gorgeous video! It has made me really want to start getting into the Christmas spirit.. Our apartment is too small for a tree but I’m looking forward to one day having an experience like this with future-kids. Yours just look so excited to be decorating!!!

    :) Jemima x

  4. Lauren

    Such a lovely video! You and your family are such an inspiration to me. I think I’m around the age you were just before you and Josh tied the knot and to think that in a few years that will be me and my other half makes me so excited! I hope that one day i will be blessed with my own family and will get to create these magical moments just like you do with yours. God bless :)

  5. Eli

    Those moments are so magical – before, during and just after Christmas when we’re still in the mood for a warm pie and red socks. I adore your video Taza, we see children growing up so quickly especially by the activities they’re happy to go for each year. Those are the best memories. Have a great weekend guys xx

  6. paola

    very nice moments! You are lovely,
    thank you for sharing Naomi!

    Paola, Love From France

  7. Oh my is it weird that I have been looking forward to your Christmas video for a couple of weeks now? I can’t believe how big the kids are getting and I love the “first Christmas”-ornaments (Making a mental note here). Have the most wonderful weekend :)


  8. Jenn

    Scentsicles…you hang them in the tree. Makes the house smell just like a real christmas tree! Problem solved!

    • TAZA

      What? Thank you! Looking those up now!

  9. arielle

    I truly loved that little video! it captured such a sweet and precious moment with your littles so much better than any picture would have done. congrats on getting your tree up and decorated. it’s officially the holidays!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  10. i’m over the moon happy for your family! you’re just one big bundle of happiness right now… so much it’s spilling over to my world and giving me smiles :) so, thanks! and happy holidays!

  11. Kailey

    I am so excited to decorate my own tree this weekend – I trust there will lots of clapping and jumping at my place too!

  12. Amy

    Eeeek! What a sweet video. It really captures the magic of being a little one and the excitement of getting ready for the holidays.
    Eleanor pretending to eat the popsicle decoration is just too much – her little face is adorable! And Samson clapping at the end made me teary, as he was clearly so very happy and excited.
    My daughter (close in age to E) likes to talk about her ‘kind heart’, and I see a family full of kind hearts in this video.
    Wishing all of you a wonderful, peaceful and happy holiday season!
    xo Amy

  13. Tammy

    So adorable! Wow you guys make me want to pull out the tree like today with these cute holiday posts. I am so excited this year…well, I am every year. I love the holidays! ^_^

    I have to order those scentsicles…I too miss that christmas tree smell!


  14. Alexandria

    Naomi, this video was darling! Thanks for sharing and I remember seeing that first video of you guys putting up the Christmas tree with all the lights! How fun!!! Since it’s so christmas-y in your house, I’ll wish you and early Merry Christmas :)

  15. Alli

    Darling!! Where did you get Eleanor’s and Samson’s personalized 1st Christmas ornaments?

    • TAZA

      Both from etsy!

  16. Leticia

    Beautiful family Naomi! You are so very blessed!

  17. andrea

    What version of Joy to the World is that?! Just amazing.

    And totally adorable video. I am deeply in the holiday spirit myself!

  18. OMG this video made me even more excited for Christmas! I love! Such a sweet family, and cannot wait to meet the new member!



  19. Rachel

    I noticed that the ornament of Max from “where the wild things are” made an appearance in the new video and they one from yours and Josh’s first Christmas! Y’all are too cute!!

  20. well that video just immediately brightened my day!! and made me want to go get my christmas decorations out of storage!! ha!

  21. Janis

    What a cute video. The kids happy faces are adorable! :)

  22. Elouise

    Oh this is just too precious! Little Samson jumping on the bed at the end <3 I've always loved your videos, Would you ever consider sharing some of your really old videos again? I remember the one in this post: being the cutest of you! But the video isn't there anymore :(

  23. marie

    The old video of you and ur hubby is adorable!! ;) I can’t wait to decorate the Christmas tree with my son and babyboy this yr! You’re making me looking forward to Christmas :)

  24. Elise

    Who sings this version of Joy to the world? I really like it!

    • TAZA

      It’s by Hansome and Gretyl!

  25. Bea

    I cannot wait for decorating my christmas tree!!!
    So happy!!!!

  26. Brooke

    Samson’s little jumping is the cutest!! Such an adorable family!! This makes me soooo excited to decorate my tree soon!!


  27. There are wonderful candles that smell like pine trees too! Yankee Candle has one :)

  28. Allison

    This. Is. Adorable. :)

    Who is the artist singing the song?

    • TAZA

      It is Handsome and Gretyl!

  29. Jess.

    Yay!!!! This is so sweet. I’m glad you get to have Christmas [tree] early AND you get a baby in your house for Christmas. I’m right there with the kids as they jump around and clap their hands. Decorating the tree is my favorite holiday! Love and best Christmas wishes. xox

  30. This is too cute

  31. Marta

    Lovely video! Thanks for that! Could you write the name of the women who sing a song? Greetings from Poland:):)

  32. . ILexie

    Oh, how I adore that “Tree Decorating” is basically a holiday in itself for the Davis family. I’ll readily admit that I’m looking forward to it, as well!

  33. Nothing like the joy that comes from those littles. Love this time of year so much! And YAY for getting a rug! :)

  34. Donna

    Hi Naomi,

    What camera/program do you use to make these sweet videos?


    • TAZA

      i shot this with my canon 6D and edited in iMovie. :)

  35. I love the video! The original from ’08 is brilliant. It will be so nice to watch them back in years to come – especially as your children get older. Happy (early) Christmas!

  36. Just Cats

    What an adorable video. Thanks for sharing that. Deb

  37. Evelyn

    SO lovely Naomi! Your family is just gorgeous..

    What about..
    Reuben – Boy
    Maybe some Christmas inspired names! – Casper, Evie, Hollie, Noelle, Stella


  38. Lonka

    supercute! ♥

  39. Mary

    Such a beautiful little video. I’d love to hear how you put these together.

    • TAZA

      thank you! i put it together with iMovie.

  40. Joanna

    You have to get a Thymes candle! (Or hand soap :) ) It really smells just like the real thing.

  41. Kelly

    Oh my goodness, so absolutely adorable! And I can not wait for baby #3 to have their first Christmas ornament with 2014 on it for next years tree!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  42. Jacquelene

    I love how beautiful the glow of your face looks in the top photo with Samson. It’s so telling that your sweet baby will arrive soon. Sending love and light to you and your family!

  43. Claire

    So lovely! I’m feeling Christmas-y already :)


  44. Louise

    Hi there, just wondered where you got your cute little light-up gingerbread house that Samson is playing with? Thanks!

    • TAZA

      My mother in law sent it to us a few Christmases ago! Sorry I don’t know the details!

  45. Lara

    You are stunning.

  46. ChloBow


    As a mum of 1 with no.2 on the way, I’ve been eyeing up your bugaboo donkey pushchair. I have to ask, with 3 kiddiewinks close in age, what will you do when your no.3 arrives?
    Curious from the UK -xx-

    • TAZA

      We plan to keep using our Donkey with ride board attached to the back! Congrats on your second!

  47. Montse

    ¡¡Gorgeous Christmas trees!!

    You inspire me every single day with every single post thank you!
    You are a beautiful family.

    With all my love your mexican fan!

    Montse XO

  48. emily

    so obsessed with your piano color and wall color. what kind of paint did you use on your piano?

  49. Leanne

    Decorating the tree is such a special time. My family and I always watch Home Alone and The Santa Clause while drinking eggnog when we do ours:) This is my last Christmas at home though, and I hope so so badly that my fiance and I carry on special little traditions like that when we’re married. It’s all about being with the ones you love!

    Also, the photo you posted on Instagram of this tree all lit up in your dark apartment just made me swoon. I was all “that’s what I want in life!” when I saw it. Haha:)


  50. hanna

    The video is so sweet. –Hanna Lei

  51. Adding ScentSicles will help your beautiful tree smell as fresh as a real one! At least for this year ;) They can also help your real trees smell longer.

  52. Danielle

    That was so adorable! I need to do more video!