taza’s new york city guide: chelsea

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i’m excited to share a new NYC guide and video with you today covering an afternoon spent in chelsea. josh and i have always loved heading down to chelsea on little dates over the years (i recall one of our very best dates taking place at cafeteria down in chelsea during our first year of marriage. whenever i walk by that place i swear i still get the craziest butterflies like i’m 21 again sitting across the table from josh. good times!)

video by jenner brown.  music is by gio galanti.

things to do, eat and see in chelsea:

cedar lake contemporary dance (check their schedule before coming to town. they are my favorite! so worth seeing!)
547 west 26th street 212-244-0015
the high line
gansevoort street to west 34th street, between 10th and 12th avenues 212-500-6035
people’s pops
425 west 15th street 347-850-2388
chelsea market
75 9th avenue 212-652-2110
a few of our favorites inside the market:
>>artists and fleas 917-488-0044
>>the lobster place 212-255-5672
>>mok bar 646-964-5963
>>l’arte del gelato 212-366-0570
>>num pang 212-390-8851
>>the filling station 212-989-3868
pippin vintage jewelry
112 west 17th street 212-505-5159
the rubin museum of art
150 west 17th street 212-620-5000
art galleries along 24th street, between 10th & 11th avenue
119 7th avenue 212-414-1717
246 west 18th street 212-924-2223
156 10th avenue 212-924-4440
doughnut plant  (get the creme brûlée donut!)
220 west 23rd street 212-505-3700
192 books
190 10th avenue 212-255-4022
buffalo exchange
114 west 26th street 212-675-3535
240 9th avenue 212-242-4730
artichoke basille’s pizza
114 10th avenue 212-792-9200
tipsy parson
156 9th avenue 212-620-4545
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  1. tammy

    Oooh all that yummy food! Those donuts look amazing. I love your video tours Taza! Thank you for sharing ^_^

  2. Maria

    I’m surprised that Los Tacos no 1 isn’t on the list. They have the best tacos ever.

  3. Catherine

    I love Cafeteria! When I lived in NYC 10 years ago I would go there and still go every time I visit!

  4. Sophia

    So so cute! I think this may be my favorite of this series!

  5. bridget

    i love these videos. what a fun way to document your time in nyc too – if you ever move! (great early baby bump too!)

  6. Giedre

    ah! Wish I had this during my last trip to NYC! I realize I do WAY better when I have awesome recommendations for what to see. :)

  7. Emily

    Can’t wait to visit New York. These beautiful guides will be so helpful!

  8. aggy

    ooooh your outfit is so bad :(

  9. alma

    I just love this Naomi! Love your pregnancy glow:) I simply can’t wait to visit some of these amazing places. That lobster sandwich…..mmmmm yum!

  10. Maria S.

    Won’t you please put together a loveTaza mix tape? That would be so lovely!

  11. How cute is it that you two still get butterflies! Such little loves! Also, I really need to visit NYC.





  12. Cheryl

    Hi Taza! I think you should move your reading pane back to the right side and your ads, etc. back to the left side. For readability, I like your content on the right-hand side for some reason. Just a thought! You have such a great brand and family, and I’m so excited for you and Josh on all of your endeavors. So inspiring!!!

  13. Ally

    Another great video! We just recently used your Central Park recommendations for a trip and it was so fun. Thank you!

  14. Sandy

    My husband and I just returned (to Calgary, Canada) from a little trip to NYC last night. We stayed in Chelsea! Nice to know that we touched on some of the highlights you listed here.

    You live in a spectacular city! Can’t wait to go back :)

  15. Chelsea is the best! Always makes me think of Andy Warhol.

  16. marie

    Your travel guide videos make me miss travelling.. I can’t wait to travel with my family next year! :)


  17. Carly

    Looks like some great places! I am going to have to add them to the list of places to see when we go to NYC next year.
    Dresses & Denim

  18. Bea

    I cannot wait to see this magic city!!!!

  19. cheyenne

    love this video! and i’m totally hungry now, haha!
    xo, cheyenne

  20. J

    I love Cafeteria and Highline! I will have to checkout some other places you recommended including people’s pops and pippin vintage jewelry. Thanks! :)


  21. Jaclyn

    Loving the music in your videos, what’s this one called?

  22. Kristen

    You should think about creating a lovetaza playlist. I’m loving all the music that is used for these videos!

    P.S. your pregnancy style is the cutest

  23. dominika

    Lots of love to the fifth of you !!! And love love love your dress- where is it from? :) Kisses!!!

  24. Stacey

    You are seriously the cutest! My favorite video yet. I can’t wait to visit the City!! Xo

  25. Veronica

    The way Josh looks at you at the end! You guys are crazy in love <3

  26. Shannon

    your husband sets the bar really high.

  27. Great guide! When I visited NYC a long time ago I stayed in Chelsea and loved it.

  28. John


  29. Rachel

    I love what your doing and your purpose behind this blog of yours. Its so wonderful! And I hope that whatever negative comments you do get (which hopefully are few) don’t stop you from creating on this space. Those crazy negative people are just jealous and you shouldn’t listen to any of them.

    Also some reader already mentioned this, but you should definitely make a mix tape with all the songs from your city guide videos. I would love it.


  30. Janis

    Great video guide! All that food! :)

  31. nicole

    Thanks for making all of these guides. I just love them! I wish we had these for all of the big cities. What I really love, is that you seem to go to all of the places with your whole family, so they all seem to be family friendly.

    Thanks again and I love the new layout. So easy to navigate.

  32. hannah

    hello! you look lovely as always, & that outfit is on point! sorry to bother you, but would you mind sharing where your skirt is from? it’s just so classic and feminine :)

    • TAZA

      thanks! it’s from anthropologie but from maybe 5 or 6 years ago!

  33. Teresa

    Love these guides!!!! They’re certainly going to be my best friend this winter when we take our trip to NY!

  34. Chelsea

    Such a great video! I love your outfit, I wouldn’t have thought to pair a baseball T with a midi skirt, but I love it! And your baby bump makes it even more adorable!

    Love, love, love!


  35. Leanne

    It’s so great you still get those butterflies… I hope once I’m married I’m as head-over-heels for my husband as I was when we were first dating. I remember reading advice in one of your other posts that really stuck with me — to keep dating your husband — and I’m going to try to stick to that for, well, forever!

    I might be coming to NYC soon and I’ve been going over your guides with a new “what do I wanna do?” lens. They are more helpful than I ever realized! Thank you for going to all the work to put these together in such a beautiful, creative and cool way.


  36. Hannah

    Thank you for sharing yet another New York neighbourhood with us Naomi! Nothing makes me want to go to New York more than seeing all the amazing things you can do through your videos. They’re so much fun.

    Thanks for sharing your love for Josh with us. It’s so great seeing you guys together. I love your love story.

    Have a great weekend!



  37. Such an awesome, in depth guide. Love your perspective – thank you for sharing some of your favorites!

    Warm Regards,

  38. Rae

    Some New Yorker you are! “High Line” is two words, silly :)

  39. These look awesome, wish I could go to New York!

  40. Sally

    so cute! Next time, I will try some of them!

  41. Taylor

    I absolutely adore these videos!! I just can’t get sick of them.


  42. Do you know what would be sooooo cool?! A map for each video guide showing every place you recommend on it! You could print out the map, figure out a route, and go adventuring! I say this as someone who is a) a map geek and loves all things map-ish and b) someone unlikely to ever visit the US but I refer to point a) for why I think it would be so(oooo) cool!

  43. Jenner

    Yay! Really love this one :):)

  44. Eeeek!!! You got me at 192 Books!!! But donuts? And popsicles? And lobster? And sushi? That’s it. I’m buying a plane ticket for NYC with or without the hubby. Oh, and our three children. ;)

    Love living vicariously through your videos. One day though.

    Always Dreaming,
    Christine from http://www.thebookwormclub.org

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  46. Sonia

    Next time you’re in Chelsea stop by ANTHOM – great new store next to printed matter (10th & 22nd)