vieques, puerto rico!

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hello!  josh and i took a little trip to vieques, puerto rico last week! it was one of those trips we debated for the past couple of months… do we try and get away before we have a third baby just the two of us? do we take the kids? do we leave the kids? who would we leave the kids with?!  are we (well, me) strong enough to really truly spend a few days away from them?! we went back and forth for a long time, especially since we’ve only spent a single night away from eleanor and samson at a nearby hotel for josh’s birthday last year. but last month, we decided to just do it.

josh and i have both been working long hours around the clock on several different projects and entrepreneurial endeavors, along side taking care of our kiddos each day. full disclosure, while incredibly exciting and liberating to be one’s own boss, work feels to never actually sleep when you’re working for yourself, so naturally, we’re never sleeping either. (advice from fellow self employed or freelance readers willingly accepted in the comments below, please!)

anyway, while i might have a been a bit of a mess the night before we left at the thought of leaving E and S, my sisters flew into the city to spend the next few days with them and having our little ones in trusted family hands left me at ease. also, it appears that both the kiddos did really well without us! sometimes they didn’t even really care to FaceTime, they just wanted to get back to whatever they were doing with their aunties! we really couldn’t have asked for a better arrangement as we took off, and having time to just fully unplug from everything work related (i also unplugged from all things blog and social media related, too) and spend time together away from the kids before baby arrives – was wonderful.

we stayed at the W retreat and spa on vieques island.  a few months back, SPG Resorts kindly offered to host a little babymoon for us, so we took them up on the opportunity and had a wonderful time at their W resort in vieques. we flew into san juan and then took a teeny tiny plane (you can see it in the video i made below!) to a smaller island, vieques! i’d never been on such a small plane and that was both thrilling and terrifying at the same time!  the small island of vieques was absolutely beautiful, with wild horses literally everywhere. (they have more wild horses than people on the island!)

here’s a little video i made and a few photos of our time in vieques below…

and a few photos…



^^^if i could camp out on that reclining chair in the water looking out over the ocean for the rest of my life, i would.^^^


^^^me and my 29 week baby bump!^^^


^^^all the little crawlers and fish and lizards and snails and crabs…. it was one of those bittersweet moments each time we saw one where we were like, oh E and S would be dying right now! so we took lots of pictures and video whenever we passed some to share with the kiddos once we got home. (they’ve especially been loving the video of the crab running around the beach!)^^^


^^^the “living room” at the W is just spectacular!^^^


^^^breakfast in our room at 8 in the morning. it’s a hard thing going from a home with two early-rising toddlers 7 days a week to a chance to sleep in a couple mornings in a row. our bodies weren’t ready for it. on the plus side, no one is really on the beach or at the pool that early, so we got to have them to ourselves. ^^^


^^^the resort offers an early morning strala yoga class each day on the deck looking out at the ocean.  josh, myself and my baby bump went one morning. first, let me just say i was kind of blown away by my man here handling himself just fine with each pose and transition and even stretching (i was like, wait. how are you doing that?!) but also what a beautiful experience for my body and mind to share outside of a yoga studio in busy manhattan and in front of a calming view of the ocean.  it was one of the highlights for me, most definitely. ^^^


^^^we enjoyed a tasting of the new menu coming out next month at sorcé, the main restaurant at the W. our favorite part was the new arugula salad with these spicy candied almonds, manchego cheese and a guava vinaigrette.  the arugula is grown close to the resort (the chef told us it can be difficult to bring in all the food to this little island, so a lot of it is grown or raised locally nearby), which made it just perfectly fresh and crisp.^^^


^^^i don’t even know what this is, exactly, but it was so good. a sort of popsicle i guess….a piece of green melon slightly frozen and glazed with some sort of delicious orange syrup and zest. we enjoyed them at the pool and i need to find a way to replicate them here. ^^^


^^^and this lobster frittata at sorcé for breakfast one morning, also heaven.^^^


vieques is home to the best preserved bioluminescent bay in the world, which we were able to kayak through late one night under a dark new moon. UNREAL. sadly i don’t have any photos or video of the bay to show you, but you can get a bit of a feel for it through these photos i found online.  you put your hand in the water and as you bring it up you feel like you’re covered in magic fairy dust as the glowing little organisms trickle down your hand and arm! i’m still not sure i understand how it works entirely, but the luminescent water lights up as it’s “triggered by dinoflagellates, oceanic plankton which are able to generate an emerald green and ultramarine illumination when water is physically disturbed.”  it was incredible! i hope to go back and experience it again someday with the kids! kayaking through that bay is most definitely in my top ten most amazing life experiences.

this trip felt like a dream. i’ve been avoiding the real world a bit since returning back to new york city… trying my best to bring that calm back with me into my everyday.  and goodness as a pregnant mama with two toddlers can that be hard sometimes! i’m working on it! this trip was so good. it felt extra special to have josh all to myself for a few days, before we welcome our third little one, too.

thank you again to SPG Resorts and the W retreat and spa in vieques for hosting us!  and a million thank you’s to my sisters, for being the best aunties around and spending a few days in new york with our babies!

  1. Lotta

    Beautiful pictures! All the food looks so good. I would love to go on a holiday like that! But I can’t open the video…

  2. Looks like a beautiful baby moon! I would LOVE to do yoga by the ocean! You are still looking absolutely amazing for 29 weeks!!

  3. Maria

    I’ve been following your blog for years now, enjoying all the stories and pictures of your growing family. I currently live in Tunisia but I am from Puerto Rico. It was so exciting to see the title of the post! The W in Vieques is amazing and you guys documented it exquisitely (loved the song of the video too)!
    Glad you enjoyed your time in Puerto Rico and thank you for sharing!

  4. Vickie

    sounds amazing & your photos are gorgeous!

  5. Vanessa

    Wow! I never really thought about going there before. I’ve been to the Bahamas and Jamaica but didn’t really think Puerto Rico was THAT nice! Another place to add to my bucket list now!

  6. WOW!! I love this new word “babymoon” :D You look awesome, beautiful and happy. Best wishes from Barcelona ;)

  7. This post is one of my all-time favourites! You and Josh deserved (and probably needed) that luxurious break and I am so happy that you both got to enjoy such a special holiday together, without Eleanor and Samson. Although they are the most gorgeous children on the planet, all parents need a rest!

    These photos, as always, are absolutely beautiful. I love the video too.

    Beth xo.

  8. Leanne

    So THAT’S where you’ve been! Haha, It must have been so nice to unplug for that long. So happy for you and Josh — a babymoon seems like a much-needed luxury.

    The tropics suit you so well, Naomi!



  9. Sally

    Great pictures and video! Never been to Puerto Rico, but your blog made me feel like going there. Enjoyed seeing you two having so much fun!

  10. Everything about this looks fabulous- the resort, location, food…sounds like a wonderful trip! ♡

  11. Bea

    Wonderful Naomi!!!
    the video and the photos!
    And the places….the best choise for your babymoon!

  12. kelsey

    My parents are on Vieques right now on their mission. My mom texted me pictures this morning as they are walking around the island and they looked identical. Wild horses everywhere!

  13. what a lovely vacation! I’m so happy that you all went.

    You looked beautiful and Josh looked as handsome as ever!

  14. Elodie

    What a beautiful trip!
    I would like to know where is your beautiful swimsuit from (with sorts of pixels)?
    Thanks for sharing it and greetings from France!

    • TAZA

      thanks! it’s an old one from kate spade saturday!

  15. Jordan

    Such a wonderful baby moon and you look as beautiful as ever!

  16. Beth

    Great vacay pictures. This is random, but I was hoping to see more of E in your Love Taza line from Lauren Moffatt this autumn season. What happened?

  17. Lindsey

    My husband is a freelance artist & I work from home with flexible hours and we don’t have kids yet but I just want to echo what a few others have said above: setting boundaries & prioritizing (with an emphasis on the boundaries part). It sounds so simple but it’s so hard! Obviously this looks different for everyone and it takes a lot of mental energy to “switch off” when you know that you could just keep going. “Just one more email…”, “Just one more phone call…”. But, as my husband likes to remind me: chaos is the natural order of things and balance doesn’t just happen: you have to work at it. It’s hard to set up a “system” that will work for you and your family but once you do I think it’s easier then to maintain that balance…which hopefully would mean more sleep :) Good luck!

  18. Adriana

    I saw the post title on my bloglovin feed and I couldn’t believe it. I’m Puerto Rican and I’m soooo happy you had a wonderful time! The W at Vieques is amazing, the beaches, views, food, and bioluminescent bay is really something else. Thanks for all the nice feedback and for choosing to come. Photos look amazing… and you guys look soooo relaxed, I’m kind of inspired to take a short trip to the island myself. :)

  19. Rosabel

    So glad you had such a great time. Puerto Rico is a beautiful place. Growing up there is priceless. Thank you for the beautiful pictures and fun video of my home.

  20. Kylie

    This looks beautiful! My husband is Puerto Rican and we are looking to go there soon! I was wondering what program you used to create your video? It was so fun and videos always capture moments better than pictures! Although your pictures are gorgeous.

  21. Lottie

    You are an absolute nutcase for jumping and flipping on to a bed like that whilst pregnant! Have you no forethought at all?
    You could have hurt yourself AND the baby….surprised no on else has pointed this out. I’m only sayig it myself out of compassion for you and your unborn child. Just don’t jump on the bed again….that bump, all bumps, are too precious

  22. Hannah

    So much for not showing your shoulders! Haha! You look wonderful – hope you’re feeling as good as you look!!!

  23. Alexandra

    Aaaaawww, my beautiful island of Puerto Rico! How much I miss the weather and beauty! Living in the states can be hard for a native girl from Puerto Rico. Glad you liked it! Blessings!

  24. Kelly

    This looks absolutely amazing, what a perfect getaway for you and Josh! I love the video you put together – were just the underwater portions on the GoPro or the whole thing?

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

    • TAZA

      thanks! the plane shots and everything in the jeep was also with the GoPro! everything else with my regular camera.

  25. I know the feeling of working around the clock on entrepreneurial endeavors but this trip looks like it was so beautiful for you, your husband and baby bump! I am happy you made the decision to go…great pictures!

  26. Tiffany Lorenzana

    I’m Puerto Rican and love el gran combo. Perfect song to encapture the vuieques island. Beautiful. I’m happy you got to be away before baby number three.

  27. Lori Webber

    Love your blog. Never commented before but I just wanted to say how great it was that you and your husband got away by yourselves for a holiday before #3. I think it is really important for couples to stay connected. That’s it. Just wanted to wish you the best! xo

  28. that looks absolutely stunning. guess my travel list just got longer!
    xo, cheyenne

  29. Mary

    I always like to watch any videos you that you created… I think you have a great taste in music. Or maybe we just have the same taste in music. Anyway, I always love the combination of your music choice and the video. I remember the video of you and Josh on Christmas day years ago with the music of Dumpster Diving. Since then I always kept listening to that song. Just thought to let you know that :D

  30. hilary

    what is that orangey lipstick you are wearing in the photo with your goggles on?? i love it :)

  31. Christy C.

    My husband is from PR and we visit a few times a year – so glad you had a chance to visit Vieques – we love Culebra, too. The prettiest beach I’ve seen!