the best gifts for a new mama.

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NEWMAMAsince i’ve had two babies now and i’m about to have another this winter, i feel like i’m finally *just* entering that phase of life where i can maybe pass a bit of wisdom or advice along to a new expecting mother and feel like it’s legit.  don’t get me wrong, just because i’ve done this mommy thing for a few years now doesn’t mean i know what i’m doing in the slightest, although it’s fun from time to time to pretend i do. ha!

here are a few things i feel like i’ve finally figured out when it comes to giving a gift to a new mama, thanks to first hand experience twice now and through the examples of other capable and inspiring mothers around me.  for instance, i now know that buying a super cute newborn sized baby outfit for an expecting friend, however crazy cute it may be, isn’t really what she or her baby needs, and how dropping a meal off or grabbing her grocery list and hitting the store for her, are really the kind of valuable gifts any mama is grateful to receive.

here’s my list of 12 best gifts for a new mama:

  • take her dinner. and if you can, make a second batch of something that’s freezable for another night
  • come over and just hold the baby for a bit while she sleeps or showers or just rests in another room
  • if she already has little ones at home, schedule a few playdates outside her home for her little ones, or come take them off her hands for a few hours one afternoon so she can focus just on baby
  • get a hold of her grocery list and do her grocery shopping for the week. add a few fun treats to the list too. i’ve never known anyone who has complained when they’ve found chocolate covered strawberries by accident in their kitchen! or  take her to the grocery store and be on baby watch while she shops. (a girlfriend of mine in DC did this with me a few weeks after eleanor was born. josh was back to work and going out all on my own with eleanor still felt a bit daunting, but i was dying to get out besides just a walk around the neighborhood. it felt so nice to shop in a store on my own and still feel like i had backup by having a friend close by.)
  • give her a sincere compliment and hug. hearing the words “you are a really great mama” from someone you love is huge, especially when you might not be feeling that way. and i’m telling you, i’m not the hug-y type, but hugs are even better when you’re a bottle of emotional hormones
  • take the baby and give her a night out with her other girlfriends or with her husband. if it’s her first, this of course might not really happen for several months, ha! but offer (and keep offering!) to take the baby even just for a few hours while she gets out and does something with friends! she’ll eventually cave and do it, and she’ll be eternally thankful afterwards

and here are a few meaningful gifts to give if you live far away and can’t give your time…

  • a new journal or memory book for her to record all her new “insomnia” thoughts
  • book a massage for her at a nearby spa (figuring out all the new nursing positions really takes a toll on your back those first few months)
  • send her a box of beautiful thank you notes and also a big package of stamps
  • send her a fun and bright new colored lipstick and nail polish to match so she can feel “put together” even while still in her pj’s at home
  • an engraved ring or necklace with baby’s first initial or name (i wear a stack of rings in place of my wedding band with all of my family’s names on them, and i love looking down at my hand and seeing their little names on my finger throughout the day)
  • if she has a smartphone, get her a gift card for e-books or fun apps…because you’ve gotta be able to do something/anything during all those late night feedings in the dark, and sometimes doing puzzles or reading e-books is just the way to go

did i miss anything you’ve found incredibly helpful or meaningful from a friend or family member during your new time as a mama? i’d love to hear more suggestions or ideas beyond the baby clothes and baby toys gifting route. :)

  1. great post! super cute photo of you and the littles. some of those gifts could just be taken into account for everyday relationships. I would love it if my boyfriend would go grocery shopping after a long day of work for me.


  2. Eliza

    I just had my second less than two weeks ago and I compiled a note on my phone with things I would want people to do (if they offered and if I could be humble enough to actually let them help) with many of the exact same things – but another one that doesn’t apply to everyone but I would love is for someone to come walk my dog! I love her and she’s going to stay with us forever, but she definitely comes after my babies and sometimes gets a little neglected in the early baby phase, especially in the very first weeks while all I can do is feed a baby, feed myself, sleep when possible, and try and heal my body. I would love if someone would come and take my pup for a walk or a puppy playdate – it would seriously ease my dog-mama guilt. And this would be great for a friend who maybe loves dogs but isn’t so comfortable with newborns!

  3. Fun new beauty samples, face masks, nail polish ect. With all the time at home it was fun to try new things.

  4. Melissa

    these are totally true! hope your friends and family are showing you some extra lovies now and when babies comes! I wasn’t a hug person either unless i REALLY knew you, but i got on that band wagon and its totally my go to. but i get it. :)

    Also, your carrying so low! my little one was super low he was in my lap at all times it felt like! I ended up having pains because he was basically about to fall out! ha! i think it made labor easier though!

  5. Tawnya

    Great list!! I always say that we have it all backwards buying new moms baby gifts/items. What they need is our time and help, it takes a village and those first few weeks/months are incredibly difficult to adjust to!

  6. Bee

    Get her a monthly subscription to something fun and exciting like birchbox or ipsy glam bag!

  7. thea

    I have been coveting those name rings of yours forever! My husband has been nudging me to treat myself to them, but I just haven’t. Typical mommy-guilt, I won’t spend a dime unless we NEED something…. But, you mentioning them again TOTALLY seems like a sign, right? ;) It is my son’s 9 month birthday, after all! <3

  8. Sarah

    When I had my second baby I was so grateful to have my best friend come and take my 2 1/2 yr old out for the day. He had a great time and I didn’t feel guilty not giving him my full attention.. My sister also would come and take him to the book store once or twice a week in the first few weeks to just get out of the house.. I think that is one of best gifts you can give a momma with other babes at home. And it was always nice having someone tag along in the beginning when we went out of the house.. I can’t tell you how many times I would hear “mommy I need to pee” in the middle of the store trying to get whatever you came there for having to drop it all to find the bathroom.. And with a new baby.. Not so fun.. A little helper was greatly appreciated/wanted/needed. I also had a friend take pictures of my kids and print them out and frame them for me.. She took the pictures off of istagram or Facebook that we had recently put up of the new baby and new big brother.. It was a nice surprise.. I didn’t even have time to think about those things until at least 6 months in.. Good luck Mommas!

  9. Ashley

    THANK YOU for this! This post felt refreshingly like YOU, it’s so nice to not know the “sponsored by” tag is coming at the end of the post. My sister-in-law is halfway through her pregnancy, This is SUPER helpful! Thanks :)) I especially liked the idea about doing her grocery shopping & throwing in some fun little treats :D

  10. Susanne

    the greatest gift we received were the meals (even fresh juice for breakfast) our neighbors provided us with! no need to think about what to cook or go grocery-shopping for the first five days or so. that was really great!
    when my cousin gave birth to her third child this july we ordered a box similar to “blue apron” for her and her family since she doesn’t live near and she said she appreciated it very much.(her husband did all the cooking)
    i also enjoyed going out shopping all on my own after six weeks to buy jeans that’d fit while the baby stayed with her grandmother (made the granny happy to: having her granddaughter all to herself)
    so, ja, what you really need are things to make your every-day-life easier, not another soon-to-be-too-small-onesie

  11. Natalie

    You hit the nail on the head with this one! I am a mama of 1 and have a few friends having babies very soon. This list reminded me how important it is to have support as a new mama vs. baby clothes. A few people brought me diapers, and those soothing nipple gel pads – which was amazing:)

  12. Alexa

    love this post! several of my girlfriends have had (or will soon have) babies and i’ve been wondering what the most helpful gifts are, so this could not be more timely. as with most things in life, it sounds like quality time is the most precious gift :)

    i also have a few newly pregnant friends experiencing morning sickness – do you have any care package recommendations for mamas dealing with that?

  13. Emily

    haha i love this. my sister told me that people always want to help with your first, but after that they stop, but that’s when you really need it! she’s prego with her third, so it looks like i’ll be hitting up this list! thanks for the tips!

  14. Robyn

    Such a great list! I was sent a gift registry recently- yuck! This is sooo much nicer…very helpful!

  15. Caroline

    Great list! You get so many little outfits, and they’re all very cute, but nothing beats a massage or some extra help. I would add that for moms with older kids, offering to drive them to their activities would be a big help!


  16. Demi

    Beauty products absolutely! The first few months my hormones are readjusting and all my pregnancy products stop working. With no time to go shoppping, natural skin care products would be definitely my go-to :) Do you have any recommendations?

  17. Cat

    I love giving activity based gifts instead of just physical objects, not just for new moms but friends and family members as well. It’s so much more special than another “thing.”


  18. Jessica Thiessen

    Great list! Just as helpful as frozen meals, I loved it when people brought us muffins or cookies we could freeze. Getting snacks in during the day can be tough! Also, coming over and throwing a load of dishes in the dishwasher is a life saver. And dry shampoo: a new mama’s best friend.

  19. Sarah

    A cute, different or fun HUGE water bottle and any fun drinks. New mama’s who nurse need to stay crazy hydrated and it’s hard to remember – so anything to make it easier.

  20. Breanne

    I just had my first three weeks ago. Right before I had her my friend gave me a gift certificate to get a pedicure. When you’re swollen and can’t even bend over, it’s the nicest thing.

  21. Anna

    Taza! This is a sweet post!

    Hatch sells a cravings collection for all kinds of mamas here:

    A great idea if you’re far away and still want to be a thoughtful friend :)

  22. Sinead

    All your ideas sound great and I think every mother would appreciate any one of them :-) For baby gifts; I’ve had a couple of different people tell me that – instead of buying cute newborn outfits that the babies will quickly grow out of – they give the mother a pretty storage box that is filled with nappies and wipes and bottles and bibs…all those little bits that will definitely come in useful. I love that idea!

  23. Wendi

    I can appreciate your honesty in admitting that motherhood is a confusing, sometimes terrifying, always humbling experience, but I think you should give yourself more credit than you do…and when you don’t, you’re doing a disservice to both yourself and to the readers who admire you. Maybe the crazies at GOMI have scared you into thinking you’re not worthy of this role, but you are and you obviously love your kids and your family. I say be proud of what you’ve accomplished. Don’t diminish yourself.

  24. i do not have any kids yet but i think these all look like fabulous ideas! i have always thought it was a little silly to buy babies all these cute outfits because the reality is they grow so fast they only wear them a handful of times! and even at that, some babies don’t fit the standard sizes so it may not be seasonally appropriate when they fit in them.

    giving of your time definitely means way more and for a new mama i bet that is the best thing ever!

    xo mk

  25. Leanne

    This is advice my mom has always said to me for when I have kidlets or for friends who do/will. Lovely that you would post the same insight, too.

    Quality time really is the best gift — be that time with your baby, friend, hubbs, or yourself!

    I am seriously so excited for you to have baby number three. It’ll be a Christmas you’ll never forget:)


  26. Lotta

    Great advises! I think it is so fun to see that your kids have clothes from PoP ( Polarn & Pyret ) and backpacks from Fjällräven. Both of these trademarks are swedish and they are very appreciated here! I love the clothes from PoP and my daughters first little backpack was a yellow “kånken” ( the same model your kids has ) from Fjällräven. I did not know that you could purchase these trademarks in the US. But when I think of it I am pretty sure you can get anything in New York!

    This is a webshop with the cutest vintage inspired clothes for kids. I just found it a couple of days ago.

  27. Melissa

    DIAPERS. It’s always amazing how quickly you go through them, and they’re always appreciated and completely used up! I won’t ever forget the kind souls who gave us huge boxes of diapers!

  28. Claire

    I absolutely loved this post and have been doing many of these things for years for my friends and family. I’ve always found practical gifts, or the gifts of time far more appreciated than just a standard present. For baby showers I always get together a medical gift basket (I’m a registered nurse so this appeals to me) for the expectant parents. I know it’s not the prettiest of gifts, but a basket of medical essentials, the first time your baby gets sick in the middle of the night is always appreciated. When the baby is born I always cook and bring over an entire meal, normally something that will be big enough to feed for one night with left overs to freeze. Other great practical gifts instead of flowers, which new mothers always get heaps of, I buy a gift voucher for her favourite lingerie shop. That way she can either treat herself to another great feeding bra she might not have been inclined to buy or save it to buy herself something a bit special later on (when we all need a pick me up to feel a bit special again). Or a massage voucher and offer to baby sit while she enjoys it.

  29. Samantha

    Totally enjoyed this post. I have a friend who’s expecting her third next month. I’m planning to bring some cooked meal over for her but you’ve given me some great ideas like doing her groceries for her. Thanks Taza!

  30. Hi! Love this list! Perfect!
    I may be being stupid but do you wear your wedding rings on the right ring finger? Might have just been the picture lol! Ignore me if I’m being silly! But they are gorgeous rings!

    Love your blog!

  31. These are great ideas! We don’t have kids, yet, but several family members have growing families and we’re always looking for gift ideas.
    We gave one weeks worth of Blue Apron meals to our sister and brother-in-law when they welcomed their second child earlier this year, and it was a big success (and really easy too)! xx

  32. Nuria

    Hi taza!
    I love your sunglasses, where are this from? And the ones that you wears on puerto rico?
    Thank you so much!
    Kisses from barcelona!

  33. Anita

    Those rings are so beautiful! My boyfriend’s sister is having a baby soon, and I think that might be the perfect gift for her, since she lives far away from us.

    Always, Anita

  34. jess


    Love those stackable name rings! I’m just wondering if yours are the monogram or handwriting style?

    Thanks so much!

  35. Maggie

    I’m blessed with 4 great kiddos & the best gift I ever received after having a baby was a cleaning service!!! My mom & sisters chipped in to have my whole house cleaned–like scrub all the floors, windex all the windows, I can’t believe this is my house cleaned! It was amazing!

  36. Viva

    I think a mother of three is more than enough to call yourself an expert! And i think I need to pass these onto my friends and family to give them some pointers lol!
    Thanks for this great list!!

  37. Jessica

    I really liked this post! Thanks for the ideas.
    My friend just recently had a baby and I feel like she’s really struggling – I’ve been trying to think of things that I can just do for her rather than constantly offering to “watch her baby” but never actually doing it.

    I should maybe bake something for her and just bring it over. I made this pumpkin bread today and she texted me and told me how her husband doesn’t like pumpkin but the pic of mine looked delicious. Maybe I’ll bake another batch tomorrow and bring it over. I think she’ll appreciate that.


  38. Kara

    I agree that someone coming over and holding your baby is SO nice. Also, on another note, for strangers with babies, it’s so nice when someone stops at your car and offers to put your grocery cart away for you so you can just put your baby in the car and drive away without having to deal with it. Love it when people do that.

  39. arielle

    there are some really amazing ideas here. so many fun and sincere ways to serve expecting or even stressed out moms. thanks for all of these amazing ideas.

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  40. Hailey

    Definitely, service gifts trump baby gifts any day! Especially meals, a quick clean of something, or anything that allows the mum some sleep! But there are a few baby gifts that I found can always be particularly helpful – a packet of white onesies (because you know the baby is going through 5 a day), a box of diapers or wipes (never enough of those! Saves a tired mama lugging them home from the store), and one lovely friend gave us a toy that her grandson loved. It certainly didn’t get me through another sleepless night or anything, but I had no idea what would engage a baby and it was nice to have something recommended.

  41. Laundry, laundry and more laundry! My friends came over and brought a baby safe detergent and did all my laundry for the baby and for me and my husband!

  42. Gina

    Great ideas! I am so thankful for you writing this post as I have friends who are having babies. I have always felt that those cute outfits are going to be only a handful of times and they aren’t what the parents need. And I could not figure out what to give them as I am not a mom yet. Now I know what the parents may really need! Thank you!

  43. Teresa

    this is perfect and oh so true… i will be passing this along to my friends come january and my baby arrives!

  44. Kelsi

    I love this post. Thank you for sharing! I am due with my first in January, and people keep asking me to get a registry started. But really what I want most is someone to tell me it’ll be okay and that my husband and dog will still be fed. And that I’ll get to shower at least every other day! Feeling the need for support so much more than items. I love the idea of a friend going grocery shopping with you, because that is my biggest fear come the due date!

  45. Kate

    Hi! Love this post and the idea of creative non-material gifts for new parents! I think its important to be inclusive of same sex couples as well and include new dads who would benefit from any of these gifts :)
    I especially love the idea of home cooked meals for new parents and even including some favorite recipes in the care package.

  46. Brittni

    This is a great list! However, I would add the gift of memories! Motherhood swoops in and goes by so fast, it’s important to make sure you’re taking the time to document all those happenings and the history of elders in your family for the future generations of babies. StoryCall is a fun, easy way to get the whole family involved in the process of capturing stories!

  47. Melanie

    Great list! I have some many expecting friends that this will be perfect!
    Melanie @

  48. Becks

    I have a 6 week old nursing on my lap right now…
    The best gifts we got were:
    Vouchers for an amazing home delivery frozen home
    made meals shop in the UK, Cook. Good food right when we needed it but didn’t have the time to make it.
    I had a C-section so couldn’t drive for 6 weeks. One day my parents came over and drove me to a friend who had also just had a c section and then they left us for a few hours and it was wonderful. So being a taxi service for people who can’t drive, that’s lovely.
    And also, if you know the mum well, I think a voucher for an underwear shop is really nice. Good nursing bras make such a difference, but they’re expensive!

  49. Becks

    Oh – also – for first time mums – my sister who had had 2 babies so knew stuff bought me a box of baby essentials: the best nappy rash cream; saline drops for snuffles; antibacterial cleaning wipes; napisan… Stuff we didn’t know we needed. And we’ve used ALL OF IT in the first 6 weeks. A brilliant gift.

  50. Elizabeth

    great list.
    i would add snacks: chocolate, fruit snacks, granola bars, muffins, cookies, chocolate, grapes, yoghurt, tea, vanilla syrup, chocolate, and snacks.
    and a cute travel mug to keep her tea warm, and a fun new water bottle to remind her to drink lots of water.

  51. Play dates are everything!! I am pregnant with my second now, and already dreaming of how I can make it a smooth transition for all of us. I love knowing that my first one is with my friends and their kids having fun while I am on the couch dealing with first trimester woes or soon to be nursing baby no.2. Such great tips Naomi! Isn’t it amazing how we change what is “important” just from baby no.1 to baby no.2 even?? Grateful for that!

  52. kathy

    I made a quilt for my best friend when she had her babyboy this summer. It’s somerhing they use daily to lay on the ground and play. Quilts a expensive here in europe and making it from scratch was time consuming but totally worth it. Especially since I live 6 hours away and cant support her with those things on your list. She always gets aksed where she bought it when othere mamas come over ;)

    • TAZA

      that’s so sweet!

  53. Bea

    ….I now know what I can give to my friends that are become mothers!!!
    Thank you!!!

  54. marie

    I had my second baby 3 months ago and I remembered I felt quite lonely after spending hours and hours alone with my baby at home. But I was really happy whenever my family returned home from their work and school. So I guess it’ll be good for friends to pop by and offer help or just provide a listening ear. :)

  55. Annie

    What sweet and thoughtful ideas! I love that so many of these are not gifts to purchase, but gifts of time :) Thank you for sharing!

    The Mama Gazette

  56. Anna

    What is the font for those rings? I can’t seem to get it right .

    • TAZA

      sorry, i don’t know, it was a few years ago when i ordered mine!

  57. Nuria

    Hi taza!
    Lovely post!
    I would like to know where are your sunglasses from, and the puerto rico sunglasses, i love it so much! Very original!
    Thanks so much!
    Regards from barcelona

    • TAZA

      thank you! these are from ASOS and the ones in PR are from free people.

  58. dorothy

    what lovely ideas! My friend is due to give birth next April so I’m bookmarking this page to refer back to when the time comes :) – Lifestyle Blog

  59. Anna Nowak

    Your post is beautiful!!! And your list is just perfect. If I could I would be there for you in NYC and check the list of for you!
    This is what it is all about! Not all the stuff and things.
    Love your blog and that wonderful family of yours and so excited for baby nr 3! Wish you ALL the best and lots of light and love!

    / Anna

  60. Gennessee


  61. Chelsea

    This is a great list. I always thought it was so sweet of the few friends who thought of getting something for me also. It’s such a busy time, so the meals are awesome, and a massage would be incredible.

  62. Brianna

    You are SUPERMOM!!! I swear. You are so so inspiring and such a good read for a 26 year old who may or may not be terrified of what the future holds as far as children and family goes. You always make being a momma sound so fun and it honestly makes me excited about when that time comes for me.

    Thanks for all of your post and your adorable family is something to be so proud of. Really, I think you have it all figured out for the most part. Keep rocking it!!!


  63. chelsea

    So sorry to ask, but I was wondering what size your coat is? We look to be the same size, and I am just trying to gage what size I should order. Thank you! I hope you’re feeling great!

  64. These are great ideas, it’s also applicable not just to new mothers… to all mothers! :)

  65. bridget

    good calls, naomi! especially FOOD. gosh, to have a million meals after a baby would be a god-send. i was RAVENOUS while nursing!

  66. great recommendations, taza!

  67. TAZA

    well i guess it could be interpreted that way. ha! but i was just trying to be helpful. i’ve been lucky enough twice now to have great family and friends who have done these things FOR ME already, and so i know from experience how much they’ve impacted me still, years later, and i try to do these sorts of things over traditional gifts these days because of that. i think serving others is a wonderful chance for both the receiver and the giver to have a beautiful and positive experience together.

  68. Cara

    Any mama who has had a natural birth will be seriously appreciative of “padsicles” — a nurse at the hospital taught me how to make them and I brought some to my best friend when her baby was born a few months later. Spread some aloe and witch hazel on pads then wrap them bavk up and store them in the freezer to use a few times each day. The cool aloe is soothing and the witch hazel helps the healing process.

  69. Hillary

    This is a great list! Thank you for putting it together. I don’t have kids (yet!) and I want to be helpful to my mom friends.

  70. chrissy

    This list is awesome! Family members and friends brought over dinner many times and it really is the best gift. There’s so much going on it’s hard to find time to cook. Hope you’re feeling well.

  71. vicky

    while i realize this is brave to say to someone i don’t even know nor have ever met, my husband and i have been praying about having our first child. these are things i pray DAILY, that someone will want to do for us when our first little babe comes along. i suppose i’ll be picky on what my baby wears or what kind of decor she/he has in their room so i will probably want to buy everything myself.. ha.., but i think the best gifts are the ones that don’t cost a thing.

    i remember going over to my sister’s several days after my niece was born and just holding her so my sister could just shower. i think she was too afraid to leave the baby, even in her bassinet asleep, after her husband had gone back to work.

    and i hands down think taking people dinner is something really big and cool. when i’m sick (even though i’d rather people not see me, ha!) i always appreciate those few people who will drop by some soup, sprite or crackers. it just really helps. i’m sure same applies to any mother, new or otherwise.

    safe to say i love this and the idea behind just giving your time. great post.

  72. natalie

    I love all of these. Pregnant with my third as well, I would also include some little fun/creative “busy boxes” for the older siblings- something to pull out and keep them occupied when baby needs to nurse or when they are just getting stir crazy.

  73. These are amazing ideas! I am seriously considering saving this and dropping it in front of my husband when we have a second one.
    Dresses & Denim

  74. thea

    This stuck with me all day yesterday, and I did end up finally ordering my rings with my husband’s and son’s names! The font was “handwriting’ on the silverpromo website, or “Abram” in the photo on their site, for those above who asked! :)

  75. Alexandria

    Hey there :) love these ideas and I have a friend who is having her first in the second week {if all goes accordingly, lol} of November. I appreciate knowing these things from a mom who has been there a couple of times. I feel like I just received inside information, ha!

    Anyways, as a reader {late night reader, over here!} I have to ask…what books do you enjoy reading? Any you absolutely LOVED and could recommend?

    Thanks for your time if you’re able to answer!

  76. Keeley

    After I had my first son, I made a list of little things that were really useful, and after my second son I added to it. For close first-time-mama friends I like to give them my personal trove of Mommy Must Haves with a little letter of explanation for each item – silly things like Dry Shampoo for when you can’t quite make it into the shower in the newborn days, the kind of pacifier strap that fits any pacifier, purse/diaper bag-sized natural sunblock, and bigger things like a set of muslin blankets or the book Happiest Baby on the Block are all on the list. My friends have said that they always get it later when they’re like “I need a…oh! Keeley gave me that!” :)

  77. Keeley

    Oh but I 100% agree, nothing beats dinner or an older child play date!!!!!!!

  78. Carson

    This is so true… Time is the most valuable gift to give or recieve. As a new mom of two ( 18 months and 5 months ) , I have been putting a list together in my iPhone notes for my sister who is expecting next spring. Here are things I found most necessary , most loved, and most appreciated at the times when I had my babies. . . Or things I didn’t have and needed !

    First and foremost… Dinner … A full dinner. Meal, bread,salad, dessert and an added bonus… Fruit for the morning.

    Time. Watch the baby for a couple hrs and insist that the momma takes a little break for herself and goes underwire shopping and gets a manicure ! ( or whatever she fancys )

    New robe or pair of good comfy pj pants. ( you’ll be living in these for a short bit ;) and thankful to have yet another pair !ha

    Boob ease – Google them or search for them on Amazon…. found and ordered mine on Amazon. Truly a life saver for me. Nursing is tough stuff . It’s exhausting. It’s painful. And anything to make it a little better in the beginning is wonderful. You can heat these, and put them on before nursing ( increases milk flow and soothes sore boobs. ) or you can freeze them (to soothe engorged boobs. ) sorry for all the boob talk but for heavens sakes that was the toughest part for me .

    medala soothing gel pads. Expensive but amazing. ( Found them cheapest at wal mart ) And so sooooothing on sore nips. Any new nursing mama will thank you.

    Thin panty liner pads. No matter what way that baby comes out, you’ll be bleeding for a bit… And those giant diaper pads the hospital supplies you with are a tad uncomfortable and quite awkward… Thin pads . Again. She’ll tahnk you.

    New pair of slippers. She deserves em .

    Now for baby,…
    Saline drops.
    Gas drops
    Nosa Frida. Find it on Amazon. Only baby booger sucker one would ever need, all others are a waste . And yes you’ll need a booger sucker!
    Teething tablets for when the horrible teething sneaks up on you and you’re not prepared … And in that case… Infant Tylenol.

  79. Lea

    So good ideas for my husband when we have a kid. love your blog! :)

  80. BabaWaga

    Naomi, this is a great post and I agree with the top ‘giving’ list, esp grocery shopping and cooking! I remember I was barely able to stand and walking actually hurt for a fortnight after my episiotomy so standing in the kitchen and cooking was nigh-on impossible.

    I would like to add the following if I may:
    – offering to help with family pets too! We have a house bunny that needs cleaning out regularly and I have to admit that aspect of her care was neglected the first couple of weeks after our baby was born. Also just offering to give some time and attention to pets and walkies for dogs if necessary! They can become very disgruntled if all the attention is being given to a new bubba when previously it was lavished on them.

    – it may sound obvious and basic but…. NAPPIES! They can become a huge expense and you go through so many packs those first few weeks it can really mount up. One friend bought me a ton for my baby shower, not the most exciting gift but I was so so grateful.

    I also agree with hand-made items such as blankets and cardigans. My sister-in-law knitted our bubba a couple of blankets and they are still his absolute fave 3 years on!

  81. Everyone around me is pregnant and this list is truly so helpful. I always feel wasteful buying clothes and “newborn” gifts, especially with a second or third baby. So nice to hear a mother say what would be really helpful instead of just playing the “we don’t need help” card. Will take it all on board :)

  82. Tanya

    I love the journal idea! A good book and pen would be cute too! Even a fancy candle! It’s hard to splurge on those type Of things sometimes! Thanks for the list! I loved them all!

  83. Ashley

    I totally agree! When my Brazilian friend had twins last December (and she already had a 4-year old daughter), she and her husband stayed at her aunt’s house during the 40 days of rest where her aunt and cousin prepared all the meals, washed and dried the laundry, and just let her recover from the C-section surgery and regain her strength. That support meant so much! When another friend had her first baby this past February, it was a blessing for me and her both to be able to visit her home and do her dishes and laundry and help make food and even scrub the kitchen floor with a scour pad! The little things really add up…

    Here are 2 articles about the U.S. culture concerning maternity leave/caring for the post-delivery mother and how it compares to other countries in the world. It’s very sad to see the lack of concern / laws in place to provide better care for the mother after such a monumental feat in her life!

    Mothering the Mother – 40 Days of Rest

    Why Are America’s Postpartum Practices So Rough on New Mothers?

    In Brazil, a working mother receives 5-7 months of paid leave (depends on timing of her 30 days of paid vacation and some employers automatically offer 6 months of paid leave for mothers to bond and nurse their babes…some of my friends here do not know what a breast pump even is, and I see that as a good thing). The father also receives 5 days of paid leave from the time the babe is born and he may also choose to coordinate his 30 days of paid vacation around the expected delivery date in order to be with his wife and newborn during the great transition. And not to leave out the delivery costs (natural or C-section) are often 100% covered by the health insurance plans that employers offer their employees. Brazil is one of many countries that embraces the miracle of creating life and provides laws to ensure the tender care and financial comfort for parents…

  84. Marion Rosen

    I don’t give up my newborns so quickly (maternity leave is so short!) but better than taking my baby is offering to pick up my older kids from school/daycare…pickup inevitably conflicts with a newborn nap…Completely agree with sending a meal (check for allergies/dietary requirements first).

  85. Korbin

    Where are your name rings found? Expecting a babe in March and love them!

  86. This was a lovely post! :) A lot of my friends are having babies at the moment, and I’m always thinking of ways to show them support / little gifts to perk them up!

    Vicki xoxo

  87. Maggie

    These are great ideas! I’m not a mother but I tons of women in my life are having babies and these are so thoughtful!

  88. Stephanie

    I’m not a momma but loved reading this! My girlfriend showed me this site, would be perfect for a new momma

  89. Laura

    Love all of these … and would’ve loved any one of this as a post-baby gift! If a mama plans on nursing, a “nipple shield” is a great idea. It’s the only way I was able to nurse my baby the first few days. After a couple days with that he got the hang of it, and we no longer needed it, but it was a real life saver! xo

  90. LOVE this post! I have a ton of friends who are about to be new mamas for the first time, and since I have a food blog, wouldn’t it be just perfect to give a dinner that can be reheated? Totally love that idea! Also, the thank you notes and stamps idea is so cute!